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Some of you may have known or heard about this particular nude event, as it made worldwide news in June.

Ted and I happened to be in Amsterdam on the day this photo shoot took place. However, we had just arrived and had no idea that it was taking place just a few blocks away from where we were staying.

To think that I missed the opportunity to get my own up close and personal photographs from this extraordinary scene made me feel rather, cheated. (sigh)

BUT, I happened to have the television on in the apartment as Ted slept in the next room and was privy to these pictures from the local news channel. I grabbed my camera to capture these shots that were shown on tv.

If you aren't 18 - you shouldn't be seeing these. I hate having to say that, because I find it ludicrous that in America we are as uptight about such things.

Here's the scoop from the Associated Press.

The Photographer is Spencer Tunick
spencer tunick

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) Dozens of women posed naked on their bicycles on a bridge over one of Amsterdam's historic canals Sunday a unique sight even in a city famed for its relaxed attitude toward nudity and sex.

They were among 2,000 men and women who participated in a series of four nude group photos in the city in the early hours of the morning as part of the latest project of U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick.

The first and largest composition was in a decidedly prosaic location: a parking garage on the outer ring of the city.

But what the location lacked in romance, it made up for in style. Participants lined the railings of the garage's twin circular towers, creating a pattern of multicolor stripes against the white building and an overcast sky.

"It was very hard to find space in a city meant for such a small amount of people," Tunick said. "I was very lucky to get almost 2,000 to fill a massive car park."

The resource links for this event are here and here.

Now for my images: I captured these images from the television with MY MOUTH OPEN, thinking, I've got to take some pictures of this because my friends back home won't believe THIS was on the 6:00 o'clock news!!




tunick in amsterdam june 2007

news tunick june 07


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And if you can't get enough of Tunick's photos, etc., here's a del.icio.us search page for ya.

Go get 'em tiger!

More about the photographer:

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His team:

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He's CURRENTLY seeking nudes for this location:
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p.s. If any of you end up in one of his photographs, I wanna know!! :-) That would be deserving of an interview, and I wanna be the interviewer.

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