TheTommy Card


Tommy Mattocks

3000 Graham Drive

Kinston, NC†† 28504



†††††††††††††††††††††† The Tommy Card is a UNION between a network of Family, Sports Officials, Facebook Friends and Friends of their Friends WITH a network of Businesses around the area.

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† .

††††††††††††††††††††††† The Family is looking for a place to shop or dine in a friendly establishment that appreciates their business.


The Businesses are that place who do appreciate the shopping network and have shown that they are willing to make concessions to get that business and welcome those customers.


The Tommy Card was started on Aug 24, 2015 with a fewbusinesses who were willing to make that first commitment to form this bond between the Consumer and the Retailer.


The Contract between Tommy Mattocks and the Businesses is a Gentlemenís agreement that can be ended at any time by either party without notice. The Businesses will be listed here on a link to this web site and updated each time a new business signs on or an existing business decides to end their relation with The Tommy Card. The Business agrees to give the card holder a 10% discount on his purchases of items as described in their listing. The Card Holder agrees to patronize these businesses and abide by certain guidelines as described in this listing.


The Businesses that have agreed to honor The Tommy Card are listed in alphabetical order in one link of this web site with their Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Store Hours, a description of the Discount and a short line about the Business.A second link for the Businesses lists them by Type of Business.


There are also two pages for the Card Holders. One page has the card holder listed by his card number and name only while the second page lists them in alphabetical order by name and number.When signing up for a card, the card holder will be asked for his address, phone number and email address. That information will never be listed on this web site, but will be used by Tommy Mattocks to send out occasional bulletins reminding the Card Holder that his card is about to expire or big news of a special business that just signed on.


The links to the Pages containing the Businesses and the Card Holders will be updated as more card holders sign on and more businesses sign on.There will be a date at the top of those pages indicating the last time the page and the list was updated.Below are the links available for viewing. You can see the businesses that are striving for your business and you can see if your friends carryThe Tommy Card yet.





1.†† Businesses (Alpha Order w/ addresses, store hrs)


2.†† Businesses (Type)


3.†† Card Holders (By Card #)


4.†† Card Holders (Alpha Order)


5.†† Rules for Using the Card


6.†† Purchasing or Renewing the Card




Check back often to see which Businesses have been added.