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• Sports that I made pages for
  - Skydiving    Gen Info       Safety
  - Rock Climbing Rock info

Trip Reports  (Short ones on main page)
   - 1994-03 Grand Canyon Hike
   - 1998-04 Kayak Salt River Canyon, AZ
   - 1998-11 Big Bend Hike

• Future / Potential Trips
   - 2005 Kilimanjaro, Africa
   - 2005 Grand Canyon , Arizona.  Slightly technical vertical climb.

• Past Trip Pages
   - 1999 Peru  Basic info
   - 1999 Ecuador, Chimboroza/Cotopaxl
   - 2000 Mt Rainier, Washington 4th of July

   - 2000 Orizaba, Mexico.  Thanksgiving.

For a good general-purpose equipment list, click here.  Thanks to Steve Hall.

Potential Trips, Places To Go, Info to save
Stuff to do, places to go, information I didn't want to lose.

Trip Sources / Ideas

Information I found worth saving

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