.: April Fools' Backfired

I'm not really supposed to do April Fool's jokes. I know that. Deep in my heart, it's never felt right to blatantly lie to someone to "get their goat". BUT, I dipped. The forbidden pond of deception reminded me of the instant gratification at being pleased at another's expense. But, of course, (knowing instant karma like i do) it back-fired.


.: I'll back up a bit.

Ted had purchased me tickets to visit him in Florida over spring break. He buys the tickets way in advance for the savings. About a month after we had the tickets, I get an invitation to my best friend's daughter's wedding. I was once their Aunt. There was no way in hell, I was going to be able to miss the wedding. I'm indebted to them by their kindness to me when I divorced their alcoholic brother/uncle, several years ago. They kept me in the family and basically divorced him.

Ted was very understanding when I let him know about this unfortunate slip-up. The thing that compounded the news though was the fact that I didn't let him know until about a week in advance. Yes. A week. I'm a deadline-oriented gal, and "the push don't come to shove" until the last second.

But, he was nice about it; a real Gent'.

And then we began to plan our make-up visit. I suggested Easter weekend because I had a three day weekend. He said, But isn't that a family oriented weekend? Won't you be expected to do something with your family? I said, It was just me, mom and dad and last year we didn't do anything together. The year before that, it was just the three of us at some big congregation Easter service in a collesium. We aren't gonna be doing anything.

Little did I know . . .
My 23 year old neice will return this weekend from being in Africa for five weeks. My youngest neice will turn one. We were to have a fancy party for her and an Easter egg hunt for her two and a half year old brother. I will miss it all.

BUT - I get this really "great" idea on April Fool's morning to play a joke on Ted. I email him and write, "About Easter Weekend" in the subject line. I am SO sorry, Ted. But I won't be able to come this weekend. And then he had to scroll down to read - April Fool's!! ARGH! It was cruel, but he was a sport about it. BUT - this is where karma takes a nip out of me. heh. I also mention in that same email, that I had misplaced my tickets and had forgotten my schedule. He sent me a copy. I nearly fell over backwards. My heart leapt. I gulped. And then found my head with my hand. The time of departure was one day TOO EARLY. It is district policy that no teacher can take a personal day before a holiday. Or AFTER, for that matter. Ted called me later in the day and I told him what I had discovered. He didn't even want to hear about it. He said, Tell me what the outcome is. Either way, I'll deal with it. Here's the footage of me thinking about the debacle before I spoke with Ted. I had no idea what was to occur as I walked into my principal's office the next morning with my "hat in hand" posture.

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