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Residential Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning and Related Services

Our standard Residential Window Cleaning Service provides special attention to not only your glass but also includes cleaning of various adjacent items and areas such as:
Yes, we do clean, and can tackle that above the entrance, those 2nd floor bedroom windows and/or the dormers in your attic (if you have them, that is).  We have even been known to install weather-stripping,,  reputty,  recaulk,  repaint and perform many other various.repairs.  

We also perform other concurrent or stand alone cleaning services such as pressure.washing of adjacent surfaces,,, etc.

Shaun washes down the dusty proximities of the windows in the precleaning phase of this window cleaning project. Shaun give the glass, frames and proximities a thorough scrub in the the presoak phase of cleaning this French window. Shaun makes sure the entire window perimeter including this stone sill will be looking as good as the window when he's through. Tim and Shaun clean inside surfaces of windows including glass, frames and sills while delicately maneuvering around furniture and decor carefully keeping them dry. Shaun details frames, ledges and sills, scrubbing then buffing them clean and dry. Tim uses extension pole and special brush to sweep high areas during preclean phase of window cleaning. Shaun uses extremely soft brush on an extension pole to decobweb  the underside of the skylight and soffit. Tim washes blades of outdoor patio ceiling fans prior to cleaning windows. Shaun carefully scrubs skylight with a soft bristle brush and acetic wash solution. Tim removes this particular storm window from the outside, frame and all. Typically we remove the individual sashes of a storm window from the inside and then clean them outside.  This method eliminates potential damage to the paint on the exterior window frames. Tim reinstalls the storm window sashes and screen after thoroughly cleaning and detailing them along with the primary window unit. Tim carefully removes inside pane of these Pella brand windows enabling cleaning of in between surfaces. Kevin carefully removes storm window sash above decorative fabric covered wall. Tim uses an extension pole to squeegee dry windows after first scrubbing the glass, frames and proximities. Tim carefully inserts a new piece of glass making sure it is seated properly to avoid potential cracking as the structure shifts over time.

 Frames: Window frames come in an ever growing variety of materials, styles, colors, textures, etc., and often play a major role in the overall appearance of your window.  They typically need to be cleaned along with the glass in order to prevent excessive buildup of contaminants such as mineral deposits from ground water, dirt (red clay in this area) and of course those all too familiar cob webs.  

 Sills:  Window sills often resemble the start of a good planter box by the time the windows are begging to be cleaned.  Special attention should also be given to the area of the sill hidden by the closed lower sash.  It can be quite disappointing to raise the sash of a sparkling clean window only to find a layer of dirt hiding in the middle of the sill.

 Shutters:  Often decorative shutters are in desperate need of cleaning and are far more unsightly than they are decorative.  It is important to clean them before or during the window cleaning process.

 Screens:  Window screens, meant to prevent insects from making you feel like you live in a barn, ironically provide an excellent hang out for spiders preying on those same insects. Unfortunately, however unsightly they may be, screens are a necessary evil for those who like to have a bit of fresh air now and then.  For many who don't open their windows for love central air conditioning or hate of dusting, screens are simply the evil part and are actually quite unnecessary.   Should you deem them a necessary part of your window unit, they will need to be thoroughly cleaned along with the rest of the window.

 Soffits and Eaves:  Often the areas directly above your windows are popular hang outs for spiders.  The light from your windows attracts their favorite morsels and these areas are to spiders as deer feeders are to hunters.

 Porches and Patios:  Many times porch and patio areas are the exterior show case of your home.  We will be looking at them closely and may likely spend a bit of time getting them cleaned up before we start on your windows.

 Ceiling Fans:  How anything can manage to stick to a ceiling fan can seem like a mystery, but they will none the less, inevitably need a periodic cleaning.  Once again, we are the likely candidates for the task as they are many times close by and should be cleaned prior to the windows.

 Skylights:  Usually skylights are plastic and can seem a bit unrewarding to clean, but once again, it is really the spiders that press this issue.   Actually, even though they are plastic, removing the dirt will give them a nice sheen and just might brighten your day a bit.

 Light Fixtures:  Cleaning your light fixtures can make a dramatic contribution to making your whole house shine.  We'll clean them up and even replace your bad bulbs for you if you like.

 Storm Windows:  Storm window units are surprisingly not meant to be as air tight as many might suspect.  Lack of a nominal amount of air circulation will result in condensation during extreme temperatures and subsequently moisture streaked glass in between the storm unit and the regular window.  Unfortunately, the need for this air circulation to prevent one unsightly problem is the gateway to a different one with the eventual invasion of dust, insects and those ever reoccurring afore mentioned cob webs.

Periodically cleaning storm windows is an inevitable need and given the significance of the project, you will probably want to give us a call.  The good news is that once professionally cleaned, the in between surfaces might not need to be cleaned as often as the outer ones.  Because of this potential, we have developed a method for cleaning just the outside surfaces which can be done at a much lower cost.

 High Glass:  Also operating a High Rise services company, the challenge of getting to and cleaning high glass is one we know well and is in fact one we do well, too.  We have a large variety of ladder styles and accessories to select from for use in safely accessing your high glass.

 Glass Replacement:  Occasionally, while performing a window cleaning project, we have been asked if we could replace broken or cracked glass for our customer.   Although it would usually be better to have it done before rather than during the window cleaning project, we are glad to help out.  In fact, if your windows have the older style glazing putty and you want them to be reputtied to their original appearance, we are probably the best source for this glass replacement you could call, anyway.  

 Reputtying:  Properly reputtying glass has virtually become a lost art and we are one of those nearly impossible to find companies willing to do it right, using the older and in this case, far better methods.

 Caulking and Weather Stripping:  If your home is in need of caulking and/or weather stripping or if the existing needs replaced, we are highly knowledgeable and skilled in this area. Proper selection of material, surface preparation and installation are imperative to achieving a long lived solution.   

 Painting:  Often while performing a glass cleaning project we find ourselves delving into a remotely related paint project.  Once again, this is an area we are highly knowledgeable and skilled in.  Also again, the proper selection of materials, surface preparation and application methods are imperative to the longevity of the solution.

 Various Repairs:  With a highly diversified background there is not much limit to the many repair projects we might tackle while providing your window cleaning service.  Many times as we work around your home,  we simply fix things in need of repair as we come across them.  Often our customers are not even aware of the many little freebies we have performed on their behalf.

 Pressure Washing:  Often pressure washing is the best way to clean adjacent surfaces just prior to having your windows cleaned.  In some cases it may be beneficial to consider having the whole house washed, or patio and porch areas.

 Awning Cleaning:  Both canvass and vinyl awnings need periodic cleaning and perhaps even resealing to prolong their attractive appearance and life expectancy.  This is another project that should be done just prior to or in conjunction with your window cleaning.

 Ultrasonic Cleaning:  Whether it be your blinds or perhaps your A/C duct grills, nothing cleans the nooks and crannies like ultrasonics.  We'll remove them, ultrasonically clean them in our 10' tank, spot free rinse them and reinstall them after they have dried.