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Sun, Mar 1 – Sat, Mar 7, 2015


Week in Review, I thought Last Week was Bad;

Elton John sang “I’m still Standing”;

Week Ahead;

Personal Note Next Saturday, I will be Late to the Regional Finals;

You, the Officials, Were Great;

Coat & Tie this Week, Get that ready;

Great Interest in Camp Already; Definitely No Part Timers;

Camp Brochure is Ready, Email me if you want one;

What Stays & What Goes;

What I am Proudest of;


Week in Review, I Though Last Week was Bad  Wow, Don’t ever say “This is the worst I have ever seen” because  it might even get worse than that. That’s my lesson for the day. Last week during the Conference Tournaments was bad; but so was this week with the Sectional Tournaments. It is definitely a two week period I will not soon forget. We only got about 2 inches of snow in my area but the temperature never got above freezing and if it did; it dropped back down at night and re-froze. The ice just would not go away.  I can’t blame Superintendents for not letting the kids travel. With all the miles the buses would have to travel to and from the far away schools this past week;  it was just too big of a chance to take. However in our area, by Thursday, most of our schools were in shape to host a game.  The problem was that the team they were supose to play was in an area like Raleigh or Rocky Mt that got ten inches of snow. All the schools were really wondering what to do; finally the NCHSAA announced late Friday that it would #1) allow Sunday games to complete the First round and # 2) Push the Regionals back to a Thursday start thus freeing up Monday and Tuesday to complete the Sectionals.. Then things finally started to fall in place, it’s like the Sun came out.  Some games got played Friday, even more are scheduled to be played Saturday and hopefully we are on our way to completion of the Sectional Tournament.

Recapping this Past Week:

Tuesday,  We had 30 total First Round games scheduled to be played on Tuesday which was the first day Sectionals could start.  (I think they will look back at that and probably move back to Monday starts in the future. That one more day would have been very valuable this year).  By late Monday night, 20 of those games were already moved to Wednesday; but they were going to try to play 10 of them. But by the time Tuesday came, those ten games got canceled as well.  Total: 30 out of 30 games from Tuesday were canceled. NCHSAA instructions stated that games canceled should be rescheduled for the next day; so all the games were rescheduled for Wednesday.

Wednesday – By Tuesday afternoon, they were already canceling the games on Wednesday. When I went to bed Tuesday night, there were still 11 of those 30 games still left on the schedule.  But by Wednesday noon, all but one game were cancelled. That one game was Ashley at New Hanover, two teams in the same town and they played.  Total: 29 out of 30 games canceled.

Thursday – By early Wednesday, they were already canceling games on Thursday. I started with 29 games for Thursday but when I went to bed Wednesday night, there were just 9 games left on the slate.   9 games were played Thursday; most of the teams were from the east coast or from the Fayetteville area that our teams hosted. Total: So Thursday night, out of 30 first round games, we had only played 10.  20 first rounders left to play.  Are we running out of time? 

Friday – 20 games started out on tap;  but 8 are left on the schedule by Friday afternoon and are played Friday night. Wow, no way we are going to get the Sectional Tournament completed by Tuesday now.  We still have 12 first round games and unsure when they will be played. Friday afternoon, the NCHSAA announces it will allow first round games to be played on Sunday, but no second round games. Second round games are to be completed Monday, and third round or finals are to be completed by Tuesday.  They also announced that the Regional tournament in Fayetteville would be pushed back to a Thursday start and double up on the games from Tuesday and Wednesday.  Aaaah, some breathing room.  We may just get it in with the weekend coming and some of the snow melting. Things finally started to look brighter.

Saturday – I had assigned the 12 first round games scheduled for Saturday, but one (at Eastern Wayne Boys) got immediately pushed back to Sunday. So as we go to press with this web page around 1:00pm Saturday, there are 11 first round games that look like they will be played.

Sunday -  We have one first round game scheduled for Eastern Wayne on Sunday .    

Comment -  When 30 games  are  moved from one day to the next, it is not just a matter of moving the game on the Arbiter and being done with it.  I had to make sure all officials got the message.  If you were quick to accept, my mind was relieved about you, but I still had others who were very slow at times.  Some were working, all good excuses, but it did not ease my mind as the game sat there. Now often times, there was at least one person in the crew that could not work the next day. Now I have to find a replacement in just hours and change the Arbiter for the Bookkeepers. I was on the phone all day to either the schools or the officials.  And as schools called in to cancel their games,  I would have games left that I was uncomfortable about. I would think, “This school is playing a team out of Raleigh and they canceled. This team is also playing a team out of Raleigh and they have not canceled yet”.  So I would try to call that school.  Have you ever tried to get up with a coach or AD at school. They are either in class or out in the gym.  Many are not allowed to have their cell phone on at work; friends, you don’t get many of them on the first try. Hectic is not a good description.   Finally as I would get them, yes, their game was canceled too.  And other games would be set for 7:00 with all the officials accepting the game, then the AD would call and want to start at 5:00.  Move the game again, hope the officials would accept again.  It was rough.

Elton John sang “I’m still Standing  Well, I am a little beat up but I’m still standing. I have had good support from most of our officials and many of you have sent me great emails as well as messages on Facebook with your sympathy.  I appreciate all of the thoughts but I also appreciate all your help in getting these games covered. We seem to have a “Great” system in place where you look on the Message Board of the Arbiter as well as other places and you have been extremely professional in calling your partners, etc. I am just glad this happened at the end of my career instead of at the beginning.   I would have pulled my hair out 20 years ago. I use to cuss like a sailor when the phone rang with a cancellation; now,  it is just part of the job and does not bother me near as bad. They are still cancelling no matter what I say or how I react so let the water flow off my back and just deal with it. I cope much much better now. In fact, now when some of the Ads call, we just start laughing before he tells me he is canceling. We both know its coming and there isn’t anything either of us can do, so we laugh and wish each other well. He has his job to do and I have mine.

Looking at the Week Ahead – Now each of the top three or four teams advance to the Sectional Tournament without playing a game or practicing for a game in over a week.  How ragged are those first Sectional Tournament games going to be?  We can say one thing, “It will be the same for all of them basically”.

Sunday – The State said that Sunday could only be used as a last resort for first round games.  It is not a free day just to play.  It is for the emergencies of a last chance to get your first round game caught up. We have one such game.  Cedar Ridge boys have not been able to get out of town so they will try again Sunday to make it to Eastern Wayne in a boys first round game.  That would complete our hosting of first round action.

Monday – While second round games could be played if both teams had completed their first round games and could get together and work it out except on Sunday; this Monday, Mar 2 is now set to have the second round games completed. We do not know at this time how many second round games we will have.  It all depends on which of our Higher seeded teams win.  Normally if you are a 1 – 16 seed, you host a first round game. Likewise, if you are a 1-8 seed, you are guaranteed to host a second round game. With games still to be played, we must wait to see how our teams with those type seeds fair. Did they win or lose? We will know a lot more after Saturday’s games are complete.  Of the games that have been completed, we are assured of 9 home games thus far.  We had thirty in the first round; we could expect possibly no more that 15 in the second round if every team had won.  We have a couple more chances to pick up another game or two. We book our own teams in the second round.

Tuesday – Tuesday is set aside for the Sectional finals. We do not book our own teams in these third round finals.  Mark assigns us neutral games and those assignments can not be made until we see who “ALL” the winners are on Monday night late.   I suspect it will be late Monday, probably after 10:00pm before I start to know who our teams will be. I will be scrambling to make those assignments. I can only ask for your cooperation and your patience.

Wednesday – Wednesday, Mar 4 is an off day.  It is the day between the end of the Sectional Tournament and now the start of the Regionals on Thursday. For our Regional crews, Mark will now make the Regional assignments on this date and I will notify those officials when their Regional assignments are.

Thursday – In the past, the Regionals started on Tuesday with two games in the Arena and two games in the Coliseum. With the Sectional tournament being delayed, they took these two games at each site and added them to the already two games at each site on Thursday, thus playing four games each day.  So Thursday, there will be 4 games at the Fayetteville Crown Arena and 4 games at the Fayetteville Crown Coliseum. I do not have the Classifications at my fingertips but they are probably on the NCHSAA web site. I will list them on my Facebook  Group page later.  The games at each venue will start at 4:00pm.

Friday – Friday’s Regional Schedule is like Thursday’s, only different Classifications. Two games will probably be Girls and two games will probably be boys  of the four games at the Fayetteville Crown Arena and the four games at the Fayetteville Crown Coliseum.

Saturday – The Finals will be at the same sites as Thursday and Friday. There will be four Girls Championships and four Boys Championships. By the way, the Crown Coliseum and the Crown Arena share a parking lot and are within a long walking distance of each other.  Your High School Officials pass will get you in the games and you can go from one venue to the other each day or night.   

Personal Note, Next Saturday, I will Be Late to the Regional Finals – I have not missed a Finals in Greenville or Fayetteville in my 31 year history;  however this year, due to a personal schedule conflict, I will be late. I apologize and I hope our crews work the late games so I will still get to see them.

I was fortunate enough to play on a pretty good NC State Wolfpack Basketball Team  in College and in 1965 (Darn, that’s 50 year ago), we won the ACC Tournament by beating the # 1 Tournament See and very good Duke team.  NC State is going to honor that 1965 team at half time of the Syracuse Game at the PNC Arena in Raleigh on Saturday, Mar 7. We had a 25 Year Reunion of that team 25 years ago and that is the last time I have seen many of my team mates. I plan on leaving right after the game and hotfooting it to Fayetteville; so I will not get there until around 4:30 or 5:00pm. That NC State Game will be Televised so set your VCRs. And pull for State.

You, the Officials, Were Great, AGAIN  Wow, it may have been hard on me with the schools canceling one behind another; but you the officials, were fantastic.  I did not get a lot of calls from you asking if your game was still on.  You read the Message Board on the Arbiter or you read the postings on Facebook; you did something to discover that your game was canceled.  You were great; I thank you sincerely for that.

Coat & Tie Required in All Tournament Games  Wear your Coat and Tie  for the games the rest of the way now. Our By Laws even state that all tournaments require that the man wear a coat and tie and that the ladies dress in suitable appropriate attire.

Did Not Have Time Last Week to Send Out any Camp Bulletins Either – I know some of you are excited about our Referee Camp and want to see some information on that event.  I just did not have time to send out anything this past week.  I hope to start the bulletins this coming week.

Great Interest in Camp Already, No Part Timers Will be Accepted – I sent out the first initial bulletin over a week ago.  Just wanted you to know that there is a lot of interest in Camp this summer.  We are now up to 24 officials that have told me they were going. That is well ahead of the pace for any camp in the past.  It is nice to see that you are taking this opportunity to get in front of the new guy and show him what he has for next season. And competitive; did I tell you it was competitive.  Hope so because it will be competitive. There are already two officials signed up that finished first; another one that finished second and two more that finished third at previous camps.  Throw in a couple more officials that called an all Varsity schedule this year and #1 is totally up for grabs. But the most important thing is for the new Regional Supervisor to see what he has and who he can use at the Varsity Level. All the officials will improve and make a steady advancement towards that goal as well. I anticipate that there will be no part time officials.  It is looking very much like this camp will fill up with full time people.  If I can get all full time people,  I will not sit anyone down that is staying the full three days so the new man can look at someone who can only come one day. I think he as well as I would be looking someone who is willing to commit full time to work on their game and show what they can do.  

Finally, If this is Your Last Year Refereeing, Let me Know – I asked several of you before the season started if you were thinking about retiring, go one more year and retire with me. As the season winds down, I would like to say a few words about the officials calling it a Career on the web page here. Please, if this is your last year calling; let me know so I can include you in another “Honoring Officials” episode. Please let me know now if this is “it” for you. Thanks. Just send me an email.

If You are Planning to go to our Summer Camp, Please Let me Know – If you have ever been to camp, you know I send out these camp bulletins telling you what to bring, where to be, what the plans are, the first day schedule, and just general things any camper should know.  I talk about tips for making a better finish and generally just stay in contact with you during the off season. I will start those bulletins hopefully this week and want to start making a roster of officials that are interested in this last camp. If you would like to get on the Camp bulletin list, send me an email.  As we have stated, this is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT CAMP we have every conducted. This may be the first time the new Regional Supervisor gets the opportunity to see you and evaluate how you will fit in his scheme of things for next season.

We were short on officials this year and could have used some more. But as you have seen from the column above, there are many officials that are not returning.  There are going to be more spots up for grabs next year than any year in my 31 year history. I have always been quick to say the best way to move up is: # 1 get better than the people in front of you OR # 2 be the next best person waiting at the door when a slot comes open. I do not know who will get the job, but I can guarantee that he is not going to know the ability of over ten officials. This camp is your opportunity to show him what you can do and show him that you are INTERESTED in being a vital part of his organization. If you have never been to a camp, you should NOT MISS this opportunity to move. Think of this, if he does not know you, you will start at the bottom and it will take you years to move up.  If he sees you work and has an idea of where to put you right off the bat, you could get somewhere and have a successful career for the next ten years. Should you go to this camp?  Only you can decide that answer.  But I can advise you. You should be to this one.

The Camp Brochure is Ready, Email me if your Want One – I have the Camp Bulletin ready to email out. Instead of putting it on the Web Page,  I will just email it to anyone that shows an interest in Camp.  If you want a Brochure, simply send me an email.

When I retire, What Stays & What Goes:


The TMRC Camp – One Last camp as my legacy to the EOA group.  I want to do some to help introduce you to your new boss. This is the best thing I can do for both you and him.

The Web Page -  at least through June and Camp

The EOA1 Group Facebook Page - Definitely, we have a lot of friends there commenting on sports issues;

The Pick Em Contests -  definitely, too much fun to let go  


The Golf Tournament – It was struggling towards the end. Not enough golfers, too many conflicts. We could only get about 14 or 15 when we should have been getting 25 to 30. That is gone.

The Web Page – That will probably go after the final Camp in June

The TMRC Camp – I feel I still have a lot to offer, but would struggle to get enough people to attend by not having games to offer. That will go after this last one June 17, 18, 19.

Some Things I am Proudest of:

The Camp – We trained a ton of officials and most of the Varsity officials today went through that camp at one time or another.  It had a reputation that brought many other officials from other areas to the camp even if we could not give them games afterwards. We had officials from Greensboro, Charlotte, Greenville, Fayetteville and places beyond and we even had Ken Brewington come down from Alaska several times. I can’t give a man in Alaska any games, but he just wanted to get better and he did.  He finished in the Top Three twice. We could look at an official and say, “He went to camp”; he just had that aura or flare about him that he called with a littler confidence and super mechanics.

The Association Meeting – I resisted the going growing attitude of some Supervisors to have the meeting in conjunction with the State Meeting.  That just tells me they did not have enough material to have a stand alone meeting and wanted to JUST GET IT OVER WITH.  I am proud that we always had a two hour meeting to discuss new officials, departing officials, Business of the Board, Rule Changes, Point so Emphasis, EOA Policies, etc

EOA Board Meetings – We never had a meeting for the sake of meeting.  Our Board members attended and we brought up material that was important to us; and we definitely did not have a “YES” Board.  Several times members went away mad over something they were fighting for. I am proud of the fact that you the officials knew who our Board Members were and when we met. And you were told the results of the meeting.  I dare say there are some of you in other sports who could not name anyone on your Board of Directors. You should know all of ours.

At One Time More Officials With State Tournament Experience – Back about 15 years ago, we had more officials with State Tournament Experience and Regional Experience that any association in the State. That meant a lot to me.

We had the first Female to call a Boys State Championship game. We sent Teri Mohr to the State to Call a Girls Championship game in 1997. Dick Knox remembered her and when I sent her name back in 2002 in a year that we had the boys Championship; Dick Knox not only accepted her, he gave her the 4A Boys State Championship.  That is a pretty big deal.

First on the Arbiter in the State – While everyone else was using home made programs, Link em Up Programs, etc, we went to the ARBITER early.  I could see there was nothing better.  Now every Supervisor in the State has to be on the Arbiter. They can never take away that I was first. 

First Continuous Running Referee Camp – Bill Kelly beat me by a year but he discontinued his after either two or three years. It was not too much trouble for us and we continued ours for 25 years. Even Bill Kelly told me many times that the camp was the best thing for our officials he had seen.  He told me he could really tell a difference in our officials.

Web Page – Other Associations may have posted something on the Internet about their Association but we were first with a web page like you know it today.  Others have a better looking page with the bells and whistles and the pictures; but for information, I will still compare ours to any out there.  And we are the ONLY ONE to write a NEWSLETTER and change it every single week of the year.  I asked one agent how often he changed his page; “Oh about four times a year” was his answer. I have always felt it was important as well as a lot more fun to share some information. You must agree because you continue to reads it every week. And I bet you can’t find a list of Mechanics on the other web pages. But they don’t think that is important. They think “Getting the call right” but I claim that you can do both and we do it best.

We are the Only Group to Sit Together at the Regionals and at the State Championship – You can find us easy at those games, we are all in the same spot.  In fact a lot of the officials from the other associations now come and sit with us. I am pretty proud of that.


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