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Welcome To The
136th Civil Engineer Squadron
Readiness Flight

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(This is the web page I put together when I was in the flight back in 1996)

READINESS...Preparing today for the disasters of tomorrow.
The responsibilities of Readiness continue to grow.  Once, we only responded to natural disasters and wartime attacks.  Now we fight a new war, one of continual preparation for the disaster we all anticipate.  If and When the next terrorist attack occurs, we are going to be there to minimize the damage to lives and property.

The Mission (Our Goals)
We are working on a mission statement.

The Methods (What we do)

The Crew (Who we are)

The Gear (What we got)   Readiness utilizes a great deal of gear to accomplish our tasking.

  1. Chemical Suit - The new version is the JSLIST (Joint Services Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology)
  2. MCU-2A/P Mask for personal protection.
  3. M256 Chemical Detection Kit.  Contains M8 paper.
  4. M9 Chemical Detection tape.
  5. M258/M291/M295 Chemical Decon Kits.
  6. CAMS - Chemical Agent Monitor.  Detects vapors.
  7. M8 Chemical Alarm Unit.  Detects chemical vapors.
  8. ALAD - Automatic Liquid Agent Detection kit.
  9. ADM-300 - Radiation Monitor (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-ray radiation monitor).
  10. IM-143B/PD Radiac Meter (a.k.a. Dosimeter) - Personal radiation tracker.
  11. AN/PSN-11 Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System.
Where will the next attack take place?
Are  you ready for it?
See Readiness!  The life you save may be your own.

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Readiness, CE, and General Interest Links

Readiness   Links Links to various disaster preparedness and emergency related agencies and pages on the web.  It includes a listing of vendors on the web offering emergency related products and equipment.  This page also provides a brief description of the USAF Readiness  School and U.S. Army Chemical School with links. A link is also provided to chemical warfare pages.
Civil Engineer & Services School Disaster Prep classes are located here.  Find a class, what it teaches, and when they're going to offer it next.
ANG Home Page Self Explanatory.
Military Pay Charts Self Explanatory.

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