P 0 BOX 247
ONA, WV 25545
APRIL, 2019

Flags outside our Sanctuary on a windy Sunday afternoon.

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Luke 24:2 - And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulcher.
What a profound statement Luke writes in the final chapter of his Gospel. The women’s arrival at the tomb must have been with some concern about how they were going to remove the stone and get inside to complete the anointing of the Lord’s body. What they found was a stone rolled away. Consider that when the Lord raised Lazarus from the dead, He commanded, “Take ye away the stone” (John 11:39). Here at his own resurrection, He commands an angel, ‘Take away the stone’ (Matt. 28:2).
What about you, dear friend? Have you failed to hear the command of Jesus, “Take ye away the stone?” Too many walk around with hearts of stone, hearts that hold onto hurt, anger, guilt, desperation, and unforgiveness that festers and putrefies and turns a life that can and should be lived to the glory of God into a miserable, gnarled existence. Lazarus came out of the tomb alive. Jesus came out of the tomb alive. When you allow the stone of your heart to be rolled away by the blood and mercy of Jesus Christ you can be made alive!
Jeremiah was spot on: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9) God knows it. And when we seek Him and ask Him to reveal our hearts to us, we begin to recognize just how hard-hearted we truly are. The heart should not be a graveyard but an oasis from which our life’s blood flows. Jesus had a heart full of love and compassion. My prayer for each of us is that this Resurrection Day and everyday forward we seek to be more like Jesus. Roll the stone from your heart and emerge from the darkness alive and ready to glorify the living God!
                                                                                                    Pastor Greg Lunsford


March 3    164
March 10  158
March 17  148
March 24  145
March 31  120
               5)735(147 average


Mildred Caldwell, May 6, 95
Ed Watson, May 10, 87


Jennings & Janie Hatfield, April 2, 50 yrs.
Richard & Peggy Chapman, April 27, 68 yrs.
Jerry & Clara Zerkle, May 2, 52 yrs.


M. Anonymous                $20.00
Willing Workers Class   $20.00
Robert Beckett                $20.00
Richard Porter                $10.00
Mary Jane Rimmer        $20.00
Mary Jane writes, “This contribution is made in memory of Mother and Daddy (Roy and Edith Rimmer). It was really great spending time with my aunts, uncles and cousins at Howell’s Mill when I was young.”

THANK YOU for your generous support.


 To Maya Hagley, daughter of Jeremy and Heather Hagley, granddaughter of Larry and Debbie Hagley, who won honors at the WV Gymnastics Competition in Charleston. In her age group, she took 1st place in beam, 2nd place in bar, and 2nd place overall.
 To Morgan Zerkle, who was honored at Cabell Midland High School at a softball game April 15, when her Jersey number was retired. She was a star at Cabell Midland and at Marshall University and is now an assistant coach at Indiana University. Morgan is the daughter of Matt and Becky Zerkle, and granddaughter of Jerry and Clara Zerkle.

Doing crunches twice a day now. Captain in the morning, Nestle in the afternoon.


WVBC ABWM 5-Year Plan:
April - Micah
May - Hebrews

Daily Bible reading calendars are on the foyer table, courtesy of Evangelistic Outreach.


 Thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated. Thanks for everything.                          Dolores Ryder
 Thank you Beulah Ann Family for the visits, all the help, using the Family Center for our family in our time of heart break. You all will always be family.
        Dana & Kathy Ryder and the Ryder Family
 Dear Church and Friends, I am so glad and thankful that God brought me to your church. I was really encouraged and challenged by your congregation and administration. And most especially, your prayer. I saw how you really pray. I never felt different that day, though I am from a different country. I felt like a family. And I am also glad that I’ve met those people who went to our country and a bravely fought for our freedom. It really melts my heart to meet those soldiers. Those things you’ve done for me will never be forgotten in my life and in the churches that I will build by God’s grace for His glory.       Your missionary to the Philippines  and Southeast Asia, Jonathan Echon
 Thank you all for the two monetary donations to our food pantry. We appreciate the kindness and generosity. Our community has so many needs and it is nice to know we can always count on you all!   Tracy Urian, CMHS Counselor

 Dear Beulah Ann Missionary Baptist Church family, Thank you once again for your partnership with Russ & Jan Perry. You really live up to your name in support of strategic mission efforts. Thank you! Together with you we know “the unfolding of His Word brings light.”                                        Jane Reeves

According to my height to weight ratio, I should be 9 feet 4 inches. So my weight is ok, my height is the problem.


NANCY BRALEY, 91, of Ona, whose funeral service was April 19. She was the mother of Ed (Sheila) Braley.

LADONNA KAY CHILDERS, 64, of Barboursville, whose funeral was March 29. She was a co-worker and friend of Lesha Adkins.

PETE MORRISON, 60, of Milton, whose funeral was April 2. He was the brother of Mary Topping, Linda Meadows, and Hank and Bob Morrison, and the nephew of Barbara Blake.

LUCILLE NELSON, 88, of Salt Rock, whose funeral was April 2. She was an aunt of Ricky Sansom.

ANTHONY “TONY” SPURLOCK, 55, of Ona, whose funeral was conducted by Pastor Greg Lunsford on April 15. He was preceded in death by his wife, Kelly Rose Spurlock. He is survived by his sons, Garrett, Zack and Quinn. Also among his survivors are his mother, Phyllis Spurlock, sister Lea Bodmer, and in-laws Willie and Pat Rose. He was an MHS graduate and a veteran of the US Army, and was a member of the church.

MARY RUTH SPURLOCK, 80, of Glenwood, whose funeral was March 30. She was a sister-in-law of Ebert and Virginia Clagg.

LULA MAE STONE, 89, of Huntington, whose funeral was April 3. She was the mother of Kim Stone, Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church on Yates Crossing.
BRYAN “JB” VENOY, 79, of Milton, whose funeral was April 2. He was a cousin of Gail Wetherholt.


In March, we helped support the work of the Huntington City Mission, a year-round challenge. They are celebrating 80 years of offering help and hope to everyone who comes to their door. We sent them $750 in March.

The Mission Project for April is the Eastern Cabell County Humanities Organization (ECCHO). They collect and distribute food and clothing donations for those in need. Most non-profit hunger relief organizations like ECCHO rely on donations from people with big hearts that don't want anyone in need to go hungry or without adequate clothing, and on volunteers, like our own Alliene Caldwell. To give a monetary contribution, please mark ECCHO on the memo line of your check. Thanks so much!

On March 26th, Beulah Ann hosted our Lessons of Love ministry with a certification class in CPR. We are thankful to have several nurses in our membership who are quick to address any need or emergency that arises. Missy Pettit and Misty Cooper led our fourteen participants through the class, and we cannot thank them enough.

CPR is one of those things we all hope and pray we never have to use, but should the occasion ever present itself, having the basic skills may be the difference in someone surviving a cardiac event. That someone could be a family member. The hands-on class allowed participants to work with dolls or mannequins to not only see how the procedure is done, but to practice it as well. All fourteen participants are now CPR certified and stand ready to provide assistance at home, work, or elsewhere. Pastor Greg


On Thursday, April 4th, several Beulah Anners participated in a Cottage Prayer Meeting at the home of Jim and Marcella O’Lynn. Duane Adkins, Dennis and Becky Childers, Dennie and Patty Dailey, Bill Ryder, Jim Morrison, Alliene Caldwell, and Pastor Greg prayed, sang songs, gave testimonies, led a devotional, fellowshipped with coffee and snacks and had a wonderful time in the Lord.

This is just the first of what we pray will become a regular ministry and discipleship outreach. Anyone who would like to participate is welcome. We are planning our next Cottage Prayer Meeting so listen for announcements at church and check the bulletin. God blesses those who participate in countless way. Get on board the blessings bus!           Pastor Greg


Mary had a little Lamb
His fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went
The Lamb of God would go.
He made His way to Calvary
To pay for all our sin,
And three days later conquered death
And rose to life again.
(From Facebook post of WV ABWM)

The month of March our kids were busy practicing jump roping. On March 31st we had our 1st Annual Jump-a-thon. Everyone did great. Here are the winners:

Jumped the Longest
Bible Bees –
1st place – Aydrian Wiser-30
2nd place – Jackson Cooke-12
3rd place – Ella McClure-11
Word Warriors –
       1st place – Brooklynn Chapman-139
       2nd place – Madelyn Cooke-65
       3rd place – Ethan France-57
Jumped or Walked the Longest
Bible Bee’s –
1st place – Savannah Meadows-21
     2nd place –Aydrian Wiser–20
      3rd place – Ella McClure-19
Word Warriors –
       1st place – Ethan France–140
     2nd place –Brooklynn Chapman–101
   3rd place – Beckett Wallace–37
*Honorable Mention –
Special Guest – Pastor Greg – 20
Congratulations!! Afterwards kids enjoyed their Quarterly Birthday Party.

Jesus Kids practiced hard for their Spring play, “Soul on Fire,” which they performed on Sunday, April 7th for our church, family and friends. What a blessing it was!! “I want them to Know you,” “Soul on Fire,” “Ever Burning Brighter,” and “Lord Send Me and I will Be,” were some of the songs they sang in the play. They also honored the Firemen that were in the service. Thank you, Firemen for all you do. On Sunday, April 14, they performed the play again, this time at Paramount Senior Living. What a blessing there too!

(Editor’s Note: The Jesus Kids had invited all the members of the Ona Volunteer Fire Department to the play on April 14. Unfortunately, they got called out to a car crash on Fudge Creek less than an hour before the play. They had planned on recognizing them during the service. Bruce Chapman, who has been off duty due to heath issues, was there and represented them all. Bruce has been with the OVFD for 42 years. Also in attendance was Jerry Ryder, now retired but who served as a paramedic with the Ohio River VFD for more than 30 years. The church expressed appreciation to these wonderful volunteer first responders.)

On Saturday April 13th we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt and the Camp Ona, the Guyandotte Association Church Camp. The day was beautiful, and lots of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles came bringing their children for lunch, celebrating Jesus Lives for us and prizes and lots and lots of eggs. Thank you for all those who helped. We appreciate you.

We are planning our Vacation Bible School on June 23–28. We are going on a Mission to MARS! Our first mission planning meeting is Sunday April 28th after morning church at 12:15 pm for all those interested in helping. Also, we are planning a Train Trip on July 20th to Cass Scenic Railroad. The kids are having a faithful attendance contest April – May so they can go free. We encourage families to go and spend the day together.

We are thankful for our own (Chief) Jacob Radcliff who will be baptized Easter Sunday Morning! Praise the Lord.
Children’s Ministry Team


Beulah Ann participated in the Traveling Revival again this year with Union, Lighthouse, Hope Christian, and Mud River. It was another great time of praise, worship, and fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. As we moved from church to church throughout the week, we were treated to messages that were timely, heartfelt, and God-honoring. Pastor Mike Lewis engaged two of his associates to deliver the Word on Monday at Mud River. Simon Morrison from Mud River preached at Hope Christian Center on Tuesday. We had the great pleasure to welcome back to Beulah Ann, Pastor Tim Messinger, who brought the message on Wednesday night. Pastor Greg preached Thursday night at Union, and Pastor Rick Watson from Union closed out the week by preaching at Lighthouse. Communion was observed on Friday night and there was a time of food and fellowship following the service.
                                            Pastor Greg

When you pray, God listens. When you listen, God talks. When you believe, God works.
                                             Daily Bread


This year Omega was held at Vienna Baptist Church. We had ten teens attend the event which wrapped up the 2018-2109 theme focused on the importance of incorporating Jesus into our daily life. Following praise and worship, the teens broke into three sessions and then wrapped up with a closing praise session. After a quick lunch, we loaded up and traveled to a local park for a 5K fundraiser called Dash for the Stash. The goal was to raise money for a new building at Camp Cowen which would allow activities and classes on rainy days, called “Sunny Day Academy.” As an added incentive, those contributing were permitted to vote to save or shave Rob Ely's mustache.

Four of our teens ran the 5K with Levi Wiseman finishing 9th overall and Jeremiah Wiseman finishing in the top 15. The rest of us worked on the trail directing runners and/or passing out water. At the end of the race, it was announced that 80 people had voted to save the mustache and over 200 voted to shave it. Rob, being a man of his word, allowed his mustache to be shaved off. It was great fun watching it however, it was really great when it was announced over $18,000.00 had been raised since February.                       Mitzi Beckett


We had about nine people come out to play Phase 10 cards at Family Game Night on March 22nd.  Patty and Jim Morrison are really showing the rest of us to “play “the game.” They win. Again, good food and fellowship. We all had a good time with lots of laughter.
                                  Connie Chapman


Spring revival was held March 10-15, and the evangelist was our own Jason Salmons! He began Sunday morning by opening up an umbrella and telling us that the USA is in a drought. We have “big wind, big thunder, no rain.” The umbrella came out about every night! Special music from Ryan and Juli Thompson, Kept and Protected, Blessings, Reclaim Worship, and the Lighthouse Baptist Church Choir was all wonderful. Friday night was so special, with all three young preachers that were mentored by Pastor Paul Meadows together. We got a great photo of Jason Salmons, Greg Lunsford, and Tim Messinger. We have surely been blessed at Beulah Ann.


Sun., April 21, 6:30 am – Sonrise Service, Family Center, followed by breakfast provided by Adult Ministries.

April 21, 11 am - Sanctuary Choir will present an Easter cantata, “Amazing Love.”

Fri.– Sat., April 26-27 – Men’s Work Party, Camp Cowen. See Roger Kingery for details.

Fri.–Sun., April 26-28 – Camp–a–Rama, Beech Fork State Park. Everyone is invited to join the campers for dinner Saturday evening. Please bring a covered dish to go with hot dogs and hamburgers. And maybe a lawn chair! (If the weather does not cooperate, it will be in the shelter.) See Erin Carter for details.

Sun., April 28, 12:15 pm – Children’s Ministry "Mission to Mars." VBS Planning meeting. All volunteers report downstairs please.

Sun., April 28, 7 pm – Youth Night & Children’s Awards.

Tues., April 30, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Thurs., May 2 - National Day of Prayer.
Sat., May 4, 6 pm – Community Dinner, Family Center.

Sun., May 5, 11 am – Gideon speaker.

Sat., May 11, 10 am - Scleroderma 5K Walk/Run, Barboursville Park.

Sun., May 19, 11 am – Guest Speaker, Missionary Bobby Bowen.


Many Beulah Anners and family friends made the trip to Cincinnati on Sat., March 30 to cheer on the Reds against the Pirates. The trip started off smoothly with everyone showing up on time and having plenty of donuts. With approx. 6-7 car caravan, great fellowship took place, especially on Butch’s bus! As we traveled, storm clouds started to fill the sky. After a quick stop for lunch, we headed straight to a wet Great American Ballpark. The 2 pm game was delayed, of course. However, that gave us enough time to spend money in their giftshops and concessions before postponing the game to May 27! On to an early dinner! Although we didn’t get to see the Reds play, we didn’t see them lose either. Most importantly, we had a safe trip and wonderful Christian fellowship.
                                         Jeanne Lunsford


On Wednesday night, March 20, we noticed something different about the sanctuary. Our Trustees had shortened a pew about half-way back to make a room for a wheel chair or other handicapped equipment. It was an experiment to see how it would look, and it was a success! A few days later, they made another place on the other side. Well done, trustees.

The Sanctuary Choir has been in demand lately. They sang in revival at Sunrise Baptist Church on March 23, where Ryan Massie brought a good sermon entitled “Mirror, Mirror.” Then they sang in revival at Oak Hill UBI Church on April 11, where evangelist Audie Murphy preached about the four men who brought their sick friend to Jesus and lowered him through the roof. He said the Beulah Ann Choir really “picked up their corner of the bed.” It is wonderful to worship with other churches.

What a blessing to hear the McComas Quartet once again at our 5th Sunday Night Sing on March 31st. They have been singing continuously for 92 years, starting with Barbara McComas Scragg’s grandfather. Lonnie and Barbara’s daughter Christie is continuing the tradition.


Meggie DeMers, Wycliffe Bible Translator in Alaska, shared this memory recently on Facebook: She was a missionary nurse, serving with Wycliffe, assigned to share some of her wisdom with our trainee group. She looked at us intently saying, “I learned quickly that if I was going to learn the language and be able to share Jesus with these people, I was going to have to be willing to make a fool of myself daily.” She continued with “Each day, I have to die to myself, and choose to be available to these people, in order to serve them.” Many times through the years I’ve remembered these words, encouraging me to “let go and let God.”

She reports that Pierre has recovered enough now from his knee injury that he has been able to finish some house projects and even fill potholes on the road with gravel. They are making good progress on the translation work and are grateful for prayers.

(An archiveof the March, 2019 Newsletter follows)


PSALM 138:7 - Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.
We’ve been through REVIVAL!!! God sent His man, Pastor Jason Salmons, with His message and the spirit of the Lord blessed us in a mighty powerful way. Revival is for the church, the body of Christ, the believers. I believe we’ve been revived. Our heart lamps have been renewed with fresh oil and the flame burns brighter and hotter. As Pastor Paul would say, “We’ve been to church!”
If you missed this week of Revival you missed some great messages. However, your opportunity to be revived is still available. Come to church on Sunday. Come to church on Wednesday. Come to church during the week when my pickup truck is parked out front and we can have church. You need your soul revived. We all do, from time to time. Don’t be too proud to pick up the phone and call me at the church (304)743-5854 or on my cell phone (304)638-0276. Or write us at: PO Box 247, Ona, WV 25545 or an email: We can have church in many ways. The Bible tells us that we’re not to forsake “…the assembling of ourselves together…” (Hebrews 10:25). Why is that? Because we all need encouragement. By assembling together we can encourage one another, lift up one another, restore one another. You don’t have to carry your burdens alone. Jesus calls you to bring them to him, but He also provides a church family that desires to embrace you and help you. Not a one of us are perfect but we desire to love like Jesus. This little lighthouse beside the Edmonds Branch is shining the gospel light. Will you come in and be saved.                           Pastor Greg Lunsford


February 3    177
February 10  176
February 17  187
February 24  178
                   4)718(180 average


Teddy Massie, Mar. 25, 92
Jean Casey, April 7, 87
Della Blake, April 18, 87


Jerry and Barbara Johnson, April 1, 53 yrs.


Anonymous thru church treasury      $80.00
Willing Workers Class                        $20.00
Nina Nowlin                                         $20.00
Psalm 103: “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me; bless His holy name.”
In loving memory of Mommy (the late Maye Nowlin, who passed away March 21, 2010 –
we miss you.
Verna Woodard Childress                $15.00
Verna writes, “I’m so glad to get the church letter. Only way I get any information from where I was raised. So thank you. This isn’t much but maybe it will help.” Verna lives in Prestonsburg, KY.
THANK YOU for your generous support.


WVBC ABWM 5-Year Plan:
March – Galatians
April - Micah

Last month, we printed the list of folks who  read the Bible through in 2018, and were presented with certificates. We apologize for missing one name on the list: Deloris Gay Peyton. She has achieved this for several years in a row. Congratulations to all.

I’m fairly certain that the person who put the first r in February also decided how to spell Wednesday.

I have come to the conclusion that buying craft supplies and actually using them are two separate hobbies.


To Zachary and Erika Beckett on the birth of their baby boy Elliot Thurman on Feb. 19. He is the grandson of Marty and LeeAnn Beckett, and great-grandson of Pat Grass.

To Sean Beckett, son of Jimmy and Mitzi Beckett and grandson of Peggy Neal, upon being awarded the Governor’s Highway Safety Award on Mar. 7. Sean is a member of the Milton Police Department and was honored for an incident in which a simple traffic stop resulted in an arrest for a much more serious crime.

May you be blessed as never before! Thank you for your gift to our ministry at A New Beginning Pregnancy Resource Center. We greatly appreciate you thinking of us.
                           Diane Bilbrey, Director

Kelly Daniels, Principal of Cabell Midland High School sent a very lovely thank you note for our February contribution of $879 to the Knight’s Great Hall, which included the proceeds from the Chili Cook-off.

In February, we focused on A New Beginning Pregnancy Resource Center, in Huntington, which offers compassionate peer counseling and assistance to women, teens, and parents during a planned or unplanned pregnancy. We sent them $110.00.

In March, we are once again helping support the work of the Huntington City Mission, a year-round challenge. They are celebrating 80 years of offering help and hope to everyone who comes to their door. Just make your check to the church and put “HCM” on the memo line.

The ABWM Community Outreach Project for February was dishwasher pods and toilet tissue for the St. Mary’s Hospitality House, which provides housing for the out-of-town families of adults hospitalized in the Huntington area. If you would like to help, a basket is in the foyer. Thank you for bringing a nice collection of items to help them out.

JUDY BECKETT, 77, of Huntington, whose funeral March 12. She is survived by her husband Robert Beckett and son Mark Beckett, and she was the sister-in-law of Clara Zerkle.
EDITH “EDIE” FRASHER, 79, of Huntington, whose funeral was Feb. 22. She was a sister of Billy Tomblin.
MARY KATHRYN FREEMAN, 67, of Barboursville, whose funeral was March 9. She was a sister of Francis Musser and Kim Frazier.
GARY ROGER HOBACK, 82, of Chesapeake, OH, whose funeral was March 6. He was a former co-worker and good friend of Phil and Ruby Young.
DAN LEWIS, 77, of Ona, whose funeral was Feb. 20. He was the father of Mike Lewis, Pastor of Hope Christian Center.
RANDY G. MAYNARD, 60, of Ranger, whose funeral was Feb. 12. He was a brother-in-law of Molly (James) Perry.
MARY LEE NEAL, 90, of Milton, whose funeral was March 2. She was an aunt of Mitzi Beckett and sister-in-law of Peggy Neal.
FREDDIE VIRGINIA RAY, 90, of Milton, whose funeral was Feb. 21. She was the mother of Ed Ray.
THOMAS “JUNIOR” RYDER, of Lesage, whose funeral was Mar. 13. He was the father of Dana (Kathy) Ryder, Jr., and uncle of Bill Ryder.
RUBY PACK WEBB SPEARS, 86, of Barboursville, whose funeral was Feb. 25. She was the mother of Shirley (Walt) Frye.

Children’s Ministry has been busy. The Jesus Kids have been practicing for their Spring Play on April 7th. The Bible Bees and Word Warriors have been working hard learning their Bible verses. On Sunday mornings the children also are learning about Creation and God making the dinosaurs.

On March 9th the kids went to Parchment Valley for their Children’s Spring Rally with over 250 kids from all over West Virginia. The theme was “Glow in the Dark.” Jesus cares when we are scared. Thirteen kids and four adults and two teens went. Special Thank You to Butch Vititoe for driving the Bus for us. The children learned that God cares when we are scared and worried and when we mess up, God forgives us. We really enjoyed the young men that taught. What an example to the boys.

Sunday March 10th the Jesus Kids sang at Paramount Assisted Living. Our Kids did awesome and then came back and sang the first night of our Revival at church. What a blessing they were. They wanted to do a song for our beloved faithful leader and teacher the late Mr. Grass. They chose “Amazing Grace.” Then our music leader Christy Holley sang a verse without the music with everyone joining in on the last verse, “When we’ve been there 10,000 years….” Very moving. We want to thank the Adult Ministries for our supper they provided for us that day. We also received a couple of donations and want to thank those individuals. God is working in our Children’s Ministry. Please keep the kids in your prayers.

Upcoming Events: We are collecting items for our Easter Egg Hunt on April 13th, and collecting items for our Vacation Bible School June 23rd –28th. This year during VBS, we are “Going to Mars!” Also, on July 20th Children’s Ministry has a Train Trip planned to Cass Railroad. During the months of April & May we will have a contest so the kids can earn the trip for free. Please sign your child up downstairs if they can go. We encourage families to go too.                                                                                    Boo Meadows and Children’s Ministry Team

Antioch Baptist Church sponsored a “Rec the Weekend” event on Friday March 8th. The event started at 9 pm at Marshall’s Campus Christian Center with pizza and praise and worship! Jacob Marshall delivered the message on “What Matters is the Resurrection.” Following the message, the teens and their chaperones were dismissed to the Marshal Rec Center for the remainder of the night. We might have stopped at Dunkin donuts on the way…

The remainder of the night was filled with the teens swimming, playing dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and rock climbing. It was a fantastic night of fun and fellowship for the 200 teens that attended!

Thanks to Antioch Baptist for organizing this event and inviting the area churches!
                                              Mitzi Beckett


FAMILY GAME NIGHT: The weather co-operated this time and we had about 12 people participate in Game Night Feb. 22. We had two tables of excited people playing two different games. One table was learning a different game called Phase Ten (I think that was the name.) Poor Brooke was trying to keep us all on track. We had lots of good food and desserts. Lots of laughing and great fellowship. Next Game Night will be March 22 at 6:00 pm. Please, come and join us and don’t forget to bring some games!          Connie Chapman

FAMILY NIGHT OF ART: On March 9 we had our third successful Family Night of Art. We had 32 come out and paint a beautiful picture of a white church (very similar to our old church).
Each person was able to personalize the art piece by choosing their background color and their favorite song lyric. Some people painted it a neutral color like beige and gray. Others choose colors such as blue, aqua green, purple, and some bright teal.
The song lyric choices came from some of the great hymns, such as It is Well, Be Still & Know, Amazing Grace, and Then Sings my Soul, and some of the newer lyrics such as Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone and I Can Only Imagine. Some people even chose to put their favorite saying on their art piece.
It is amazing how we can sit and listen to one instructor and all hear it differently. Each piece is incredible in its own way, just like everyone who participated in the class. God is certainly amazing!!  Continue to watch the church Facebook page and we will have another one later in the year. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.                     Erin Carter

Continuing our “Lessons of Love,” on February 21 a few folks gathered to learn more about Time Management. Kim Miller led them through a journey of understanding priorities and event management. Once a person understands what is important to them and are willing to protect what is important to them then they are better able to manage their time. Better time management allows one to be working on what is important to them and not on someone else’s agenda. A fun time of fellowship and learning was had by all.  Hopefully, everyone involved left with a set of tools that will assist them to be more of what God wants them to be and effectively use their time according to His plans.                                        Kim Miller

It was good to hear Kathy Ryder sing “If He Hung the Moon” once again when she was our guest Feb. 17.

Brooke Howerton visited Feb. 17 and showed us pictures of her mission trip to Detroit last summer, which we helped support. She is now preparing for a mission trip to Africa.

Feb. 24 was Youth Night. Teens lined the platform, and sang beautifully, including “I Know My Redeemer Lives.” Great job.

The ABWM recently armed themselves with scissors and clipped and trimmed the many Box Tops for Education that had been deposited in the big jar in the foyer. Each little label is worth 10 cents, and when all was said and done, we had $27.00 to donate to Ona Elementary School. Keep saving those labels! Thanks!

Don’t we all? Children’s Ministries is in need of more adults to volunteer to be a Prayer Buddy to a child. Here is all you need to do: Include your Prayer Buddy in your daily prayers. Now, if you want to do a little more, send a card or buy a small gift for your buddy on his or her birthday, and maybe other holiday occasions also. It is not difficult, and can be very rewarding, as the child will also be praying for you!

To sign up, just see Boo or any of the Children’s Ministry Team. You will get a child’s name, their photo, and their birthday. Give it a try, you will be blessed.

On Saturday morning, Mar. 9, the Family Center smelled like bacon and sausage. Yum! We had thirty-two guests at our ABWM sponsored Prayer Breakfast, and a few more picked up to-go boxes. Each one got a big country breakfast, but also got filled with blessings. Erika Klose sang two beautiful songs, and Pastor Greg brought the devotion. Each table was assigned a different prayer concern, including Missionaries, the Unsaved, Health Issues, Children and Youth, Military and 1st Responders, Thankfulness, and Revival. After table discussions, we had a season of prayer. What a fitting activity to precede our Spring Revival!

The ABWM supports many missionaries and worthy service organizations, but for this event, we wanted to bolster our support for three missionary efforts, where West Virginian’s are on the international mission field.

JD and Rhonda Reed from Washington, WV, are global servants in Bolivia. JD is an expert at training local church leaders and pastors, while Rhonda, a registered nurse, heads up the House of Hope, which ministers to and trains women.

Keith and Debbie Myers from Worthington, WV, are global servants in Mexico. They serve a very large territory covering five states in Mexico. We have contributed to their “Chicken Project” which has supplied chickens, feed, and coops to families, enabling them to have better protein in their diets and to have a source of income, selling eggs.

Bobby Bowen, originally from Ona, WV, works with Global Outreach in Uganda, Africa. She has a heart for street ministry, runs an after-school program serving 75 children, and is now working with refugees from South Sudan. She will be here to speak for us on May 19.

The proceeds from the breakfast was $436. That will go a long way to help support these wonderful folks who serve sacrificially. Thank you to everyone who donated food, cooked, cleaned up, and participated in any way.

Bread is like the sun. It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

We were honored Sunday night, Mar. 2, to have Area Minister Evan Arkell as our guest. On behalf of the West Virginia Baptist Convention, he presented the church with a certificate recognizing our support of missions. Out of 340 churches in the convention, Beulah Ann was #29 in mission giving. He also presented a certificate from the American Baptist Churches, USA, recognizing our mission giving. Out of 5,000 churches nationally, for 2018 we were #33 in total American Baptist Mission Support ($16,700), #19 in United Mission Love Gift ($1,370), #23 in America For Christ Offering ($1,200), and #37 in Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering ($900). We thank God for his blessing on us.

We had a small group travel from Beulah Ann to the WV State Capitol on February 18, 2019, to the Pro-Life Rally. There continues to be quite a bit of construction in and around the Capitol Complex and the usually indoor event was moved outside to the backside steps. It was cold and a few snowflakes fell but we were able to stand and show our support for the unborn. The line of politicians who come to speak and profess their Pro-Life position was very short this year, due possibly to the venue change, weather, and a contentious process dealing with an education bill. While we may have been few in number at the Capitol, we are millions strong around the nation, and if we’ll life up our voices in prayer, God can end this horrendous blight on our country.                       Pastor Greg

The 2019 Guyandotte Baptist Association Men’s Prayer Breakfast was held on Saturday, February 23, 2019, at Pea Ridge Baptist. Pastor Greg Lunsford of Beulah Ann was the devotional speaker, and was well supported by fellow Beulah Ann’ers. Overall attendance was down this year, but the food was good, the coffee was hot, and the fellowship was sweet. Before adjourning the meeting, Beulah Ann volunteered to host the 2020 GBA Men’s Prayer Breakfast, so gentlemen: mark your calendars and make plans to attend!!!       Pastor Greg

Tues., March 19, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Fri., March 22, 6 pm – Family Game Night, Family Center.

Sat., March 23, 7 pm - The sanctuary Choir will sing at Sunrise Baptist Church in revival. The Evangelist will be Rev. Ryan Massie.

Sun., March 24, 7 pm –Youth Night and Children’s Awards, then children will have Bible Game Night downstairs.

Tues., March 26, 5:30 pm – Lessons of Love: “CPR Certification.” Only 30 participants are allowed, so sign-up soon, on the foyer table.

Sat., March 30, Adult Ministries trip to Cincinnati to see the Reds game. See Jeanne Lunsford for more details.

Sun., March 31, 6:00 pm – Children’s Ministry Quarterly Birthday Party and Jump–A–Thon.

Sun., March 31, 7 pm – 5th Sunday Night Sing and Fellowship, with the McComas Quartet as our guests.

Mon., April 1, 7 pm – Combined Board Meeting, Family Center.

Tues., April 2, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Wed., April 3, 5:30 pm – Fellowship Supper, Family Center, hosted by Adult Ministries. Menu: Mexican.

Sun., April 7, 11 am – Ordinance of Communion, and offering for the Deacon’s Benevolence Fund.

Sun., April 7, 5:45 pm – ABWM Meeting, Family Center Dining Room.

Sun., April 7, 6 pm – ABMM Meeting, Caldwell Classroom.

Sun., April 7, 7 pm – Jesus Kids spring play, “Souls on Fire.”

Thurs., April 11, 7 pm - Sanctuary Choir will sing in revival at Oak Hill UBI Church in Lesage.

Sat., April 13, 11 am - 2 pm - Children's Ministries Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Ona.

Tues., April 16, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Wed., April 17, 7 pm – Quarterly Business Meeting.

Fri., April 19, 6 pm – Family Game Night, Family Center.

Sun., April 21, 6:30 am – Sonrise Service, Family Center, followed by breakfast provided by Adult Ministries.

April 21, 11 am - Sanctuary Choir will present an Easter cantata, “Amazing Love.”

1. Study the BIBLE daily.
2. Study the BIBLE with concentration.
3. Study the BIBLE independently.
4. Study the whole BIBLE.
5. Study the BIBLE as the Word of God.
6. Study the BIBLE prayerfully.
7. Study the BIBLE with definite purpose.
From the October 1964 Newsletter.
Contributed by Luther F. Morrison.


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(photo taken after Cantata from balcony by Susan McComas)



I couldn't resist including this picture of the grand finale of the Guyandotte Association Day Camp, 2005.
Besides what you see, there were booths set up for the full length of the Dining Hall porch, and the Barboursville Fire Department
brought their "Smoke House" trailer and taught our children what to do in case of a fire.


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