The  Tommy Card


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Rules for Using the Card


                       The Tommy Card is proud to be the go-between for both Card Holders and Businesses. The Businesses have so graciously agreed to give us a discount; you are asked to follow these few Rules when using the card. Tommy Mattocks wishes to thank these businesses for this incredible opportunity to shop with them at a discount and the customer should thank them as well.


                        Rules We Should Follow:


                        1 – The Card is not transferrable.  Only the name on the card receives the discount given by the business.


                        2 – The Card holder can not receive a discount for the whole table by picking up the tab for the table. Discount goes only to what Card Holder orders or buys.


                        3 – The Discount can not be used with any other discount such as Senior Citizens.


                        4 – The Discount can not be used for an item that is already on Sale.


                        5 – The Discount can not be used on an item marked down for clearance.


                        6 – The Discount can not be used with coupons.


                        7 – A Person can not use their Spouse’s Card. Only the Name on the Card gets the Discount.  Businesses may ask for ID.


                        8 – All Card and all Business Contracts expire Dec 31, 2016.


                        9 – If a Business is having bad experiences with the Card, they may discontinue honoring the Card without Notice.


                        10- The Contract between the Card Holder and the Business or Tommy Mattocks is a verbal Gentleman’s Agreement. It is not binding in any way.




                        Please use good judgement as you deal with the Businesses; they do not have to give us a discount. Please be courteous and be sure to thank them. If we follow that general rule; we should have a long relationship as more and more businesses join in and agree to honor our Card. And with that, more and more people will want cards.


                        Thank You for Using The Tommy Card.


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