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                                                List of Card Holders ( Alpha )                      Last Updated:  Feb 1, 2018


                       The Tommy Card is proud to welcome these Card Holders on board. This page only lists the Card Holder’s Name. While we collect address, phone number and email addresses solely to alert you when the card is about to expire or tell you of some new business that just came aboard;  we will never list that information on the web site. To protect the credibility and integrity of the Card, a business may ask for some identification to insure you are the person named on the card.  A card is not transferable and can not be used by another person not named on the card.  You can use this listing to see if a friend has a card in case you are thinking of giving a friend a card for their Birthday or Christmas.   Tommy Mattocks wishes to thank these businesses for this incredible opportunity to shop with them at a discount and the customer should thank them as well.


                        Name     #


Albritton, Ed

Albritton, Jackie

Alexander, Loretta

Allison, Fran

Alston, Beverly

Alston, Scott


Baker, Nathaniel

Barbee, Leigh

Barbee, Morry

Barrow, Mary Bob

Barrow, Mike

Barwick, Wayne

Battle, Ronnie

Beaman, Lindsey

Beaman, Matt

Becton, Coleman

Becton, Darren

Beecher, Cody

Bell, Jack

Bell, Mary

Berger, Laurie

Bizzelle, Brenda

Bland, Jared

Blizzard, Brandi

Bolick, Amber

Boone, Preston

Bradshaw, Chris

Bradshaw, Jim

Bradshaw, Lewellyn

Bratton, Casey

Braxton, William

Brewer, Sirtgra

Bright, Bert

Britt, Jessie

Broadway, Jeffrey

Broadway, Michael

Brown, Ernest

Brown, Kim

Bruton, Frazier

Bryant, Donald

Burge, Alma

Burns, Tina


Caccavaro, Dave

Camp, Angie

Cannon, Ronald

Cantu, Michelle

Carter, Christie

Charnetzky, Sonya

Chewning, Conner

Chewning, Daniel

Clark, Reginald

Cobb, John

Cole, Lamduan

Coleman, Nikita

Conner, Huff

Conner, Ruby

Connor, Mark

Coom, Ashley

Cotroneo, Dominic

Craft, Nelson

Crain, Carlton

Cranford, Lori

Cranford, Vann

Crawford, Travis

Croom, Clay

Crowder, Allison

Crowder, Brick

Cruse, Yesica


Dale, Payne

Daughtry, Becky

Daughtry, Gary

Davis, B. J.

Davis, Charles

Davis, Melanie

Davis, Samantha

Dawson, Bryan

Dawson, Ed

                        Dawson, Joe

                        Dawson, Rita

Dawson, Mary Beth

Deaver, Ashley

Deaver, Josh

Deloach, Bonita

Deters, David

Deters, Don

Dixon, Dontae

Dixon, Joseph

Dunkley, Hylton

Dunn, Barbara

Dunn, Charles

Dunn, Crystal

Dyer, Brittany


Elliott, Lee

Ellis, Bill                                            

Ellis, Judy

Elmore, Brad

Elmore, Hailey

Elmore, Jackie

Eubanks, Russ

Evans, Gage

Evans, Kim


Faggins, Frank

Faulconer, Lily

Fields, Mike

Fields, Mac

Fisher, Margaret

Fly, Jan

Fly, Ron

Forrest, Gerald

Forrest Teresa


Gaines, Donna Daughety

Gass, Kris

Gerics, Mike

Gibson, Randy

Gibson, Robin

Gieselman, Ryan

Goldsby, Janice

Goldsby, Richard

Gooding, Khristy

Grady, Elwood

Graham, Kristen

Graham, Marquis

Grant, Bryan

Grant, Samantha Bryan

Greene, Calvin

Grimes, David

Gulledge, Dawn

Gulledge, Wells


Haas, Susan

Hales, Tiffany

Hall, Anthony

Hanks, Bryan

Hansley, Darnesha

Hardison, Jackie

Hardison, Ricky

Hardy, William

Hargett, Clifton

Hargitt, Angie

Hargitt, Joe

Harper, Addison

Harper, Alex

Harper, Donnie

Harper, Kim

Harper, Web

Harrell, Robert

Hearn, Cabot

Hearn, Jim

Herring, James

Hester, Charlie

Hewitt, Johnny

Hill, Dempsey

Hill, Jr,  Maurice L.

Hill, Matthew

Hines, Dorey

Hines, Shonda

Holland, Brandon

Holley, Tyrone

Holloman, J W

Howard, Bill

Howard, Diane

Howard, Jonas

Howard, Lauren

Howard, Taylor

Humphrey, Crystal

Humphrey, Roger C


Ingram, Donald

Ivey, George


Jacobs, Amanda

Jenkins, Craig

Jenkins, Susie

Johnson, Abbie

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, Buddy

Johnson, Christy

Johnson, Eric

Johnson, Kelly

Johnson, Roger

Johnson, Susan

Johnson, Tyler

Jones, Derrick

Jones, Dominique

Jones, Ira

Jones, Jalen

Jones, Katie

Jones, Mike

Jones, Mitch

Jones, Snow

Jordan, Jacob

Justus, Roger


Kay, Alexa

Kearney, Bryan

Keith, Earl

Kennedy, Billy

Kennedy, Claude

Kennedy, Vicki

Killinger, Rickie

Kilpatrick, Charles

Kilpatrick, Jimmy

Kilpatrick, Trent

King, Carolyn

King, Nicki

King, Wilbur

Kornegay, Amy


Lancaster, Reb

Lane, Brittany

Lee, Sam

Letchworth, Stephanie

Lewis, Donta

Littleton, Jamie

Lockhart, Leo

Loftin, Anthony

Loftin, Clifton

Long, Renny

Lovick, Christina

Lovick, Steve


Malone, Angie

Malone, Marshall

Marley, Donnie

Marley, Rachel

Marshburn, Dana

Matthew, Darnell

Mattocks, Clyde

Mattocks, Edna

Mattocks, Faye

Mattocks, Janine

Mattocks, Melissa

Mattocks, Tommy

McArthur, Ashley                  

McConnell, Austin

McGleen, Anthony

McGleen, Brenda

McLawhorn, Charles

McPhail, Desmond                

McPhail, Jimmy

Mercer, Andrea

Mervin, Jerry Terell

Metts, Ben

Miller, Stephanie Perry

Mills, David

Milner, Holly

Minyard, Jackson

Mohr-Mattocks, Terri

Monroe, Camille

Montague, Jim

Moody, Deborah

Moody, Lloyd

Moody, Susan

Mooring, Tate                                                

Morris, Teresa

Moultan, Jennifer

Moye, Jo Ann

Mullins, Summer

Munoz, Yolanda

Murray, Bertram

Murrell, Senatra


Neathery, Dale

Nix, Suzanne

Noble, Joseph

North, Brian


Olsen, Sheila

Oliver, Jennifer

Oliver, Steve

O’Quinn, Dan

Ormond, Adam


Parerick, Donnie

Parker, Betsy

Parker, Ervin

Parker, Jamela

Parker, Joann

Parker, Stevie

Parks, Janice

Parks, Jimmy

Parks, Latasha

Parks, Tasha

Parrish, Charles Jr

Pate, Leo

Pate, Thurman

Patterson, Curtis

Patterson, Tony

Peoples, Lea

Perrin, Arthur

Person, Shivar

Phillips, Barbara

Phillips, Dave

Phillips, Vickie

Phillips, William

Pitt, Jackie

Pitts, Eric

Pitts, Ethan

Pitts, Heather

Pitts, Jeff

Pitts, Jennifer

Pitts, Marlene

Pollock, Hugh

Porter, Ken

Potter, Bert

Potter, Kristen

Potter, Tyler

Pressly, Theresa

Pridgen, Nathan

Puckett, Stan


Rasberry, Carmen

Rasberry, Zacchaeus

Reynolds, Chuck

Reynolds, J C

Reynolds, Johnny

Reynolds, Marvin

Rhodes, Terri

Rice, Danny

Rogerson, Ervin

Rose, Tyler

Rouse, Clifton

Rouse, Jo Ann

Rouse, Karen

Rouse, Lindsay

Rouse, Ricky

Rouse, Tabitha


Saltzgiver, Derek

Sanderson, Taylor

Scott, Sydney

Scull, David

Shackaford, Tony

Shepard, Barbara

Shepard, Carson

Sherrod, Keith

Shockley, Josh

Shoulars, Phil

Smith, Cleatis

Smith, Doug

Smith, Gary

Smith, George, Jr

Smith, George, III

Smith, Harold

Smith, Jason

Smith, Junious, III

Smith, Johnny

Smith, Kay

Smith, Lauran

Smith, Lou Ellen

Smith, Shelia

Smith, Wanda

Sowers, Bruton

Sowers, Guerman

Sowers, Judy

Sowers, Lisa

Speight, Donald

Spence, Adam

Spence, Angela D.

Spence, Keith

Stallings, Jamie

Stallings, Kimberly

Stamper, Libby

Statum, Bert

Stephenson, Ronnie

Strickland, Christi

Strickland, Sherry

Strickland, Spencer                

Stroud, Coty

Stroud, Graham

Stroud, Lillian B

Sugg, Ernie

Suggs, Chris

Sullivan, Stanley

Sutton, Bethany

Sutton, Brian                          

Sutton, Brent

Sutton, Calvin

Sutton, Frances

Sutton, Frederick

Sutton, Kayla

Sutton, Linda Rouse

Sutton, Michelle

Sutton, Ty

Sutton, Wil


Taylor, Celena

Terry, Grace

Thaxton, Dawn

Thigpen, Victoria

Thompson, Chris

Tolar, Cameron

Tolar, Josh

Treble, Galen                          

Turnage, Gene            

Turnage, Mystie         

Turnage, Vernita                                

Tyndall, Dorsey

Tyndall, Laura Beth

Tyndall, Lauran

Tyndall, Perry

Tyndall, Vickie

Tyndall, Webb


Vandiford, Sidney

Vick, Chris

Vick, Horace

Vick, Kari

Vick, Simon                           

Vick, Tim       

Vinson, Lindsey

Vinson, Lynn

Vinson, Rod


Wade, Carroll

Wade, Gwen

Watson, Charlie

Watson, Stephen

Watts, Cindy

Way, Donna

Webb, Chrystal

Weddle, Jason

West, Hailey

Whaley, Ricky

White, Mary Catherine

Whitfield, Lois

Whitfield, Shenita

Whitfield, Tyrone

Whittington, Paul

Wicker, Barry

Wicker, Debra

Wiggins, Miranda Hill

Wiggins, Robert

Wiggins, Wendy

Williams, Lele

Williams, Shenka

Williams, Yulander                

Winborne, George

Winborne, Nannie Sue                                   

Winfree, Chuck

Womble, Dennis

Woods, Marla

Wooley, Howard

Wooten, Jocelyn        

Wooten, Reid 






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