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Coastal Style Cottages!




    We've found, in building and renovating our cottages for rental retreats, that many people are interested in building a comfortable cottage for themselves. So, in addition to our Vacation Cottage Rentals and our ongoing renovation and remodeling work, we are building Coastal Style Cottages.

   Our rental guests, as well as ourselves, enjoy the simplicity and comforts of our coastal cottages. What better way to pass on our philosophy of "bigger isn't necessarily better" than to begin building vacation style coastal cottages for others to enjoy? Cottages are perfect for retirees, couples, young families, and anyone else who would rather be living life than spending it maintaining a large house.

   Friends have asked us why we would want to build smaller rather than larger homes? Wouldn't we make more money on larger homes? Our answer is probably, but we think that building cottages is much more fun and fills a need in the community. And we really do take pride in what we do. If we can help get our clients into a cozy cottage home, that uses less of our valuable natural resources, so much the better.

   We have a few plans (and models) that are "tried and true" including "SANDY GARDEN COTTAGE",  and "SANDY TREEHOUSE COTTAGE". We also have a designer who is ready to work with you to design your customized cottage. The cottage industry (excuse the pun) is becoming a trend so there are also a lot of plans available through magazines, books, and the internet. It can be on stilts for those low lying areas or on the ground level. You can use one of our plans or one that you already have and we'd be happy to build it for you.

   Let us help you build your own cozy cottage retreat so that you can feel like you are on vacation everyday. And remember, less really can be more.


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