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Hello and Welcome...

Hello and welcome to my odd attempt at a web page here. I may even update this thing on a sporadic basis, so please check back sometime. Hopefully, this won't be the proverbial 'cob-web' site.

You may have concluded that I am not very proficient in web page language (This is edited with Notepad as well -really!!!), so you get to see a somewhat plain web page here. My programming dates back to days of punched cards and obscure things such as COBOL. I don't miss programming that much, but it still comes in handy.

As you still appear to be reading, I will proceed to tell a little about myself. I grew up as an army brat, and got to know places overseas such as (believe it or not) Afghanistan some 30+ years ago (see Nov 01 article in our local newspaper). This was during better days, and I think a lot about the place now and am glad to see things may be looking better again. A few folks from my office were deployed there for awhile, but didn't get much opportunity to look around. May Afghanistan have peace, freedom and rise from the rubble soon (and I wouldn't mind helping that to happen either -if we're ever welcome in that part of the world again, thanks to our former president!). I also lived in Guatemala. I’d recommend some travel to anyone, as per the old saying, ‘traveling broadens the mind’.

Since then, I did Air Force ROTC, served my four years of active duty and got out. However, I am working now as a contractor for the Air Force as a Systems Specialist with SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation, http://www.saic.com). I've been working for SAIC since 1998.

11 Sep 01, the day the world changed, still goes with some mention here. Same horrible gross feeling I had when the first space shuttle blew up, but magnified by the number of deaths we have experienced (only recently exceeded by a vast natural disaster). Turns out that these SOB's probably didn't think the buildings would collapse, so they celebrated that unexpected bonus too. As some remains of these terrorists were found, there has been a question of what to do with that. My suggestion is to make those remains into hog feed.

As I update this page again, the Iraqi misadventure drags on (the alleged 9/11 connection still puzzles me). The 'mission' seemed to be the easy part, but now the hard part is keeping the electricity on, and getting an administration in place that hopefully serves the Iraqi people better than the last one did (don't mind the car bombs). Our heavy handed and downright moronic methods so far have not necessarily accomplished this, but may have served to turn that country (if not that whole part of the world) against us. Suggest we fall back and regroup there before we lose too many more troops (Invading Iraq was NOT my idea). I hope attention can return to rebuilding of Afghanistan sometime soon, as it is needed far more there. The new administration may be catching on to that idea. There are a lot of good people in Afghanistan who praise the hopeful end of the Taliban and Bin Laden. May those responsible for 11 Sep 01 be brought to justice and may the innocent be saved.

But enough political soap box for now. I'll go off on the odd political tangent in my blogs section (also mentioned in my links below) among other things. I'll spare you the gory details here.

My hobbies include music. I play bass and sing in a couple local bands (as well as run sound). I also do radio production, recording, electronics, and occasional theatre. I have a microbroadcast FM station that was on the air on a very occasional basis. 100.9 FM was for exercising the free speech amendment and raising consciousness about local FM stations with rigid formats and too many commercials. Some commentary and entertainment may be in order as well. A slogan I often state, adapted from an old political campaign slogan, is "It's the listeners, STUPID!". Check out my links on LPFM and please feel free to E-mail me about FM microbroadcasting.

Well, that is the extremely brief ‘nutshell’ from this nut, if you will. Given a little time and additional HTML expertise, I’ll add some fancy things to this web page. It may be a year or two from now though. Until then, thanks for checking it out anyway. Drop me a line at the E-mail address on the top of this page, if you feel so moved. Due to changes with accounts at my cable provider, the E-mail address of tsmt01@cox-internet.com is no longer any good. Also please note that I ditched AOL some time back so my old E-mail address of TSMT@aol.com is no more, either. I wish to all you reading, a good one and I hope to talk to you soon.

Here's 10 Afs for your thoughts...(This would buy you a locally bottled Coke or Fanta Orange Soda during the time I was in Afghanistan -and may once again.) Note the picture of a somewhat younger Zahir Shah on this bill. It was with considerable sadness that I hear of his passing in Jul 07 but it was good to see him finally return to his home country. Scroll on down for some more links.

-Timothy S. McTaggart



American International School of Kabul (AISK). I was there in the early 70's. I went to the reunion in the bay area in Aug 2000, another one in Oct 2002 in San Antonio and to the most recent reunion Oct 2005 in Washington DC. This site has many active discussion groups and a heap of pictures (to include some of my own) from the DC reunion. There's also many pictures from Afghanistan and links to other sites on Afghanistan.


Nope, our local paper does not have the gonads to run Doonsbury during the week, so I gotta go here:


United Church of Christ in San Angelo! This is very different from the 'Church of Christ' you see in this area. Yes, this had been the 'Obama' church denomination (prior to that pastor who couldn't keep his mouth shut -it was too bad because he poorly represented the overall United Church of Christ). It's my new church and I originally started this website. Read on for what it's all about.


BLOGS! On inspiration from the above mentioned Doonsbury strip, I have decided to start my own periodical (but not daily, nor even monthly sometimes) blogs. You can check out my latest cogitations on Iraq there too. This 'Jenny McTagarty' may not have anything to worry about, but here we go anyway:


Urban Legends! Before you forward that piece of scary (or stupid) junk E-mail to everyone you know, PLEASE check one of the best urban legends reference pages I've found (but be ready to kill the pop up/under ads). Good info there to keep you from making a fool of yourself. There is also some interesting reading (to include the classic spanish fly legend... ahem...).


I don't think this is the official Taliban web site. Hasn't been updated in quite awhile either. Seemed to be defunct the last time I checked it, too. I wonder if homeland security is tracking attempts to access it still....??? Click if you dare:


Fed up with corporate blight (things like Nike's exploited overseas child labor)? Take action! Check out the yearly "TV turn off week" campaign that happens the last part of April.


KRUD Radio!! Anybody in radio or close to same ought to check this site out, especially the periodic cartoon (not updated recently a/o 6 Apr 08). Maybe I can work as a 'Voice God' sometime. Know that you are not alone in contending with the screwed up things of this strange business:


Free Radio Network. This is stuff about LPFM and pirate radio.


MicroKIND radio was an LPFM station in San Marcos TX. They are off the air and web broadcast for now. And thier website http://www.mediadesign.net/kindmenu.htm is kaput now as well (the following link is a Google search to try your luck). Hope to see them back sometime if this home-security, right wing, conservative government crap ever subsides. Drop them an E-mail with some encouragement if you can find some way to contact them.


And this is the profile for my own LPFM station.



This concludes the links for now. Thank you for your support. Page was last updated on Friday, 30 Jan 2009 (C) McTaggart Productions, all rights reserved.

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