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The task I am presently working at is to translate the Nihon To Koza, Japanese Sword Lectures. The Nihon To Koza was first published in the mid-thirties in a series of some 20 odd volumes over a span of a couple of years. These were re-edited and re-issued in the late sixties in the form of a ten volume hardbound set.

The translated volumes are 8.5 X 11 inches, printed on coated paper, sewn in 16 page signatures, and hardbound. All of the pictures from the Japanese versions are reproduced, along with the captions, so one does not need the Japanese editions for pictorial reference. The books are indexed, and there is a glossary in each volume. Each book is approximately 500 pages, and weighs about 4.25 pounds.

The set consists of a Shinto volume, a Shinshinto volume, 3 Koto volumes, 2 volumes on Kodogu, 1 volume on Koshirae, 1 on the History of the Japanese Sword, and the final volume that is in interview form, which I like to call the "Everything you wanted to know but didn't know how to ask" volume.