Manual restoration methods:

Warning!   Overly aggressive tugging by using these methods can result in serious physical injury if you don't know your limitations!
        Methods 1, and 2 are "iso-local specific", and intense in each of the divisional 1/3 areas (compared to tape or tugging devices which spread the load out over the entire shaft skin area). You can
"overstrain"  the area from too much force, and you will feel a sudden sharp burning stabbing pain, and the skin area can go numb for months. (It is the same as when you strain a muscle in a sports injury). Just apply "gradual" spreading force with NO pain, and learn your limits! (I learned this lesson the hard way).

        During each session (if you spend as much time as I do) (about 1hr. total, twice a day) you will reach a point where your skin will start getting sore, and pink/red from all the activity, because your fingers will tend to slip on the skin surface from lack of friction, especially during the wintertime when the air is drier, and your skin might be too dry also.(It helps to have a wet washcloth nearby to keep your fingers damp if you can't get enough friction to grab the skin good). (same effect as licking a finger to make it easier to turn a page in a book). I have also noticed while using waxed thread (for shoe/moccasin making) that the wax that ended up on my fingers also assisted skin friction for these tugging methods.
        If you keep tugging beyond the point of this sore feeling, you might start getting "chaffed", (if you keep grabbing the same area "too much"). If you get sore, then stop for 6-7 hours until the soreness goes away. Usually, I will get a "itchy" feeling down there when it's time to do it again.

         One more problem that has arose in these methods, is from wearing snug fitting briefs that help hold the developing new foreskin over the glans once you have enough skin. I wear my penis pointed down, and snug up against my scrotum while in my briefs. I position it where the skin is over the glans, and hold my penis snug against the scrotum, and with it going sort of in between my legs with one hand as I pull my briefs up with my other hand fairly snug. This helps keep the foreskin in place over the glans, and works at night even with a nocturnal erection usually (once you have enough skin). The problem is, in the summertime activities, sometimes it gets too sweaty up snug like this, and the skin can't get enough air circulating around it, and it will start to break down. It will turn "slimey" (similar to foot "jungle rot" from constantly damp boots on soldiers in Viet Nam), and you will get a sore rash (even if you take a bath everyday). I used a few squares of tissue paper or cloth in between penis and scrotum to stop the problem.

         In the "shaft divisions" diagram, the penile shaft is divided into 3 sections (back 1/3, middle 1/3, and front 1/3).

         First I use method 1 (and ventral bottom stretch). (These methods sometimes give a significant erection which helps with tugging technique). Using forefinger, middle finger, and thumb of left hand (with little finger, and finger next to it "tucked under" palm of hand for clearance), and with fingers and thumb of right hand encircling as shown in the diagram (with little fingertip supporting underside touching on the inner mucosal band near the glans corona), apply downward pressure with left hand and fingers, and squeeze with right fingers just enough where they wont slip, and use a "spreading type motion" in the direction of the green arrows. Use maximum tension possible WITHOUT HURTING, and hold it for 20 seconds or so, then release. If your fingers have slipped, then reposition in the same spot that you started with, and do it again. Keep repeating in the same area for 5 minutes or so. (I start with the ventral bottom "rear division 1/3" area first).
         Next, go to the "dorsal top rear 1/3 division" placing left hand forefinger, and middle finger "knuckle under" (as shown in the diagram to allow more pressure, because if  "fingertips" are used they become tired too quick). The left hand little finger, and finger next to it, are tucked under palm of hand for more clearance. The right fingers are used basically the same way as for the ventral bottom side (see diagram). Follow the same regimen (20 sec. then relax. Keep repeating for 5 min.or so). After this 1/3 area, then go to the "ventral bottom side middle 1/3 area".
         Do the same regimen over and over to each of the  1/3 divisional areas, and to dorsal, ventral, and sides of the penile shaft skin in the same way.
           Method 2...I don't really use that much, except during a good erection, which is best for this (unless you are "well endowed" even while flaccid.. to allow room for finger position).

          "Methods 1 & 2"  are a good way to start a program if you don't have much slack skin (from being circ'ed too tight). Eventually after a few months or so, you should start to see loosening, and wrinkling of the shaft skin, and it should'nt be so tight anymore, just keep doing it! (I have gained over 3" of skin in a little over 2 years using these methods alone, and have full consistent flaccid glans coverage now, from 0 coverage at the beginning of my program, and I am seeing the first signs of overhang). (I was circ'ed average medium loose). Some guys were circ'ed so tight it's a problem sometimes, but don't give up!  Patience and dedication are the key.
          "Methods 1 & 2" also help keep scrotum skin & hairline isolated from the tugging so that it isn't pulled up onto the penile shaft, as tape or some tugger devices do.
          After a half an hour of this is usually when the skin starts getting a little red and sore slightly, then I go on to method 3
 Method 3 is done by pulling all available skin up over the glans, and using thumb and fingertips, grab the tip as shown in the diagram, and tug for 20 seconds, relax, and alternate fingertips to different areas on the tip (foreskin opening) each time you relax (dorsal, ventral, and sides). I do this for another 20 min. or so.


 Advanced methods:          

         These methods are used to isolate the scrotum skin from the tugging, avoid pulling the "hairline" up onto the penile shaft, and method 5, to avoid tension on the penile shaft core within also. They are best used when you are advanced in your restoration to the point that you have enough loose skin to be able to pull it out over the glans, and be able to grab the tip easily with right thumb and forefinger without slipping, and still be able to use the left fingers and thumb to oppose the tug, or to hold the left hand stationary as close to the body as possible to avoid tension on the penile shaft core, and tug only "skin". You should already have enough skin regenerated that you have at least 3/4 consistent glans coverage when flaccid.

        With method 4, the left forefinger, and middle finger are hooked under the penis near the base at the point where the scrotum "web" joins the penile shaft skin. The little finger and next are tucked under the palm for "clearance", and the thumb placed on the dorsal top. Tugging is done with right hand fingers and thumb in the same "time sequences" as former methods. Alternate grabbing different areas of the tip (top, then bottom, then sides) to make sure all areas get a tug.

        With method 5, the left hand forefinger and thumb encircle the penis at the point where the scrotum "web" joins the penile shaft, and just behind the glans corona (an imaginary "web line" is drawn around penis shaft in the diagrams). Squeeze thumb and forefinger only just enough to still allow the glans to be pushed back through with the right hand thumb (or finger). It will sorta "pop" on through, and at the same time it does, quickly squeeze the left thumb and forefinger tightly so that the remaining skin puckers out in front enough to be able to grab onto with thumb and forefinger of right hand. There should be about a 1" length of  "puckered up" skin.           
         Holding the left hand stationary and close to the body, while still encircled tightly over the front of the glans, the tip of the skin is held by the right thumb and forefinger, and tugged outwards. It might take a little manipulation to get more skin pulled through without allowing the glans to pull through (I tug to the left and right, and up and down while tugging out to do this). The glans and penile shaft core will be "scrunched" down inside the skin as much as comfortable. I can pull out approximately 3" of skin in this manner. The penile shaft core, glans, scrotum, and hairline are all "held back" while the skin is tugged outwards.

         Method 6 is a "one hand" tug. I use it with my left hand to allow my right hand to be free for other needs. (or alternate to other hand if it is more practical.
         The skin is pulled out over the glans head, and while holding the ventral bottom tip of the skin stretched out with the right thumb and forefinger, the left forefinger is then inserted into the foreskin orifice approximately 1" deep (to act as solid support within). The left hand remaining thumb and fingers are "encircled" around the tip in a "3 point contact grip" as shown in the diagram, and "squeezed" pinching the foreskin in between the forefinger inside, and thumb and fingers outside, and pulled outwards. It effectively tugs the entire area (ventral, dorsal, sides, inner, outer) all at once.
         I have also used used a "combination" of methods 6 and 5, again, keeping the shaft core, scrotum / hairline compressed and isolated from the tug.
        You can manipulate and change POE (point of equalibrium) to concentrate on inner, or outer skin more by rolling the tip of the foreskin slightly between thumb and forefinger.

With method 7, a forefinger is inserted into the foreskin opening about 1" deep to act as a "anvil of support within" while the forefinger and thumb of the other hand is "encircled" around the foreskin tip (like a "O.K. sign"), then squeezed  as tightly as comfortable during the tug so as not to allow slippage. The main force of the tug is done with the encircling hand. The inserted forefinger can be pulled slightly more to add more tension to the inner foreskin.
         "Method 7" can be a fairly "intense" tug method, and I have seen occasional tiny scabs form at the outer tip where the encircling grip had caused chaffed skin from all the activity and slipping. I either used lighter tension until they went away, or I stopped this particular method for a few days until it healed, and used other methods until I can resume with it again.

         Phimosis (tight foreskin orifice) manual method treatment has been included on this website to help others avoid what ultimately led to my own unfortunate decision to be circumcised at age 15 in 1968. I had a mild form of phimosis, and retracted easily while "flaccid", but was much too tight for retraction upon erection. I only wish I could have had the chance to try manual methods to stretch the "tightness" away over the period of several months, even a year if necessary, before all chances of relief were exhausted, and "even then" in my case, if the manual methods or phimosis treatment device had not worked, or ointments,  then small surgical "relief incisions" to the frenar band tip ONLY,  that would allow the foreskin orifice to expand to the proper width for retraction upon erection could have been done, and NOT the drastically unnecessary amputation of the entire foreskin. If I would have had these incisions done, I would have worn the foreskin back behind the glans temporarily as it healed in an "expanded state", but it would be best to discuss these options with a doctor who is sympathetic to the cause for keeping the foreskin intact. (D.O.C. Doctors Opposing Circumcision might have "pro intact" treatment sources, or NoCirc, or NoHARMM). Many doctors will automatically recommend circumcision, and in the majority of cases, it is just not necessary. Get more than one opinion if necessary.
         I have shown an illustration of the type of manual method I would have used to treat phimosis. Use different fingers or hand positions for more comfort, and to avoid tiring. Some men may be too sensitive to use this method. Do not use the method if your frenar band is "dry cracked" or inflamed. Gently apply only as much tension as comfortable to get the job done, and watch for skin tears, or chaffing.
         I have included a link to a website for a phimosis treatment device called a "glansie".

         Not everybody has as much "time" as I describe for these methods, If you don't, then cut the time to your advantage, and manual tug for a few minutes or so, for it's "intensity" (every little bit helps), and then use a tugger device to keep it under traction. Tape methods might be problematic with manual methods though, unless the tape came off easily enough so that it would'nt interfere with tugging the "three divisions" areas.
          I do have plans to make a tugger device to use along with manual methods, and I wonder how much farther along I might have been in my program if I had used "both" for the last 2 years instead of just manual only.
          While tugging, I try to stretch the shaft "skin" only, and not the penile core body within. I don't want a longer penis, just more foreskin. If a penis gets longer, then it's gonna need even "more" skin to achieve the results of a foreskin. I try to hold the penile body as close to me as possible while tugging with methods 1 & 2. (with method 3, and tape methods, and some device tuggers, the deep "core body" of the penis is being tugged also, along with the outer skin). Some of the tugger devices counter-act this effect by using a "plunger" to push the penile body and glans head back "in", while tugging "out" on the skin.

         I have studied a majority of tugging devices, and tape methods, but I had tape allergy, o-ring rubber allergy, and was concerned of circulation problems with devices, and  was looking for a way to avoid tugging on the penile core while tugging skin. Manual methods are "cyclical", so there is no blood circulation impairment risk. In most of the methods the glans is cradled within "skin", with no metal, plastic, rubber, or foam contact. There are no tape hassles, no urination problems, no spontaneous intimacy problems, and it costs absolutely nothing!
         I tug when I first wake up in the morning, again at night, sometimes while on the p.c., and while watching television.
         The time that I spend on the tugging program is comparable to the time I used to spend on exercising and weight lifting somewhat, and I look at it in the same way....They both got results!

                                                                        Good luck in your restoration!,





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