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May 19, 2019

may 19, 2019

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Charles Spurgeon was to preach to a congregation, and because of difficulty in the way he arrived late. His grandfather began the service and was speaking when Spurgeon arrived. He declared to the congregation. When Spurgeon entered the building, "You have all come to hear my grandson, and therefore I will stop that you may hear him. He may preach better than I can, but he cannot preach a better Gospel. Can you, Charles?" Spurgeon replied, "I cannot preach the Gospel better; but if I could, it would not be a better Gospel. " 


John Calvin said, "Almost all men are affected with the disease of desiring to obtain useless knowledge." Let us be like the apostle who wrote "That I may know HIM, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death" (Philippians 3:10)


It remains true that in ourselves we have no resting place. It is the quality of the work without (that is, the work of Christ), not the quality of the work within, which satisfies us. "No confidence in the flesh," must be our motto, as it is the foundation of God's gospel.
Horatius Bonar


From a message by C.H. Spurgeon

In the life of Mr. Charles Wesley, there occurs a memorable scene at Devizes. When he went there to preach, the curate of the parish assembled a great mob of people, who determined to throw him into the horse-pond, and if he would not promise that he would never come into the town again they would kill him. He escaped into the house and hid himself upstairs. They besieged the house for hours, battering at the doors, breaking every pane of glass in the windows, and at last to his consternation, they climbed the roof, and began to throw the tiles down into the street, so as to enter the house from above. He had been in prayer to God to deliver him, and he said, "I believe my God will deliver me;" but when he saw the heads of the people over the top of the room in which he was concealed, and when they were just about to leap down he very nearly gave up all hope, and he thought surely God would not deliver him, when in rushed one of the leaders of the mob, a gentleman of the town who did not wish to incur the guilt of murder, and proposed to him that he would get him away if he would only promise that he would never come back again. "No," said he, "I will never promise that. "But," said the man, "Is it your intention that you will not return immediately?" "Well" he said, "I do not say I shall come back just yet, I do not see any use in it. As you drive me away, therefore I shall shake off the dust of my feet against you, but I mean to come back again before I die." "Well," said the man, that will do, if you only promise you will not come back directly I will get you away." And so, by a great deliverance, he was saved from the jaw of the lion and the paw of the bear. His prayer was answered at the right time. Five minutes afterwards he would have been dead. Now cannot you say that the answer has come to you punctually at the very tick of the clock of wisdom, not before nor after. 


(Psalms 116:1) "I love the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications." 


Charles Wesley 1740

Christ, Whose glory fills the skies,

Christ, the true, the only Light,

Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night;

Dayspring from on high be near;

Day-star, in my heart appear.

Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night. 

Dark and cheerless is the morn

Unaccompanied by Thee;

Joyless is the day's return

Till Thy mercy's beams I see;

Till they inward light impart,

Glad my eyes, and warm my heart.

Joyless is the day's return

Till Thy mercy's beams I see. 

Visit then this soul of mine,

Pierce the gloom of sin and grief;

Fill me, Radiancy divine,

Scatter all my unbelief;

More and more Thyself display,

Shining to the perfect day.

Fill me, Radiancy divine,

Scatter all my unbelief. 

(Tune:  "Jesus, Lover Of My Soul") 


(Malachi 4:1-2)  "Unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings."