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General Motorcycle Information
When I was looking into bikes, one of the things I did not get caught up in was the "bigger = better" theory.  There's tradeoffs between engine size, maneuverability, number of cylinders, etc.  There's reasons why race bikes aren't 2100cc V-twins.  Still, trucks and motorcycles keep getting bigger and bigger because big sells.  I e-mailed / called around to some of my older friends and asked them what a big bike was for different years.  I was surprised that it came out to be a linear progression.  I then applied a simple formula to see what we can expect in coming decades. 

Year Considered a "Big Bike" Year CC in^3
1960 450 cc 2010 2235 136
1970 750 cc 2020 2600 159
1980 1100 cc 2030 2965 181
1990 1500 cc 2040 3330 203
2000 1900 cc 2050 3695 225
    2100 5520 337

Helmets, Accidents, and Stories  I almost always wear a helmet, but don't support laws that try to enforce it...t-boned by a SUV or head on into a Semi, it generally doesn't matter if you were wearing a helmet or not.  But I do support laws that require you to be able to cover your own medical and funeral as it is more risky to be a motorcycle rider than a caged in steel frame driver with front, side, and side-curtain airbags (one fender bender and 8 bags go off...that's $8,000 just to start repairs!) 

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