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Well, what is a 'blog'? I'm not sure either, but I think it's supposed to be some type of nonsensical daily (or periodical) discourse. The term 'Blog' is a contraction of the term 'Web Log', hence 'weBLOG'. Anyway, please read on. (These are reverse chronological -most recent on top.)

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6 Apr 10

"Maybe it'll fertilize something... dunno what." That's what I heard my cousin Pete Crothers saying in my mind as I observed the conclusion of his graveside service last week. This was as pallbearers began shoveling the dirt in to fill up the hole for his grave at Ft McKavett Cemetery. It was very much a cowboy type service, the first of which I'd ever been to. Since Pete pretty much figured his time was coming, he went about planning his own wake and service. I'll say more about the wake in a subsequent blog. He had even overseen the construction of the coffin that his organic remains would occupy. Pete had fought a long battle with cancer -he'd lost his dad to the same thing. His dad had the dream of opening up a beer joint in Ft McKavett and had gone as far as to get a small place there. Pete went on to establish and expand the place, and do a lot of other things for Ft McKavett to include founding a volunteer fire department. Pete was the precinct commissioner as well, and may be remembered for saying when he was told he was elected, "I demand a recount!" Pete is one of these kindred spirits that I will sorely miss as he ventures on to things in the afterlife. I would suspect that he had even planned that his service would happen on April Fool's Day.



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