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At the Galaxy's Edge

Originally, I was going to put up links to various sizes of wallpaper in .BMP format for windows users, but when I looked at the file sizes, I said, "Screw that!" The files would have taken up more space than I have available on this server. Instead, I have put the file here as a .JPG file, visible on this page. To save it, right click and pick "Save Picture As. . ." from your menu. Save it to the Windows directory and if you want to use it as a .BMP file, you'll just have to use a graphics program and convert it. As for size, you can either stretch or shrink it to fit, or resize or resample using the graphics program. If you don't have an adequate graphics program (no, Microsoft Picture-It Express is NOT adequate), let me recommend that you download Paint Shop Pro -- whatever the current version is. You can't go wrong with it.

NOTE: Although this picture displays at 500 pixels wide, the actual file is 1152 pixels wide and will be saved at that size when you right click and save it.

Wallpaper of the Month
"At the Galaxy's Edge"

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