Phelps, James of Caswell Co Research Site

James Phelps (c1730-1786) of Caswell Co, NC Research Site

Revised 5/2012 (links repaired)

Copying of original researched material for public display by request only.
By Douglas Phelps, descendant of James Phelps, Caswell Co, NC

DNA tests of  descendants of Thomas of Albemarle, VA d 1751 and Thomas Felps d 1759 of Baltimore Co, Md., matches the Y-DNA of the James Phelps, Caswell, NC line. It is now clear that these lines had a common ancestor,  in the late 1600s or earlier.

This web site is dedicated to finding the paternal ancestors of James Phelps of Caswell Co, NC.  While a number of  Phelps have been suggested as his parents, it appears  now that there is reason to believe he moved from Anne Arundel, Md.    I will present all conceivable "candidates" and include all the evidence to support or deny the ancestry.  I welcome your suggestions, denials, comments - even arguments.


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  1. The Y-DNA genealogy evidence: It is now clear that this line and that of Thomas Phelps d 1751 Albemarle Co, VA had a common ancestor and are definitly related.  Recent DNA now shows a common ancestor of a Felps in early Baltimore Co, Md.

  2. The Candidates for the Father of James Phelps of Caswell Co. Revisions are continuous. New evidence which points to Anne Arundel Co. MD  Revised 3/2010

  3. What we know about James of Caswell. -  with info on James' property location

  4. A 1899 letter says that Thomas Phelps (the elder, not James' son but possibly related to James), was from Wales! (Improved with clarifications)      THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO LOAD.

  5. James Phelps' Will  and Land Grant

  6. Why Pre-Revolutionary Records May be Lost Forever - New: a list of VA "burn" counties

  7. Virginia parish records that I have researched (See 9/2004 correction on Buckingham Co.)

  8. A map locating the three John Phelps lines of Virginia

  9. The land grants of James Phelps of Caswell Co, NC including images of the original documents.