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Welcome To The
136th Civil Engineer Squadron
Engineering Flight

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ENGINEERING FLIGHT...Keeping CE running smoothly.
The Engineering Flight is small and tends to get overlooked in CE...until someone needs a map.  A quick plot in AutoCad.  Or the best, quickest way to get a runway back up and running.

The Mission (Our Goals)
We are working on a mission statement.

The Methods (What we do)

The Crew (Who we are)

The Gear (What we got)   Engineering has many tools to help us accomplish our tasking.

  1. AutoCad
  2. Total Workstation
  3. Runway Levelers.

Action Photos. Click on a picture for a larger version.

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Left to Right:
TSgt Hall, SSgt Shoemaker, SSgt Rose

Eng-On Truck 2-Thm.jpg (6277 bytes)

Left to Right:
TSgt Hall, 1Lt Sanaghan,
SSgt Rose

Eng-Survey Hole-Thm.jpg (5711 bytes)

Action Photo:  Engineering flight surveying a hole.

Caption:   Stop moving so much and hold that dang rod still!



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Engineering, CE, and General Interest Links

Civil Engineer & Services School Disaster Prep classes are located here.  Find a class, what it teaches, and when they're going to offer it next.
ANG Home Page Self Explanatory.
Military Pay Charts Self Explanatory.

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