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Catsperch Pro Observing Chair

My Catsperch Pro observing chair

From what I've seen, there's no better observing chair on the market than Jim Fly's Catsperch chair. Although now being produced in limited productions runs under contract for Jim, the chairs themselves were not available when I ordered my kit last year. The kit I ordered included full scale "cutout and trace" drawings, plans and hardware. All that was needed was the wood. As it turned out, the drawings were so accurate and clear that I ended up simply reproducing the part outlines directly on the wood rather than trying to cut out and trace them... whatever works!

My chair differs from Jim's plans in only two respects. First, I didn't use the small hardwood bisquits he provided for attaching the notched rails. I don't have a bisquit cutter and didn't want to buy or rent one just for this project. I used plenty of glue and screws instead. It's still plenty strong. I suspect the bisquits, while certainly adding strength, were as much for alignment and control during gluing as anything. Second, I cut the main board 3.5" longer than specified so I could attach the foot to the rear leg.

Rear leg foot detail

My previous chair (a "Chariot" from Architectural Arts) had the foot in the rear and I learned how important this is: With it in the front, it hits my EQ platform, preventing me from getting as close to the scope as I'd lke. I discovered this one evening while trying to position it, not realizing in the dark that I had it turned around! I also permanently glued the foot in place for maximum stability. I have a truck, so carrying the assembled foot/leg is no problem.

Catsperch spokesmodel

Here's my highly-paid spokesmodel demonstrating the stability of the chair... (2014 note: She's now a high school sophomore... how time flies!)