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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Sept 28 – Sat, Oct 4,   2014


Whoa, We’re into Oct Already;

Mark Posted Rule Changes Power Point on State Web Site;

Got Three Days Behind This Past Week;

Typed School Schedules in All Day Friday;

Need to Make a Firm Roster;

Registered with State, Registered with Me, Closed Dates, Picture on Arbiter;

Lots of Local Clinic Visits Coming Up;

New Officials Scrimmage, Nov 15, Northside HS;

Final Golf Tournament Records Updated;


Whoa, We’re into Oct Already – The Calendar is going to roll over into October this week, football is half way through regular season and our season is racing towards us at the speed of light. We are getting ready with our local clinics but are you studying any at home? Are you running to get in shape?  Scrimmages are about 5 weeks away and the season is just 6 weeks off. Those long marathon all day Saturday jamboree scrimmages are just around the corner. Coaches expect our best the very first game. They want us in shape the first time we take the floor. Lets don’t disappoint them and as you know, they still rate us. Get out and start a regiment of running if you have not already done so.   

Mark Driebelbis Posted Rule Changes Power Point on State Web Site – Just over a week ago, Mark Driebelbis put the Rule Changes on a Power Point Presentation and loaded it to the State’s Web Page.  It will probably be the one that he uses for the State Meeting when he comes to East Duplin on Oct 14. To view that presentation, go to the State Web Page:   www.NCHSAA.org  , then click SPORTS, then MENS BASKETBALL. Under the list titled HANDBOOK AND REGULATIONS, select 2014-2015 NFHS RULE INTERPRETATIONS. 

Got Three Days Behind This Past Week – I really got behind last week. I normally work on Basketball stuff as I go along, a little bit each day. Last week, I had to go out of town for three days and did not work on anything. I have been paying for it since.  I can’t seem to catch up.  

Typed School Schedules All Day Friday – While the State deadline for schools to furnish a schedule is Oct 15, I always try to start much earlier than that.  Before Friday, 18 of our schools had sent me their schedule and I had all those typed in the Arbiter. I sent all our schools that had not turned their schedule in an email Thursday asking them to attach one to an email. Remember, the schools are not late; I am just early.  Thirteen schools sent their schedule in an attachment to me Friday and it took me ALL DAY LONG to type those in the Arbiter. I now have 31 schedules with their games loaded and ready for some officials to be entered. I still lack about 18 schedules. I really like to have all the schedules before I do much booking. I need to know which days are the busiest and where the games are so that I do not run out of officials close by in that area before I send officials down the road.  So I am still several days away from mass scheduling.

 Need to Make a Firm Roster – As most of you know,  I make a roster and print one out for every week of the season.  Each week is your closed dates that you can’t work and then the dates of the games I assign you. With Holiday Christmas Tournaments, Conference Tournaments and other playoffs; that’s 15 weeks of rosters I need printed. If I take your dates and put them on the correct week that you can’t work, I don’t need to do this but one time.  I can’t make a roster this week, put all the dates on it; then add ten officials, print new rosters and go back and put all the dates in again. I need this roster to be pretty accurate the first time I print it. So the later officials register, the later I get started.

Registered with the State, Registered with Me, Closed Dates, Picture on Arbiter – There are still officials that are registered with me that are not registered with the State. They will pay the late fee and soon finally register. There are officials that are registered with the State that will probably register with me.  Most of those are new officials and no one has encouraged them to go ahead and get it in. Remember your first year in refereeing, you just did not know so you waited. I need everyone’s closed dates. And many of the new officials are still unaware they have to have their picture on the Arbiter. I expect to get at least half the schedule that I am missing in this week and then I am on my way. I really hate to leave anyone out; we basically all pay the same money to be booked and I try to book similar officials a similar number of games.  But if some of you keep waiting around,  I can’t wait for you and do my job. Two officials are going to register but one is going to get 18 games and the other 14 games for no other reason than he did not get his information, registration, closed dates, etc in on time. There are 4 requirements:

1 – Register with the State to be legal to call

2- Register with a booking agent to get games

3- Send in the dates you can not call so the booking agent will know when to use you

4 – Put your picture in the Arbiter so the coaches can recognize you when they rate you.  

New Officials Scrimmage, Nov 15, Northside High School in Jacksonville – There is a mandatory scrimmage for all officials that fall into a certain category at Northside High School in Jacksonville on Sat, Nov 15.   The scrimmage runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you are required to attend, you sign on for an hour time zone and then you are free to go. We call this the “New Officials” Scrimmage but that is short for “New and New to the Area Officials”. It is a scrimmage for me to get to see officials that I have never seen work before.  It gives me a idea of how to book you.  It answers a lot of questions.  Are you a Varsity level official or a JV level official? Are you a strong official where I can put a weaker official with you and the game would be ok?  Are you a weaker official that I need to book with a strong official so the game will go ok?  These are not KNOCKS on you or your ability.  It is just for me to know how to book you and what type of games are within your scope. You and I want the same thing.  We both want the game to go smooth with no problems. I use this scrimmage to judge what your strengths and weaknesses are so I can correctly get you in the right games with the right partners.  “New officials” are officials that are moving to high school for the first time and I have not seen them work.  “New to the area officials” are officials that have called before in another area and have moved into our area.  They have indeed called basketball, but we have just never seen them before and it would be very beneficial to both of us for me to get the opportunity to see you.  Finally, this scrimmage is also used for officials that have been with me; but think they are getting over-looked or under-booked.  In other words, if you are unhappy with your schedule, it is your opportunity to show me that you are better than I give you credit for being.

Final Golf Tournament Updated Records -  On September 20, a rich tradition in the Eastern Officials Association came to an end.  We played our last Golf Tournament. The tournament was never about golf.  It was a chance for some good friends to have a reason to gather and just see the friends you called ball with that you had not seen for several months and in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  We started out with one tournament a year in May but soon added another second tournament in September. We held a total of 36 golf tournaments with a total of 762 golfers teeing it up in the name of good friendship. The 762 players through the years represented a total of 118 different officials or their wives.  I said it was never about golf. The best golfer was always Richard Costner who shoots around 72. The next best was probably Steve Ward out of Jacksonville who was just a shade behind Slim. Then we had Jimmy Paylor and Brian Ahmad who averaged in the high seventies.  After that, everyone else was 80 or higher. One day when I did not have much to do, I added all the handicaps up and divided it by the number of golfers to come up with the average handicap of our tournaments. The average handicap when you consider every golfer who teed it up in our tournaments is 92.07. The lowest score to ever win our tournament was 11 under and that was done twice. It was set back in September of 2001 and never broken in 13 years. The highest score to win the tournament was a cold day in May of 2013 when the best 14 golfers could shoot was 3 under.

Here are the top 20 of the other records:

Tournaments Entered:

36- T Mattocks

30- D Lemnah

29- R Costner, H Edwards

28- M Fredette

26- R Farley

25- M Montford, B Schultz

24- D Fallin

23- H Lail

20- W Dean, L Turner

19- G Marks

18- L Lockhart, L Miller

17- T Johnson

16- D Becton

15- T Strihan

14- B Black

12- Johnny Jones


First Place Wins:

17- T Mattocks

10- R Farley

8- H Lail, B Schultz

6- R Costner, L Turner

4- H Edwards, D Fallin, L Miller, M Montford, S Riebel

3- W Dean, M Fredette, G Marks, D Morris, R Roy, M Russo, T Strihan, B Valicek, D Vinston


Closest to Pins:

13- R Costner, B Schultz

11- T Mattocks

7- B Ahmad, T Strihan, B Valicek

5- D Lemnah, M Montford

4- D Fallin, R Farley, M Fredette, H Lail, L Miller, J Paylor

3- B Black, C Smith, L Turner,

2- P Best, T Cooper, W Dean, M Duncan, R Gerrish, J Jones, S Lorenzetty, C Lyndaker, W Rivenbark, D Becton,D Bussell, F Helin, M Kelly



6- L Lockhart 

5- B Schultz

4- R Farley, D Lemnah, T Mattocks, M Montford, T Strihan

3- B Ahmad, R Costner, W Dean, L Turner

2- P Best, H Edwards, D Fallin, J Jones, H Lail, A McVeigh, S Robinson

1-      Twenty golfers tied with one


Long Accuracy Drive Contest:

4- M Fredette, T Mattocks

2- M Montford

1- M Duncan, D Fallin, T Holley, C Johns, M Kelly, G Layell, E PlaceT Strihan, B Schultz, J Paylor


Local Clinic Start Schedule Listed in the Order And Date of My Clinic Visit – The Complete Local Clinic Schedule is listed over on the SCRIMMAGES link of this web page and includes the topics that will be discussed along with when I am scheduled to visit with that group; however I wanted to list here a quick birds eye view of the start date for each local area listed in the order of my visit:

Duplin County – Started August 31/ My Visit Sept 28

Jacksonville –  Started September 15/ My Visit Sept 30

Kinston -    Started September 7/ My Visit Oct 5

Goldsboro –  Starts October 6/ My Visit Oct 13

Havelock –  Started September 21/ My Visit Oct 19

Wilmington -  Starts October 6/ My Visit Oct 20

Greenville  Started September 8/ My Visit Oct 22


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Office Hours for Officials – My office hours for officials are from 11:00am to 11:00pm basically. 


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Start of my last Local Clinics – See Chart Above


My Last NCHSAA State Meeting – Oct 14, 2014, East Duplin High School, Beulaville, 6:30pm


My Last EOA Association Meeting – Nov 2, 2014, Lenoir Community College, Main Building Auditorium, 4:00pm


My Last New Officials Scrimmage – Mandatory for all New Officials and New to the area officials – Sat, Nov 15, Northside High School in Jacksonville




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