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Why I Am A Candidate for Congress, Texas District 19



 To Give People the Option of Voting for a Well-qualified Candidate Who Doesn't Belong to Either Major Party



 Because Some People Do Not Want to Vote for the Incumbent

                        (possibly because they don't want to vote for any incumbent, or possibly because of  personal grudges against the present incumbent*)


 and I want them to have a choice other than staying home or for voting for a member of the Democratic (”Socialist “) Party

                        who would have to support the policies of Nancy Pelosi if elected.


 To Keep Pressure on the Present Incumbent


 to keep him fiscally conservative and not let him pander to special interests

 by promising to spend more of the people's money than his opponent from the Democratic {“Socialist”)  Party.



To Insure that at least One Candidate in the Race will be strongly Committed to Obeying the U.S. Constitution and Protecting Individual      Liberties as Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights



To Help Build People's Awareness and Support for the Libertarian Party

                        which is the only party truly committed to following the principles established by our nation's founders in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is the party dedicated to support limited government, individual liberties, and low taxes. Also, see "Why I am a Libertarian" on the "Statement" page of this website.


*Some people have told me that they will not vote for the incumbent because they are incensed that he was one of the biggest supporters of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two government sponsored enterprises that played a major role in the current U.S. financial crisis (”Great Recession”) and presently have absorbed over $7 trillion dollars worth of U.S. Government guarantees—guarantees that ultimately will cost the U.S. Taxpayer huge amounts of money. Others have told me that they are disturbed by his support of the Real -ID act that essentially can lead to internal ID cards that, like external passports, could be used to restrict individuals' freedom of movement within the U.S. Still others have told me that they are disturbed by his unquestioning support of some of George Bush's initiatives that they feel run counter to the U.S. Constitution—such as unconstitutional warrentless searches along with other unconstitutional provisions authorized by  the (misnamed) U.S. Patriot Act . They also are offended by his unquestioning support of George Bush's military incursions that were not authorized by Congressional declarations of war. Finally, others have told me that they feel the present incumbent is too quick to spend taxpayers’ money on projects that favor special interests at the expense of taxpayers and people in general.


Product of Richard “Chip” Peterson Congressional Campaign, Richard Peterson, Treasurer


Email Chip with any questions.

Richard Peterson Campaign, Richard Peterson treasurer