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:: SHILOH ::

This is my bonnie laddie, Shiloh! Our boy is quite the clown, a mooch, and a little thief when it comes to food! We bought him at a year old and showed Shiloh in one AKC Dog Show where he took 1st in his breed, but after that, we decided to neuter him and have him be just a family dog. The show life wasn't for us. He became fast friends with our golden retriever, Ginger, who we lost in Spring of '14 due to cancer. Shiloh grieved at her passing and wouldn't eat for quite awhile. That all changed when we brought our new pup home, Brodie.

We have two photo galleries of our furbabies which you can see at these links:

Shiloh and Ginger at the Eel River

Shiloh's Photobucket Gallery


:: TIKI ::

Here is our little tiger, Tiki! After our Puffin passed, we couldn't bring ourselves to own another kitty. However, those two years he was gone, rats decided to move in under our house and deck. Traps just couldn't keep up with them, so we knew another cat was what we needed. We rescued a tabby kitten, and he turned out to be the best rodent killer ever! Plus, he is very sweet and loveable to people. He still can't accept our dogs though, as all they want to do is chase him. Now he sleeps on our bed with the door closed, and he loves to cuddle and purr while we sleep!

We have one photo gallery of our feline furbaby which you can see at this link:

TIKI's Photobucket Gallery
(Coming Soon)


:: BRODIE ::

Tah daaaa! Introducing Brodie, our newest pet member in our family! After losing our golden retriever last year, we decided that Shiloh needed another canine buddy to pal around with. While not so happy about having a puppy around, now that Brodie has grown, they are both great friends. Brodie is super-energetic, smart as a whip, loveable, and adventure loving! My husband has trained him to be a kayak dog, and for the past few months, the two of them are inseperable on their kayak adventures! We are enjoying discovering all the wonderful traits of an Australian Shepherd and are amazed at his athleticness. He's busy making sure Shiloh is not a couch potato with all his playful energy! :o)

We are currently working on a photo gallery of our Aussie boy which is under construction now.

Brodie's Photobucket Gallery
(Coming Soon)