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What’s New?



·         May 10th, 2007: Added a new review from Darrell Bain (2005 Fictionwise eBook Author of the Year) to the Rarity page. Find it here.


·         April 23rd, 2007: Check out the reviews of Rarity From The Hollow, including a blurb from internationally known sci-fi author Piers Anthony! Find them here.


·         April 22nd, 2007: Content added to About the Author, Publications, Sample Text, and Links sections.


·         April 14th, 2007: First test version of website launched. Very much under construction, expect frequent updates and design changes. Questions, comments, problems with the site, suggestions for the future? Please send me your ideas, I’d love to hear from you.


·         October 30th, 2006: I’m very pleased to announce the following – “SF Author Awarded the Noble (Not Nobel) Prize. Praised or maligned, the Nobel Prize for Literature is always news. It selects the best from the world and therefore misses much of value. Carolyn Howard-Johnson, “Back to Literature” columnist for MyShelf.com, closes the gap (only slightly) with her an annual “Noble Prize for Literature.” Over the last years the Nobel committee has recognized authors for their literary expertise but there has also been a trend toward awarding the prize for, as Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Tim Rutten says, “an author’s particular relevance to the moral moment in which the world finds itself.” Howard-Johnson’s prize therefore concentrates on books that address these same issues.  Her lists have included well-known authors who explore discrimination in their writing like Toni Morrison and Ralph Ellison, but she tries to concentrate on authors who have not been posted to bestseller lists or won major awards. Some past winners are LA's Leora G. Krygier and Randall Sylvis.  Fifteen books were named as the best releases in 2006.  One of the winners announced in the January issue of Myshelf was: Robert Eggleton for his e-book, Rarity from the Hollow (Fatcat Press). Nominated by Evelyn Somers, an Editor of The Missouri Review. http://www.baryon-online.com/baryon103/rarho.html and http://www.missourireview.com/tmr-blog/?p=310 To learn more about Howard-Johnson’s "Back to Literature" column or to see the complete listing of winning publications visit: http://www.myshelf.com/backtoliterature/07/bookstonoblefame07.htm









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