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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Aug 31 – Sat, Sept 6,   2014



Accidently Put on Next Week’s Web Page Early;

Wow, Registration Ends at Regular Fee, You Must Now Pay a Late Fee;

List of Officials that Registered Last Week;

Call For Schedules were Mailed Last Weekend;

Some More History, Did You Remember from the Early Days;

How I Picked my Clinic Leaders;

Time to Sign Up for Sept Golf Tournament;

Local Clinic Start Schedule;


Updated 8/30/2014 – Updated with Registrations including Sat, Aug 30 received this week.

Accidently Put on Next Weeks Web Page Early – This past week, I had our clinic leaders sending in local clinic schedules and I have been loading those over on the Scrimmage link. The last one I tried to load, I accidently loaded the Weekly News Web Page instead of the Clinic Schedule. Since I write over each week’s web page,  I can not go back or back track to last week on Web Pages.  So I am stuck with last week only being on line through Wednesday and next week’s page is now going to be on a week and a half. So the people listed on the web page under registered are actually the ones registering this week.  I will update the web page daily with both EOA Registrations and Golf Registrations.

Wow, Registration Ends at Regular Fee, You Must Now Pay a Late Fee – The vast majority of officials waited near the end of the registration period to register. Those officials got in for $ 91. The officials that register now have to pay the late fee to make the total $ 116. But the ones that are not registered now not only pay the late fee, they now are in jeopardy of missing some assignments.  As the school schedules come in, I plan to make some assignment  on paper, if not in the Arbiter. If I get a month out as usual,  Someone that is not registered very soon might not get a game until mid to late December.  Get that registration in now if you have not already done so.

 Registrations Received this Week :  Officials just want to know if I received their Registration. For that reason alone,  This is a list of  just the Registrations I received this week. They only stay on for one week:

 Brian Ahmad, Wilmington; Nathaniel Baker, Kinston; Darren Becton, Kinston; Justin Best, Wilmington; Maurice Bowman, Jacksonville; Ernest Brown, Kinston; Kenny Brown, New Bern; William H Bryan, Jacksonville; Garry Bryant, Ayden; Christina Carter, Magnolia; Lamont Carter, Jacksonville; Wesley Carter, Magnolia; Maggie Christensen, Ayden; Steve Clarke (Welcome Back), Jacksonville; Stephen Clayton, New Bern; Richard Cole, Jacksonville; Robert Cole, Leland; DeWarren Compton, Clayton; Leonard Compton, Goldsboro; Macy Cooley, Jacksonville; Tammy Cooper, Ayden; Richard Costner, Goldsboro; Chris Craig, Wilmington; Jeff Fields, Farmville; Mickie Fields, Greenville; Michael Ford, New Bern; Mike Gerrics, Wilmington; Jeff Gooding, Kinston; George Greene, Wilmington; Thurman Hardison, New Bern; Bruce Helms, Holly Ridge; Kenneth Hicks, Clinton; Chad Howery, New Bern; Tiffany James, Leland; Mike Jones, Grifton; Harold Lail, Pine Knoll Shores; Dave Lemnah, Jacksonville; Justin Lewis, Trent Woods; Stephen Lewis, Newport; Casey Lyndaker, Tarboro; Charles McManara, Wallace; Charles McPhail, La Grange; Desmond McPhail, Kinston; Lee Miller, Wilmington; Tye Moore, Greenville; Nathan Rennels, Greenville; Donald Roberts, Havelock; Derrial Robertson, Camp Lejeune; Michael Royal, Four Oaks; Vicki Royal, Four Okas; Andre Smith, Warsaw; Cleatis Smith, Goldsboro; Franklin Smith, Fremont; Johnny Stevens, Goldsboro; Lyndon Sutton, Dudley; Robert Tallo, Maury; Efrain Thomas, Havelock; Barry Valicek, New Bern; Jean Wagnac, Jacksonville; Joe White, Greenville; Alonza Windley, New Bern; Reid Wooten, Kinston;

Football Got Underway in our Northern Area back on Aug 22 but struggled in our Southern areas – I believe all the games around Goldsboro, Kinston, Greenville, New Bern. Havelock areas got played without problems.  Many of the games down the 177 corridor, Wilmington and Brunswick counties struggled with Lightning all night as well as rain.  Some finished but many had to be postponed to either Saturday or Monday night. And how about Richlands/ E Duplin.  They went a delay in the start of the game, then a lightning delay; but as they were trying to finish up after that delay; the lights went out in the Stadium.  They eventually finished but it was very late.

Call For Schedules were Mailed last Weekend – I mailed the schools my call for schedule Saturday. I would not be surprised to receive a schedule or two back in the mail this week. If I do, you can never tell if I might see if the Arbiter is working properly. Besides, I have to change all the game fees so that would get me started in that direction.

Clinics are or will be listed on the SCRIMMAGE Link on our Web Page  We will publish the dates, times and sites of all the local clinics in our entire area again and post them on the Web Page.  That way, if you need to make up a clinic, you can go to our page and see when the other areas are meeting. We should be ready to post those schedules around the end of the month. Things are starting to move a little quicker. 

New Officials are now in The Arbiter as I receive their Registration – I have now entered all of the new officials that have registered in the Arbiter.  I will do that as I receive each registration. New officials as well as old officials must have their picture on their Arbiter profile in order to call in the EOA.

Some More History, Do You Remember from the Early Days:

This Week, I Want to Talk about How Clinic Leaders are Picked:

Many have accused me for years of putting a network of my “Good ole Boys” in this position so that they will be my “Yes” men. People like that, you would never change their mind so I don’t even try.  But your accusations are an insult to our Clinic Leaders that work so hard to help teach and improve the officiating in their area.  To even think that I could lure Ernest Brown or Richard Costner to a YES vote if they did not believe it in is absurd. To think a Larry Honeycutt, a Mike Fredette or a Robert Tallo would sacrifice their integrity for a game is ridiculous. To think Robert Farley, Barry Valicek or Jay Worrell would not vote their conscientious is an insult to them. Richard Goldsby is a preacher, he is not going to sell his soul for a game.  People that accuse our Clinic Leaders as being “Yes” men have not sat in a Board Meeting, they are only making excuses for why they did not work hard enough for that game.  With that said,  HOW DO I CHOOSE CLINIC LEADERS ?

 First of all, they must be veteran officials who have been around and know what they are doing. You simply can not make a person with five years of experience a clinic leader so that lets out about half the officials in any area.

Next you need to have  a person that is interested in officiating and improving their own game.  That is usually the most successful people in each area because they don’t wait for someone else; they go get it on their own.

You need someone who has the time to devote to being a good clinic leader.  Ernest Brown is an example, he own college career was exploding and he just did not have time.  He was on the road six nights out of seven.  When he finally cut back on his schedule to stay a little closer to home, we jumped at the chance to solicit his help. 

Finally,  You must have someone that wants to do it and is willing to make the effort to do all that is needed to make a good clinic leader.

When as spot comes open,  I usually talk to the clinic leader that is left to see if we can find a good official, one that has been around a while, knows the rules, has time to do it and most of all, is willing to do it. We have had a bunch of good qualified officials that did not want to spend that amount of time; but for the most part, most that we asked accepted the challenge.

So most clinic leaders ALMOST NAME THEMSELVES. In looking to see who is available, they almost JUMP OUT AND NAME THEMSELVES.

I have never in 30 years said,  I like this man best, let’s make him the clinic leader.

Boy, I have been blessed with some good ones.

Look at some of these past Clinic Leaders, if you knew them, you knew Tommy Mattocks would not have been able to convince them to vote something they did not believe in:  Don Barnes, Ronnie Battle, Jr Creech, Dennis Arinello, Howard Luttrell, Larry Mewborn, Charlie Ore, Jimmy Rouse, Rick Weires, Ron Bean, Bobby Black, Robert Murphy, Anthony Mitchell, Jerry Johnson, JC Reynolds, Boy, in addition to the ones I named above, the list goes on and on.

How About the Female Officials, How have they Fared in the EOA ?  Some of our female officials set the standard for the State.  Marilyn Correll was the first female to call a State Championship back in 1995. Her crew  of Ron Bean, Marilyn Correll and Ken Saunders called the Girls State Finals.

In 1996, another female was selected by me to be the first female official from the Eastern Association to call the East/ West Girls Game.  That official from Goldsboro was Donna Cornwall.

The next season, 1967, Terri Mohr followed Correll’s footprints as she called the Girls State Championship with Don Andrews and T C Bond. 

In 2000, my neice,  Janine Mattocks was selected to call the East/ West Girls game.  She had been on Bill Freeman’s womens college staff for a few years and her number came up.

But the biggest splash came in 2003 when I finally convinced Dick Knox that Terri Mohr was ready and able to call the first Mens State Championship.  They were reluctant to take that chance and my neck  was on the line but her crew received nothing but praise after that game. That really opened the door for female officials and the State began to accept that they could call.  Hey my next was not too far out there on the chopping block; that crew was Harry Edwards, Terri Mohr and Leo Lockhart. Nothing was going to happen in that game. Since that game, several female officials have refereed a boys State Championship. But did I mention, that Boys State Championship was the 4A boys. Wow.

Coming off that success from Mohr, the State Referee Supervisor had more confidence in us and that same year, Rita Roy refereed the North/ South All Star game.

Terri Mohr would go back to the Regionals one more time in 2006 but her crew was not selected to advance to the State.

We have had our share of Female officials; do you remember any of these?

Shaherah Barnes, Angie Barnhill, Leisha Bell, Theresa Best, Shelly Bothwell, Allison Broome, Vanessa Calloway, Mary B Carlyle (yes, the coach), Christina Carter, Maggie Christensen, Erica Cline, Tammy Cooper, Donna Cornwall, Marilyn Correll, Angie Creech, Faith Darby, Marissa Davis, Sharon Dudley, Sharona Eredia, Kristen Fowler, Valorie Gregory, Dawn Heffelfinger, Lynette Henderson, Beth Hunter, Toni Ingram, Tiffany James, Charlotte Kelso, Deborah Kelso, Kendra Kimbrell, Delicia Loney, Shelbey Lorenzetty, Velma Maddox, Janine Mattocks, Debra McCormick, Terri Mohr, Beth Moore, Emily Murray, Teri Nagle, Lynette Newby, Felecia Owens, Barbara Pauli, Kim Pollack, Sherry Riebel, Rita Roy, Vicki Royal, Kelly Willis, Julie Zook.

That’s 47 female officials that could hold their own with the men. They can all referee.  I will put that record up against any association in the State. We gave Female officials a chance.  


Last Week to Sign Up for Golf Tournament, Deadline In My Hands Friday Sept 5The next Booking Agent may not play golf and I will not have access to rosters, so this golf tournament in September could be the last ever Eastern Officials Association Golf Tournament. It is time to sign up; we will take the golfers and make up teams in a Captain’s Choice style tournament so we need all types of golfers in all levels of proficiencies. We need at least five golfers that shoot around 80 to be the A players. We need around  5 golfers that average around 85 to 89 and we call them B players.  We also need golfers that shoot around 90 to 95 to be our C players. We also need officials that shoot between 95 and 99 for the D players. And we desperately need golfers that shoot over 100 to round out each team and we call them E players. Each team is made up of an A,B, C, D and E player. We all hit a drive from the tee and pick the best one and we all go to that spot, place our ball on the ground and we all hit our ball from that same spot.  Then we all go to the green and spot our ball at the same spot and try to make the putt.  So it does not matter if you miss a shot or do not hit it well. Someone on your team will get a shot in there for your team and it will be a lot of fun. The cost is $ 40 and that includes golf course green fee, cart fee and prize money.  You can not even play at many courses that cheap and you get to ride in a cart for this fee. We play at Key Vista Country Club about five miles out of Pink Hill on the road to Beulaville.  We chose that course because it is centrally located in our vast booking area. The first team will team off at 10:00am on Saturday, Sept 13. Deadline to have your golf registration in my hands is 6:00pm, Friday, Sept 5.  Send it in now before you forget it.  Make check payable to Tommy Mattocks and mail it to me now. More on the tournament next week.

Officials Who Have Signed Up for the Golf Tournament: (Alpha Order) – Brian Ahmad, Darren Becton, David Fallin, Mike Fredette, Casey Lyndaker, Tommy Mattocks, Mike Montford, William Rivenbark, Mike Russo,   

To Come on Future Web Pages - I will do a lot of “remembering when”. There will be a lot of articles on how things were; We still have not talked about how the camp evolved; How the Clinic Leaders were Chosen:  and My Favorite of all MECHANICS, etc. I print every web page so I can sit on my front porch years from now and read about what we did and what is coming up. I will enjoy the memories to come as I write these last 8 months of Web Pages.

Local Clinic Start Schedule/ Date of My Clinic Visit – The Complete Local Clinic Schedule is listed over on the SCRIMMAGES link of this web page and includes the topics that will be discussed along with when I am scheduled to visit with that group; however I wanted to list here a quick birds eye view of the start date for each local area by alpha order:

Duplin County – Starts August 31/ My Visit Sept 28

Goldsboro –  Starts October 6/ My Visit Oct 27

Greenville  Starts September 8/ My Visit Oct 22

Havelock –  Starts September 21/ My Visit Oct 19

Jacksonville –  Starts September 15/ My Visit Sept 16

Kinston -    Starts September 7/ My Visit Oct 5

Wilmington -  Starts October 6/ My Visit Oct 20


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My Last EOA Association Meeting – Nov 2, 2014, Lenoir Community College, Main Building Auditorium, 4:00pm




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