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Rarity From The Hollow




Publisher Synopsis: “Lacy Dawn is a true daughter of Appalachia, and then some. She lives in a hollow with her mom, Jenny, her war-damaged dad, Dwayne, and her mutt Brownie, a dog who's remarkably skilled at laying fiber-optic cable. Lacy Dawn's android boyfriend, DotCom, has come to the hollow with a mission: not to mend Dwayne, though he does, nor tutor Lacy Dawn, though he does that too.  No -- armed with advertising videos of proto-humanoids from millennia ago, he has been sent to Earth by the Manager of the Mall. He must recruit Lacy Dawn to save the planet, and help her with a boatload of shopping at the mall along the way. 

Half science fiction, half social commentary, and a third half satire, Rarity from the Hollow is a rare mixture of humor and wry observation woven into a quirky and unexpected SF tale. If Marvin the Android wanted to read a book about a colleague who'd risen to the top of their profession, Rarity from the Hollow would be it.”  (Ellen Bauerle, Editor of Fat Cat Press, and Acquiring Editor of Classical Studies for the University of Michigan Press).


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What Others Are Saying…

“Rarity from the Hollow is an original, interesting, naughty story of a backwoods girl, who saves the Universe, in her fashion. Not for the prudish.” Piers Anthony



“RARITY FROM THE HOLLOW is one of those strange and exciting bits of literature that captures you with its uniqueness and then lingers on your mind, reasserting itself from time to time to remind you that your reality may not be everyone else's. A rich and original work, full of aspects and images that are certain to make it worth recommending to friends you wish to impress. Not for everyone, but for those ready to embrace the offbeat, a welcome surprise." William F. DeVault, author, Love Gods Of A Forgotten Religion.



"An unlikely pair, the strange Lacy Dawn and her sent-to-Earth android DotCom take the reader on a wildly improbable and sometimes disturbing romp from rural Appalachia to an alien shopping mall as Lacy attempts to save the world, heal her parents, and fall in love." Mary Rosenblum, author, The Drylands, Chimera, The Stone Gardent, and Synthesis And Other Virtual Realities.



"Robert Eggleton is a gifted storyteller of boundless imagination and masterful skill. *Rarity from the Hollow* is a dark, humorous and suspenseful science-fantasy story that showcases Eggleton's expert characterization, description and dialogue. His frank and honest portrayal of poverty in rural Appalachia is reminiscent of Stephen King's use of "everyday horrors" to create a convincing sense of dread. Eggleton counters the story's dark mood with touches of warmth and humor, à la Ray Bradbury. I look forward to reading more from this rare, original author." J. D. Nelson http://www.MadVerse.com



"The book reached straight for my heart-strings and played them masterfully. The book is well-written, so much so that its emotions beat stronger than in most any other book I've read.” Brent P. Newhall http://brent.other-space.com/



"...the subject matter is dark and strong, unflinching in its portrayal of human darkness, and not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. Robert Eggleton is not afraid of employing complex style and structure to fit the needs of his story. The mixture of sci-fi, gritty reality, humour, and the mode of thriller reminds me a great deal of Dean Koontz's writing, and Robert Eggleton may indeed have the potential to follow in Dean Koontz's footsteps." Kevin Patrick Mahoney http://www.authortrek.com/kevin_patrick_mahoney_page.html



"Lacy Dawn is my kinda gal, and "Rarity From the Hollow" is my kinda book. Set in rural Appalachia, it dishes up courses of the offbeat, the unusual, and blends them into a superb main course of good storytelling. This book tells me that we'll be hearing much more from Robert Eggleton, much more, and it won't come a moment too soon for me." Ed Williams, Syndicated Columnist of Free Wheelin and author of "Rough as a Cob: More Juliette Journals".



"Rarity is one helluva a read. Buy it." Allan Cole, “The Timura Trilogy,” “Dying Good”.



“Give yourself a treat with something different next time you're ready to read. Try Rarity From The Hollow. It is one of the most unusual novels I've read in a great while. Look in on a dysfunctional family, poverty, child abuse, and the thought processes of  a young girl turning the corner from childhood to adolescence, then put them all together in a surreal setting that looks at our society from a distinctly different viewpoint. You'll enjoy the ride with Lacy Dawn and friends and family, but don't expect the ride to be without bumps and enough food for thought to last you a long time.” Darrell Bain,  2005 Fictionwise eBook Author of the Year.



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