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Purchasing the Card


                        Tommy Mattocks conceived and started  The Tommy Card  because he felt, with all the people he knew from Sports Officiating, Family, Friends and new Facebook Friends as well as all the new friends from “Stadium Fans”, there should be a way to organize and network all these people into a buying organization that would appeal to the local businesses around town.  He tested the waters August 24, 2015 and received a great reception from both the Businesses and Friends who wanted a card. So we are off and running with a venture that both the Businesses and the Card Holders like.  The Card Holders get a nice Discount for shopping with our Business Friends and the Businesses get an almost captive audience willing to spend their money with participating Stores.  The Businesses and the Card Holders all like the idea of the Alphabetical Business web page where you can instantly see which Businesses are sponsoring the Card and their address, phone number and store hours all in one quick and convenient location. I hope you ask:  How can I get a card?


                        The Card cost is $ 12.  You get a Card about the size of a Credit Card to fit in your wallet or purse and it is an easy color to find among your other cards.  It will come with your Name only and a Card Number which I keep up with on this web site.  To get a Card, you have to supply me with the address, phone number and email address. That information never appears on the web site, it is used by me to send you notices that your card is about to expire as well as info bulletins in case we land a big Business that everyone should know about right away.


                        If you want to order a Card or renew an old card, mail me the following information along with a check for $ 12.00 made out to:  Tommy Mattocks.  Card may take up to 10 days to arrive from the time you order.  Mail your Card Fee to:


Tommy Mattocks

3000 Graham Drive

Kinston,  NC  28504



                        Supply the following Information:                                                                                           


                        Your Name:                                                                                                                                                   

                        Your Mailing Address:

                        Your City/ Zip:

                        Your Phone Number:

Your Email Address :



If You are Buying a Card to Give as a Christmas or Birthday Present:


The Name You want on the Card:

The Address of the Person receiving the Gift Card:

The City/ Zip of that Person:

Their Phone Number if Known:

Their Email Address if Known:


Most Importantly; The address where you want that Gift Card Mailed: (1-To You to give or 2-Directly to that person )



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