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Welcome to amateur radio station W8GN. My station is located in Saint Albans, WV, approximately 9 miles West of Charleston, WV, our State Capitol.

My name is James E. Watts, and I was first licensed on March 11, 1999, as a Technician Plus and my assigned call was KC8LXT. On June 3, 1999, I was granted my General License under the same call, KC8LXT, after I passed my General Theory and Morse Code tests. I decided to get a vanity call in January 2000, and I applied for and was granted the call W0WVA on  January 25th, 2000. I kept that call and license class until April 17, 2007, at which time I  was granted my Extra Class license after passing my Extra Theory test. Once I was granted an Extra Class license, I applied for and was granted my current call, W8GN, on May 08, 2007. I plan on this being my last license change.

I'm just a ragchewer mostly, and while I've been known to chase an occasional rare DX contact, I really just like talking to my buddies on 3.990. You can also find me sometimes on the 17 meter band as well as 40 meters.

My current rig is a Kenwood TS-990S. I enjoy experimenting with audio equipment and I currently have an Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Control Processor and a Behringer 2496 Ultra-Curve Pro. My microphone is a Neumann TLM-102. My audio is currently put together in the following manner; I run the TLM-102 directly into my Aphex 230 via a balanced XLR cable, then run out of the first stage of the Aphex 230 into the Behringer 2496. Audio is then returned to the Aphex 230's final stage. Next, I exit the Aphex 230 and then into the W2IHY iBox with a balanced phono cable. I then come out of the iBox into the front mic jack on the Kenwood TS-990S. I also have an Acom 1010 amplifier that I operatate on HF with about 650 watts output as well as an LDG AT1000 ProII automatic antenna tuner.

I have some pictures of my setup on the W8GN Hamshack page.

That's it for now,

73 from W8GN

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