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Texas Star Party images

Home at the TSP image

Home, sweet home for me at the 2004 Texas Star Party, between my friends Dennis Beckley (on the left, from California) and Mark Longuepee (on the right, from Louisiana). Between us, we knocked off more than a few faint fuzzies througout the week. Conditions were, by and large, pretty good that year.

36 inch Obsession image

A 36" Obsession goes together in anticipation of a good night. If I understand correctly, this one made the trip to west Texas all the way from Massachusetts.

TSP thunderstorm image

No worries, mate - Just a typical afternoon thunder-bumper at the TSP! And, yes - That's just about the actual color of the sky in that direction, although in general it may have been just a touch lighter. Impressive stuff, nonetheless.

Observing field image

Dennis surveys our little neighborhood of the "upper" field at the Prude Ranch. This view looks south/southwest and includes his 18" Obsession, my 14.5" TeleKit and our friend Darrell Lee's 16" NightSky scope in addition to many others.

Texas Hwy 17 scenic image

Looking north along Texas Highway 17 just north of Fort Davis, on my way home from the 2004 TSP. As a good friend once said, "There's nothing sadder than the Davis Mountains in your rear-view mirror..."

Another Texas Hwy 17 scenic image

Another spectacular view of the Davis Mountains (with Star Mountain in the distance at 6,344 ft.) on my way outta town, this time following the 2005 TSP. The 30-odd mile drive from Fort Davis to Balmorhea via Toyahvale along Highway 17 is a beautiful one, in my opinion.