The AR ("Armalite Rifle") being a unique design of its own, unlike conventional long rifles and shotguns, presents a storage difficulty that most owners will agree complicates the use of traditional gun racks, gun safes and gun mounts.

Because I experienced that first hand I set out looking for a solution and found nothing. Nothing that I would buy.

I thought about what I wanted. Something to help store my AR and yet make it accessable when I wanted or needed it. Something that wouldnt be hindered by storing it along side and in between long rifles and shotguns.

I began building my own. The first concept was considered in late 2013 and a proto-type was developed early in 2014 and later was presented for U.S. Patent consideration.

Since then the product has undergone refinements and enhancements to make the product you see and can buy today.

Currently we have plans to produce a similar product for the AK, another unique, widely accepted firearm with similar design characteristics and complexities of storage and access.



Each unit is hand made, a wood based product and fully wrapped with a commercial grade felt which is made of 100% recycled water bottles. The "Grab-N-Go!" rifle holder comes with a magazine holder we call our "Flexible-Hard-Pocket" ™ made with a proprietory blend of materials.

Available in either Left- or Right-hand configuration and produced in two design models: the   "Patriot" ™ and   "Minute-Man" ™, both are seen on the Home and product details pages.

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Thanks for visiting and consideration. You won't be disappointed with this product.

U.S. Patent Pending design.
USPTO Certification Number Received.
U.S. Trademarks and Copyright Pending.

Let us help make your rifle "Aeternum Paratum"  Forever Ready!

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