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Campaign donations are NOT SOUGHT.  The candidate does not wish to fill out all the forms required if he receives or spends too much money.

HOWEVER, The Candidate would welcome any speaking invitations so he can explain why he is running, what the Libertarian Party has to Offer, and Why It is Critically Important that U.S. Individuals Take Back their Government from the Elitists that Are Ignoring the U.S. Constitution and Threaten to Ruin the U.S. Economy, as well as speaking engagements on Social Security, Cap and Trade,  or any of the other policies he has addressed in his statements on the Statements Page of this website.

The Candidate also encourages any group or individual who wishes to support his candidacy to do whatever they wish to do so so long as they act within the law, make no statements that are not true, and, if applicable, comply with all applicable laws and regulations when doing so. They, however, must act independently of the candidate and not provide funding to him.


Email Chip with any questions.,

Richard Peterson Campaign, Richard Peterson treasurer