up the long hill that begins the ending of our journey, you are crossing over land, that was not too long ago occupied by some of the older Driskill family

a very old building stands in the pasture to your right and if i'm not mistaken was built by Woodard Dawson Driskill, i will delve into this and try to post the correct history of it

on up the slope, we come into the view of the church and cemetery.

on into the drive, you see the sign in front

the next drive you see just circles back around and is actually the entrance to the trail, it has a sign that proclaims the elevation

we pull on around and park beside the church

there is a plaque beside the front door

A pavillion stands beside the church, the Driskill Family reunion is held there every year on the Memorial weekend

On the other side of the church the entrance to the trail

and if you have to go, might better go now because the facilities just get worse from here on out

His, i think, and Hers