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If you don't have one, you should purchase a "View Catcher" available from Hobby Lobby or Art Supply Warehouse ( Catalog # 290655.

Weather permitting we will be painting outdoors, so you must have an outdoor easel (my preference is the half box French easel. You may use whatever you are comfortable with).

In case of bad weather we will paint from photos, so bring your own landscape photos.


I will list here the paints that I use. The brand of paint that I use is Rembrandt.
Art Outfitters in Little Rock now carry a few tubes of the paint I use.

Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Deep
Transparent Oxide Red
Burnt Carmine
Phthalo Blue Red


Quality brushes are important. I use a size 10 hog bristle brush for applying the underpainting (any cheap brush is okay for this). I use flat synthetic brushes sizes 2 and 4 for plein air work.

I have recently found a couple of brushes I really like. They area Princeton Art & Brush Company 6200F series and Catalyst Polytip Bristle also by Princeton. They are available at Art Outfitters in Little Rock.


Small canvas boards are preferred. 8x10 or something close to it. You shouldn't need more than five. Probably will not use them all. My technique works best on linen rather than cotton canvas so it is highly recommended to get the linen boards.

I currently use a SourceTek product. It is Claessens #66 Linen on 1/8 in. Baltic Birch. They are available from

 Other Stuff

You should have odorless thinner or Mineral Spirits for brush cleaning. I don't use any medium with my paints other than Mineral Spirits for putting on the underpainting.

A palette knife for cleaning your palette

Paper towels

Wet canvas carier (Handy Porter is an inexpensive cardboard carrier available at most art supply houses)
DO NOT tone your canvases before the workshop!
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