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The Brazos Valley Modular Railroad Association is a loose-knit group of HO-scale enthusiasts who got together to build a modular HO-scale layout.  We began in 1998 when Jeff Cermin made the suggestion that we should have a modular layout in the Bryan/College Station area.  Of course, the fact that Jeff already had modules from when he was a member of another club helped!  Our first setup was at Post Oak Mall over Father's Day weekend, 1998.  Who knew that four corners and four six-foot modules forming a 10' by 22' layout would grow into a modular layout capable of filling a 40' by 40' room?

SP 4449 crossing the bridge on David Martin's module
SP 4449 crossing the bridge on David Martin's module

Membership is open to anyone who wants to build modules (see Standards for more information), and best of all, there are NO DUES!  If the club needs materials for construction of new club-owned modules, a collection is taken at that time.  Individual modules are owned by club members, except for the yard, corners, and lift-bridge module, all of which belong to the club.  No constraints are placed on what a member may build on his or her module, except that the mainline tracks must conform to club standards.  Our members have built small rural towns,farms, industrial areas, rivers with bridges crossing them, and many other interesting modules.  One member is currently working on a 6' module of the Canyon Diablo Bridge!

We have set up in many places.  From a garage for a child's birthday party to a Christmas display in conjunction with the local sports council to various train shows, we've been there.  The biggest event, however, has to be our two setups at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in conjunction with their Trains: Tracks of the Iron Horse exhibit.  We were set up there for a total of six weeks, with trains operating on the weekends.  In fact, the first setup there in October of 2005 was our largest layout yet...a large square measuring 34' to a side!

Look around, please!  If you like what you see, or would like more information, please Contact Us!

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