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Now available in an e-book edition on,, the Apple e-bookstore, and Google Books, from David C. Cook: MOVING PRISON (with William Mirza). The year is 1979. Ezra Solaiman, an Iranian Jew, watches in alarm as the Shah is overthrown by a coalition of Islamic fundamentalists led by Ayatollah Khomeini. As the country is increasingly ruled by those hostile to his ethnicity, Ezra begins to plan his escape to the West. But his son is being drawn in to a cell of counter-revolutionaries, and his daughter is being attacked at school. Can he keep his family safe? Click here to order

My other current books include BLAMELESS (2007), a modern-day, lighthearted (believe it or not!) retelling of the Job story; KING'S RANSOM, a historical novel of WWII Bulgaria (with Jan Beazley; winner of the 2005 Christy Award for Historical Fiction--see link at left); and SUNDAY CLOTHES, the story of an indomitable woman of Tennessee at the turn of the 20th century, published by Broadman & Holman of Nashville, TN , JABEZ: A NOVEL, published by WaterBrook Press (link at left), and the Daughters of Faith Series, published by Multnomah Publishing/WaterBrook Press: DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM (Mary Magdalene), WOMAN OF MEANS (Lydia), and MOTHER OF FAITH (Amanis, a fictionalized Nubian woman who escapes slavery and is befriended by the Apostle John). For my portrayal of the lives of women in the New Testament period, you might check these out. The Daughters of Faith Series is available on and other online retailers. In fact, all my books are available online (see links at left) and, hopefully, at your favorite local bookstore.

Available for Freelance Writing and Editing
I've been privileged to provide freelance writing and editing services for clients whose books have been published by Broadman & Holman, Hachette Book Group's FaithWords and Center Street Press, Greenleaf Book Group, and Warner Books, among others. If I can help with your writing project, please email me for an estimate, a confidential list of clients and titles, or just more information.