leaving Simsboro, we stretch out down 507

we will travel south, until we reach the Dugdemona River Bridge

I had to stop and get a couple of shots off the bridge

typical Louisiana swamp, ain't it beautiful?

a couple of old stinkin' jims laying out on a log

just couldn't resist another shot off that side of the bridge, the other side of the bridge was even better.

just over the Dugdemona River Bridge, 507 takes a left, don't miss it otherwise you'll be headed down 815 toward arcadia

so make that left and continue southbound toward our destination

a short way out, headed more west than south now, we enter Bienville Parish

didn't think you were going to get by without seeing another map did you? Thank You enlou, which is now defunct and archived so, no point in a link


along the way we pass many farms and pastures that catch your eye, this one in particular is a beautiful place, picturesque Louisiana farmland

we continue on our journey and come to the intersection of 507 and the Jonesboro, Arcadia highway

straight on across and still on 507

this old road takes a many dip and dive from here on out, so be careful and take your time, especially where Flatwood road comes in

it's a hump and a drop, down in a gully, before you start up the slope that begins Driskill Mountain