In New Bern NC, September 9-10

Two days of cross-country cycling

30, 75 or 100 miles each day

See http://www.nationalmssociety.org/nct/event/event_page.asp?p=17163&e=8671

Turn volume up for "Music Box"

I made it! 175 miles!

The weather was perfect for cycling both days. Not too hot, not too windy. My stats below are close to last year's except I'm coming to the realization that I can't always keep up with the young cyclists, most of whom are thirty-something. Nevertheless, I'm still arriving back in New Bern before most cyclists.

Saturday September 9- 100 Miles 

Sunday September 10 - 75 Miles 

Start time 8:30 AM Start time 8: 00 AM
Finish time 3:02 PM Finish time 12:45 PM
Distance Recorded ~100 mi Distance recorded ~75 mi
Total Elapsed Time 6 hr - 32 min Total Elapsed Time 4 hr - 45 min
Overall Avg. Speed 15.3 mph Overall Avg. Speed 15.8mph
Rest Stops+Lunch 34.8 min appx. Rest Stops + Lunch 33.6 min appx
Saddle Speed Avg. 16.8 mph Saddle Speed Avg. 17.9 mph

Saturday September 9 - 100 miles:

The Saturday 100-mile trip was tough. I can't hang in with the lead group of cyclists as I used to, however, I did manage to bypass the first rest stop at a saddle average of 19 mph and hold that average to the 2nd rest stop at 36 miles where I stopped. But pushing it I got leg cramps which caused me to drop out of groups and have to slow down for the cramps to work out. As a result, my overall saddle average dropped to 16.8 mph from 17.2 last year. 

I returned home, showered, took a short nap and returned to the Convention Center for the nice buffet. After that I joined the Pickin & Grinin Group of 20 players at the Union Point Park gazebo to entertain MS-150 cyclists camping until 9 PM.  Click here for Gazebo photos

Sunday September 10 - 75 miles:

I decided not to go for 100 miles Sunday. 75 miles is easier and the cyclists are not usually as fast as the 100-milers. Like Saturday, I bypassed the first rest stop with a saddle average of 19 mph and kept 19 to the next stop. But not  having to work as hard I experienced no leg cramps. It was an exhausting but enjoyable trip. I was ready for a hot shower and a nap upon arriving home. No soreness, just exhausted. 


As I did last year, I purchased a small throwaway camera that I could keep in my Jersey pocket. Click Here for cycling photos

The rest of the story...

On Saturday morning as I was waiting in Union Point Park for the tour to start, an old gentleman passed by and we started a conversation. His name was Joe Kahn and he was from Cary. I asked how many times he had cycled the MS tour and I believe he said 13. Wow, I had done it only 5 times. How much did he raise for MS? $2,900! Gee, I only raised $2,400. I finally asked him how old he was and he replied 77. Hey, I'm 77 and I'm supposed to be the oldest male cyclist in the tour according to the MS Society. Turned out Joe's birthday is a couple weeks before mine so he's now the oldest male cyclist in the MS-150 bike tour. I have notified the MS Society of the error. Lillian Herderich of New Bern is still the oldest cyclist at age 81. You can see a picture of her on the Photo Page (see above). 

Where to send your check:

If you haven't done so already and you're listed as a sponsor below, please write your check to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and note on it "MS-150 sponsor for Dave Wallace." Send it to:

    Multiple Sclerosis Society, 3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 210, Raleigh NC, 27609

If you have questions you may call them at 1-800-344-4867. Also if you forgot your pledge amount send e-mail to me at  davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net (remove the XXX) and I'll return your pledge message. 

Thank you folks! 

Thank you for your great  support for me to cycle the MS-150. Many of you have pledged money year after year to the MS Society for me to ride the tour.  

Thanks also go to the folks at the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Raleigh for putting on a really first-class bicycle tour. 

Sincerely,  Dave Wallace

The following is the original web page that solicited sponsors for the 6th Annual MS-150 Bike Tour in New Bern.


Hello, I'm Dave Wallace and I'm back again and ready to roll!  

This will be my 6th year to cycle the MS-150 tour as the oldest male cyclist. I'm now age 77.  Cycling is the easy part. The hard part is getting help in raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research which is what the tour is all about. Over 1500 cyclists are expected to converge on New Bern in September and hopefully raise more than $1,000,000. Over the past five years I have raised a total of $6,841.75, all thanks to you. Visit my past MS-150 web pages at http://pages.suddenlink.net/davew/dave.htm and see who my wonderful sponsors have been.    

What is Multiple Sclerosis and what is the Multiple Sclerosis Society doing about it?

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. We have two family members with it. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs, or severe, such as paralysis or loss of vision. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, but the unpredictable physical and emotional effects can be life-long. This year the MS Society will spend more than $35 million to fund more than 300 new and ongoing MS research projects. There are now five FDA-approved drugs that can impact the underlying disease course in people with the more common forms of MS: Avonex, Betaserom, Copaxone, Novantrone and Rebif and last June the FDA approved Tysabri for relapsing MS. The Society funded basic research that led to the development of several of these drugs and continues to advance research that will help end the devastating effects of MS.

What is the MS-150? 

Besides the new 30-mile loops this year the basic MS-150 tour consists of two 75-mile loops out of New Bern on September 9 and 10. Each day there is an option of adding 25 miles to round out the trip to 100 miles or what cyclists call a Century trip. I always cycle 100 miles on the first day and either 75 or 100 the second day depending on how I feel and the weather. Each day's tour starts and ends at Union Point park in New Bern. The Tour is not a race but despite all ages and types of bicycles participating it's still a race for many. I always start with the lead group and try to hang in as long as I can, usually to the first rest stop around 12 miles - which they simply bypass. 

I need your support

The purpose of the tour is to raise money for research to find a cure for the devastating disease of Multiple Sclerosis. What I need are sponsors that will pledge a donation to the MS Society provided I complete the tour, which in my case will be 175 or 200 miles of cycling in two days. If you go to http://pages.suddenlink.net/davew/dave.htm you may access my  previous MS-150 web pages and see sponsors for the past 5 years that raised $635, $1449, $1562, $1555 and $1640 respectively. The overall goal this year for the Tour in New Bern is to exceed $1,000,000.  

How to pledge via e-mail

To pledge a fixed amount or an amount per mile please send a message to me at davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net (remove the XXX before sending) with your name, address and the pledge amount. Don't send money. I will then post your name (less the amount pledged) to the list of sponsors and show the cumulative total below on this web page. 

When the tour is over and I complete 175 or 200 miles I will notify everyone by e-mail and update the web page with a narrative on how the tour went. At that time you may send your pledge check to the following address. If I don't complete the tour you owe nothing.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 210

Raleigh , NC 27609

Phone 1-800-344-4867

You can ride the MS-150 too...

Check out the MS-150 web site and register at http://www.nationalmssociety.org/nct/event/event_detail.asp?e=8671 You'll see all ages and about every kind of bike participating in the tour but I must warn you that you're going to have a tough time keeping up on a heavy fat-tire bike because most of the bikes are light weight road bikes with skinny tires. If you have questions about cycling and the tour send them by e-mail and I'll try to answer them.        


All addresses are North Carolina unless shown otherwise

Below is a list of the folks sponsoring me in the MS 150 Bike T

Don & Diane Degnan - River Bend Jim & Sherril Miller - River Bend
Barbara & Reinhold Wind - River Bend Bill Simmons - River Bend
Harmon & Bunny Ferer - New Bern Bob & Frances Remele - River Bend
Ken and Nancy Kubik - River Bend  Don Loudin - New Bern
Lynda Maynard - River Bend Ted & June Gladding - River Bend
Debra Tyndall - New Bern Otto & Peggy Kuehrmann - River Bend
Phil & Lynn Seymour - River Bend Dottie Anderson - River Bend
Dick & Janet Wern - River Bend Orchid Lee - River Bend
Dick & Nancy Burfeind - River Bend George & Doris Pfeiffer - River Bend
Charles Dettor - New Bern Dr. Henry McKeown - River Bend
Barbara Maurer - River Bend Nate Salsbury -  New Bern
Amy O'brien - Alexandria VA Brad & Barbara Harrison - River Bend
Don & Mary Ann Tirabassi - River Bend Ron Phillips - Trent River Realty - River Bend
George & Jan Wallace - Miami FL Susan Wallace - Stafford VA
Gloria Kneen - River Bend Nils & Susie Hokansson - Fairfield Harbour
Wayne & Nancy Orr - River Bend Al & Vickie Kindler - River Bend
Dennis & Carol Brooks - River Bend  George & Lou Fusco - River Bend
Amy Upton - River Bend Edna Bearnes - River Bend
Billie & Charlie Gould - River Bend (K4VC) Diane Gasalberti - West Milford NJ-
Carla & Dave Cherry - Trent Woods Richard & Audrey Hill - New Bern
Herb & Dottie Parker - River Bend Pete and Mary Peterson - Fairfield Harbour
Al & Agnes Kish - River Bend Carol Kosarko - River Bend-
Jym Fish - River Bend Dan Sosa - Jacksonville 
David & Diana Sousa - River Bend  Joe & Judy Kelly - River Bend
Jim Gray - Greenbrier - New Bern Dean & Aileen Eger - River Bend
Betsy & Jay Figueroa - River Bend  Bill & Harriet Milde - River Bend-
Helen Dawley - River Bend  Bob Mangan - Trent Woods 
Bill & Nancy Ritchie - River Bend  Loren & Barb Kindler - Hubbard OH (W8ISV)
Lori & Dave Gover - River Bend Bill Price & Janie Kelly - River Bend
Herb Rawls - New Bern Buster Bell - River Bend
Elizabeth & Ken Brinson - River Bend  Howard Rawls - New Bern
Bill Walker - New Bern  Janey Anderson - River Bend
Rudy Ramcke - River Bend  Irene & Walter Moeller - River Bend
Lou & Barbara Price - River Bend Bob Fleming - River Bend 
The Lafargue Family - River Bend Camille & Jim Hoffman - River Bend
John and Louise Bishop - New Bern Dave and Maureen Schwerdtfeger - River Bend
Gloria Glowacki - Long Island NY Jane & Don Snider - River Bend
Doug Pew - Reston VA

PLEDGE AMOUNT TOTAL = $2727.50.00  Wow!

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Updated: 10/13/06