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2001 MS-150 Bike Tour 
2002 MS-150 Bike Tour 
2003 MS-150 Bike Tour 
2004 MS-150 Bike Tour 
2005 MS-150 Bike Tour 
2006 MS-150 Bike Tour
2007 MS-150 Bike Tour
2008 MS-150 Bike Tour (now called MS Bike Tour)
2009 MS Bike Tour
New Bern Century Cyclists-NBCC
  NBCC Sunday cyclists photo page
  Dave's Cycling Background as of year 2005
Disneyworld Senior Olympics Cycling - 1999
Cycling the MS-150 at age 80 - article for RIVER BENDER
Pickin & Grinin Amateur Music Group
  Pickin & Grinin members photo page
  Fiddling Around - Dave's blog about his old fiddle
  Archived photos (over 700) of Pickin & Grinin Group on MS One-Drive
River Bend Bear at Sheraton Hotel
Articles by Dave Wallace for the RIVER BENDER newspaper
Article about Dave Wallace in May 2008 RIVER BENDER
Effie Culbreth's 91st Birthday
Paintings and Sketches by Dave Wallace
  Hurricane Irene -August 2011
Susan's Visit November 2011
Where has all the wildlife gone in River Bend?
Ancestors of David Franklin Wallace and Marilee Boon Wallace
Weekend Announcement
Old Photos of the Town of River Bend
  Web Pages and Facebook Pages, etc created by River Benders

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