P 0 BOX 247
ONA, WV 25545
MARCH, 2018

Flags outside our Sanctuary on a windy Sunday afternoon.

New website: The Guyandotte Baptist Association
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Revival is on! We will be in the midst of the traveling Revival by the time you have this newsletter in your hands. Pray that it was a success and that hearts and minds were revived and souls were saved! And don’t stop praying! Beulah Ann will be hosting its own Spring Revival from April 15 - 20, with Pastor Dan Londeree from Pea Ridge Baptist Church. Pray that Pastor Dan will bring the Word of God with power and clarity and fan the fires of faith in our fellowship and worship of Jesus Christ!
I want to encourage you to take an active role in our revival and your salvation. Being a church member is great, but it won’t save your soul. You must acknowledge your sin, ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and confess Him to be your Lord and Savior. It’s simple. He made it that way for our good and His glory. Maybe you were saved as a child but now you’re older and you don’t have time for that “stuff.” Jesus has the best “stuff” you’ll ever experience. Life is hard enough when no one is on your side. It’s drastically worse when you are the enemy of Jesus Christ.
Friend, God loves you! Christ died for you! Have you ever done anything for someone out of the kindness of your heart and they didn’t appreciate it? Now imagine Christ, who gave Himself for you… and you don’t appreciate it. One day, we’ll stand before Him. How will you answer him, “Why did you refuse me?” JOHN 6:37! “Why did you fail to attend church? HEBREWS 10:25!  “Why did you not tell others about me?” Mark 8:38!
Come to Beulah Ann. Come back to Beulah Ann. I believe in the power of Jesus Christ to heal all our wounds, including pride, selfishness, misunderstanding, jealousy, all our wounds. God loves you and so does Pastor Greg.                                                                      ~~Pastor Greg Lunsford


February 4    158
February 11  173
February 18  155
February 25  168
                    4)654(164 average


Teddie Massie, March 25, 91.
Jean Casey, April 7, 86.


WVBC ABWM 5-Year Plan:
March – I & II Peter and Jude
April - Jeremiah

Daily Bible Reading Calendars for 2018 are on the foyer table, courtesy of Evangelistic Outreach.


On Feb. 18, 7 yr.-old Brody Crawford was baptized. He is the son of D.W. and Meredith Crawford. We were glad his maternal grandparents were able to be in attendance that day. Welcome, Brody!


Pastor Greg Lunsford, we donate this contribution to the church in honor of Bob Wheeler. Bob had a loving, giving heart. He was kind, helpful, hardworking and optimistic. He was thoughtful with the things he said and did for others. In short, he was a blessing to his neighbors and the world. He was part of our extended family. We shall miss him. Deepest sympathy to his pastor and the congregation at Beulah Ann.
Bob’s Grant Gardens neighbors and friends. We all held Bob in high esteem.

Thanks for the beautiful flowers, and for coming to the service.
 Doris and Deloris Peyton (daughters of the late Bernice Peyton)

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6

Willing Workers SS Class    $20.00
Beverly Harshbarger    $20.00
Joyce Caldwell      $50.00
Mr. Anonymous     $50.00
Mr. Anonymous   $50.00
Gail Wetherholt   $20.00
Bob Sansom    $50.00
 (Bob used to live up above the old church. He was a member and attended faithfully until he moved to Huntington. He turned 88 years old on Jan. 3.)
Tim Rider    $20.00, In memory of his father, Oscar Rider.
Deborah Martz   $100.00 In memory of her grandfather, Hooper Nowlin.
Nina Nowlin     $15.00
 “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6. In loving memory of Mommy (the late Maye Nowlin), who passed away on Mar. 21, 2010. You will always be in our hearts.
Nellie Harshbarger     $100.00
 She writes, “Dear Mildred and Joyce, I for one enjoy the church newsletter. It keeps me up to date on what’s going on. Earlie and Mac always kept me informed, but I no longer have them. This donation is in memory of both Maxine Hagley and Earlie Massie. I miss them so much. Luther Morrison was such an inspiration to both Gerald and I. I’m sure he had a lot of influence on Gerald’s call to the ministry. Thank God for him. I have given money to our own church in memory of Gerald. Since Mac and Earlie were both lifetime members of Beulah Ann, this needed to be for them. God be with the ministry of Beulah Ann. Love and Prayers, Nellie Harshbarger. P.S. Thanks to both of you for the years of service.
Shirley Rose    $25.00
 She writes, “This is in memory of my dear sister Caroline Meadows. Her birthday was March 1. Thank you all for the newspaper, I have enjoyed it for years! I appreciate keeping on the prayer list. I am in the hospital with a very rare cancer so the prayers are so comforting.”

THANK YOU for this incredible showing of love and support for this ministry. Your contributions have really encouraged us, and we are humbled.


EUSTACE BLAKE, 87, of Ona, who passed away March 12. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Della, and daughters Lois (Page) Burdette, Valerie (Joe) Meadows, and sons Dwight, Brent, and Trent Blake, 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. He was instrumental in building Barboursville City Park and was park supervisor for 17 years. He was a member of Beulah Ann.
MARIE DEAKIN, 83, of Milton, who passed away Feb. 10. She was a friend of Virginia Holley.
GORDAN DALE KESSLER, 58, of Ona, whose funeral was March 12. He was a neighbor of Dewey and JoAnn Jordan.
IMMOGENE COOPER RICHARDSON, 88, of Ona, whose funeral was March 10. She was retired from Sears. She was preceded in death by her husband Eugene Richardson, son Gary Cooper, and daughter Renee Jackson, and grandson Billy Jordan. She is survived by daughters Mona (Bob) Jordan and Joy (Bert) Miller, 7 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.  She was a long-standing member of our church.
JEREMY MATTHEW SARVER, 39, of Lesage, whose funeral was Feb. 21. He was a son of Judy Sarver, who formerly attended our church.
BOBBY WHEELER, 86, of Ona, whose funeral was March 3. He is survived by his children Rhonda (Roger) Harsh, Michael (Susan) Wheeler, and Pamela (Robert) Simmons, four grandchildren and a brother. He was the uncle of Randy Wheeler and Tommy Nance. He was a US Navy veteran and a faithful member of our church. Bobby folded many of the church newsletters you have received.


In February, we asked for support for A New Beginning Crisis Pregnancy Center in Huntington, and gave them $150.
In March, we are giving to the Bowen Village Project, which will be a building in the ghetto at Jinja, Uganda, which will be a day care and training facility for young mothers. Our own Bobby Bowen is a missionary there with Global Outreach, and visited us on Mar. 4 to inform us of this vitally needed mission. Make checks payable to the church, and put BVP on the memo line. Thanks.


Mon., March 19 - Fri., March 23, 7 pm – Traveling Revival. Service locations and speakers: Mon. – Hope Christian Center, Pastor Greg Lunsford; Tues. – Lighthouse Baptist, Pastor Mike Lewis; Wed. – Home churches; Thurs., Union Baptist, Pastor Tim Messinger; Fri.,  Beulah Ann Baptist, Pastor Rick Watson.
Refreshments in the Family Center after Friday night’s service.

Tues., Mar. 20, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Sat., March 24, 11 am-1 pm – Children’s Ministries Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Ona. Open to the community. Lunch will be served, and Pastor Greg will bring the lesson.
Sun., March 25, 7 pm – Jesus Kids Spring Program.

Sun., March 25, 11 am – Nominations will be received for the office of Deacon.

Sun., March 25, 7 pm – Jesus Kids Spring Program - “It All Happened in the City.”

Sun., April 1 – Easter Sunday. The youth will present Sonrise Service at 6:30 am, followed by a light breakfast. At 11 am, Ordinance of Communtion, and special singing by the Sanctuary Choir, and the choir will have special music at 7 pm also.

Sat., April 14, 4 pm - Family Night of Art, Family Center. See Erin Carter for details.

Sun-Fri., April 15-20, 7 pm nightly - Spring Revival, with evangelist Rev. Dan Londeree, Pastor of
Pea Ridge Baptist Church.

Sun.-Wed., April 15-18, 7 pm - Mini VBS during revival services.


The Annual GBA Men’s Prayer Breakfast was a success again this year. The Beulah Ann AB Women cooked a big breakfast for the 50+ men in attendance, representing 10 churches. Jeanne Lunsford provided the special music and did a wonderful job, and Rev. Don Londeree, Pastor of Pea Ridge Baptist, was the speaker. Next year, Pea Ridge will host this event. Baptist men all over the nation meet this time of year for this purpose.

There are three kinds of people, those who can count and those who can’t.

There are only three snakes that I don’t like: 1. Snakes. 2. Dead snakes. 3. Sticks that look like snakes.

Jesus Kids went to visit Midland Meadows finally this month of March, after the flu quarantine was lifted. Everyone was well and so excited to see us. Kids were excited to see our old friends, too. There is one staff member in the Memory Care Building that just loves to hear the kids sing. She cheers them on and is very encouraging to the kids. She was so excited when the kids handed her their CD, “Down Home with the Jesus Kids.” She said she would play that over and over again while she worked. (See a Jesus Kid if you haven’t picked yours up yet.) Most of the residents are so thankful that the kids come and sing those old hymns. Most will sing along. And our kids are very nice and respectful to the residents. We are very proud of them. Special thank you to WOW (Connie Chapman and Alliene Caldwell) for fixing our evening meal. The kids loved the tacos!

We have been practicing our Jesus Kids Spring Play, “It all happened in the City.” This will be our Easter play that follows the Christmas play in the Country theme, on Sunday, March 25 at 7 pm. Please pray for the kids as they learn their lines and songs. Thanks to Nellie Gillespie, Brooke Chapman and Chunky Chapman for helping with the play. Special thank you to Garrett Wiseman for making us sound good. Thanks to the parents who are always faithful to have their kids to practice.

Remember to pray for all of our kids. They live in such a totally different world now than what we all grew up in.                   ~~Boo Meadows


February was a "love-ly" month for Children's Ministry as we studied the Parables of Jesus and his love for us. We took a break from lessons Feb. 14 for a Valentine's Day party. During the evening service Sunday, Feb. 25, children received pins at our awards ceremony for memorizing Matthew 7:24. Children are studying events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus this month as we prepare for Easter. Our March memory verse is Matthew 28:5-6: "... I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay."

Our big event this month is the Easter Egg Hunt 11 am-1 pm Saturday, March 24, at Camp Ona. We will have lunch for the whole family and prizes and LOTS of candy-filled eggs for children up through 5th grade. Pastor Greg will give the message to let all those in attendance know the true meaning of Easter. This is not just a church event, but an outreach for the whole community. Everyone is welcome, because "Jesus loves his Peeps!" ~Kara Litteral


On Saturday March 10, we had fifteen kids and seven adults travel to Parchment Valley to attend the Spring Children’s Rally. We gathered together with other churches in the state to praise and worship together. The theme this year was on Emotions: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Joy. They had lessons throughout the day with music and a movie, “Inside Out.” along with lunch. Kids were taught that God loves from the inside out! The verse for the day was “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:5. We would like to thank Boo and Butch for driving us and all that helped.                          ~~Brooke Chapman


On Wed. night, Mar. 7, Adult Ministries sponsored the first official Child-Cookoff. Ten different pots of delicious chili were entered. Small numbered bowls made it possible to try lots of them. Our judges panel declared the winner to be Casey Maynor. Congrats, Cassie. Also, donation jars were numbered for the hungry eaters to judge by placing their donation for their favorite. Erika Klose was the winner in this category. Both winners will be presented with beautiful water jugs made by Blenko, and engraved for the occasion. The proceeds of $639.00 will help to offset the cost of a bus trip to the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA planned for July.

We completed our Ladies Bible study on “The Power of a Simple Prayer” by Max Lucado. Good attendance, great fellowship and wonderful food. We have continued to meet for prayer, fellowship, movies and food. March 15th will end this Bible study due to upcoming revival and spring break. We hope to have another Bible study in May.         ~~Connie Chapman


February 17 was a very humbling experience for 16 of our teens who headed to the Huntington City Mission to serve brunch. As many of you know, budget cuts forced the Mission to cut back on one meal per day so they are now serving brunch and dinner only. The teens who participated each took a gallon of juice and Youth Ministries purchased 14 Gallons of milk to share with the residents. This was a treat to them because milk and juice are not routinely donated or purchased so the milk is always limited to children and pregnant women, however, on that morning there was enough milk and juice for everyone and enough left for the next day as well. They were thrilled!! The teens prepared the trays and served each person restaurant style so they did not have to stand in line like normal.
We received such a blessing serving and plan on going back again! Thanks to Sam Litteral and Jessica Dillon for going with me!!!

BAMBY recently joined several area churches in an Association Lock-in. Eleven teens along with Marty and I attended. The night started at 10:30 pm at 5th Avenue Baptist with some fun and fellowship and “getting to know each other games.”  Following the games, we had a wonderful Praise and Worship service. The Praise band was from BCM and the speaker was the Jacob Eastman, Youth Pastor from Fellowship Baptist. He spoke on CONNECTING with friends and with Christ.
Following worship time, we loaded up the vans and headed down 5th Avenue to “The Cook-out” for milkshakes. Needless to say, we filled the restaurant and enjoyed delicious milkshakes!   Our next journey took us to New Baptist church for 3 hours of Fun and Fellowship. The teens played 9 Square in the Air, Can Jam, Basketball, 4 Square and ended up with a HUGE game of glow in the dark Dodge Ball. We got a surprise when we left New Baptist –SNOW! It was pouring the snow on our drive home but God kept the roads free from ice, PTL!!! Thanks to the donation from a church member which helped us to provide the snacks for all the teens attending!!

Also, thanks so much for the 40+ towels and washcloths the church donated to the mission in February!                                ~~Mitzi Beckett


We gathered Sunday afternoon on Feb. 25 to ordain our new pastor, and two new deacons.

Pastor Greg gave his Statement of Faith, telling how he was saved at church camp as a youth, and affirming his beliefs in Bible truths. Pastor Tim Messinger of Lighthouse Baptist Church then gave the Charge to the Candidate, exhorting him to love God, love His Word, and love His people and His Church. Pastor Jason Salmons of Salt Rock Community Church then gave the Charge to the Church. He asked us to love the Lord, love our neighbors as ourselves, be obedient, and to be faithful, available, and teachable.

Deacon Phil Bartram gave his Statement of Faith, emphasizing that he believes the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Roger Pauley, Phil’s former pastor at Cranberry Baptist Church in Beckley, gave the Charge to the Candidate.

Deacon Ed Braley gave his Statement of Faith, recognizing that he was a sinner saved by grace. His former pastor Winford Curry brought the charge to the candidate, speaking on faith, which he said was the Apostle Paul’s favorite subject.

Pastor Greg than brought the Charge to the Church for the Deacons. He said we should recognize that deacons are not apostles, we should not pressure them for information that should be kept confidential, that we should follow and support them, honor them, and protect them from gossip which would tear them down, and love them.

Deacon’s wife Patty Morrison presented advice to the new deacon’s wives, and Deacon Willie Rose presented Greg, Phil, and Ed with new study Bibles. After the laying on of hands prayer, we enjoyed fellowship and refreshments afterwards. A blessed day.

WOW: The Wild Wonderful Sonlighters met at my house Thurs., Mar. 8 to enjoy breakfast together, and then we taught our two new members to play Mexican Train. We had a good visit together laughing and fellowshipping. Widows, widowers and single people are invited to join us. We usually meet on the second Thursday of each month. Please pray for us.
                                       ~~Alliene Caldwell?


Gene’s Mom, a widow, was a good manager of her ten children. She gave them “must do” jobs when they became able to handle them. One of their first jobs was to take care of the ducks. Their feathers were used for pillows and mattresses. Iva Mae remembered she was assigned to wash the globes and shine them for the oil lamps. She also added the kerosene and trimmed the wicks of the lamps. Gene remembers his assignment was to get up at 5 a.m. to feed the chickens, ducks, pigs, horses and cows, then milk six cows and take the milk to the house. He especially remembers one morning when it was 20 degrees below zero! Then he had to get cleaned up, eat breakfast and be ready to catch the school bus at 8:15 to arrive at Milton High at 9 a.m. All the “country kids” who rode the busses, had our “home room” in the auditorium. Attendance was rising and this was before the new gymnasium was built. Gene and I were able to sit side-by-side and visit in home room. We were dismissed at 4 p.m. We bought our lunch at the Tea Room across Rt. 60. A hot-dog was a nickel, a hamburger was ten cents and a small bottle of pop was five cents.

At that time, Carl, his brother who was two years younger, was assigned the task of bringing in coal and wood for the fireplace and wood for the kitchen stove, and pumping enough buckets of water for every need of the household.

We had the privilege of going to high school because the roads had been improved and slag applied so the busses could get through. Prior to that, one young man rode a horse every day to MHS. Young women had to stay with relatives in Huntington or Milton, or rent a house closer to the school.
                                    ~~Mildred Caldwell

I’m glad You are my Shepherd, Lord,
To keep me day by day.
What other hand could guide my feet
From wandering astray?

What other voice could lure me back
If worldly pleasure call?
What other strength could bear me up
When I so often fall?

And there I cannot chart the course,
Wherever I may roam
I trust the Shepherd of my life
To bring me safely home.

(an archive of the February, 2018 Newsletter follows)


Are you concerned about the world outside your door? Have you locked your door, drawn the shades and stayed glued to the television as evil has crept closer to your door? It is time to “put on the whole armour of God” (Eph. 6:11), and engage your world with the Gospel message.

JOHN 17:18 - As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.

If there is to be light in this world it must come from those through whom the light of God shines, namely, Christians. This life is not our own (1 Cor. 19). Jesus said, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it (Mk.8:35). Jesus is worth the sacrifice and temporary discomfort we may feel by stepping out on faith to share Jesus with others. Is it okay for born again Christians to sit out the battles that need to be fought? So, you’re over 80? Moses was in his 80’s when he led the Hebrews out of Egypt. He didn’t do it alone. God was with him every step of the way. And He will be with you too! Don’t allow the devil to provide excuses for you to disengage with the work God has entrusted to us. Stand up! Step out! Start sharing!

Revival is coming. We are blessed to be participating in the traveling revival from March 19 - 23, with Union Baptist, Lighthouse Baptist and Hope Christian Center. We will also be hosting revival at Beulah Ann from April 15 - 20 with Pastor Dan Londeree. I want to invite you to attend as many services as you can. Revival is for the church, first and foremost. If you are no longer attending church but are able, please consider returning to the battle and let your light shine.                                                                                                                                           ~~Pastor Greg


January 7    184
January 14  147
January 21  183
January 28  188
                  4)702(175 average


Rose Thompson, 88, Feb. 25.
Hazel Merrimee, 82, March 2.


John & Nona Rimmer, Jan. 25, 50 yrs.
(Sorry this is late, we didn’t know in time.)


Well, we didn’t get any contributions this month, and our funds are a little low. It costs about $65 a month to mail our letters, and each time we buy a new supply of paper, it seems like the cost has gone up. We are as frugal as we can be, but still need your help. If you would like to see this ministry continue, please consider giving, either through the church treasury, or by sending it directly to us (we keep a separate bank account for this purpose), or just hand it to Mildred Caldwell or Jo Ross. Thanks so much.


WVBC ABWM 5-Year Plan:
February - Esther
March – I & II Peter and Jude

Daily Bible Reading Calendars for 2018 are on the foyer table, courtesy of Evangelistic Outreach.

Three more to add to the list of 2017 Bible Readers we published last month: Pat Edwards, Bob Rider, and Ed Watson. That makes 13! Great job.


On Feb. 4, Chris and Christy Black came forward to request membership in the church based on their Christian Experience. Welcome to this lovely family!


On Sunday, Feb. 11, Sunday School Superintendent Tom McComas presented attendance awards for 2017.

Faithful Attendance: Viola Adkins, Jack Black, Carol Caldwell, Mildred Caldwell, Richard Chapman, Naomi Dailey, Earl Fetty, Nellie Gillispie, JoAnn Jordan, Fred Lunsford, Mike Meadows, Patty Morrison, Tommy & Juanita Nance, and Willie Rose.

Perfect Attendance: Gene Caldwell (age 95), Sharon Hayes (12th straight year), Jim Morrison, Bill and Joyce Ryder (13th straight year).

Wow! We love all these wonderful dedicated folks! See if you can do it this year!


--To Eli and Rebbeka Lawson, on the birth of daughter Julianna Dawn Lawson, on Dec. 14. Proud grandparents are Doug and Brenda Lawson, and proud great-grandparents are Walter and Judy Lawson. (Sorry we made a boo-boo on this one last month.)
--To Jacob and Jessica Jarvis on the Feb. 13 birth of daughter Rylee Grace. Proud grandparents are Rod and Lisa Jarvis, and proud great-grandparents are Walter and Judy Lawson.
--To our own Haylee Chapman and Emily Porter who won 3rd Place in the Cabell County 5th Grade Social Studies competition this week. They attend Ona Elementary.
--To Teddy Massie and Naomi Hagley Henry, who were married by Pastor Greg on Jan. 20.
--To Wycliffe Missionaries Pierre and Meg Demers, whose home church in Alaska sent them on a Hawaiian vacation in celebration of their 40th year on the mission field.

THANK YOU so much for the generous donation to our Knight’s Great Hall. It truly takes an entire village! Tracy Urian, CMHS Counselor.

THANK YOU for the fruit, candy and most of all your prayers. I will always cherish them. In His Name, Nancy Braley (Ed’s mother)


Tues., Feb. 20, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Thurs., Feb. 22, 6 pm - Ladies Bible Study the home of Connie Chapman.

Fri.-Sun., Feb. 23-25 – Senior High Convention, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Hurricane. See Marty Beckett or Mitzi Beckett for details.

Sat., Feb. 24, 8 am – GBA ABMM Prayer Breakfast. The guest speaker will be Don Londeree, Pastor of Pea Ridge Baptist. Our ABWM will be cooking for the men. Cost: $8.00.

Sun., Feb. 25 – Heart Awareness Sunday. Everyone is encouraged to wear red.

Sun., Feb. 25, 2 pm – Ordination service for new Deacons Phil Bartram and Ed Braley, and Pastor Greg Lunsford. Reception afterward.

Sun., March 4, 11 am – Bobby Bowen, Global Outreach missionary to Uganda, will be our guest.

Sun., March 4, 5:45 pm – ABWM meeting in the Josephy & Mary Classroom.

Sun., March 4, 6:00 pm – ABMM meeting in the Caldwell Classroom.

Mon., March 5, 7 pm – Board of Deacons Meeting, Family Center.

Wed., March 7, 5:45 pm – Fellowship Supper, “Chili Cook-Off”. Please see Erin Carter for a registration form to enter your special recipe. Proceeds will help offset the costs of a planned July trip to the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA.

Sat., March 10 – Children’s Spring Rally at Parchment Valley, for grades 1-6. Bus will leave at 9 am. See Boo Meadows for registration form, due 2/21. Registration fee is $12.00.

Mon., March 12, 7 pm – Board of Christian Education Meeting, Family Center.

Mon., March 19 - Fri., March 23, 7 pm – Traveling Revival. Service locations and speakers: Mon. – Hope Christian Center, Pastor Greg Lunsford; Tues. – Lighthouse Baptist, Pastor Mike Lewis; Wed. – Home churches; Thurs., Union Baptist, Pastor Tim Messinger; Fri.,  Beulah Ann Baptist, Pastor Rick Watson.

Sat., March 24 – Children’s Ministries Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Ona.
Sun., March 25, 7 pm – Jesus Kids Spring Program.

NOTICE: If you need a statement of your church giving for your 2017 tax return, contact Samantha Chiders.


In January, we contributed $230.00 to the Huntington City Mission, founded in 1939 as a “soup kitchen” for homeless men. It is the only full-service shelter in a fifty-mile radius of Huntington. Daily the Huntington City Mission provides shelter for an average of 143 individuals, including an average of 40 children between the ages of birth to 18. They offer help & hope to everyone who comes to their door. Hope for a safe place to sleep, hope for a warm meal and hope for a better future as they share the love of Christ.
In February, we are asking for support for A New Beginning Crisis Pregnancy Center in Huntington. They encourage young women to keep their babies and give them counselling, child care training, and help them with baby supplies. Please consider donating. Write NB on your check memo. Thanks.


They Are Here!! “Down Home with the Jesus Kids” CD is ready. See Boo or any of the Jesus Kids and they can get you copy. What a Blessing it is! Children singing the old
hymns of the church. Special thanks to everyone who made this possible.
Sunday Feb. 11 we were going to Midland Meadows but they said both buildings were under locked doors. The flu was everywhere. So, we loaded back into van and traveled to Pastor Paul at his daughter’s house. It was pouring the rain but we made it to their porch and started singing. As the kids sang the hymns of our faith the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. Pastor Paul was able to hear and see the kids by being right inside the house with the front door opened. You could hear him say “Amen”! and “That’s Good!” as the kids sang. What a blessing for all of us.

Nellie, Sharon, Meredith and Brooke all went along too. After our evening meal we went back to church to practice our Spring Play. Jesus Kids Spring Play will be Sunday night at 7 pm on March 25. Please pray for the Jesus Kids ministry and special prayers for our Mr. Grass.
                                            ~~Boo Meadows

NOTICE: Cook Books commemorating the Guyandotte Baptist Association’s 150th Anniversary are still available. Please contact Nellie Gillispie.


The last few weeks, Youth Ministries have been busy!  January 21, the teens sang in the evening service. They did an amazing job singing “The Old Rugged Cross” and “Come to the Altar.”  We would like to thank Cassie Maynor for practicing with them.

February started out busy with the Souperbowl of Caring. If you are not aware, the Souperbowl of caring was created to encourage youth groups to participate in Fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations of their choice. They can choose to collect money, do service projects, collect food for area foodbanks, etc. This year, as in years past, the teens chose to support the Huntington City Mission, which has become very dear to them. They collected money in Soup pots on Sunday February 4 and received over $1,600. PTL!!! During the 10 and 11 am services, they did a “Cardboard sermon” to share what the Mission offers. Cannot forget we had a Superbowl party that evening. The following Wednesday night, the teens served soup and sandwiches at the fellowship dinner and raised additional money bringing the total for the mission to $2,271!! Thanks so much for the churches support and generosity!

Throughout the month, we will be collecting towels and washcloths for the mission. This is also part of our Souperbowl of Caring month.  In a few weeks, we will update the Souperbowl of caring website with our final numbers, towels donated and a few pictures.

The generosity and work did not end there. On Sat. February 17, the teens will be serving brunch at the mission.

We have a great group of young people who Love the lord and serving others. There will be more opportunities for their service throughout the year.

Now, for a little fun. We had our own version of the Winter Olympics on Feb 11. We started with our devotion on giving everything we have to the Lord and trusting Him for the outcome. Following the devotion, we had our own version of Ice Hockey (using dollies, fly swats and balloons), the Luge (on dollies) and of course Curling. A great time was had by all.

Again, we want to thank the church for their support in our endeavors and ask you to continue to pray for our teens.
                                             ~~Mitzi Beckett

"CHILDREN'S MINISTRY wants to do more for Jesus in 2018 than ever before." That's the slogan the children helped come up with for the new year. With that goal in mind, we started out with lessons on basic Bible knowledge for new Christians. Stella Bartram taught the January lessons to help kids understand the foundations of our faith and how to share it with unbelievers.

During the awards recognition Jan. 28, children received pins for doing such a great job during the Christmas play and for saying the month's memory verse, Proverbs 3:5-6. The children also sang, "Somebody Touched Me", standing on the day of the week they accepted Christ as their Savior. The rest of the church joined in for a very moving song of praise.

Angie Chapman and Pat Edwards have stepped forward as new Children's Ministry teachers. We're excited to welcome them to help us teach our children and help them grow in service to the Lord.

As we study the Parables of Jesus during February, we want to take the month's memory verse to heart: “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22.            ~~Kara Litteral


Twelve ladies gathered in the Beaver Building on Feb. 6 to turn trash into treasure. We needed used bed sheets to make White Cross roller bandages, and as of the Sunday morning before the meeting, we had none! Got one on Sunday morning, but Sunday evening, it was raining sheets. Now we have so many, we may not have to ask for any more for a long time. Thanks so much. With four sewing machines going (Pat Grass, Nellie Gillispie, Alliene Caldwell, and Jo Ross) two cutters and measurers, and four rollers, we completed fifty-two bandages! Two more worked on the Box Tops for Education, and we had $48.50 worth, which goes to the Hopi Mission School. Thanks, and keep saving all year!        ~~Viola Adkins


THEON ASHWORTH, 68, of Glenwood, whose funeral service was Feb. 2. He was a cousin of Dennie Dailey.
PAMALA JANETTE BURGESS, 62, of Lenoir, NC, who died Feb. 5. She was the sister of Debbie Sansom.
JOSEPH I. CICCARELLI, 61, of Huntington, whose funeral was Jan. 27, He was the Chief of Police of Huntington, and friend to many in the church.
GEORGE DANIEL “DANNY” CLARK, 92, of Huntington, who died Jan. 30. He was a former principal at Milton High School and served in many other area schools.
JEWELDINE O. JOHNSON, 90, of Milton, whose service was Feb. 7. She was an aunt of Greg Wallace.
OPAL JEWEL MARTIN, 73, of Ona, whose service was Feb. 13. She was the sister of Gerald Payton.
MARY “LESLIE” NAPIER, 69, of Milton, whose funeral was Jan. 27. She was the Mother of Pastor Greg’s life-long friend, Amy Napier.
BERNICE L. PEYTON, 87, of Milton, whose funeral was Jan. 26. She was the mother of Doris and Delois Peyton, and a long-standing member of the church.

MEMORIUM: “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” (PSALM 23: 1)
(In Loving Memory of my girlfriend Vicki Lynn Dingess, whose birthday would have been Feb. 21. I will always love and miss you, Nina Nowlin.)


Beulah Ann’ers Roger Kingery, Joe & Phyllis Noble, Nellie Gillispie, and Harold & Debbie Smith attended the rally on Feb. 5, meeting up with Jeff Fetty. Although this year’s rally was not as well attended as in past years, many government officials and Legislators spoke and voiced their pro-life stances. West Virginian’s for Life provided nice scarves and toboggans for anyone who wanted one. Two bills are up for vote: SB 12 No Constitutional Right to Abortion, and HB 4012 to amend the definition of medical service so as to exclude abortion. You are encouraged to call you representative to voice your opinion. On Wed. night, Feb. 7, WV for Life President George Wallace attended our church to thank us for our on-going support. They have little plastic models of babies in the womb at various stages of development. He told us that they had given out 600 of these babies at the Pumpkin Festival, and they had made a difference in young girl’s choices regarding abortion.


The ABMM hosts the most popular dinner of the year each February, our Critter Dinner. Every year the list of critters is a little different. This year we had Rabbit, Squirrel, Frog Legs, Raccoon, Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, Crayfish, Alligator, Bison, Trout, and of course, hot dogs for the folks who don’t really want to know what meat they are eating. ABMM President Roger Kingery also presented certificates to the very young hunters who participated in the Big Buck Contests: Victoria Maynor (doe), Chloe McComas (doe), Josiah Noe (4 point buck), and Dawson Dillon (8 point buck and a bear). Dawson was also the winner of the Big Buck Contest and received a fish fileting knife. It was impossible to count, but there were at least 335 in attendance, and plenty of food for all. Many thanks to all who provided food, and to those who helped set up and clean up.

A GOOD YEAR: A recent letter and picture from Fred and Barbara Findley, former missionaries to Venezuela, indicates that they are thankful to have had a good year, with smiling family members close around them. Their children and grandchildren have good jobs and a few are still in school. All are heavily involved in church activities. Fred has a job “almost like a new ministry,” delivering medicine for a Christian Pharmacy. Barbara is writing a book about their missionary times in Venezuela. She is assisted by a friend and they are now in the editing process. She asks that you pray for them as they finish this process. Fred and Barbara are continuing their ministry to 12 Hispanic churches and pastors in the Indianapolis area.  “I must say though that we ourselves are having to slow down a bit as we are not getting any younger. We want to thank each one of you for your prayers and support in our regards.  We thank God for you. May God richly bless you and may you have a good year ahead.”

God grant me food for my table, detergent pods to clean my clothes, and the wisdom to know the difference.


The kids and young people couldn’t wait for the first snow, when they built big bonfires at the top and bottom of the hill, riding their home-made sleds and falling off because there was no way to guide them except with your feet. Also, they watched for the creeks to freeze so they could skate on them. No skates, just their precious two-dollar shoes. When you got home at night, you warmed at the fireplace, usually the only heat in the house, except the wood cook stove at mealtimes. You had laid a brick or bag of salt before the fireplace. You took it to bed with you in a room that was not heated. It felt good at your feet! The fireplace was “banked” by putting ashes on it to keep just a small fire until morning when it would be re-kindled.
When adult’s coats were worn out, the material in them was used to make kids coats. Gene remembers one old gentleman showing up in a black overcoat with big patches sewn on with white twine string. He called it his “Coolidge Boom coat.” When coats were completely worn out, the good still left in them was made into “comforters,” thick quilts that were so heavy you could hardly turn over when several of them were piled on your bed.
Most every family had a shoe-last, a small metal stem with several different size metal tops that looked like shoe soles upside down.  You bought leather for soles and rubber heels to replace the worn-out ones. Many people used leather from the sides of the shoes to make soles also. Just place the shoe, upside down, on the last and nail shoe-tacks on them and there you would have a sturdy pair of “new” shoes, or they would be handed down to another kid.
I had it much better than most kids. My Daddy had a job that paid $25 per week. He generously shared with his extended family, friends, and church.         ~~Mildred Caldwell

WE HAVE A ROCK: Deacon Steve Brumfield brought the devotional on Wednesday night, Jan. 28, and told us of his friend Bill Black’s rock garden. Bill used to attend River Cities Community Church, and Steve would accompany him on mission trips with that church. In August, shortly after Bill had moved to Houston, Texas, Hurricane Harvey struck, and Bill’s home was flooded. In October, Steve traveled to Houston to help him repair his home and his church, taking $1,000 of our Disaster Funds with him to help.
Steve showed us pictures on Power Point of a beautiful rock garden Bill has created. Each rock has been painted with the names of people who helped him recover. And there, prominently displayed in the garden, is a “Beulah Ann” rock. Thanks for sharing this, Steve.


1. Study the BIBLE daily.
2. Study the BIBLE with concentration.
3. Study the BIBLE independently.
4. Study the whole BIBLE.
5. Study the BIBLE as the Word of God.
6. Study the BIBLE prayerfully.
7. Study the BIBLE with definite purpose.
From the October 1964 Newsletter.
Contributed by Luther F. Morrison.


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I couldn't resist including this picture of the grand finale of the Guyandotte Association Day Camp, 2005.
Besides what you see, there were booths set up for the full length of the Dining Hall porch, and the Barboursville Fire Department
brought their "Smoke House" trailer and taught our children what to do in case of a fire.


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