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Deep South Regional Star Gaze images

An evening's conversation

George Byron, Russell Whigham, Rod Mollise and Phil Harrington (left to right) discuss the finer points of Russell's vintage C11. A point of trivia: No, the OTA isn't painted white - Russell has done a very nice job of wrapping it in a white window shade. It's so cleanly done that it appears to be a nice plastic coating on the OTA (which I suppose it really is...).

Morning scene

A crisp, cool and bright Thursday morning during the 2004 DSRSG. At this point the morning dew is turning to a fine (but quickly lifting) fog, pierced by shafts of sunlight filtered through the trees. It's the perfect environment for a nice steaming cup of early (by star party standards) morning coffee.

Overhead view of observing field

Barry Simon took this composite shot of the 2004 DSRSG from atop the goalpost at the southern end of the field. As usual, Rex's Astro Stuff draws shoppers at the southwest corner of the field.

Rex's Astro Stuff area

Speaking of Rex, here is the pavilion where he setup shortly after this photo was taken. This is at Camp Ruth Lee, during the 2005 DSRSG. Although the weather was beautiful, it was still somewhat chilly in the shade of the pavilion, particularly when a breeze kicked up.

Observing field at dusk

Go get 'em, Gabe! Gabe Dickens prepares for a night of observing at Camp Ruth Lee, just after sunset. It's not immediately obvious in this shot, but the horizons (among several other things) are significantly better at Camp Ruth Lee than they are at Percy Quin State Park.