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This website has but one purpose: To encourage cyclists of all ages in the New Bern NC area to cycle a Century trip and to give recognition to those that have done so.

Why? So we can get cyclists together for monthly Century trips weather permitting. Having a large group of cyclists makes the trip easier and more enjoyable. If you've never ridden with a group of riders it's time for you to discover something new about cycling.


Visitors since 3/6/02  - Average 11 visitors/day -   NBCC currently has 212 members 1/1/2014

What's a Century trip? It is a rite of passage for all serious cyclists to be able to say that they have cycled a trip of 100 miles in a single day, usually within 5 to 8 hours. Others say one has to be crazy to ride 100 miles. 

Why ride a Century? Because of the challenge! The mere thought of being on a bike for some 5 to 8 hours impresses sedentary folks but anyone can ride a Century who is healthy and prepares for it. I'm 84 (Aug 2013) and have cycled 57 Century trips since age 67. It's great fun and excellent aerobic exercise. Overweight? You'll burn several thousand calories each trip!

What does one need to do to prepare for a Century? Cycle, cycle cycle! The more you cycle on a routine basis the easier it is to ride a Century. If after riding your bike for 10 miles your legs are sore you're obviously not ready for a 100 miles. You should be able to knock off at least 25 miles with no pain before attempting 100.

Do I need a special bike? It's going to be hard pedaling an old one-speed heavy bike with fat tires but I'm not going to put down any bike except to say that the trip will be much easier and faster if you have a lightweight roadbike. What's a roadbike? You won't find one at Wal-Mart. It's a bike with a lightweight alloy, aluminum or carbon fiber frame, drop handlebars and very skinny tires (appx. 700mm x 23mm). Prices start in the hundreds and go to the thousands. Many folks have popular mountain bikes nowadays. They'll make the 100 miles but they won't keep up with roadbikes. You guessed it! I'm a roadbike nut...

 Why join the NBCC? It costs nothing and simply places you on an e-mail list to be notified when a Century or any other shorter trip is planned so that you may join the group. It also permits you to send messages to all members by addressing your message to nbcc@XXXalways-online.com (remove XXX). Send your request to Dave Wallace at davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net (remove XXX). The e-mail list will be sent only to members that are on it. 

Where does a Century trip go? Wherever you or a member that plans the trip wants it to go. The monthly trips that we were taking when this webpage was started departed from River Bend and went to Trenton,  then to Beulaville where we had breakfast or lunch at Hardees or McDonalds. After lunch we cycled to Fountaintown, Catherine Lakes, Richlands, Trenton and back to River Bend. See mileage chart you can print out. Besides lunch we usually took about 4 short rest stops at stores along the way. Ordinarily we departed on a Sunday morning at 8 AM and returned by 3:30 PM. Saddle time was around 6 1/2 hours with the remaining time for lunch and rest stops. Average overall saddle speed usually ranged from 14.5 -16.5 mph depending on the wind. A group of cyclists always make better time by taking turns "pulling the group" while others draft behind. You'll be surprised at the difference drafting makes. Nowadays, cyclists purchase GPS computers for their bike and send in data and maps on their Century trips.  

How can I be added to the Century Trip Recognition list?  It's easy, provided you live in the vicinity of New Bern NC where you'll be able to cycle with us occasionally. Just complete a Century trip and have it verified by another member or send in your GPS computer data. Send your request to Dave Wallace at davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net(remove XXX). As you complete more Century trips send in update info. (By the way it is not the intent of this web page to record century trips of cyclists all over the country)

   Dave Wallace  davewallaceXXX@suddenlink.net (remove XXX)

Current Scheduled Rides (weather permitting) as of 1/1/2014

Morning Rides

Flythe's Bike Shop 2411 Trent Rd, New Bern     Atomic Cycles Bike Shop 504 S Front St, New Bern 

Day Location Depart time Distance miles Destination Contact (remove XXX on all email addresses) Comments
Tuesday Atomic Cycles Bike Shop 5:30 PM new time 28-30 Carolina Colours Tom Hewitt at 633-2242 or atomiccycles@XXXgmail.com ShakeNBake ride -A,B,C,D groups 16 to 24mph - 6 sprint points. 
Tuesday Flythes Bke Shop 5:45 PM 15 Trent Woods area Mac Flythe at 638-1544 or flythes@XXXgmail.com -
Thursday Atomic Cycles Bike Shop 5:30 PM new time 28-30 Carolina Colours Tom Hewitt at 633-2242 or atomiccycles@XXXgmail.com Tempo Ride - no sprints, but staggered group starts 16-24mph
Thursday Flythes Bke Shop 5:45 PM 15 Trent Woods area Mac Flythe at 638-1544 or flythes@XXXgmail.com -
Thursday Flythes Bke Shop 8:30 AM   30 or 35 Pollocksville or Jasper Mac Flythe at 638-1544 or flythes@XXXgmail.com  
Saturday Atomic Cycles Bike Shop 7 AM new time 35-45  Pollocksville or Jasper Tom Hewitt at 633-2242 or atomiccycles@XXXgmail.com 23mph avg with high of  26-28mph
Saturday Flythes Bke Shop 8:30 AM   30 Pollocksville  Mac Flythe at 638-1544 or flythes@XXXgmail.com groups 15 to 20+mph
Saturday Atomic Cycles Bike Shop 2 PM 25-55/66 Carolina Colours Tom Hewitt at 633-2242 or atomiccycles@XXXgmail.com Various miles/various paces (15-20) depending on how many cyclists show up. 
Sunday Atomic Cycles Bike Shop (Starts at United Methodist Church in Trent Woods) 7 AM new time 40-75

40/50 miles (Jasper Loop) to 65/75 miles. May go instead to Pamlico County

Tom Hewitt at 633-2242 or atomiccycles@XXXgmail.com 20mph avg with high of 21- 22mph
Sunday Flythe's Early Bird departs RB Shell station 6 AM 26? Probably 26-mile Jasper loop Mac Flythe Jr macflythe@XXXgmail.com B group 17-18, A group 20+ back in time for 8:30 AM ride
Sunday Flythes Bke Shop 8:30 AM 35 Jasper Mac Flythe at 638-1544 or flythes@XXXgmail.com groups 15 to 20+mph
Sunday Atomic Cycles Bike Shop 2 PM  25-55/66

Carolina Colours

Tom Hewitt at 633-2242 or atomiccycles@XXXgmail.com Various miles/various paces (15-20) depending on how many cyclists show up. 

Remove XXX on all email addresses before sending

Send a message to nbcc@always-online.com to let folks know you are joining a ride

Send a message to Dave Wallace davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net to make corrections/additions to above


Red = Current year 2014

Blue = 2014 MS Bike Tour in New Bern 

(See Century Statistics at end of list)


                               Last Century Trip

Age at last trip

Total Century Trips
Joe Avolis April 2014 111`mile loop around Croatan Forest via Emerald Isle with Tom Hewitt, Dustin Hanson, Greg Chuffo and Mike Dunlap (Garmin data & map)


Mike Dunlap April 2014 111`mile loop around Croatan Forest via Emerald Isle with Tom Hewitt, Dustin Hanson, Greg Chuffo and Joe Avolis. (Garmin data & map) 55 162
Carole Stanton April 2014 Jasper loop + Oriental loop for 106 miles with Marcy Mills, Doug Bacskay, Carol Beliveau and Scott from Goldsboro (Garmin GPS data + map)  114

Dave Wallace

May 2010 - Beulaville (First Century was to Beulaville in 1996 at age 67 with Greg McCoy below) 



Bill Sadler

April 2014 Century#3 on CNC Spring Ride in Oriental with Dan McRoy



John Klecker

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Chuck Forrest April 2014 Century on CNC Spring Ride in Oriental with Carol Beliveau 58 34
Shawna Bland April 2014 Aurora to Plymouth, Washington & New Bern for 127 miles/200K+ (GPS data) 41 34

Enrique Garcia

October 2007 - with large group (Beulaville)



Bill Ernul

April 2004 (Palm Coast - Edgewater FL)



Tom Hewitt

April 2014 111`mile loop around Croatan Forest via Emerald Isle with Mike Dunlap, Dustin Hanson, Greg Chuffo and Joe Avolis. (Garmin data & map)



Ed Busch

September 2005 MS-150 tour - New Bern



Douglas Bacskay

April 2014 Jasper loop + Oriental loop for 106 miles with Marcy Mills, Carole Stanton, Carol Beliveau and Scott from Goldsboro (Garmin GPS data + map) 



Bridget Curlin

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Joe Baes September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century 50 21

Joanne Somerday

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Karen Avolis October 2013 Bridgeton, CorePoint, Hickory Point in Beaufort Co & return with Joe Avolis (Garmin GPS) 49 18

Shane Naber

February 2014 New Bern/Emerald Isle & Return -113 mile with Forrest, Hewitt & Johnson.



Dan Sosa

May 2013 - Down East Cyclists -Jacksonville to Atlantic Beach, Fort Macon and back



Mac Flythe

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Cassandra Crowder

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Dustin Lupton  September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century 29 16

Chris Kelso

April 2014 Century on CNC Spring Ride in Oriental 



Tommy Arthur

September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 



Bonnie Refinski-Knight 

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Cliff Blackwell

September 2013 MS Bike Tour Day 1 & 2 Double Century (Garmin GPS - avg speed day 1 = 23.6 mph with Mike Dunlap)



Lucien Vaughn December 2013 Trent Woods, Oriental, Bayboro, New Bern, Tuscarora & return - with Josh Brown,  Greg Chuffo, Will Conkwright, Chuck Forrest & Carole Stanton (Garmin GPS) 61 14
Patrick Ray April 2014 Aurora, Hobucken, Oriental loop in Beauford/Pamlico Counties with Mills, Beliveau, Bacskay & Stanton (Garmin GPS data + map)  25 14

Nancy Alexander

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century


John Williams III MD

September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Bill Reid

April 2003 (Beulaville)



Patrick Jacques

September 2007 MS-150 Tour - New Bern



Millard Godwin

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Gary Bielejeski

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century



Greg Chuffo April 2014 111`mile loop around Croatan Forest via Emerald Isle with Tom Hewitt, Dustin Hanson, Mike Dunlap and Joe Avolis. (Garmin data & map) 28 10
Marcy Mills April 2014 Jasper loop + Oriental loop for 106 miles with Carole Stanton, Doug Bacskay, Carol Beliveau and Scott from Goldsboro (Garmin GPS data + map)  40 10

Roger Woolsey

August 2006 (Wisconsin SAGBRAW from Sturgeon Bay to Manitowoc)



Ben Bunn

September 2012 New Bern to Oriental, River Dunes and back through Pamlico County.



Linda Sawyer

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Henry Beckwith September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century 41 9

Josh Brown

January 2014 Velominati Rule 5 Ride: New Bern, Croatan Forest, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, New Bern with Tom Hewitt, Mike Dunlap, Greg Chuffo, Will Conkwright, Dustin Hanson, Kyle Hanson, Chuck Forrest and Joe Avolis.  (Garmin GPS data)



Dan McRoy April 2014 Century#3 on CNC Spring Ride in Oriental with Bill Sadler 66 9

Amy Stanton

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century)



Mac Flythe Jr.

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Chad McCoy

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



A.J. Beisler MD

July 2005 (Blood, Sweat & Gears Century - Boone, NC)



Pat McNeal

July 2004 (Beulaville)



Dave Blome

June 2005 (Jacksonville/Atlantic Beach & return)



Tim McLear

April 2012 - Cycle NC (CNC) Washington NC Century Option



Avery Corning

September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 



Chris Lucas

September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Charles Fetzer

May 2013  - Assault on Mt Mitchell with Chuck Forrest



Chuck Kimball September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century 58 7

Patti LaManna

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern  Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Joby Arthur

July 2010 RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bicycle Race Across Iowa)



Susan Hamilton

September 2008 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Mark Verrill

September 2004 (MS-150 tour)  - New Bern



Mark Masser

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century)



Frank Grady May 2013 - Maysville, Kinston, Cove City, Trent Woods (Garmin map & data ) 44 6

John Jaskolka

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century



John Imbriaco

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century



Shannon Semple

September 2003 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Nick Peluso

September 2003 (MS-150) - New Bern



Mary Hittner

October 2007 (Beulaville)



Mike Gearren

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century)



Philippe Lafargue

September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Beverly Rust

August 2013 - Pamlico Century with Bonnie Refinski-Knight and Bridget Curlin (Computer photo)



Jay Phillips September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century



Mary Ann LeRay

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Courtney Dixon August 2013 - Bike Fest, Hillsborough, NC (Reported by Carole Stanton) ? 5
Will Conkwright January 2014 Velominati Rule 5 Ride: New Bern, Croatan Forest, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, New Bern with Tom Hewitt, Mike Dunlap, Greg Chuffo, Josh Brown, Dustin Hanson, Kyle Hanson, Chuck Forrest and Joe Avolis.  (Garmin GPS data) ? 5
John Cho MD March 2014 New Bern/Trenton/Cove City/Carolina Colours with Marcy Mills, Patrick Ray, Doug Bacskay, Carole Stanton and friends from Goldsboro and Clinton. (Garmin GPS data) 


Carol Beliveau April 2014 Jasper loop + Oriental loop for 106 miles with Marcy Mills, Doug Bacskay, Carole Stanton  and Scott from Goldsboro (Garmin GPS data + map)  5

Rick Curlin

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century)



Ed Kerl

July 2003 (Beulaville)



Dan Froelich

September 2006 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Jason Carman

January 2011 local trip verified by Atomic Cycles & Dan/Stacy Winchell



Steve Bengel

April 2011 Spring CNC Ride -Oriental, NC



Jose Gonzalez MD

August 2013 - Bike Fest, Hillsborough, NC (Reported by Carole Stanton)



Andy Davidson MD

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century



Donna Deans

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century



Sean McKeon September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Double Century 55 4
Mike Fincham September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century 39 4
Kim Willis September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century 49 4
Steven Whited September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century



 Carlos Villavicencio MD

July 2005 Cascade Bike Club's Seattle-Portland Double Century 



Tim Tabak

September 2007 (Down East Cyclists Labor Day Century - Jacksonville)



Capt Jason Rubin

May 2010 Ride to Nowhere - USS Nassau at Gulf of Aden (off Yemen)



Heather Noto

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Jeff Enos

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Cal Hansen September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century) 70 3
Ryan Falkenberry September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 14 3

Cheryl Smith

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 Century



Bryan Hulka September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century



Kevin Reynolds

September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century



Aleta Brydge September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century 46 3
Dave Whitlow September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 & 2 Century 50 3
Dustin Hanson April 2014 111`mile loop around Croatan Forest via Emerald Isle with Tom Hewitt, Mike Dunlap, Greg Chuffo and Joe Avolis. (Garmin data & map) ? 3
John Melling September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century)



George Myers August 2011 Crowder, Myers, Masser, Holbrooke, Somerday Century (Brices Creek, Pollocksville, Trenton, Jasper, New Bern, Local area)



Ashley Turner

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Jason Williamson

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Joe Schelke

April 2002 (Beulaville)



Greg McCoy

September 1998 - Beulaville (First Century with Dave Wallace above)



Andrew Semple

September 2003 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Rob Warnick

August 2004 (Cotton Country Century in Winterville)



Tore Mitchell

January 2005 (New Bern to La Grange & return)



Sharon Busch

September 2005 (MS-150 tour)  - New Bern



Holland Patton

September 2007 (MS-150 tour)  - New Bern



Allen Edwards

\September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Jeff Morand

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Mike Gearren Jr September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern (Double Century)



Noelle Ybarra

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Ron Lather MD

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Justin Wynant

September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Ryan Albertson September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Ron Light September 2012 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 62 2
Andrea Packard October 2012 Beach To Battleship Ironman in Wilmington NC 2.4 mi Swim, 112 mi Bike, 26.2 mi Run (49th out of 136 women) 38 2
David Peterson April 2013 - Coastal Cyclists 2013 "After the Bridge Run Ride" in Charleston SC. (Garmin GPS map & data) 58 2

Scott Fisher

August 2013 - Bike Fest, Hillsborough, NC (reported by Carole Stanton)



Rileigh Ray September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century 26 2
Todd Fulcher September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century 38 2
Pedro Abreu September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century 36 2
Kevin Brice September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century 40 2
Melanie Noble September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century 53 2
Steve Mercer September 2013 River Bend, Belgrade, Trenton extended with McRoy & Sadler (Garmin GPS) ? 2
Paula Hissett September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern - Day 1 & 2 Double Century 55 2

Chris Myers

July 2003 (Beulaville)



Bill Edwards

September 2003 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Jeff Rosen

November 2003 (Beulaville)



Robertson Dorsett

November 2003 (Beulaville)



Dale Kidwell

January 2004 (Beulaville)



Jared Douglass

July 2004 (Beulaville)



Beth Griffin

July 2004 (Beulaville)



Jeremy LeRay

September 2004 (MS-150 tour)  - New Bern



Phil Pelletier

October 2004 (Seymore Cyclists Annual Harvest 100)



Colin Comerford

April 2005 (Beulaville)



David Hughes

July 2005 (Detroit Metro MS-150)



Reinhart Otto

June 2006 (Beulaville)



Lawrence Miner

September 2006 (MS-150 - Central NC)



Bambi Edwards

September 2007 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Tim Ruth

September 2007 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Betty Hatcher

September 2007 (MS-150)  - New Bern



Leigh Epps

September 2008 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Victor Romano

September 2008 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Katie Hanes

September 2008 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Dave Schnorenberg

September 2008 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Bill Dickerson

October 2008 (Tuscarora/Fort Macon)



Merle Edington

May 2009 Down East Cyclists Spring Century - Jacksonville



Dianne Edington

May 2009 Down East Cyclists Spring Century - Jacksonville



Eric Mills

September 2009 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Ron Lather

September 2009 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Bob Whitmore MD

September 2009 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Dianne Tomaio

September 2009 MS Bike Tour - New Bern




September 2009 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Chans Miller

September 2009 MS Bike Tour - New Bern



Kevin Curtis

May 2010 (Beulaville)



Stacey Fisher

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Mark Genereux

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Ben Lindemann

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Nakia Van Ellis

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Rex Willis

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Kate Horney

September 2010 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern



Katie Holbrook August 2011 Crowder, Myers, Masser, Holbrooke, Somerday Century (Brices Creek, Pollocksville, Trenton, Jasper, New Bern, Local area)



Mike Davis September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 38 1
Kelly Greene September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 38 1
Todd Rankin September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 49 1
Raul Alvarez September 2011 MS Bike Tour  - New Bern 34 1
Todd Cook October 2011 CNC Day 6 Plymouth to Manteo Century Option 39 1
Tom Van Dyke May 2012 Coastal Land Trust Century ride - New Bern 40 1
Lynn Larson August 2012 - Hotter than Hell 100 in Wichita Falls TX 26 1
Bill Brown April 2013 - Tarwheel Century (Elizabeth City) - GPS data 61 1
Hope Rust June 2013 Greenbriar, New Bern to Atlantic Beach & return with mother Beverly 19 1
David Pacheco August 2013 - Extended Oriental ride to make 100 with Doug Bacskay (Garmin GPS) 28 1
David Jessup MD July 2013 - Century in Ironman Canada (Standings sent) ? 1
Donny Zelinski September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century ? 1
Tony Koonce September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century 45 1
Donna Baes September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century 49 1
Greg Fockler September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 2 Century 54 1
Brianna Honea September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century ? 1
Dave Olson September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 2 Century ? 1
David Shirk September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 2 Century 50 1
Sharon Poe September 2013 MS Bike Tour New Bern Day 1 Century ? 1
Bill Jutz October 2013 CNC Fall Ride Century option from Goldsboro to New Bern (Garmin GPS) 49 1
Aaron Johnson February 2014 New Bern/Emerald Isle & Return -113 mile with Forrest, Hewitt & Naber. ? 1
Chris Smith February 2014 Jacksonville- Bicycle Gallery's Polar Bear Metric Century plus New Bern to Jax with Tom Hewitt, Joe Avolis, Terry Forrest & Chuck Forrest. ? 1
Terry Forrest February 2014 Jacksonville- Bicycle Gallery's Polar Bear Metric Century plus New Bern to Jax with Tom Hewitt, Joe Avolis, Chuck Forrest & Chris Smith. ? 1
Travis Davidson May 2010 35th Annual Knotts Island Century -NE NC ? 1

NBCC Century Statistics ending 2012: 193 NBCC members, 154 members have cycled one or more Century trips - Average is 8.9 trips,  53 members cycled one or more Century trips during 2012.  Youngest Century rider is 14, Oldest Century rider is 81, Average age of Century rider is 46. Visits to NBCC website average 10.4 visits/day since 3/6/2002. 

NBCC Century Statistics ending 2013: 212 NBCC members, 183 members have cycled one or more Century trips - Average is 8.3 trips, 79 members cycled one or more Century trips during 2013. Youngest Century rider is 14, oldest Century rider is 83, average age of Century rider is 46.8. Visits to NBCC website average 11.03 visits/day since 3/6/2002.

                      Click here for the current member list


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Dave's Senior Racing Results - 1996 thru 2006 (.xls file)

Tuscarora/Clarks 29.4-mile mileage map  (From Flythe's Bike Shop)

1999 Senior Racing Nationals at Disney World - Dave Wallace

Pollocksville 30-mi loop from Flythe's bike shop on Trent Rd in New Bern

2013 Tour de France official Website (6/27 -7/20 2013)

Tuscarora/Jasper/Racetrack 29.6-mi loop from Flythe's Bike Shop (Gmap)

Official 2013 MS Bike web page (9/7 -9/8 2013

Tuscarora/Jasper/Rhems 34.2-mi loop from Flythe's Bike Shop (Gmap)

Cycling the MS Bike Tour at age 80 (River Bender article)

Trenton/Cove City 52.5 mile from Flythe's Bike Shop (Gmap)

Video showing a rotating double paceline

Trenton/Quaker Neck 38.6 mile from Flythe's Bike Shop (Gmap)


  NEUSE RIVER SENIOR GAMES - Cycling Events Thursday. April 18

I am very disappointed to see such a small turnout for senior cycling competition on the 400 meter track at Grover C. Fields Middle School. I think they fail to advertise enough. I competed every year from 1996 to 2006 in local and state finals and represented NC in the Nationals at DisneyWorld in 1999. Below is a report from John Imbriaco. Time trials were for 1-mile, 5K and 10K for age groups 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, etc.  I'm surprised to see Rudy Becton from Magnolia still racing at 83. He was always my main competitor.   dw 

Dave: small turnout for today's cycling events- just 7 or 8 males and 3 or 4 women. Rudy Becton won all three in the 80-84 beating Dan Sosa from Jacksonville.

Charles Fetzer won all three in the 75-79 group and the 5k and 10k overall. A youngster from Taberna named Bob, age 62 won the mile. I won the 70-74 division in the 3 events since I was the only one in that division. Last year we had close to 15 including Gordon Carberry who did not participate.

I know you would have beaten Dan Sosa who has slowed considerably. Rudy said he beat his times from last year in a couple events.

John Imbriaco

Rain in the morning Saturday. No report on the 30-mile Pollocksville ride  

  CONGRATULATIONS to JOE AVOLIS, who left after the rain and completed 116 miles to make it his 100th CENTURY trip

Dave Wallace 4/20/2013

  Sunday Jasper ride report from Philippe Lafargue - Missing riders.  


I was out this morning solo for half of the Jasper loop with one dog encounter. I met Greg (Chuffo) and Doug (Bacskay) at the Jasper store who rode from HWY 55. We rode back on Tuscarora road hoping for a tailwind but it did not happen. It was a challenging ride. We need to officially rename the Jasper loop, the headwind loop.

Philippe Lafargue 4/20/2013

  Thursday Jasper riders are back!

Dave: Just four cyclists today on the 35-mile Jasper ride: Dan McRoy, Bill Sadler, Mac Flythe and I. Good tail wind on return ride. My average mph was 17.8.

John Imbriaco 4/25/2013

New Rider Susan Lance Carole Stanton & Dave Wallace Dan Donavin, Mac Flythe Jr & Frank Grady at Brices Creek rest stop Dan McRoy gets phone call at rest stop

Fourteen Riders Saturday morning from Flythe's bike shop: It was very difficult to keep track of all the riders on the 30-mile Pollocksville ride today. I thought there were 17 but can only account for 14 because of 4 or 5 separate groups today. Let me know who I may be missing:  Shannon Amick, Greg Chuffo, Jacob Clark, Daniel Donavin, Mac Flythe Jr., Frank Grady, John Imbriaco, Susan Lance (new) Sean McKeon, Tim McLear, Dan McRoy, Bill Sadler, Carole Stanton & Dave Wallace. My overall saddle average for the B group from River Bend was 16mph. We slowed down getting through New Bern. Nice weather, nice trip. 

Dave Wallace 4/27/2013

         PS: Just heard that Pat Ray and Doug Bacskay completed a Century trip on the Tarwheel Century near Elizabeth City today while Carole Stanton just kept going after the Pollocksville ride to knock off her 60th Century, just after doing her 59th yesterday. Super woman!

Late update: Added Joe Avolis and wife Karen's Century trip at Tarwheel Century  

  Ten Riders Sunday morning from Flythe's bike shop:   Ten cyclists on Sunday's 35-mile Jasper ride: Left to right above - Mac Flythe, Philippe Lafarque, Carol Stanton, Bill Sadler, Tim McLear, Joe Baes, John Klecker, John Imbriaco, Dave Olson and Greg Chuffo.  Great cycling weather.

John Imbriaco, 4/28/2013

Coastal Land Trust - Going Coastal ride in Oriental Saturday May 4, 2013

Century rides were reported on this very windy tour by the following 11 NBCC members:  Doug Bacskay, Shawna Bland, Greg Chuffo, Mike Dunlap, Charles Fetzer, Chuck Forrest, Dustin Hanson, Tom Hewitt, Chad McCoy, Shane Nabor & Patrick Ray. See rider list below which shows about 44 cyclists from New Bern out of 156 shown, but Cheryl said they ended up with about 180 total.

Cheryl Smith is the coordinator for the event. Her report follows:

By the way, only 2 riders rode the usual Saturday morning 30-mile Pollocksville loop: Bill Brown and a new rider whom we think may be named Dan Taylor. 

Dave Wallace 5/5/2013

  Here is the rider list Dave BUT many people didn't ride what they signed up for due to the ridiculous wind --- 24 mph out of NE with gusts to 37mph!!! click on Rider List 

For example, me, Heather Noto, Ben Bunn, Rob Oberman all decided to just do the 50. Also folks that registered last night and today are not on this list. I think we ended up with a bit over 180 riders. 

Fun ride even with the wind and rain! Thanks to all who came out for it.  

Cheryl Smith 5/4/2013

Zero riders Sunday morning from Flythe's bike shop: No report received from anyone

  Four riders on the Thursday morning ride: Great weather for the Jasper ride: Mac Flythe, Sean McKeon, John Imbriaco, Dan McRoy started today's ride. Sean decided to extend it by adding the Pollocksville route on his own and I added River Bend and Trent Woods for some additional miles. Good tail wind- 18.5 m.p.h. average on my Garmin.

John Imbriaco 5/9/2013

Dustin Hanson, Philippe Lafargue, Brian Strickland & Doug Bacskay at Pollocksville rest stop. Dave Wallace & Bill Sadler at Brices Creek rest stop. Bill Sadler, Philippe Lafargue and Dave Wallace return to River Bend

Eight Riders Saturday morning from Flythe's bike shop: Doug Bacskay, Mac Flythe Jr., Dustin Hanson, Philippe Lafargue, Dan McRoy, Bill Sadler, Brian Strickland & Dave Wallace. Warmest start this year (70 degrees) for the 30-mile Pollocksville ride. Bill Sadler and I were the B group from River Bend to Pollocksville and added Dan McRoy from there to New Bern. I recorded 15.8 mph overall from River Bend on a very windy day. Nice ride. Wish we had more B group riders. 

Dave Wallace 5/11/2013

  Zero riders Sunday morning from Flythe's bike shop: Bill Sadler said nobody showed up.

Bill Sadler at Pollocksville rest stop Rileigh Ray, Carole Stanton & Shannon Amick at Brices Creek rest stop  Dave drafting behind Bill Sadler and Dan McRoy as we approach the circle at end of Broad St about to rain..

Nine Riders Saturday morning from Flythe's bike shop: The following cyclists rode the 30-mile Pollocksville loop: Shannon Amick, Doug Bacskay, Jonathan Irvin, Dan McRoy, Patrick & Rileigh Ray, Bill Sadler, Carole Stanton & Dave Wallace. Nice weather and nice to see Jonathan back after a long absence. My computer showed a saddle average of 16.2 mph overall for the B group (McRoy,Sadler,Wallace) from River Bend. 

Dave Wallace 5/18/2013

  Five Riders Sunday morning from Flythe's bike shop: 5 cyclists departed Flythe's Sunday for the 35-mile Jasper loop.

Jay Phillips 5/18/2013

Four Riders Saturday morning from Flythe's bike shop: That's all that was reported, except that Bill Sadler and Dan McRoy made up the B group on the 30-mile Pollocksville ride. 

Dave Wallace 5/25/2013

Three Riders Sunday morning from Flythe's bike shop: Carole Stanton reported that John Klecker, Jonathan Irvin and Dave Olson ( Marine pilot) were the only 3 riders on the 35-mile Jasper ride Sunday. (Everybody gone for Memorial Day weekend?)

Dave Wallace 5/26/2013

  Joe Avolis completes 2,800 mile trip across America on May 28

Joe departed San Diego CA on May 12 with a group of 27 serious cyclists determined to cycle across America in the PAC TOUR Elite tour (http://www.pactour.com/elite.html) to Tybee Island GA. It took 17 days of cycling at an average of 165 miles per day with three days around 200 miles, which credited Joe with 20 Century trips. It was a tough trip with lots of mountain climbing - 88,800' which is almost 17 miles UP. All 27 cyclists didn't finish but surprisingly most did. It was questionable near the end when Joe developed a sore knee that had to be iced down but he was determined and made it. Joe is an inspiration to all cyclists. 

One can see lots of photos of each day of the trip at http://www.flickr.com/photos/67445597@N03/collections/72157633270603432/

Dave Wallace 5/29/2013

  Four Riders Thursday morning from Flythe's bike shop:  Just four cyclists on great riding day: Mac Flythe Sr. Bill Sadler, Dan McRoy and I. 18.0 mph for me. Jasper route

John Imbriaco 5/30/2013

Doug Bacskay & Greg Chuffo (new bike) at Pollocksville rest stop Mac Flythe Sr & Mac Flythe Jr  Rileigh Ray & Dave Wallace Drafting behind Bill Sadler on new pavement approaching Brice Creek

Nine Riders Saturday morning from Flythe's bike shop: Doug Bacskay, Greg Chuffo, Mac Flythe Sr & Jr, Dan McRoy, Pat & Rileigh Ray, Bill Sadler & Dave Wallace. The B group consisted of Flythe Sr, McRoy, Sadler & Wallace from River Bend to Pollocksville and same less McRoy to Brices Creek. I recorded 16.5 saddle average for the 30-mile trip from RB. 

Dave Wallace 6/1/2013

  Nine Riders Sunday morning from Flythe's bike shop: Dave: Nine cyclists did the Jasper ride in excellent weather with a good tailwind making for a fast ride most of the way out and on 17 coming in. 

Jay Phillips, Mike Fincham, Joe Baes, Tim McLear, John Klecker, Mark Genereux, Bill Sadler, Mac Flythe Sr. and John Imbriaco left from the bike shop. We met Chris Kelso in Jasper and he rode back in with us. My average m.p.h. was 18.7. Much discussion about Joe Avolis's super ride before we left Flythe's.

John Imbriaco 6/2/2013

   Flythe's Bike Shop Team competes in the 2013 Greenville Criterium on Sunday June 2, 2013.

Flythe's Bike Shop Team competed in the 2013 Greenville Criterium. See https://s3.amazonaws.com/USACFlyers/FL_2013-2015.pdf . Member's that participated included Greg Chuffo, Jacob Clark, Brian Strickland, and myself. We missed having Dustin Hanson with us, due to a leg injury. He would have been a major asset for our team. I'm sure he will be back in the saddle shortly. Talk about fast! I've been Dusted by Dustin several times! We raced the Cat 5 category. It was the first Crit for all of us, but 2nd for Jacob who competed in 2012. It was a blast! Greg stayed near the front of the lead pack with Jacob as his wingman for the entire race and pulled a substantial amount of time. Greg has made tremendous strides over the past year and has become a force to be reckoned with! As you probably remember, Jacob is well known for his racing wins and places in the CCORS Off Road Series as well as Cyclo-Cross. I was able to hang on with Brian's help for a couple of laps before I got dropped. Brian is a strong rider, all around amazing athlete, and team player. A great asset to the Flythe's Team. After all was said and done, Greg killed it with 3rd, Jacob nailed 4th, Brian 16th officially (disputed 10th), and I held on for last place (20th). A shout out to Shane Naber (riding for Atomic) who finished with a strong 6th place! Everyone had a great time and will definitely be doing more Crits and racing in general.

Mac Flythe Jr 6/2/2013

Flythe's Bike Shop

  Two Riders Thursday morning from Flythe's bike shop: Dave: Only Dan McRoy and I rode Jasper today. Weather was good with good tail wind out. Mac said 16 cyclists rode Tuesday night.

John Inbriaco 6/6/2013

  Many riders show up for New Bern TriCentury Cyclists Le Tour de Bear ride: 28 cyclists are currently show registered at their website but I heard over 50 showed up since registration was allowed on the start day. The ride offered a 25-mile loop back to New Bern followed by a 2nd 25-mile loop. Most all riders did 50 miles in nice but hot weather. Carole Stanton and Patrick Ray even left very early and rode 50 miles to Trenton before the Tour to complete a Century,

Dave Wallace - 6/8/2013

  Joe Avolis does Double Century on Black & Blue ride near Boone NC

Just after cycling over 2800 miles across America in 17 days, Joe cycled 200 miles on the Black & Blue Double Century solo on Saturday near Boone NC. This is a tough mountain ride, nice going downhill but over 11, 000' of climbing. See http://blackandbluerelay.com/ How does he do it? We're still asking that question about his trip across America. Joe's Century trips now total 126. Here's his report:  (dw)

Good afternoon Dave,

I hope that you are doing well.

Went up to Todd, NC near Boone and rode the Black and Blue Double Century. The route was the same as last year, but there were about twice as many people riding as last year. The route was beautiful as expected for the mountains. Went northward up to Virginia and made a large loop through rolling hills and mountains in Virginia and back to the start. Spent a lot of time on narrow shaded roads and riding along streams. The ride started in the rain, but it slacked off shortly thereafter.

Finished the ride 40 minutes slower than last year but was pretty happy with that all things considered. Had 11,286 feet of climbing in the 200 miles. The big climb to the top of White Top Mountain in Virginia came at the 135 mile mark and took a lot out of me. I was not quite ready for this challenge mentally or physically but kept pushing along to the point where I could not turn back. Thankfully, the last 25 miles was mostly a rolling grade and was able to push the pace up. Finished right after dark.

There were a lot of relay riders this year consisting of mostly 4 person teams. The riders were mostly younger guys and gals with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. They leap frogged me all day.

Joe Avolis 6/8/2013

Travis Bowman and new bike & Bill Sadler Dave Wallace at rest stop John & Diane Tomaio on their Cannondale tandem & Philippe Lafargue Philippe pulling Sadler and Wallace returning on Clarks Rd.

Six Riders show up on Sunday Jasper ride: As far as I know, Travis Bowman was the only one who departed Flythe's bike shop Sunday and he usually rides alone so he passed River Bend as I was waiting for Bill Sadler. Bill and I caught up with Travis in Rhems and let him pull us all the way to the rest stop since he was moving that old heavy bike along at 17 and doesn't like to be passed. At the rest stop the Tomaios and Lafargue showed up after also departing from RB but only Sadler, Lafargue and I completed the trip together back to RB. I recorded 16.8 saddle average for the trip. Great weather. Kept expecting an A group from Flythe's but it never showed up. 

Dave Wallace 6/9/2013

Brian Strickland, Irvin Jonathan, Mike Fincham Irvin Johathan, Mike Fincham, Joe Baes & Mac Flythe Bill Sadler

Eight Riders on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville loop. A group: Joe Baes, Mike Fincham, Jonathan Irvin, Brian Strickland and John Williams MD. B Group: Mac Flythe, Bill Sadler and Dave Wallace. All went well to the Pollocksville rest stop but at about 6-7 miles on Inland Creek Rd the road was completely closed to traffic because they were replacing the bridge over the creek. The old bridge was intact but the road on the other side was completely dug up by heavy equipment. Mac and I asked the foreman if we could pass through and he said OK as long as we stayed off the road in the work area. I walked my bike on through and reached pavement on the other side but kept looking back for the others to follow. Unable to see them because of all the heavy equipment and trucks and after waiting several minutes I assumed everyone had decided not to pass the bridge construction so I cycled on to New Bern alone. Returning to River Bend, I ran into Bill Sadler at Trent Rd & US-17 and learned that he and John Williams were the only ones that returned home via Pollocksville while the others detoured around the bridge as I did. But the mystery is why they never caught up to me. My overall saddle average was only 15.8 back to RB.

Dave Wallace  6/15/2013

Mystery solved. I didn't consider the bridge itself the "work area" because the work was a lot of digging on the other side off the bridge so I crossed and avoided the work area. Here's Mac's explanation of what happened and I'm truly sorry about Jonathan Irvin's crash. (dw)

Dave we all completed The Pollocksville loop today. DOT guy for legal reasons and liability said we could not cross at that point. He was very upset that you continued on. We wadded through the water on the outside of the work area so he would not be liable. A few miles down the road Jonathan crashed. Had some road rash and was shaken up but that's all. He was very lucky we were running about 22 when his wheel touched the rider in front of him. At least we have something to talk about. It just adds a little excitement to the ride and give us something to talk about. We had a great ride and look forward to having you join us for our jasper ride in the morning at 8:30am. Hope we have a good turnout!

 Flythe's Bike Shop. Mac Sr. 6/15/2013

George Hincapie & Mike Dunlap Gran Fondo 82 mile route

Mike Dunlap cycles Gran Fondo in Winston Salem with TDF riders Hincapie & Ventura Saturday

What's a Gran Fondo?  It's Italian bikespeak for "BIG RIDE", often with professional cyclists. See http://www.winstonsalemcycling.com/gran-fondo/ (dw)

Hi Dave,

I don't have a century ride to report but I did get in an 82 mile Gran Fondo in Winston-Salem on Saturday, June 15. The ride was part of the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic weekend and former Pro riders George Hincapie and Robbie Ventura were part of the festivities. The Gran Fondo had a large group of riders that gradually got whittled down to about a dozen of us by the end. We finished the ride in 3:41 - 22.1mph average. It was a beautiful day - perfect weather and riding with George and Robbie was a real treat.

I'll hopefully have a century ride to report next week. I'm heading out to Blood-Sweat and Gears with Joe Avolis and that is scheduled to be a 100 miles.

Best,   Mike Dunlap 6/15/2013

  No report received on Sunday 35--mile Jasper ride on 6/16

Dave Wallace 6/16/2013

No report received on Saturday 35--mile Jasper ride because of rain but 4 cyclists went to Goldsboro to do a DoubleCentury and two went to Boone for a mountainous Century. 

  Garmin Report received from Shawna Dane Bland

Carole Stanton Shawna Dane Bland Doug Bacskay Patrick Ray

Four cyclists head to Goldsboro on Saturday 6/23 to do a Double Century at Seyboro Cycling Club

Hi Dave

Yesterday Shawna Dane, Patrick Ray and Doug Bacskay and I rode over to Goldsboro to do their annual Double Century. Patrick and Doug completed 120 miles, both of them had separate accidents both involving pot holes. They both wanted to finish out the double but with the falls and the fact that it rained ALL DAY they called it quits after the second lap. Shawna and I finished out the very wet ride, but fun! Unfortunately my Garmin battery died at mile 184 but Shawna's stayed charged for the entire ride. She said she will forward you her Garmin info later today.

Great group of cyclists from Seyboro Cycling Club. I look forward to doing more rides with them in the future!

Have a nice afternoon and be safe out there!

Carole Stanton 6/23/2013

Hello Dave

I completed one of my goals for the year yesterday... I did it with a great group of cyclist and our wonderful cyclist Carole Stanton.... I'm sure she will be emailing you about our ride. Her Garmin battery died so I am sending my Garmin pictures for you. We completed 203.8 miles, my first double century; my first if many I hope! The weather was nice and rainy for us... I believe of the 203.8, we rode in 80 or 90 miles of rain! It was a great ride very challenging but after it was over I was proud of everyone that made it and thankful for everyone's help.... Dave thank you again for all you do for the cyclists in our area... You're a great person!

Shawna Dane Bland 6/23/2013\

Joe Avolis Mike Dunlap

Two cyclists head to Boone on Saturday 6/23 to do a Century at the Blood, Sweat & Gears ride

Hey Dave,

I hope you are doing well!

Mike Dunlap and I were in Valle Crucis (near Boone) this past weekend for the 15th Annual Blood, Sweat and Gears. The course was 102.5 miles with 8,400 feet of climbing. There were 602 century riders and 517 50 milers. Mike rode the course in 6:06 and I came in at 6:36. The first finisher was 4:38! A very well organized event.

The registration process was tough. In March, I stayed up to midnight when registration opened. The website crashed twice while processing my information. I gave up and got back up at 4 am. Got signed up at 4:20 AM. Mike got signed up at 4:30 AM but was on the waiting list at about #15. He eventually got in through some cancellations. Very popular event, now I know why!

Joe Avolis 6/23/2013

Hi Dave ,

Survived Blood, Sweat and Gears (Tears). Snake Mt. bit me in the tush with leg cramp venom!! Really, Snake Mt. is a long/steep climb with 18% gradient at the top. I saw many riders walking that section. I rode it and my hammys decided to cramp up! I barely got off my bike and then had to decide how to try to stretch/message both legs at once. Seems funny now, not so much then. I had to get off the bike two more times to go through the stretch/message sequence. Anyway, made it to the finish - 102.7 miles in 6:06 - 17mph average. I'm coming back to do this ride again and kick butt on Snake Mt!!!!!

Best,  Mike Dunlap 6/23/2013 (see Mike's Garmin GPS report at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/332251058#.Ucl8Nubl7Xg.email  ) dw

  Five riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop. 

Dave: five cyclists did the Jasper ride today with a nice tail wind most of the ride. Chris Lucas, Brian Strickland, Mac Flythe, Bill Sadler and I rode at approx. 19 mph average thanks to the wind. No rain but very warm with the high humidity. Brian and Chris made up the A group.

John Imbriaco 6/23/2013

  No report received on Saturday 35-mile Jasper ride on 6/29 

Later heard that Mac Flythe and Bill Sadler cycled the Jasper loop

No report received on Sunday 35--mile Jasper ride because of rain on 6/30 

Later heard that Mac Flythe Jr and two new riders Tim & Mike Harvey cycled the Early Bird 6 AM  Jasper loop. Not sure if they got wet.

Tim & Mike Harvey (new) Dave Wallace & Tim Ruth Mac Flythe & Doug Bacskay Tim Ruth pulling Bill Sadler and Dave Wallace 

Nine riders on Saturday 35-mile Jasper loop: Doug Bacskay, Mac Flythe, Tim & Mike Harvey (new), Jonathan Irvin, Patrick Ray, Tim Ruth, Bill Sadler & Dave Wallace. Bill & I made up the B group going to Jasper and added Tim Ruth returning. My overall saddle average from River Bend where I joined the paceline was 16.7 mph.

Dave Wallace 7/6/2013

    Four riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop: Dave: just four cyclists on today's Jasper ride. Bridget Curlin, Jonathan Irvin, Dave Olson and I rode with a couple somewhat amusing incidents. On the way out, Bridget had a wasp hitch a ride in her jersey which required her to stop and remove it. Fortunately, no problems from that. Then on the way back on 55 east Dave was pulling when he hit his brakes because of a black bear which he saw but I didn't. This almost caused a crash which we managed to avoid. Saddle average was approx. 18.5 mph and weather was very warm.

John Imbriaco 7/7/2013

No report received on Saturday 7/13  35--mile Jasper ride because of rain.

    Eight riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop:  Dave: eight cyclists today including new rider, Bryce Rossignol, a ninth grader at New Bern high who plays football. Regulars included Mac Flythe Sr, Philippe Lafarque, Dave Olson, Kim Willis, Aleta Brydge, Beverly Rust, and I. Great tail wind out but strong head wind in with my average mph 18.6. Very hot and humid.

John Imbriaco 7/14/2013

Tim McLear, Shawna Bland,Tim Ruth, Kim Willis, Carole Stanton, Patti Lamanna, John Klecker

Standing in back: Patti Lamanna, Shawna Bland, Tim Ruth, Around table: Tim Mc Lear, Marcy Mills, Kim Willis, John Klecker, Cassandra Crowder

Where are all the cyclists?  Here are 10 of them at the Subway in Trenton on Saturday, July 20 (Mark Masser is missing - who was inside). Photos send by Carole Stanton.

Dave Wallace 7/20/2013

Saturday Jasper ride?  It was a great ride with serious wind. Tailwind on the way back was amazing, though!

Mac Flythe Jr. 7/20/2013

  Five riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop: Five cyclists today on the Jasper ride: Jonathan Irvin, Dave Olson, Mac Flythe, Sr., Randy Allen from Stella and I. Strong head wind out, pretty good tail wind back. My average mph was 18.4. Hope you ride with us again soon. Don't have to wait for Sadler.

John Imbriaco 7/21/2013 

Ha, I don't wait for Sadler; he waits for me. He is the only B rider left. We move along nicely at 16-18, rotate and don't chase after anybody.  dw

   2013 Tour De France  After three weeks of racing Great Britain rider Christopher Froome on the British SKY PROCYCLING team won the 100th Tour de France that was 2,114.84 miles long. Froome did it in 83 hours, 56 minutes, 40 seconds which computes to 25.19 mph. For comparison, his team mate Bradley Wiggins, who won the 2012 Tour, rode it at 24.81 mph. Froome was in 2nd place last year. 

The closest American this year was Andrew Talansky on the Garmin-Sharp team 17 minutes, 39 seconds behind the winner. 

Dave Wallace 7/21/2013

    Joe and Karen Avolis cycle the 24 Hours of Booty ride in Charlotte 7/26 -7/27, Joe does 200, Karen does 100, ending in rain. 

Hey Dave,

Got over to Charlotte for the 12th Annual 24 Hours of Booty which benefits the Levine Cancer Institute. The event is very similar to the MS Ride with fundraising, camping, meals, etc. 24 Hours of Booty is very strongly supported by the local community and is a first class and very popular event. The ride was capped at 1200 participants. The event was like a Relay for Life event with many people riding as survivors or for family or friends.

The 24 hour ride started at 7 pm on Friday. The course was a 2.8 mile loop through the beautiful Myers Park neighborhood. The route had two nice little 'climbs' which totaled about 4,000 feet per hundred miles. The route was quite festive with music and neighborhood parties, especially until about midnight. The neighborhood course was pretty with all of the blinking bicycle taillights. The roads were very clean and in great shape. One of the most interesting rides I have experienced, especially to be a continual loop. Took 12 miles for the riders to get spread out enough where you could go.

Karen rode 105 miles with 4,000 feet of climbing, finishing her last 15 in the rain. The rain took some of the wind out of the event at noon on Saturday.

I rode all night with a short nap at breakfast. Ended up with a double century at the lunch stop, then the rain started while I was eating. Figured that was enough for me since I was a little tired and sleepy.

There were riders on the course all night. From 3-4 am, there were very few, but the ride started to come alive again at 4 am.

I am sure things have changed since you lived there. I did not see anyone giving out biscuits, or I would have brought you some!

Joe Avolis 7/27/2013

Pedro Abreu (new) Chuck Kimball (haven't seen him in a year) Rileigh Ray, only gal with us today Philip Raymond (new - Marine) sorry camera is out of focus All 12 cyclists departing Jasper - didn't stay together long

Twelve riders on Saturday 35-mile Jasper loop:  Pedro Abreu (new), Doug Bacskay, Mac Flythe, John Imbriaco Jonathan Irwin, Chuck Kimball, Dan McRoy, Patrick & Rileigh Ray, Philip Raymond (Marine new), Bill Sadler & Dave Wallace. Nice weather. B group going was Sadler, Imbriaco & myself. Returning we added Flythe & McRoy. My overall saddle average from River Bend was 16.7 mph. Nice ride!

Dave Wallace - 7/27/2013

 Nine riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop: We had a great Jasper loop ride today. About 6 miles into the ride we divided into A group and B group. The A group averaged 21.4 and the B group averaged 19.6. See https://www.facebook.com/flythesbikeshop/posts/582566858449243.

Mac Flythe 7/28/2013

   Nine riders on Flythe's Tuesday 5:45 PM 15-mile ride

Left to right:  Tim Harvey, Patrick Ray, Cassandra Crowder, Tim Ruth, Frank Grady, Doug Bacskay, Jonathan Irvin, Unknown, Unknown.

Tim Harvey 7/30/2013

No cycling reports received on weekend of August 3-4. Bill Sadler was out of town so with no B group I don't join paceline.

Dave Wallace 8/4/2013

New rider Donny Zelinski Dave's Angels: Marcy Mills, Carole Stanton & Aleta Brydge Bill Sadler & Carole Stanton at Jasper Dave drafting behind Sadler in B group

Eight riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop: Doug Bacskay, Aleta Brydge, Mac Flythe, Marcy Mills, Bill Sadler, Carole Stanton, Dave Wallace & Donny Zelinski (New).  Bill Sadler on his Bent pulled me the entire distance from River Bend for a 16.4 mph saddle average in the B group. Nice having the gals back whom Doug Bacskay called "Dave's angels."

No report received on the Saturday Jasper ride from Flythes but Bill Sadler said the 50-mile New Bern Outdoor Adventure Club ride Saturday had 25 riders. 

Dave Wallace 8/11/2013

No report received on Saturday 8/17 35-mile Jasper ride because of rain.

Inspecting Dr John Cho's new BlueVelo trike at the 70 overpass stop Cho explaining his new toy at Jasper rest stop. See http://www.bluevelo.com/ Cho catching up to A Group departing Jasper. Hey, he's fast! B Group of 7 departing Jasper

Fourteen riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop:  Riders were Nancy Alexander, Gary Bielejeski,  John Cho MD, Bryan Hulka, John Imbriaco, Jonathon Irvin, Philippe Lafargue, Jay Phillips, Sharon Poe (New), Ben Row, Bill Sadler, Dave Wallace & Donny Zelinski. We'll include Travis Bowman but we never see him except at rest stops. It was nice having Nancy Alexander back in the B group after a long absence. From River Bend where I joined the B group our overall saddle average was 16.7. Great having a big B group for a change.

Dave Wallace 8/18/2013

  Five riders on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville loop:  Five cyclists rode the Pollocksville route with the newly reopened Island Creek bridge after discussing the newly repaved section of Rt. 17 south of Tuscarora Road with its ridged shoulder. As I suspected, there is no room on the shoulder with the ridge so we cycled on the road to avoid it. It is approx. 2 miles. Great tail wind going out with 19.6 mph. On the ride were John Williams, Chris Lucas, Jonathan Irvin, Donny Zelinski and John Imbriaco. Jonathan and I rode the Tuesday night route for a little more riding time.

John Imbriaco 8/24/2013

Dr John Cho in his slick VeloMobile & Bryan Hulka at 70 overpass rest stop Bill Sadler, John Klecker & Mac Flythe at Jasper rest stop Bryan Hulka pulling Sadler & Wallace on Tuscarora Road

Nine riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop:  The following cyclists: Doug Bacskay, John Cho MD, John Imbriaco, Jonathan Irwin, John Klecker,  Chuck Kimball, Mac Flythe, Bryan Hulka, Bill Sadler. The B  group was Sadler and Wallace going to Jasper with Hulka added returning for an overall 16.3 saddle average from River Bend. Very windy but nice cool weather.

Dave Wallace 8/25/2013

Mike Dunlap Joe Avolis Yep, 400 miles in 24 hours!

Mike Dunlap and Joe Avolis did it again! This time they both cycled over 400 miles in 24 hours at the Washington NC Mid-Atlantic 12/24 Challenge!  Mike said results and photos will be posted at midatlanticultrasports.com in a few days. Mike was in 2nd place and Joe 3rd place in the 50+ age group. Here is a report from Joe. dw

Good afternoon Dave,

I hope that you are doing well!

Made it over to Little Washington for the second year of the Mid-Atlantic Ultrasports 12/24 Hour Challenge. The event really grew over last year's participation level. In addition to a lot of serious cyclists, there were also some newcomers and some who participated non-competitively. Riders came mostly from out of the area with one from England and one from New York. This ride was an official RAAM qualifying event, so it attracted some serious riders who came to see how many miles that they could achieve in the 12 or 24 hour time period. There were a lot of recumbents, a unicycle (did 100 miles) and a standing elliptical bicycle. A lot of interesting styles of contraptions.

The flat course was a nice 26 mile loop starting and ending at the high school. The ride was unsupported, so the high school was where cyclists staged their support, food and drinks. This location was also the checkpoint after each lap, operated all night.

The temperatures were great, but the wind during the day was tough for eight hours, NE 10-20. The 12/24 hour challenges were solo with no drafting permitted. The New Yorker told me he comes from hilly country and was surprised at the challenge of a flat windy course, said he would take the hills. The eight hours of wind took a toll on a lot of the riders causing them to expend a lot of energy early into the event.

Karen Avolis completed the non-competitive century solo on Saturday during all of the wind. Mike's wife, Karen, stayed for the full 24 hours as support and a follow car at night for Mike.

Mike's official distance was 412 miles and mine was 407 miles. Both of us achieved another RAAM qualification by hitting the 400 mile mark. We also got medals for being in the '400 mile club'. I think we were second and third in our age groups.

I can't say that this event was all fun, mostly a very laborious challenge. The first 100 miles were fast for both of us, banking some time. In the wind, our solo speeds dropped to the 13 mph range at times. Had to constantly work to stay ahead of the necessary average speed to get to 400. Had to make very quick pit stops in order to not waste too much time.

None of this seemed to affect the English rider. He wore a white skin suit and a white tear drop helmet. We referred to him as 'Casper'. He won, 572 miles in 24 hours, unreal! His wife told us that they had flown over to spend a week in the area and ride this event. He has raced RAAM several times and is sort of 'semi-pro'.

Hope to see you soon!

Joe Avolis 8/25/2013

  Joe Avolis and Mike Dunlap rode this 24hr. event this weekend... 7am Sat. to 7am Sun. in Washington, NC which is a qualifier for RAAM. I rode shotgun with Karen Dunlap (in a car) behind Mike from 3:30am to 7am at 18 mph. Mike finished with 422 miles. SUPERMEN!

Joe Kelso 8/25/2013

Five riders on Thursday 35-mile Jasper loop:  Five cyclists today were: Aleta Brydge, Kim Willis, John Imbriaco, Bill Sadler and Dan McRoy. Good tail wind most of the ride made for fast, enjoyable cycling. My average mph was 18.6.

John Imbriaco 8/29/13

Mac Flythe, Frank Grady, Marcy Mills. Bill Sadler. Chuck Kimball, Pedro Abreu, Philippe Lafargue, Gerald Baldwin (new) at Pollocksville rest stop Cyclist milling around Brices Creek rest stop Dan McRoy & Bill Sadler at Brices Creek Cyclists returning on Neuse Blvd.  Groups got together returning because of the draw bridge closing. 

Thirteen riders on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville loop:  Riders were: Pedro Abreu, Gerald Baldwin(new), Mac Flythe, Frank Grady, Jonathon Irvin, Chuck Kimball, Philippe Lafargue, Sean McKeon, Dan McRoy, Marcy Mills, Bill Sadler, Doug Scott(new) & Dave Wallace We had a A, B & C group today with Irvin, McKeon and Scott in the A Group and Flythe, Sadler, Baldwin and me in the C group. The rest were B group. My overall saddle average was 15.7 from River Bend, slower than usual. Nice weather - not too hot. 

Dave Wallace 8/31/2013

  Eight cyclists on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop:  Eight cyclists today on the Jasper ride including two new riders visiting from Durham, Briana Honea (new) and her friend, Mike- didn't catch his last name. Mac Flythe Sr., Bill Sadler, John Klecker, Chuck Kimball, Jonathan Irvin and John Imbriaco enjoyed the ride , especially with a great tail wind coming in on 17. Travis Bowman was with us at the rest stops. Dr. John Cho stopped by the bike shop in his red rocket for a brief, explosive ride on Trent rd. at the start and quickly disappeared from sight. Probably in outer space by now.

John Imbriaco 9/1/2013

  NBCC riders go all out on MS BIKE tour 9/7 & 9/8

66 NBCC members reported riding the 2013 MS Bike tour in New Bern. 35 reported riding a Century trip on both days and 23 rode it only one day. 8 others cycled shorter 30, 50 or 75 mile routes each day. The weather was beautiful for the Tour. All Century trips are posted above on the Century Recognition List

Dave Wallace 9/8/2013

19 cyclists at Pollocksville rest stop plus Dave Wallace taking photo

Cycling behind Mac Flythe alongside rumble strip on US-17 

Twenty cyclists on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville loop:  In response to Mac Flythe's plea for lots of cyclists, 20 showed up for a Sun Journal staff reporter to make a news video of the group showing how dangerous the new rumble strip was on US-17. Here's a partial list of who was there: Joe Baes, Aleta Brydges, Cassandra Crowder, Mac Flythe, Philippe Lafargue, Chris Lucas, Dan McRoy, Patrick Ray, Kevin Reynolds, Tim Ruth, Bill Sadler, Joanne Somerday and Dave Wallace. There were 4 new riders whom I gave a card to if they wished to be on the NBCC list so that leaves 3 riders unidentified. I'll add them if they'll let me know. Weather was cool but very windy from Pollocksville to New Bern. 

Dave Wallace 9/14/2013  

  Fourteen cyclists on Sunday  35-mile Jasper ride: Only 3 cyclists Sunday were among the 20 on Saturday.

Bill Sadler  9/15/2013

   Ten cyclists on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville loop: I didn't join the ride today since our daughter is visiting but Marcy Mills sent two photos which I edited to get all riders in one photo.  Riders were left to right: Beverly Rust, Kim Willis, Marcy Mills, Dan McRoy, Bill Sadler, Tony Koonce (yellow jersey), Chris Kelso, Mac Flythe, Aleta Bridge on Mac's bent and new rider Dave Mann visiting from Indiana.  Glad to hear the group stayed all together. Heard there was an encounter with a dog or dogs. Maybe someone will report on it by sending mail to nbcc@always-online.com

Dave Wallace 9/21/2013

   Joe Avolis does a Double Century on Saturday  Joe Avolis did it again and cycled 200.13 miles from New Bern to Kitty Hawk. Joe left Trent Woods at 4:30 AM Saturday morning and completed the trip in 12:56 hours. He averaged 15.5 mph for a saddle average of 16.9 mph and returned home Saturday night by car. This made 143 Century trips for Joe which are posted above. Way to go Joe!

Dave Wallace 9/21/2013

No report received on Sunday 9/22 35-mile Jasper ride because of rain.

Three NBCC cyclists compete in the NC State Senior Cycling Finals  Congratulations to John Imbriaco, Charlie Fetzer and Rudy Becton for cycling the NC Senior Finals.

The North Carolina Senior Games Cycling Finals were held in Garner (Raleigh suburb) on Sunday September 29. Three NBCC members participated in time trials at 1-mile, 5Km and 10Km:

John Imbriaco (70-74 age group) - Won 3 Bronze Medals

Charlie Fetzer (75-79 age group) - Won 3 Silver Medals

Rudy Becton (80-84 age group) - Won 3 Gold medals

To see results of the three races, how many participated in each and how cyclists placed overall in the total go to http://www.precisionrace.com/nc-senior-games-cycling-result/

Dave Wallace 9/29/2013

  Four cyclists on Saturday 9/28 Pollocksville ride and Sunday 9/29 Jasper ride.  I was at Flythe’s both mornings and did both rides.

On Saturday we had 4 people and ended up splitting up 2 and 2… 2 folks did the Jasper route and 2 did the Pollocksville route. 18.6 avg on Pollocksville route.

On Sunday 4 of us were at the shop and waited until 8:35 AM to see if anyone else was going to show. We did the Jasper route only stopping one time at the store. I ended up with a 20.1 mph avg. 

Doug Bacskay 9/29/2013

  Twelve NBCC members cycle North Carolina (CNC) 9/29 to 10/05

NBCC members shown on the CNC webpage rider list at http://cnc.ncsports.org/fallCNCRide/ are as follows:  Nancy Alexander, Tommy Arthur, Todd Cook, Avery Corning, Mac Flythe, Bill Jutz, Tim McLear, Dan McRoy, Kevin Reynolds, Bill Sadler, Joanne Somerday & Dave Whitlow. Good luck folks. Weather forecast looks good. All down hill with wind at your back - right?

Dave Wallace 9/29/2013

Shawna Dane Bland does a Double Century on Monday 9/30

Shawna of Aurora cycled all day Monday and into the night to complete her first solo Double Century. After cruising around the Aurora local area for about 15-20 miles she took off clockwise in a loop around Beaufort and Pamlico Counties reaching 160 miles, after which she completed her remaining miles over previous routes in the Aurora area. This gal really has determination! Her family provided SAG support after dark. Saddle average was 16.3 for overall average 15.2. Shawna now has 25 Century trips posted on the Recognition List above. Is there anything left of her after burning 10,249 calories? Way to go gal!

Dave Wallace 9/30/2013

Beautiful weather on Saturday 10/5 but no report received from cyclists on the Pollocksville ride

 Dave Wallace 10/5/2013

  Three riders on the Sunday 35-mile Jasper ride: 

Hi Dave, There were three riders this morning on the Jasper ride out of Flythe's. It was Jonathan Erwin, Dr. Cho (in the red bullet) and myself. Our average was 21.4 mph at Jasper and 20.3 mph back at the shop. It was a beautiful day to ride.

Thanks,  John Klecker 10/6/2013

No report received on Saturday 10/12 Pollocksville ride or Sunday 10/13 Jasper ride. May be due to the MumFest in New Bern. Bill Sadler was involved in it with the Outdoor Adventure Club so there was no B group. 

Dave Wallace 10/13/2013

  Joe Avolis does it again! 6 Century trips in 4 days on the Bicycle For Life Taste of Carolina 1200K (748 mile) loop from Lumberton NC on October 10, 2013. 

Day 1: Lumberton to Franklin VA - 231 miles. Day 2: Franklin VA to Nags Head to Washington - 266 miles, Day 3: Nags Head to New Bern to Stella - 121 miles. Day 4: Stella to Lumberton - 130 miles.  

Dave Wallace 10/14/2013

No report received on Saturday 10/19 30-mile Pollocksville ride because of rain.

  Only three riders on the Sunday 35-mile Jasper ride: Joe Baes, Mac Flythe, and I rode the Jasper Loop. The head wind was a killer on Rhems-Tuscarora Road. Mac and I want to thank Joe for the pull. Otherwise our overall average speed would have been low, even for us.

Bill Sadler 10/20/2013

Only two riders on the Saturday 10/26/13 30-mile Jasper ride: Mac Flythe & Dan McRoy.

Dave drafting behind Bill Sadler & John Imbriaco on Tuscarora Rd. John Imbriaco & Bill Sadler at 70 overpass Hi tech Garmin GPS devices on Sadler's recumbent

Three riders on the Sunday 35-mile Jasper ride: This was a chilly ride entirely in the 40s-50s but hey, we were the "A group" which I haven't cycled with in a long time (no B group). I'm afraid I slowed us down because our overall saddle average from River Bend where I joined Bill Sadler and John Imbriaco coming from New Bern was only 15.4. Nice ride but too cold for me at the start. 

Dave Wallace 10/27/2013

Two riders on the Thursday 10/31 35-mile Jasper ride: John Imbriaco & Dan McRoy

  No riders on the Saturday 10/31 30-mile Pollocksville ride

Dave Wallace, Bill Sadler & Mac Flythe at 70 overpass rest stop Mac Flythe & John Imbriaco at Jasper rest stop 

Four riders on the Sunday 35-mile Jasper ride: Mac Flythe, John Imbriaco, Bill Sadler & Dave Wallace. A cool (50s) and very windy ride. I joined the paceline in River Bend and recorded only 14.8 mph saddle average but dropped out returning on US-17 in heavy wind. 

Dave Wallace 11/3/2013    

PS: Bill sent his GPS report and I learned that he had cycled about 30 miles before I met him in RB on the Jasper loop, after which he just kept going on an extended Pollocksville loop plus more RB miles to total 100, making it his 49th Century. Next I got a GPS report from Carole Stanton who cycled a Century out of Goldsboro with a friend making it her 91st. Must have been tough for Bill and Carole in all that wind. 

End of a long day at 11:20 PM after 200 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Typical climb on beautiful Parkway Joe at 6000' Waterrock Knob before a 17-mile descent into Cherokee NC. 

Joe Avolis cycles 4 Century trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway again! Fantastic grueling trip! This makes 155 Century trips for Joe posted above. 

Good afternoon Dave,

I hope that you are doing well!

Got home last night from a second cycling trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Left Waynesboro, VA Saturday morning at 5:00 AM. Rode a Double Century to Fancy Gap, VA for 200 miles and 20,439 feet of climbing. Got to mile marker 200 at 11:20 PM. Karen sagged the entire trip and kept me in the car headlights until the end of the Double Century. Day 2 from Fancy Gap to Blowing Rock, NC was 102 miles for 10,617 feet of climbing. Day 3 from Blowing Rock to Asheville was 100 miles for 10,614 feet of climbing. Day 4 from Asheville to Cherokee was 72 miles for 9,114 feet of climbing. 474 miles total for 50,784 feet (9.6 miles) of total climbing in four days. 

Beautiful fall scenery and light traffic made for an enjoyable trip. The cold mornings and multi day climbing zapped my will power at times. The Blue Ridge Parkway is my favorite ride, but it is certainly challenging.

Joe Avolis 11/5/2013

No report received on Saturday 11/9 or Sunday 11/10 morning (Pollocksville/Jasper rides). I didn't ride because Bill Sadler, my B rider companion is out of town this weekend and next. It was 37-degrees at 8:30 AM Saturday so perhaps nobody went.

Dave Wallace 11/11/2013

No report received on Saturday 11/16 or Sunday 11/17 morning rides (Pollocksville/Jasper) But Carole Stanton, Joe Avolis and Chuck Forrest completed a Century Saturday which is posted above. 

Later heard from John Cho: No one showed for the Sunday ride, but it was really misty and rather poor visibility. Got to Atomic for the 2PM ride, but I don't know if it was cancelled, I arrived at the right time or was just plain late, but no one was there either even though the weather cleared up. Did a quick 10 mile loop so I could get back and do stuff around the house. jc

Dave Wallace 11/17/2013

No report received on Saturday 11/23 or Sunday 11/24 morning rides (Pollocksville/Jasper) Overcast  wet roads Saturday with threat of rain and Sunday morning temperature dropping into 30s with heavy wind. 

But Carole Stanton and Mike Dunlap later sent their Garmin GPS report in for a Century on Saturday which is posted above: Carole - Goldsboro to Middlesex & return, Mike - Durham to Asheboro & return -130 miles. 

Later heard from Tom Hewitt, owner of AtOmic Cycles below. 

Dave Wallace 11/24/2013

     Hey Dave,

There were a few of us out there on Sunday (8) AM...got in 50 miles solo to Cove City and back, but it was "breezy"/"chilly", for sure; saw one other rider behind me on Old 70 as I made a "nature break" stop at the quarry...four other AtOmic Riders went out mid-morning for 50/60 miles - Sarah Jane, Dustin H., Kyle H. & Kinzer H. - but it was NO day for really enjoying being on the bike. However, with that said, the fact that it was Sunny and clear was amazing...and it felt like I had "just" enough on - helmet (of course); shades, skull cap, neck gaiter, wind vest, s/s jersey, t-shirt underlayer, arm warmers, winter gloves, regular bibs, knee warmers, wool socks, toe covers & wind shoe covers - was a little chilly at first (which is the way it should be), didn't sweat too much all ride long and only felt some numbness in my left toes at the very end of the ride (actually, only when the hot water in the shower hit them...!!), otherwise was surprisingly(?) comfortable...

As Cyclists in Eastern NC, we are fortunate there are only a handful of days like that each year...

And, hats off to Ms. Carole & "Dakota" Mike for their continuing "long-haul" pursuits !

Keep Pedaling (even when it's cold...),

Tom Hewitt 11/25/2013

    Only three riders on the Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville ride:  

Dave, it was cold at the start of the ride and didn't get much better during the ride this morning. One factor is that we had a head wind all the way from Pollocksville back to New Bern. There were 3 Polar Bears this morning on the ride Dan "The Man" McRoy, Mac "The Tack" Flythe and Willie the Geezer "Bill Sadler" himself. All 3 are looking forwarded to the Polar Bear plunge at Atlantic beach on New Year Day. 

Bill Sadler 11/30/2013  

(The map from Bill's Garmin report is shown above. The full report with Bill's permission can be seen at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/410435688#.UpoY6W09fMc.gmail  You can see that he put in extra miles in Trent Woods. dw)

Five riders do a really fast Century in Beaufort & Pamlico counties!

Hi Dave, Got in another 100+ miles today with Greg Chuffo, Chuck Forrest, Will Conkwright and Josh Brown. Hope you are doing well. This was Chuck's annual B'day ride.

Best,   Mike Dunlap 11/30/2013

Mike's GPS report shows they did 105 miles in 5:08, Avg 20.4 mph, moving 20.5 mph and max 36.1mph. These guys didn't mess around! dw

Only two riders Sunday on the 35-mile Jasper loop: Bill Sadler and Mac Flythe. Bill reported it was warmer than the Saturday ride but that's not saying much when most of the ride was still in the 40s. It just seemed warmer because of less wind. Bill departed River Bend around 7 AM when it was below 40 and put on 20 miles zig-zagging through Trent Woods before arriving at Flythe's shop for the Jasper ride. He's a confirmed Polar Bear now. Thanks for the GPS Bill.

Dave Wallace 12/1/2013

Three riders Thursday on the 35-mile Jasper loop from Flythes and another Century:  I thought Thursday rides had been discontinued since nobody had reported them in a long time but today Bill Sadler reported that he, Dan McRoy & Mac Flythe cycled the 35-mile Jasper loop this very foggy morning. Bill sent his Garmin GPS report showing  he tacked on an additional 15 miles to make a total of 50.

Carole Stanton also sent in a GPS report today showing her 97th Century out of the Goldsboro area with a friend. She also ran into heavy fog but it finally cleared and became a sunny 70-degree, but windy day. I managed to get in 14 miles round and round the Bend. Weather forecast for the coming weekend looks wet. 

Dave Wallace 12/5/2013

  Joe Avolis does another DOUBLE CENTURY to total 161 Centuries !

Leaving at 4 AM on a dark Friday morning Joe took off on a 200 mile trip from Trent Woods to Kitty Hawk, taking the longer more rural southern route via Bath and Lake Mattamuskeet. The trip took 12:27 hours but Joe's moving time was 11:19 hours giving him an average speed of 17.1 mph, according to his Garmin GPS report. He arrived at Kitty Hawk at 4:30 PM. His only comment was "Windy out there but got some good help at times in the afternoon from the southwest flow. A little turbulent on the tree lined roads. I am kind of tired now. Will be a little more "fun" when there is more daylight to work with. 

Kind of tired? Congratulations Joe! You are an inspiration to all cyclists. I don't know how you do it!

Dave Wallace 12/6/2013

  A wet cold Saturday (12/7) and Sunday (12/8) kept cyclists off the road 

Dave Wallace 12/8/2013

Another poor weather weekend kept (most) cyclists off the road. 

Bill Sadler had made an earlier email plea for cyclists to join the New Bern Outdoor Adventure Club's participation in the Ernul Christmas Parade but reported that none showed up. So instead, he said his wife Lynda drove Flythe's van in the parade and he dressed up as an elf and passed out chocolate candy to the kids from the van or walking beside it, which was fun. 

Dave Wallace 12/15/2013

Oops, a few did get out Sunday afternoon from Atomic Cycles after the sun came out.  dw


We had a small, but hearty, group (Trio) that struck out for Jasper (and beyond) Sunday afternoon and got in about 40 miles (cut short by a front flat for "Dakota" Mike Dunlap); we had thought about 50/60 miles...also know that Chuck Forrest was cruising the Pamlico Peninsula at the same time yesterday...

Next couple of days should allow for some great riding with plenty of Sun and, at least, warmer temps...

Keep Pedaling,

Tom Hewitt - AtOmic Cycles   12/15/2013

New rider Dylan Peterson New riders Teddy Young & Marc Potter Marcy Mills whom we haven't seen in awhile Dave drafting behind Bill Sadler on Island Creek Rd.

Thirteen riders on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville ride: Henry Beckwith, Art Cullen, Mac Flythe, Todd Fulcher, Dan McRoy, Marcy Mills, Dylan Peterson, Marc Potter, Bill Sadler, Carole Stanton, Dave Wallace, Teddy Young. Mac Flythe said there were 13 riders so I'm missing one.  I can only report on the B-group that consisted of Bill Sadler and me which averaged 15.2 for the 30-miles because I'm slowing down. Nice weather for a change so we finally had a few riders show up. 

I heard that Bill Sadler and Carol Stanton continued on for another Century trip today plus Carole did another one last Thursday which leaves only one more to go for 100 total. Will she make in 2013? 

Dave Wallace 12/21/2013

No report received on Sunday 35-mile Jasper ride: Weather was nice but perhaps nobody showed up because 13 went Saturday.

Dave Wallace 12/22/2013


Carole Stanton completes 100th CENTURY trip! with a large group of cyclists!  Congratulations Carole!

 Carole who has been riding like crazy in 2013 with an objective of completing 100 Century trips this year just made it! She had 52 Centuries total at the end of 2012 so she only needed 48 to go. Only? Accompanying her on the 100 miles was Josh Brown (8), Will Conkwright(4), Greg Chuffo(8), Chuck Forrest(30) and Lucien Vaughn(14). Century trips are posted above on the Century Trip Recognition List. Carole said 5 other cyclists from out of town, who are not NBCC members joined in on the 100 miles. ( Photo: Sent by Carole showing all the cyclists bundled up at the cold start- I can't tell who is who) 

The following cyclists rode part of the way. (65 miles): Tom Hewitt, Mark Potter. (40 miles): Marcy Mills, Patti Lamana, Kim Willis, Aleta Brydge and Beverly Rust.

All total 18 riders were involved in the ride today. Way to go Carole. You are an inspiration to all of us. 

The only report received on the Flythe 30-mile Pollocksville ride Saturday was from Dan McRoy who continued on to Oriental to complete his 6th Century trip. It was too cold a start on Saturday in the 30s for me, but I got miles in later in the day when it warmed up. Sunday's Jasper ride was a complete washout due to rain. 

Late flash! Just heard from Dan McRoy that he rode the 30-mile Pollocksville loop alone Saturday before continuing on for 100 miles. 

Dave Wallace 12/29/2013

  NBCC Cyclist of the Year Joe Avolis completes 12,000 miles in 2013 and 104 Centuries to total 162!

Super rider Joe Avolis closed out 2013 with a Century to Chocowinity to rack up 12,000 miles for the year and he wasn't even feeling good! Joe had 57 Centuries total at the end of 2012 so he ended up cycling 104 Centuries in 2013 to reach his total of 162. That's 8.6 per month average. But don't forget that Joe cycled 2,800 miles across America in May taking 17 days and completing 19 Century trips along the way, not to mention all the other double Centuries he cycled in 2013. Fantastic Joe! Here's his last report: Thanks for the kind words Joe! dw

Hey Dave,

I hope that you had a nice Christmas! I wish you and your wife the very best for the New Year!

Headed out on Saturday after it warmed up for my final century of the year. Did not really feel like going because I was a little under the weather. Just needed 101 miles to finish the year at 12,000 even. Did not want to miss that opportunity because it may not come around again. As soon as I had the 101 miles I needed, Karen picked me up on the side of the road.

Had a nice year of cycling! Got to do a lot of good events and travel a lot of places. I want to thank you for your support throughout the year! Karen and I always comment on your enthusiasm and love of cycling. You always seem to know how to say some of the best things. I don't think there is anyone out there who could do what you do better.

I really appreciate your hard work managing your website. I tell others about it from outside of our area, and they are usually a little envious.

I don't know what will be in store in 2014 for my cycling activities. Probably not another 12K. Will probably ride with Karen a little more to help her reach her potential. I am sure we will find a few interesting events to spur our motivation.

One of my most enjoyable times this year was lunch with you and John. We will have to do that again!

Joe Avolis 12/29/2013

Dave Wallace 12/29/2013

Nine cyclists complete 140-mile tough ride on New Year's Day: It's called the Velominati Rule 5 Ride which I'll let you look up the definition of on the Velominati web page at  http://www.velominati.com/. I understand Will Conkwright organized the ride on his Facebook page. The route is counter-clockwise starting on the dirt road through Croatan National Forest. Here's Greg Chuffo's report which he sent along with GPS data on the ride:  dw

There are quite a few centuries to report! I'm sure you will hear from a few of these guys. Nine of us met bright and early this morning by the Persimmions waterfront at 7:15AM for the first annual New Year Day Rule 5 ride, 

The route was 140 miles of both on and off road adventure. I would estimate 13-16 miles were on unpaved roads. Most of these were through the local Croatan National Forest. Only one flat tire to report! I logged just under 145 miles @ 20.2 avg speed.

Most everyone finished the 140 mile route in 6hrs 50-55 mins

Participants included- Dustin Hanson, Kyle Hanson, (Dustin's twin brother), Tom Hewitt, Mike Dunlap, Joe Avolis, Will Conkwright, Josh Brown, Chuck Forest and myself.

Greg Chuffo 1/1/2014

  No riders reported for Saturday 1/4. Temp only 32 degrees at 10 AM.

Late Flash: Joe Avolis reported riding the Bicycle For Life 207K (124mi) Brevet in Salisbury Saturday with starting temp 15 and high of 34. Sounds like a punishing ride to me. His water bottle froze, not to mention what else.

Not to be outdone, Carole Stanton also reported an Arctic Century Saturday and sent her GPS report, accompanied by Beverly Rust and Marcy Mills for 55 miles.

Dave Wallace 1/4/2014

  Two riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop: Mac Flythe and I did the Jasper Loop today, averaged 16.2mph.

Bill Sadler 1/5/2014

Three riders on Saturday 30-mile Pollocksville loop: Dan McRoy, Mac Flythe and I rode the Pollocksville loop with an average speed of 15.8 mph, Lots of wind with the ride.

Bill Sadler 1/11/2014

  Three riders on Sunday 35-mile Jasper loop: Today Dr. Cho (in the Red Lady Bug Machine) Mac Flythe and I rode the Jasper ride. We had lots of wind and our average speed was 15.2 mph.

Bill Sadler 1/12/2014

   Four riders do 25-miles in Trent Woods: Hi Dave!   Patrick Ray, Aleta Bridge, Kim Willis and myself did a 25 mile loop around Trent Woods this morning. Beautiful and windy!!

Marcy Mills 1/12/2014

  Joe Avolis does another Double Century on a cold windy Saturday

Super rider Joe Avolis did it again - another Double Century (200 miles), only this time it was on a cold windy day when the average temperature was only 36 degrees with a low of 24.8 according to Joe's GPS. The trip was a RUSA event starting near Lumberton NC to near Maple Hill NC, about 19 miles West of Jacksonville and return. It was a 14 hour trip with a little over 12 hours of saddle time and Joe's moving speed was 16.4 which must have been brutal in all that wind Saturday. Don't know how you do it Joe! And all you say is it was "fun but a little cold and windy.

Dave Wallace 1/19/2014

No riders reported Sunday January 20. Bad weather. But Carole Stanton reported another Century out of Goldboro to Middlesex on Monday and sent her GPS report.

  No riders reported cycling Saturday 1/25. Temp in 30s/40s and windy all day

Only two riders on the Jasper 11:30 AM late start because of cold weather. Still too cold!

Mac an I did the Jasper route today.

Bill Sadler 1/26/2014

    Five riders report 45-55 miles on a cold-windy Sunday afternoon ride.

Hey Dave,

Aleta Brydge, Marcy Mills, Kim Willis, Patrick Ray and I rode out to Catfish Lake Road 35 miles. Patrick rode some miles before meeting us and I rode some miles after we split up. Patrick got in 45 miles and I got a total of 55. Not my usual but I was very happy to get the 55 since I have been home sick for 3 days. We didn't get a good picture otherwise I would have attached it for you.

How many miles were you able to get in this afternoon? River Bend is a really nice place to get in some good loops. Looks like tomorrow is supposed to be a really nice day, hopefully you can work on the rest of the miles you need for your monthly goal.

Take care and be safe out there!  

Carole Stanton 1/26/2014

  No riders reported cycling Saturday 2/1/2014 except Joe Avolis (below). Starting temp in 30s rising to 40s. 

  Joe Avolis does tough 245-mile Bicycle for Life  400K RUSA Double Century February 1 out of Lumberton NC.

Joe did it again and completed another Double Century (actually 245 miles) on a cold rainy Saturday out of Lumberton. Joe said he was chilled every time he stopped on the 17-hour trip that didn't end until after midnight. Sounds punishing to me but Joe seems to thrive on such audacious rides. See http://www.bicycleforlife.org/rusa/events-rusa.html for the registered rider list. Not many riders doing 400Km,  most only went 200Km, but surprising several kept going for 600Km into the night (372 miles). 

Dave Wallace 2/1/14

Four riders celebrate Tom Hewitt's 55th Birthday by riding a 113-mile Century to Emerald Isle & return: Riders/Century count: Chuck Forrest(32), Tom Hewitt(28), Aaron Johnson(1), Shane Naber(18).

Dave,  After a wet and foggy departure this morning from Persimmons we did a Century to the beach to honor Tom Hewitt's 55th birthday. We did 113 miles - twice his age plus. Carol Stanton and Marcy Mills who didn't ride with us surprised Tom with a birthday cake at the end of the ride. 

Chuck Forrest 2/2/2014

  No riders reported cycling Saturday 2/8/2014. Bad weather!

Carole Stanton does 104th Century on a COLD WINDY Sunday.

Hey Dave,

Rode over to Goldsboro and got a long ride in. It was a tough ride for me today, first half extremely cold, second half strong headwinds. Guess I got a little out of shape not doing a long ride for two weeks. I AM READY FOR SPRING!!

There will be others contacting you, a nice group from Atomic cycled over to Jacksonville and then did their Artic Metric

Carole Stanton 2/9/2014

  Five Guys complete Century by cycling cold to Jax and then ride the Bicycle Gallery Polar  Bear Metric Century.

Morning Dave,

Yeah, five of us rode from New Bern down to Jacksonville, NC yesterday morning to participate in Bicycle Gallery's Polar Bear Metric Century Ride...little chilly going down but turned out to be an outstanding day to be on the Bike... See http://bicycle-gallery.com/12/the-2nd-annual-polar-bear-century-is-feb-8th/

Joe Avolis (New Bern) 38 miles (NB to J'ville) + 62 miles ("BG" Metric Ride) = 100+ miles, Chuck Forrest (Oriental) same, Chris Smith (Winterville) same, Terry Forrest (Goldsboro) same, Tom Hewitt (New Bern) same

"Five Guys" riding that kind of mileage in the cold, it only seemed apropos to finish the day at the FIVE GUYS for "recovery chow" 

Keep Pedaling (even when it's chilly/cold!),

Tom Hewitt, 2/9/2014

Doug Bacskay reported that he, Patrick Ray and Patti Lamana did only the Polar Bear Metric Century in Jacksonville (Also Chris Kelso - dw)

  Where on earth is Mac Flythe? 

He's cycling in Costa Rica with Joanne Somerday!

Dave Wallace 2/10/2014

Rain on/off all day Saturday 2/15. No cycling. Boo!

   No word from anyone cycling in a group or a Century Sunday 2/16. Probably too cold with morning mostly in the 30s. (dw)

   Oops, a late report from Tom Hewitt of Atomic Cycles. Lots of cyclists were out Sunday after all!


There actually WERE quite a few folks out yesterday (besides Bill S.)...just riding solo or in pairs (and SOME were racing, too!) Dustin & Kyle Hanson, Greg Chuffo (twice), Chris Smith, Courtney Dixon, Jose Gonzalez, Chuck Forrest, Chad McCoy, Mike Dunlap, Cliff Blackwell & I...all at various times of the day (Greg & I missed each other and rode in the pretty frigid AM out to Jasper...and generated our own "wind chill", too).

Quite a few guys ventured to Jacksonville in the afternoon for the Coastal Carolina Off-Road Series (CCORS) Races...Josh Hilbrand & his son, Braden; Aaron Rasmussen & his son, David; Patrick Horney, Trevor Anderson and (we think?) Mario Sanchez (a number of these guys are Marines) all raced strongly...and "Big Joe" Baes took 2nd in the 40+ Sport Class Race and Kinzer Hewitt took 2nd in the Expert Class Race !

Now, most of the sane riders were out in the PM, for sure...cause it was COLD going out to Jasper in the AM; right, "Stealth" Greg C. ?!?

According to "TWC", there should be some GREAT riding weather coming our way later this week...maybe we'll see you out and about 

Keep Pedalin' (even if/when it's COLD & WINDY),

Tom Hewitt 2/16/2014

PS: ..and, of course I missed Carole Stanton's 62+ Mile PM Ride while looking at STRAVA Results...so, that's at least a dozen folks out on such a chilly day ! Sorry I missed the first time responding, Carole...

Dan McRoy, Doug Bacskay, Mac Flythe, Patrick Ray, Tim Ruth & Tommy Arthur

Six riders on Saturday Pollocksville loop plus:  We had a great ride this morning with some great friends! The weather was beautiful with a nice tailwind to begin the ride and comfortable cool temps. We bypassed the Pollocksville stop and continued on to Merchant's Store for our rest stop. Patrick suggested that we add a climb up the Bayboro exit and loop back down to cross the Trent River Bridge into downtown New Bern. It was a great addition. Our avg was a nice easy pace of 17.5 mph over 31 miles. I'm looking forward to a great riding season!

Thanks to Doug Bacskay, Patrick Ray, Tim Ruth, Dan McRoy and Tommy Arthur for coming out. I've attached a photo of the group.

Mac Flyth2/22/2014   Flythe's Bike Shop   www.flythesbikeshop.com www.facebook.com/flythesbikeshop

Super Woman Carole Stanton just checked in her 105th Century trip on Saturday.  (dw)

Kim Willis, Carole Stanton, Beverly Rust, Marcy Mills, Patti LaManna, Doug Bacskay in Oriental

Six riders do 60-mile Pamlico County loop from Bridgeton to Oriental in great Sunday weather: Doug Bacskay. Patti LaMana, Marcy Mills, Beverly Rust, Carole Stanton & Kim Willis. 

But after an enjoyable ride with the pretty gals,  Doug Bacskay just kept going on another loop North to Vamceboro  until his GPS registered 100 miles for his first Century of 2014. 

Dave Wallace 2/23/2014                                         

Bill Sadler John Klecker Mac Flythe Philippe Lafargue

Four riders do the Jasper Loop Sunday: Dave, there was only 4 of us that rode Sunday: John Klecker, Mac Flythe and I from Flythe's then Philippe Lafargue met us at River Bend and rode out to Jasper and back to River Bend. Thanks to John Klecker our average was at 18.2mph. Thanks for the pull John.

Bill Sadler 2/23/2014

  No word from anyone cycling in a group or a Century Saturday 3/1. Probably too cold. Besides Mac Flythe and Bill Sadler were down in Florida kayaking. (dw  3/1/2014)

Hello, Flythe's Bike Shop just shared an Instagram photo with you: 

The Polar Bear Brothers, Steve Mercer and Mac Flythe. Flythe's 6am Early Bird Ride. 34 degrees. Brisk, baby! #flythes #earlybird #htfu #mykneecapsarefrozen"  

(Flythe's Early Bird ride departs River Bend Shell Station on Sundays at 6 AM. dw 3/2/2014)

  Carole Stanton and Marcy Mills knock off another Century. Others join part way. 

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY! What started out as a 45-60 mile ride turned into another century ride for me and Marcy Mills, her first for 2014. We had a nice group ride out to Trenton and back with Patrick Ray, Kim Willis, Patti Lamana, Aleta Brydge, Marcy and me. Doug Bacskay rode 15 miles with us but had to turn out and head in to work. The group rode 45 miles together, Marcy and I decided to do a few more miles and ended up going for the whole 100 miles. The day was just too pretty to waste. It was a really nice ride. Sorry we didn't take any pictures for you.

Carole Stanton 3/2/2014


 Hey, it's uphill going East to West in NC!

Caution - Bicycle on road ahead. Joe in Manteo NC

Oops, a dirt road detour = one flat tire?

At the end on steps of Murphy NC Courthouse

Joe Avolis does it again - this time 597 miles from Manteo to Murphy NC in 2.6 days! Whew!

I don't know how he does it. Joe cycled 597 miles in 64 hours with only 6.5 hours of sleep, and 27,000' of uphill climbing! dave 

Hey Dave,

Got to the Murphy, North Carolina Courthouse at 10:59 last night (Sun.) to finish up the ride to establish the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) Cross State of North Carolina, E-W record establishment attempt (Masters age group, 50 – 59). Elapsed time was 64 hours (63:59) with a distance of 597.1 miles. The record is pending UMCA approval but nobody has a previous record for the designated Courthouse start/end points in my age category or travel direction.

The UMCA rules for the solo ride required two UMCA approved officials and a crew of at least two. Traffic rules, reflective gear, follow vehicles and signage all applied.

My crew and officials did a great job and were very dedicated to this event. My day/start crew consisted of Karen and my friend, Mike Greco (Official). My night crew was larger because we stayed out late, 4:15 a.m. on the first day. My night crew consisted of my father, Joe; my Uncle Ralph, my youngest son, Spencer; and my friend, Dwayne Franklin (Official).

Karen was the Crew Chief and did a great job of coordinating the crews as nightly destinations changed. I did not have to deal with any of these details. I asked a lot of these folks, they delivered, and I very much appreciated it.

We started with a strong quartering tailwind at 7:00 a.m. standing on the Manteo Courthouse steps. Made great progress with the first 100 miles in 5:45 (total). Went through the towns of Columbia, Plymouth, Buies Creek; Lillington, Carthage and Biscoe before getting in at 4:30 a.m. with 289 miles. There was some short but steep climbing later in the night.

On Day 2, we traveled through Albemarle, Mooresville, over Lake Norman, Morganton and into Marion for the night at 12:42 a.m. and 152 miles.

On Day 3, we traveled from Marion through Black Mountain, Asheville, Canton, Waynesville, Sylva, Bryson City, Andrews and ending at the Murphy Courthouse steps at 10:59 p.m.

The trip had about 27,000 feet of climbing with most of it occurring on the last day. Plenty of steep hills.

My favorite part of the trip was in the Old Fort area between Asheville and Marion. The road I had mapped had been closed and converted to a mountain bike tail with no vehicular traffic. We took a 3.5 mile detour along a gravel road that climbed about 1,000 feet. The road was steep and had switch backs. The surface was compacted enough to ride. This road restored some of my self confidence after the two hard previous days and some knee pain. I described that segment to the crew as epic.

Joe Avolis 3/3/2014

On 3/11/14 Joe received the letter below from UMCA that his NC East-West record was official: (dw)

Marc Potter, Marcy Mills, Doug Bacskay, Joe Baes, Dan McRoy, Mike Fincham, Mac Flythe Jr.(inset)

Seven riders on Pollocksville loop Saturday: Had a great ride this morning with some great people! Joe Baes, Mike Fincham, Marcy Mills, Marcus Potter, Doug Bacskay, Dan Mcroy and myself. We did the Pollocksville loop for an average of 18.4 for 31.7 miles. It was a bit cool at the start but it quickly warmed up. Thanks for coming out, guys! Remember our Tuesday and Thursday Rides start this Tuesday. We depart at 5:45pm from Flythe's for a no-drop 15 mile ride through Trent Woods.

Mac Flythe Jr. 3/8/2014

  As expected, Carole Stanton does another weekly Century Saturday - her 108th!  (dw 3/8/2014)

Eight riders on Jasper 35-mile loop Sunday: Carole Stanton, who just did a Century trip yesterday, reported riding the Jasper loop Sunday morning with Mac Flythe, Doug Bacskay, John Klecker, Marcy Mills, Patrick Ray, Beverly Rust and  Bill Sadler. (dw 3/9/14)

  Eight riders do Century trip on Saturday 3/15/14

Good Morning Dave

  What a beautiful day yesterday (minus the winds).  We had a very nice group ride yesterday.  My friend from Goldsboro came here and brought another friend to ride with Marcy Mills, Patrick Ray, Doug Bacskay, Dr. John Cho and me.  Very strong group of cyclists.  We all had a great time.  I have attached a picture for you. That's Dr Cho in his red velomobile. GPS report is attached.

 Carole Stanton 3/15/14

  Joe Avolis does 380 miles (600K+) in 30.3 hours in 'Super Randonneurs" series. Joe never quits! Is this fun or what?

What's a Randonneur? See http://www.rusa.org/faq1.html  - dw (PS: I gave Joe 4 Centuries for the two days of riding since the last 3 hours must have been miserable in the rain.)

Hey Dave!

Hope you are getting along well!

Made it up to Salisbury this weekend to finish up the 2-, 3-, 4-, 600K "Super Randonneurs" series. Rode to Lumberton then Garland for the out and back 600K (380 miles). Rode the first 225 miles with another rider back to Lumberton, he went on to pursue the 100OK. Hope he is surviving in this weather.

Soled all the way through the night through some desolate areas hoping to beat the rain. Still ended up in the rain for the last three hours. Had. 13,000 feet of climbing. Was very glad when I finished at 12:30 this afternoon, a long night.

Joe Avolis 3/16/2014

Eight riders on Sunday's 35-mile Jasper Loop Sunday 3/23.

      Here is the group from Flythe's for the Sunday morning ride: Doug Bacskay, Beverly Rust, Craig?(new), Jim?(new), me and Josh ? to my right (today was Josh second day riding his bicycle in a very long time) and then Jonathan Irvin. Mac took the picture.

Josh's first day riding was yesterday around 15 miles. He kept up well going to Jasper with speeds up to 21mph. On the way back the wind got to him, but he made it. He had never ridden 34 miles st one time before today. Come to think of it, the wind got to all of us on the way back down US 17 to the bike shop.

Yesterday only Mac and I did the Pollocksville loop Saturday with an average of around 16.1mph. Three other people took off from the bike shop and went in a different direction.

Bill Sadler 3/23/2014 - reporting for Mac (he who forgot to) do it himself.

  Shawna Bland of Aurora completed her 30th Century on a Beaufort/Pamlico County loop on Friday 3/27.  dw

   Joe Avolis does double Century to Nags Head and return in 13.5 hours on windy March 28. This make 181 Centuries for Joe!

Hey Dave,

Rode my usual route up to Nags Head today. Left at 5:00 am. The wind really worked me over today from mile 60 to 140. As hard as it was blowing. I should have been cruising at 26 for the 40 mile northbound leg out of Englehard. I have finally figured out that on these hard south or southwest blows, the tree lined road just creates too much turbulence for good laminar flow. Still better than a headwind, but you just don't quite reap the reward for the effort that you put in to get there. Good to get it done!

Joe Avolis 3/28/2014

Rain all day Saturday March 29. 

  Sunday group ride to Jasper disintegrates:  Doug Bacskay, Mac Flythe and I left Flythe's bicycle shop for the Sunday morning Jasper ride. With wind and rain the smarter of the riders (Mac and Doug) cut back through Trent Woods and called it a day after 15 miles.

The dumber of the group (me) did the Jasper ride alone and to tell the truth I'm not sure why. The wind was a bitch, but I averaged 15.5mph.

Bill Sadler 3/30/2014

    Carole Stanton discovers a BIG CHAIR on her 111th Century ride from Goldsboro on 3/31/14

Hey There.  Rode over to Goldsboro to do a long ride, boy was it windy. Really tough with all the open fields. But other than the winds the weather was awesome. Didn't do any riding on the weekend since the weather was not so good.

We see some of the coolest things on our rides, I am attaching a picture of one of the coolest yet. Felt like Carole in Wonderland. Forgive me if the pixels are not right.

Have a great week Dave, enjoy this awesome weather.

Thanks for everything you do for us Dave! We love you.

Carole Stanton 3/31/2014

  And another Century ride (31st) reported by Shawna Bland on the same windy day Hello Dave.... I'm reporting another solo century today.... This one really took a lot out of me... The wind was nasty! I originally planned a 125 miles to do my first 200k since my come back but the wind beat me! My body gave in.... I did the first 25 miles here in Aurora then headed to Chocowinity adding a loop going and coming back up to Core Point ... Going I did a loop up to Cypress Landing then into Chocowinity ... This route is not as flat as some of our other ones! I am very glad to be home! It was a very long day in the saddle... My avg was very slow!

Thank you again Dave and I hope to pace with you soon.

Shawna Bland 3/31/2014

  The 2014 Cycle NC Coastal Ride on April 4-6, 2014 in Oriental dominated weekend cycling

Some 1100 cyclists registered for the CNC Coastal Ride, with 28 shown registered from New Bern. About a dozen registered from New Bern were NBCC members. Six members reported a Century trip. Bill Sadler and Dan McRoy reported cycling a Century on all 3 days of the event.

Dave Wallace 4/7/2014


Five cyclists do a Century ride in Beaufort & Pamlico Counties on Saturday 4/12/14.  Riders completing the Century  left to right above were Carole Stanton, Marcy Mills, Carol Beliveau, Patrick Ray &  Doug Bacskay. We had a great ride even though we had some pretty rough roads. Don't know how Shawna rides those roads like she does. She is one tough gal!

Thanks Dave, be safe out there!

Carole Stanton 4/12/2014


Eight cyclists do the 35-mile Jasper loop on Sunday 4/13

Good morning Dave,

We had 8 riders on the Flythe ride this morning. The new guy is Louie Cruz. He is military and just moved to the area. Art Cullen,Aleta Brydge, John Cho and Louie rode out from the shop. We met them at Riverbend since we started early to get in 50 miles this morning.

Marcy, Patrick, Doug and I used the ride this morning as part of our recovery ride from yesterday's Century which is posted on my Garmin site. Will send the link in another email. Carol Beliveau rode with us yesterday too.

Hope you are doing well and are able to enjoy this beautiful weather. Miss seeing you!  Be safe out there!    

Carole Stanton 4/13/2014

I'm not sure, but I think that left-to-right above are John Cho MD, Art Cullen, Aleta Brydge, Doug Bacskay, Carol Beliveau, Patrick Ray and the new guy Louie Cruz. Carol Stanton took the photo. Then later John Cho sent the paceline photo and the LARGE bloomers on the line that belonged to the wife of the Jolly Green Giant.  (DW)


Five fast riders do a Century via Emerald Isle on Sunday 4/13.

Hi Dave - here is a 111 mile ride we got in today. I broke my front wheel at 48 miles on a pothole - hitched a ride into Beaufort where Joe Avolis's son brought me a front wheel so I could finish the ride. Tom Hewitt, Greg Chuffo, Dustin Hanson and Joe Avolis all went over the 100 mile mark. Chad turned around early.

Thanks, Mike Dunlap 4/13/14

Aurora to Beaufort (via ferry) Shawna Dane Bland I wonder if they'd let you bring your bike inside?  Beaufort waterfront

Shawna Dane Bland does her 33rd Century trip down to Beaufort on 4/14    Hello Dave, I'm writing again to tell you I did another solo century today! I went from Beaufort County to the city of Beaufort ... Down to the water front! It was a really nice ride with serious headwind going and a nice tailwind coming back!

I hope all is well your way! I'm including the picture of my ride and two I took at stops...

Shawna Bland 4/14/2014

  Rain on/off all day Saturday & Sunday 4/19 - 4/20. No cycling. Boo!

But Carole Stanton, Marcy Mills, Doug Bacskay, Carol Beliveau and Scott from Goldsboro did a Jasper loop plus an Oriental loop for a 106 mile Century trip on Friday 4/18 in anticipation of the wet weekend!

Dave Wallace 4/20/2014

Shawna Bland does unusual tough North/South 5-county Century trip for 200K (127 miles).

Hello Dave,

I want to report my ride today! I did 127.3 miles... I must say it was one of my hardest rides ever... The first 55 miles in that headwind (it was brutal) this morning about killed me... I left my house, caught the Aurora ferry and then headed up to Plymouth... Hwy 99 was rough in parts but once I got out of Beaufort county the roads improved... It ended up a five county ride (Beaufort, Hyde, Washington, back to Beaufort then to Craven; Pamlico to finish)... Beaufort county pavement was so bad... I hope you warn everyone (hey 264 coming into Washington is dangerous for cyclist) As you can see from the map I am sending; I left Plymouth and followed hwy 32 down to hwy 264 then to hwy 17... I think the pink area on this map might be the fact that it was 60mph speed limit on hwy 17... I'm not sure but I might not have been allowed to ride that part! I then turned on to hwy 55 and met my family in Pamlico county! It was a very tough long day but I finished; to be honest there was times I was not sure I would get the 200k I was going for... Thank you Dave for everything! I hope you and your family are all doing well!

Shawna Dane Bland  4/21/2014

Hey, if you're looking for someone to cycle with and you are a member send a message to nbcc@XXXalways-online.com (Remove XXX) telling folks when and where you'd like to go. After the trip send me a message and I'll post how it went and who joined in. That's what this club is all about. 

   Dave Wallace davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net (remove XXX)

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