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ONA, WV 25545

Flags outside our Sanctuary on a windy Sunday afternoon.

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Thanksgiving is upon us!  It’s that one day of the year when it’s legal to give thanks.  Of course, it’s not illegal to give thanks on every other day of the year, but for some reason, it seems that many of us require a special invitation.  I’m curious, for what or whom do you give thanks?  Are you thankful for your family?  Your home?  Job? Kids? Pets?  Are you thankful for the victory?  Not the Marshall or WVU victory, but the VICTORY in Jesus?
This Thanksgiving, I want to encourage each of you to be truly thankful for the salvation God has provided.  Not a one of us deserve it, but Jesus paid for it and offers it freely.  Also, thanksgiving goes hand in hand with forgiveness.  I’m wondering how many of us are holding onto a hurt or a grudge that’s keeping us from living a truly thankful and fulfilled life?  This year, I pray you take the time to reconnect with family and friends, that you offer forgiveness and seek reconciliation.  Remember, Jesus didn’t owe you or I anything, and yet, He went to the cross to purchase our victory.
I’m thankful for Jesus! I’m thankful for my family, Jeanne, Luke, my mom, brother and his family, sister and her family and all my wild and wonderful in-laws.  And, I am thankful for my Beulah Ann family.  Some of you I haven’t seen in a while.  If I’ve offended you, I ask your forgiveness and encourage you to return to church.  If the messages have stubbed your toes or convicted your heart, then I beg you to ask Jesus for forgiveness of whatever sin you’re holding on to and restore your fellowship with Him and then, come worship with us.  Let us give thanks together for the victory in Jesus!                                                        ~~Pastor Greg Lunsford


October 7    156
October 14  133
October 21  147
October 28  164
                  4)600(150 average


Garnet Scarberry, Dec. 9, 84
Lois Rimmer, Dec. 16, 87
Bob Rider, Dec. 17, 89


Ray & Peggy Scarberry, Nov. 27, 61 yrs.
Gene & Mildred Caldwell, Dec. 14, 74 yrs.


Willing Workers SS Class   $40.00

THANK YOU for your generous support.


WVBC ABWM 5-Year Plan:
November – II Corinthians
December - Isaiah

Daily Bible Reading Calendars for 2018 are on the foyer table, courtesy of Evangelistic


To Kim Miller for being named WVSSAC Coach of the Year for Boys Tennis. She is the coach of the Winfield High School Tennis Teams, and both girls and boys teams were state champions this year.

To Cabell Midland’s Lady Knight’s Volley Ball Team. Although they lost the last game to Spring Valley, they placed as state runner-up in Mountain State Athletic Conference. Our own Gracie Brumfield was named to the AAA All-Conference Team. Gracie also named a 2018 Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship winner. Congrats to Gracie and all the team.


Children’s Ministries would like to thank all the ones who treated our kids on Sunday night after evening church, Oct. 28 at the Circle of Treats. You made our children a whole lot sweeter. Thank you for your kindness.

Beulah Ann Baptist Church Family, Thank you so much for the generous donation to our Knight’s Great Hall. We count on support from our community and appreciate your willingness to help us.
                   Tracy Urian, CMHS Counselor

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you in Revival Services. Thank you for your hospitality and your generous love offering.
In His love, C. J. Adkins

 Dear Beulah Ann,
Our words cannot express our gratitude for you, our church family. We have felt such comfort from your thoughtfulness, kind words and prayers. Dick loved you, his church family, from the oldest to the youngest. He showed his love to you by his faithfulness. We pray you find comfort to know God has shown His faithfulness to Dick now.
                              Sincerely, The Family of Dick Grass


Our project for September and October was to raise funds to ship our Love in a Shoebox. We raised $4,062.25. Individuals, Sunday School Classes, and groups packed and stacked up boxes. We don’t have the final total yet, but we will let you know. Shoebox chairperson Jeanne Lunsford takes our boxes to Lewis Memorial Baptist Church, then they go by truck to Boone, NC, then by airplanes around the world! While they are in Boone, they get double checked to make sure they are packed correctly, then the gospel in each child’s language is added. We dedicated the boxes and prayed for the children Sunday, Nov. 11.
In December, we need funds to buy turkey breast, pies, and rolls for our Christmas Baskets. The fresh fruit is donated, and we need donations of cookies and candies for our goodie trays.


MATILDA “TILLIE” LEE WAGONER BECKETT, 84, of Ona, WV, whose funeral was Oct.29. She was the mother of Marty Beckett (LeeAnn), Tim Beckett (Shelli) and John Beckett (Lisa), and a friend to several in our church.
DEBORAH RUTH HALL, 55, of Pleasant View, WV, whose funeral was Nov. 4. She was a niece of Rowena Bonde.
DALE THOMAS LYONS, 80, of Barboursville, WV, whose funeral was Nov. 9. He was the former owner of Tire Stop in Barboursville, and a friend of Steve Cooper, Ed Watson, and several in our church.
RONNIE ALAN SANSOM, 62, of Salt Rock, WV, whose funeral was Nov. 1. He was a cousin of Rick Sansom.
CLARENCE ALLEN STRATTON, 55, of Barboursville, WV, whose funeral was Nov.2. He was a friend to several in our church.
MIRANDA JO THOMPSON, 33, of Point Pleasant, WV, whose funeral was Nov.10. She was a cousin of Ricky Sansom and Jimmy Beckett.
SAMUEL RAYMOND WOODRUM, 79, of Milton, WV whose funeral was Oct. 30. He was a friend of Greg & Pauletta Wallace, and several in our church.


Rev. C. J. Adkins was our evangelist for fall revival, Oct. 14-19. He is the son of the late Rev. Caudle Adkins. Although he was not feeling well due to taking chemo treatments, night after night he gathered his strength to bring powerful messages. He started with a message from Acts 24:22, making it clear that everyone must make a decision about Christ. Another message from Acts, from chapter 20:7-12, showed us that the Church can make an impact. Our worship should be a celebration, show adoration, illumination, and compassion for the lost. We had good music nightly. Blessings, Lighthouse Baptist Church Choir, Kept and Protected, Beulah Ann Choir, Liberty Baptist Church Choir, and Oak Hill UBI choir added so much to our worship.

Thanksgiving quote: “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.”
                                      Erma Bombeck


Sun., Nov. 18, 6 pm – Jesus Kids Practice.

Tues., Nov. 20, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Wed., Nov. 21, 7 pm – Horn-of-Plenty Service.

Sun., Nov. 25, 11 am – Election of Deacon(s).

Tues., Nov. 27, 6:30 pm - Lessons of Love Series, “Financial Peace,” 9th session, Family Center.

Fri., Nov. 30, 9:30 am – Christmas Basket assembly, Beaver Building.

Sat., Dec. 1, 6 pm – Church Christmas Dinner, Family Center. Turkey and ham will be provided. Please bring side dishes and desserts.

Sun., Dec. 2, 5:45 pm – ABWM Meeting, Joseph & Mary Classroom.

Sun., Dec. 2, 6 pm – ABMM Meeting, Caldwell Classroom.

Mon., Dec. 3, 7 pm – Board of Deacons Meeting, Family Center.

Sun., Dec. 8, 11 am-3 pm – Children’s Ministries play practice and Christmas party.

Sun., Dec. 9, 7 pm – Children’s Christmas Play.

Mon., Dec. 10, 7 pm, Board of Christian Education Meeting, Family Center.

Dec. 12 – Pastor Paul’s birthday!

Fri., Dec. 14 – Faithful Servants Sunday School Class Christmas Dinner.

Fri., Dec. 14, Children’s Ministries will travel to Walk thru Bethlehem.

Sun., Dec. 16, 7 pm – Children’s Ministries Movie Night.

Wed., Dec. 19, 7 pm – Fireside Service, Family Center.

Sun., Dec. 30, 7 pm – Fifth Sunday Night Sing and Fellowship.

Mon., Dec. 31, 6 pm – Family Game and Movie Night, “I Can Only Imagine.”


A Directory update is available in time for you to address your Christmas Cards! Get yours on the foyer table. Thank you, Debbie Sansom.

Youth Ministries declared October to be “Socktober” and placed a barrel in the foyer, which we filled with socks! 334 pairs! These will soon take these to the Huntington City Mission, where they will be very appreciated.


Children’s Ministry left on Saturday November 3rd early in the morning to travel to Ripley, WV to Parchment Valley. What a beautiful fall day with all the fall colors on display. The Children’s Fall Rally event took place there beginning at 9:30 am. Children from all over WV were there. The WV American Baptist Convention has this event in the Spring & the Fall for the Kids. The Theme was “Be Not Afraid.” This was taken from the Bible verse Psalms 56:3. The children learned about different Bible Heroes who were afraid, but God calmed their fears. Trust in Him is what the lessons taught us. The band was good, and the kids joined singing on several songs. Even the adults joined in. Special Thank you to Butch Vititoe for driving us in the bus. They also had a special mission project. Hurricane relief items were being collected. Our children carried in 5 totes of relief supplies. Thank you!!
Sunday, November 11 was a busy day for the kids. We honored our veterans all day. We love them and appreciate their service for our country. The kids dressed in their patriotic outfits and sang first at our church’s Veterans Day Appreciation Luncheon. From “The Star-Spangled Banner” to “This Land is your Land,” they sang out. Then in the afternoon we visited Paramount Senior Living at Midland Meadows. The residents sang right along on those Patriotic Songs. We honored several of those veterans there. One resident even wanted to buy the children ice cream. Then we traveled to Barboursville to visit our former Pastor Paul Meadows. He is a veteran too and joined right in singing those songs honoring our country. We all enjoyed seeing him and he invited us to come back too. The Jesus Kids are thankful for our veterans. It’s because of them we can grow up in a land that is free and free to Worship! Thank you.
            Children’s Ministry Team

Turkey ham, turkey bacon, turkey bologna. Someone needs to tell the turkey, man, just be yourself!

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”  ~~Willie Nelson


The Sanctuary Choir presented a wonderful cantata on Sunday, Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day, called “A Patriotic Salute,” under the direction of Duane Adkins. Pastor Greg Lunsford then read a moving account of how the peace treaty was signed at the end of WW I, and it was thought that war would be no more. Then he showed a video which presented each of our military veterans, giving their names, branch of service, dates of service, etc. Very well done, Pastor Greg, thank you. Our church only has two WW II Veterans still with us, the oldest being Gene Caldwell, who served with the Navy in the Pacific as a radio operator, and the youngest being Earl Fetty, who served with the Army in the cavalry. We appreciate and thank you for your service, and all who came after you too.

Then we gathered in the Family Center for a wonderful spaghetti/alfredo dinner. Adult Ministries had the tables all decked out in red, white, and blue, and Youth Ministries served us at our tables. Our veterans were seated along the head tables. Jesus Kids, dressed in their patriotic outfits, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner. Thank you to everyone who had any part in making this a most memorable day.


On Saturday, Nov. 3, our Family Night of Fun with Art was a success. Thirty aspiring painters came out to try their hand at creating a masterpiece. We had much fun as a group painting, laughing, encouraging each other, and don’t forget eating!

Sarah Board did another fabulous job in giving us the instructions to paint a beautiful fall picture. The picture included pumpkins, a sunflower and a lantern on a wood plank looking background.

I love that God can bring us together, do something that we don’t think we can do and provide us the encouragement from others that we can do anything!
                                           Erin Carter

Connie Chapman and I had the privilege of attending the WV Baptist Convention Annual Meeting at South Parkersburg Baptist Church October 19-20. Jim & Joyce Ross and Pastor Greg Lunsford also attended.

Woman's Day was early on Friday with the theme of "Living Loved," with our scripture coming from Jeremiah 31:3. "The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee."
We had group singing, special music, and prayers. We had a mission moment by missionary Denise Aragon. Our guest speaker was missionary Debbie Mulneix. The business session included the installation of the new officers for the state American Baptist Women's Ministries. We learned our 2019 MOP will be  rice for Thailand, Special Project will be Baptist Campus Ministries, and our White Cross quota is Birthing Baby Safely Kits. The offering went to BCM Ministries. After lunch we ended Woman's Day with more songs and hymn singing.

Session 1 of the WVBC Annual Meeting was "Bearers of Hope...Doing Christ's Work Together.” We had music led by the church's praise team, prayers and a business session which included approvals for the nominating committee report and a report which stated the time, place and speaker for the 2019 meeting. Executive Minister Dr. Michael Sisson addressed those attending. For dinner, we attended the Baptist Campus Ministries Banquet, where we watched an inspiring video presentation of students telling about their experiences with BCM.

Session 2 was "Doing Christ's Work Together in Community." Music was led by the praise team. The West Virginians (a choir from AB College) also sang. The keynote speaker was David Bush, a young pastor of Rainelle First Baptist. Communion was served with Rich Blain and Michael Sisson officiating. I will have to confess that Connie and I gave out after dinner and went to our motel because we were tired. Everyone said that the speaker's sermon was wonderful and I was sorry we did not experience it.

Session 3, "Doing Christ's Work Together in Learning" was our theme for the Saturday morning session. New pastors, retired pastors and graduates of School of Christian Studies were recognized. We also had an address by David Bronkema of the Palmer Seminary.

I attended a workshop on Encouraging Young Adults in Missions. Lisa Simmons led a discussion on plans for Mission Encounter Education Training (MEET) which is geared for participates who are 18 to 35 years old and is sponsored by the WV Baptist Convention. Those interested in mission work can apply, be trained and then go to a country where a missionary is now working and shadow that person for a few weeks and come back and discuss their experience with other people or maybe experience the call for mission work themselves. My second workshop was "In Bolivia and Beyond" with J. D. Reed and Sarah Nash. The House of Hope in Cochabamba, where they work, is a house for meeting physical and spiritual needs of the indigenous women and children. They are also training pastors and leaders in the churches around Bolivia. He is working with the United States’ Hispanic population thru the Palmer Seminary Master of Theological Studies Program. Sarah Nash has been in Bolivia for a time and is working on her support to return as a missionary. She is 85% funded. My third Workshop was "Living Loved: Forming Relationships in the Indigenous Communities of Southern Central Mexico" with Keith and Debbie Myers, missionaries in Mexico. They are young and energetic. They brought Mexican candies and tea for us to taste. Their emphasis was discovering practical habits to encounter God through developing daily relationship with God, ourselves, others and the rest of creation. Keith and Debbie have 2 children, both in training for mission work. I had met them when I went to Mexico on a work trip helping to build a church. After we flew to the airport, they picked us up in a van and we drove for hours to get to our work site. We drove thru creeks, over speed bumps in the country, and places where there were no roads at all. We slept on the concrete floors in the part of the church that was finished. I loved seeing the people and how they live. There are huge towns like Mexico City and people who live in small villages fending for themselves. They also came to Wisconsin in the spring when we did volunteer work at the American Baptist Convention Center.

Session 4, "Doing Christ's Work Together in the World" was our closing session. We had music, prayers and a business session with installation of officers. The annual sermon was by Bill Brown, and Lisa Simmons led us in the closing prayer. I also found some literature where there are short term volunteer opportunities to the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Uganda thru International Ministries. There is also a trip planned for July 26-Aug. 3, 2019 to Honduras.
Several missionaries and former missionaries were present. Their enthusiasm about their work is wonderful.

There was a lot more that went on, but I'm sure this is enough for now. I enjoyed the convention and saw a lot of people that I have met over the years. I was enthused when I got home but I had already forgotten a lot. Just reading over what went on is exciting to see what we are doing at the state convention level. All we have to do is get involved in our local churches and pursue the things that God lays on our hearts and encourage others.
                                     ~~Alliene Caldwell

Addendum: On Saturday, after attending Session 3 and two workshops, Jim and I attended the WV Baptist Historical Society annual luncheon meeting. It was held in a lovely room in the First Baptist Church of Parkersburg, which we learned was the first sanctuary of the church. Rev. Richard McClure, Pastor of the church, gave us the history of the church and much of the history of Parkersburg. It was interesting, and we are happy to be part of this group which is preserving our Baptist heritage. You are invited to visit the WVBH library at Parchment Valley.
        Jo Ross

The ABWM has a Community Service Project about every month. In November, we are collecting items for the men and women at the Barboursville Veteran’s Home. We need quad razor blades, and snack items, such as microwave popcorn, crackers, cup o' noodles, Vienna sausage, Gatorade and Mountain Dew. If you would like to participate, there is a collection basket in the foyer.

“Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me.”

“O give thanks unto the Lord for he is good; for his mercy endureth forever.”
                                  I Chronicles 16:34


Pastoring is a full-contact, full-time commitment. Since my calling to preach, God has allowed me to witness first time professions of faith, baptize new believers, welcome new members into the congregation, visit with friends in the hospitals and nursing homes and preaching His saving Gospel. He has also strengthened me to preach an astounding number of funerals in the past four years, some family, some friends, many brothers and sisters in Christ.
On Monday, October 15, 2018, the Grass and Beulah Ann families returned the body of Brother Dick Grass to the ground. Pat and the family blessed myself, Jeff Fetty, Tim Messinger, and Jason Salmons with the honor of speaking at Dick’s service. All four of us have been on the receiving end of Dick’s love and encouragement, as well as his storehouse of reading material. He’s been a strong supporter and great encourager to so many for so long and his impact on the Beulah Ann family runs deep and will be missed.
I was encouraged on that rainy Monday morning.  Four young men who answered the call to preach the gospel and were led their separate ways, came together in love and brotherhood to pay honor and glory to God by honoring one of those special people who mentored, trained, instructed, modeled Christ, and prayed for them. It isn’t about who gets credit. God gets the credit and the glory. We give it freely to Him because we’re nothing without Him. This Pastor truly appreciates Jeff, Tim, and Jason for what they do and how they rally around the family of God. Truly, the Lord provides.
Most of you know that I have little trouble finding words… but I was overwhelmed and speechless by the outpouring of love and support from our Beulah Ann family on Pastor Appreciation Sunday. I love you all and ask your continued prayers as God continues to mold me.
                                                                                              Pastor Greg Lunsford


September 2    148
September 9    157
September 16  143
September 23  154
September 30  140
                      5)742(148 average


Edna Rider Russell, Oct. 22, 91
Charlene Winters, Oct. 25, 85
Anna Wetherholt, Oct. 31, 98
Rowena Bonde, Nov. 3, 88
Beverly Harshbarger, Nov. 6, 83
Verlin Butler, Nov. 7, 88
Verna Woodard Childress, Nov. 7, 90
Cleo “Punkin” Johnson, Nov. 9, 87


Walter & Judy Lawson, Oct. 9, 54 yrs.
David & Linda Chapman, Oct. 29, 53 yrs.
Tommy & Juanita Nance, Nov. 19, 57 yrs.


Anonymous thru church treasury $25.00
Miss Anonymous   $20.00
Nina Nowlin    $15.00
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mommy, the late Maye Nowlin, on her birthday, Oct. 31.

THANK YOU for your generous support.


WVBC ABWM 5-Year Plan:
October – I Corinthians
November – II Corinthians

Daily Bible Reading Calendars for 2018 are on the foyer table, courtesy of Evangelistic

“SOCK”TOBER: Youth Ministries is collecting socks for men, women and children throughout the month of October. Socks are the most needed and least donated item. Donations can be placed in the bin in the foyer or given to a teen. They will be delivered to the Huntington City Mission in November. See Mitzi, Marty or Sammy with questions. Thanks!


To Hannah Villars & Andrew Carter who were married Oct. 6. Andrew is the brother of Chris Carter, and Hannah has been our guest singer.

To Casey Madden and Zachary Stevens, who were married Oct. 6. Casey is the daughter of Jeff and Toni Madden.

To Sam Martin and Katy Lewis, who were married Oct. 6. Sam is the son of Tim and Shelly Martin.


Children’s Ministries want to say Thank You for the Bibles that were purchased for our kids by Mr. Anonymous. They especially like them because their names are on them. God bless the person who purchased these. The kids will have these forever.

As we begin a new school year, it’s nice to know our kids and community can count on your support for our food pantry. Thank you for the donation to help us help those in need. We appreciate it!
Sincerely, Tracy Urian,
CMHS Counselor


Our project for September and October is to raise funds to ship our Love in a Shoebox this fall. It costs $9.00 to ship a box, and we like to send lots of boxes, so we hope you can give generously to this cause. Just write LS on the memo line of your check. In September, we contributed $445, and we have raised $763 so far in October, for a total of $1,208. Need plenty more!

 Roses are red, tacos are delicious.
Eat them on paper plates
If you hate doing dishes.

You’re not having a bad hair day. You’re suffering from “rebellious follicle syndrome.”

Why is it that no plastic garbage bag will open from the end you try first?


CHARLES “DICK” GRASS, 79, of Ona, whose funeral was Oct. 15 here at the church. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Pat Grass, son Milton “Mickey” Grass (Laura), daughters LeeAnn Beckett (Marty) and Misty Cooper (Steve), six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Dick was a long-standing member of the church, where he served as deacon for 39 years. He was also a softball coach, Boy Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, and driver and mentor of the Jesus Kids.

CHARLES HOLLEY, 90, of Ashton, whose funeral was Oct. 8. He was a brother-in-law of Virginia Holley.

ADA JEAN “JEANNIE” LINVILLE, 69, of Ona, whose funeral was Oct. 2. She was the wife of Gerald Linville, and daughter-in-law of Elsie Linville, and friend of Roger and Sandy Kingery.

HAROLD “LLOYD” LYKINS, 63, of Ceredo, whose funeral was Sept. 20. He was a cousin of Tim Rider.


On September 27-29 this year we had our annual Fall Camp-a-Rama. There were approximately 15 of us that went out this year.

God truly blessed us with an amazing weekend of warm sun and great weather. Some of us got to experience new things like kayaking, while others got to just sit and enjoy some time with great friends.

We all came together Saturday night and ate some delicious soup, cornbread, and grilled cheese.  We can’t have a camp-o-rama without delicious food.

Sunday Rick Webb came and taught Sunday School for us.  We had a gorgeous peaceful view as we listened.

I personally want to say Thank You to everyone who came out and enjoyed God’s creation with us!  Sometimes it is nice to just Stop, sit back, and look at what God created!!!
                                            ~~Erin Carter


Fri.-Sat., Oct. 19-20 – WVBC Annual Meeting at South Parkersburg Baptist Church. Our Delegates are Pastor Greg Lunsford, Jim & Jo Ross, Alliene Caldwell, and Connie Chapman.

Sun., Oct. 28, 8:15 pm – Circle of Treats, in the Family Center.

Tues., Oct. 30, 6:30 pm – Lessons of Love Series, “Financial Peace,” 6th session, Family Center.

Sat., Nov. 3 – Children’s Fall Rally at Parchment Valley, for grades 1 through 6. See Boo for more details.

Sat., Nov. 3, 4:30 pm – Family Fun Night Painting in the Beaver Building. See Erin Carter for more details.

Sun., Nov. 4, 11, 18, 25, 5:30 pm – Blessings Practice (praise choir).

Sn., Nov.4, 5:45 pm – ABWM, Joseph & Mary Classroom. Ladies, don’t forget your “B” Bucks.

Sun., Nov. 4, 6:00 pm – ABMM, Caldwell Classroom.

Mon., Nov. 5, 7 pm – Board of Deacons Meeting, Family Center.

Tues., Nov. 6, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Tues., Nov. 6, 6:30 pm – Lessons of Love Series, “Financial Peace,” 7th session, Family Center.

Wed., Nov. 7, 5:30 pm – Fellowship Supper, Family Center.

Thurs., Nov. 8, 6 pm – Willing Workers Shoebox Assembly, Family Center.

Sun., Nov. 11 – Newsletter Deadline.

Sun., Nov. 11, noon – Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner, Family Center.

Sun., Nov. 11, 2:45 pm – Jesus Kids at Paramount Senior Living at Cabell Midland.

Mon., Nov. 12, 1 pm – Bible Study, Shonet’s, Milton.

Mon., Nov. 12, 7 pm – Board of Christian Education Meeting, Family Center.

Tues., Nov. 13, 6:30 pm – Lessons of Love Series, “Financial Peace,” 8th session, Family Center.

Fri., Nov 16, 9 am – Newsletter Work Party, Family Center.

Fri.–Sun., Nov. 16–18 – Jr. High Convention, Calvary Baptist Church, Oak Hill, WV.

Sun., Nov. 18, 6 pm – Jesus Kids Practice.

Tues., Nov. 20, 10 am – Sew Blest, Family Center.

Wed., Nov. 21, 7 pm – Horn-of-Plenty Service.


It is another busy fall for our kids. Our Jesus Kids Ministry began practicing in September. We have 4 new members, Cameron Holley, Cameron Kirby, Parker Dille and Ellie Foster. Also, we are so happy to welcome Mrs. Christie Holley. She sings so beautifully and will be able to help the kids so much. We minister at Paramount Senior Living (Midland Meadows) on October 14th to begin our season. Please pray for the kids has they sing.
The children were able to attend Ona Speedway Sept. 22 thanks to Mr. Steve Cooper. We were able to get close to the KFC race car and have our picture made. The kids really enjoyed all the races and we all have a new awareness of those who race. Also, the prayer at the beginning of the race was so nice to hear. Thank you, Steve, for taking time for us.
The first week of October three of our Children’s Ministry team went to the Kidmin Nation Mega – conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a children’s ministry workshop. There were challenging speakers, amazing ways to win items for our children and an awesome worship service. We were so blessed in so many ways. Sharon was 1 of 100 people out of over 1,000 who won $1,500 worth of children’s ministry material, DVD’s, CD’s and books.
The workers & volunteers at this conference were so nice and made us feel special. We also met up with our sweet friend Amy Salmons. She was there with three others from her church. God has really blessed their ministry. Thank you for allowing us to attend and we will be using a lot of the new ideas beginning in 2019.
Our Christmas Play practice has begun. Children 1st – 5th grade are urged to attend each Sunday & Wednesday night at 7 pm. Lisa Vititoe and Mandy France are directing this year’s play. The Bible Bees age will begin practicing theirs in November. Christmas play will be early this year, December 9 at 7 pm.
Our mini-Vacation Bible School began on the first night of Revival and went thru Wednesday. Our theme was “Rescue Zone.” Jesus rescues us. Our own fireman and policemen from our church spoke to us about their Rescue jobs. We even saw fire trucks and police cars at church this week.
Finally, we want to say a few words about our beloved Mr. Grass. He taught our children in Sunday School for many, many years. He was faithful, a great teacher, and loved the kids. He also began our Jesus Kids Ministry in 2008. He loved to travel with the kids and to hear them sing those old hymns. He loved the children and the children loved him. We who have been honored to serve with him saw his love and compassion for our kids. He will be missed but we know we will see him again. Oh, what a Reunion Day!!
                             Children’s Ministry Team

Once a year the churches of the Guyandotte Baptist Association gather to worship conduct business. This year, we met at Fifth Avenue Baptist Church on Sept. 27. Our delegates were Pastor Greg Lunsford, Jeanne Lunsford, Jim and Jo Ross, and Duane Adkins.
Special guests were new WVBC Executive Minister Dr. Mike Sisson, and new Area Minister Evan Arkell. Both brought encouraging remarks. Dr. Sisson brought us the good news that over 1,800 young people were at Camp Cowen this year, with 95 first-time decisions for Christ. Also, there were 51 first-time decisions at Parchment Valley. He is very encouraged by the numbers of young people going into the ministry. He said the new generation is “bubbling up!” Evan, former Pastor of Barboursville Baptist Church and son of Carol Arkell, is enjoying the challenges of his new position. He covers 90 churches in 9 counties. He said BCM is on 9 campuses is WV, but Marshall’s is the biggest and the best!
Moderator Tom McComas chaired the business session, in which we learned that the budget will be increased next year by $2,000, and that the road to Camp Ona needs to be repaved, a costly effort. Nellie Gillispie is GBA Treasurer. Rev. Rick Watson reported that the GBA Day Camp, headed up by Becky Childers, was a great success, with children from the Huntington City Mission also in attendance. They really enjoyed it, and plan to come back next year.
Rick Watson was installed as the new Moderator, and Tom McComas was installed as Trustee, returning to that position as his term as Moderator is completed.
Mr. Robert Ball was presented with a gift and a plaque for his 20 years of service as GBA Clerk, quite a record. He certainly is a blessing and has been very faithful, supported by his lovely wife Mary Ellen.

Lots of families had Victrola’s, including one at our house, at Grannie’s, and at the Caldwell’s. The Carter Family’s records were played most. A funny one we had at Grannie’s was, “The Preacher and the Bear,” which ended with the preacher praying, “Lord, if you can’t help me, please don’t help that bear.” New needles had to be inserted in the player after about five records had been played. It was manually wound up, of course.

I loved to visit my Aunt Anzo White, Daddy’s aunt, who lived just across the river. She had a stereoscope made of wood in which you inserted postcards. When you looked through
it, the pictures of famous places and scenery appeared in 3-D.

In summer, neighbors would show up to stand in front of the back porch to form quartets. Luther Morrison, James Rimmer, Oliver Beckett, Morrison Ashworth (beautiful high tenor), and sometimes Basil Turley. Basil was not a Christian, but said, “Just give me five minutes and I’ll make it right.” He died of a heart attack. I wonder if he had his five minutes.

John Martin usually showed up on Sundays with his guitar. We kids always wanted him to sing, “Froggy Went a-Courtin’ and “You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Valley, Gotta Walk it by Yourself.” Another guitarist was John Poling, who always sang, “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life.”

Gene’s family, like most families, worked five and a half days a week. Monday-Friday work was from 6 am to 6 pm, but work was done at noon on Saturday, then the men and boys would play baseball games. There were many baseball fields in this area, and lots of teams. There was a field where Meadow Lane is now, one where CMHS is now, and one where the Huntington Mall now stands. There were teams from Howell’s Mill, Salt Rock, the Bishoff Glass Company, Teays Valley, Scott Depot, Nitro, Dry Ridge, Barker Ridge, Union Ridge, Spurlock Creek, Nine Mile, and Greenbottom. On rainy or cold days, there were corn cob fights, boxing matches, or just passing the baseball from the barn to the garage. They hunted, wrestled, pitched horseshoes, and played marbles. Gene was a Checker Champion and Horseshoe Champion at Milton High School in 1938, and Marble Champion at Ona Elementary in 1937.

Neighbors got to know each other well in the small community by walking to church together, having parties at one another’s homes and by trading work on the farms.

Aunt Ruth rode a mule to sell flavoring. The money she earned was used to buy wallpaper. Up on the scaffold she went with Uncle James. “Yer doin’ it wrong!” “No, yer doin’ in wrong!” But soon the ceiling and walls would look fresh and pretty.

Always the prankster, Uncle James decided to jam an almost empty flour sack down on Aunt Ruth’s freshly washed long hair. She chased him through every room and through the hall a number of times. Granny “like to died a-laffin.’
That’s home-style entertainment.
                                      Mildred Caldwell

We celebrated Pastor Appreciation Day on Oct. 14. In behalf of the church, Deacon Willie Rose presented him with gift cards with which to buy an “audio-video something or other.” We are pretty sure Greg knows what he wants to buy.
Aleah Dillon presented a gift from Youth Ministries, and Kara Litteral presented a gift from Children’s Ministries, and the children sang, “Happy Pastor’s Day” to him. Erin Carter presented our pastor’s wife, Jeanne, a certificate for a “spa day,” complete with massage and mani-pedi, from Adult Ministries. We followed all this up with a delicious dinner. We do appreciate both Greg and Jeanne for their love and dedication to God and the church.


What good singing we enjoyed on Sept. 30 at our Fifth Sunday Night Sing! “Forgiven” brought good gospel songs and their children used their talents as well. Sarah and Jamie Bostic, Tammy Toney, Michael Bowyer and Isaac Bostic are dedicated to spreading the Gospel through song. What a blessing!

Rev. Mark Finley was the evangelist when our Sanctuary Choir sang in revival at Oak Hill UBI Church Oct. 6. Pastor Jamie Jefferson are always so welcoming. We had a good number in the choir, and the congregation received our singing enthusiastically.

We would like to share a portion of a recent newsletter from JD & Rhonda Reed, American Baptist missionaries from WV to Bolivia! Our church’s Mission Budget helps to support them.

It has been a busy, but wonderful summer for the House of Hope, and we are looking forward to a similar fall. We had the privilege of welcoming some longtime friends of the House of Hope and some new ones this summer. Our first team for the summer was our annual visit by the team from Parkway Baptist Church in Duluth, GA. The second team was the youth ministry from New Baptist Church in Huntington, WV. Both teams partnered together to help build a church building in the area of Sacaba (just outside the city of Cochabamba.). We partnered with a local engineer and architect to use a new locally manufactured type of ecological bricks that are affordable, ecologically responsible, locally-sourced and cut the build time down by 40%! We are excited to use these bricks (that work a lot like legos) and do some “pastry bag masonry.” We are excited to be continuing this building process on another project this fall, as well.

Each summer we have a flurry of activity at the House of Hope in Cochabamba. With projects, mobile health clinics and volunteer teams, we provide two basic opportunities for volunteers to serve. Of course, one is through the teams that partner with us, but the other comes as we try to bring college-aged students along with us so that they can explore what it means to serve God in a cross-cultural setting. This summer, we were excited to welcome Alyssa Chapman into that role. Alyssa is a Junior at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. On top of being a great student, she is on the leadership team in the Baptist Campus Ministry and also facilitates a small group called an “i-Team”.


1. Study the BIBLE daily.
2. Study the BIBLE with concentration.
3. Study the BIBLE independently.
4. Study the whole BIBLE.
5. Study the BIBLE as the Word of God.
6. Study the BIBLE prayerfully.
7. Study the BIBLE with definite purpose.
From the October 1964 Newsletter.
Contributed by Luther F. Morrison.


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(photo taken after Cantata from balcony by Susan McComas)



I couldn't resist including this picture of the grand finale of the Guyandotte Association Day Camp, 2005.
Besides what you see, there were booths set up for the full length of the Dining Hall porch, and the Barboursville Fire Department
brought their "Smoke House" trailer and taught our children what to do in case of a fire.


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