Professional Developments

    • The Early Years
    • Texas Instruments
    • Raytheon TI Systems   Raytheon Systems   Raytheon Commercial Electronics Corp
       Raytheon Sensors Group  Heck, I can't keep up.  Time within Raytheon.
    • Programs worked at Raytheon.
    • Enlisted out of high school
    • Became an FB-111 Crew Chief at Pease AFB, NH.
    • Joined the Arizona ANG as KC-135 Crew Chief and Maintenance Analyst.
    • Joined the Texas ANG and was C-130 Crew Cheif, Maintenance Controller,
      OIC of Civil Engineering / Readiness, then Engineering Flight, then back to Readiness.

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    I joined Texas Instruments in March, 1995.  I was assigned to the RF/µWave group and immediately went to work for Lee Masson on the Harm and Lantirn programs.  I was under the tutelage of David Smith and, as my microwave product technical skills improved (and production declined), David moved on to other projects, leaving me and the lead technical.   Other legacy (i.e. old programs that needed to be supported) programs followed and I found myself repairing units from APS-116, MRCA and other completed programs.
    I worked on the Hughes Network Systems Point-to-Multipoint 38GHz communications project with Dave Reasoner as lead until we lost the contract.  I worked with David Smith again on the BAT program until I was moved to Teledesic, which was promptly put on hold.  Back to Lantirn.  To get away from Module Design (where I seemed to be stuck on Lantirn) I moved down to the Test Group.

Projects I Worked On

Lantirn Harm APS-116 Radar APS-122 Radar
BAT   HNS-38 GHz Point to Point wireless Network MRCA Radar

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Lead Technical:    In the state of Texas, you cannot call yourself an engineer unless you are a licensed Professional Engineer within the state.  Thus, I am a technical.

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