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Star Parties

Joe Walsh once sang, "Sleep all day, out all night - I know where you're goin'". He must have been an astronomer, or was at least onto something - "Sleep all day, out all night" is indeed the goal of every star party attendee, I think. Sometimes it even turns out that way!

I'm not the star party voyager that some are, but then again, I'm not retired yet! For some reason I find the prospect of several nights observing (from usually a prime location, no less), several days relaxing and being surrounded by like-minded individuals extremely appealing. Even when (heaven forbid) the weather is less than cooperative, star parties are still fun. To adapt an old saying about fishing, "The worst day at a star party is better than the best day at work".

Schedules, responsibilities and whatnot allowing, I usually try to attend most or all of the following four star parties each year. They're all within a day's or two (or less) drive from my home here in central Louisiana. These are my commentaries on these events, including a few photos I've snapped at each of them. You won't find comprehensive reviews here - Just some thoughts. It should go without saying, but nothing stated here is "official" fact - It's just my opinion, recollection and views. I could be wrong on some of my estimates, etc. For official info, please consult the appropriate website.

To make the pages load reasonably quickly, I've put all images on a separately page linked to from each star party report page. Hopefully after the next round of attendance, I'll have some more images to add.

Texas Star Party

Deep South Regional Star Gaze

Mid South Star Gaze

Kisatchie Star Party