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This page provides internet linkage information for sites that deal with Libertarian Topics or Related Political Topics.

Information on the Libertarian Party can be obtained, nationally, at  and information regarding Texas Libertarians is at  Nationally, has much useful information about Libertarians. I find one of the most interesting pages to be that which references well-known and famous Libertarians at  Also, the Reason Foundation has much interesting information at at or at These sites feature a number of interesting videos on Libertarian topics by Drew Carey, the TV entertainer, in the Drew Carey Project. More locally, there is a Libertarian oriented web site in Dallas at and, while they are not Libertarian, Lubbock's  local teaparty group has many similar sentiments, and their web site is at

    Nationally, both the Cato Institute at and the Heritage Foundation at have many Libertarian oriented policies and analytical papers that reklate to currently important national policies.. In addition, the teaparty patriots at and at are also dedicated to promoting smaller, less-intrusive government, even though they are not  Libertarian groups, per se. Also, nationally, many of the columnists at the Townhall organization are good Libertarians and write excellent and interesting columns on a regular basis. They can be found at . My favorite columnist of all time, Thomas Sowell, can be found there. He is an excellent PhD economist who has branched out beyond economics per se to apply economic analysis and insights to a broad range of important phenomena--such as rascism, conquests, migrations, and cultural differences among people and groups of people. He is my favorite author as a result. Another excellent economist at Townhall is Walter Williams. His columns are also very insightful and educational. Both Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are featured by as celebrity Libertarians. Another celebrity also writes columns posted on the Townhall site. That is John Stossel. Stossel started as a TV journalist and realized that the media's prejudice against private markets was wrong. Consequently, he has written a number of interesting columns and TV scripts to show the benefits that people obtain from the workings of private markets and the follies caused by excessive government in the economy. Like Drew Carey, he uses his media background to produce many very interesting and convincing columns and presentations that have a Libertarian flavor. There are many other interesting and insightful columnists accessible through the Townhall website, but the 3 I have cited are all explicitly Libertarian and consistently expound Libertarian views. 


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