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Sun, May 17 – Sat, May 23, 2015



New Job, Publicity Director for Grainger Stadium;


Roy Turner

High School Baseball Results?

It’s Over, I Lost my Appeal (or Did I ?)


(5/16/2015) New Job – I have a new job now.  I have been hired as Publicity Director for Grainger Stadium. My job is to publicize events scheduled for Grainger Stadium in Kinston, let people know about it and just do most anything that will help with those events.  I have been tweeting scores at the games there  at my twitter address ( eoatommy ) and I have been posting stats, photos, etc on a community Facebook page ( Stadium Fans, Kinston, NC ) that I set up strictly for that purpose.  If you have not done so, go to that Facebook page and click “LIKE” and follow the games, tournaments, etc.  Last week, we had a Region X Baseball Tournament,  This weekend,  Arendell Parrott Academy won the State Championship for private schools on that field; and next weekend, we are hosting the NJCAA Div III World Series with teams coming from all over the United States to play in Grainger Stadium.  I will be at every game and tweeting scores after every inning as well as posting stats and pictures on that Stadium Fans Facebook page.

(5/16/2015) Camp – Camp is coming along fine.  We have enough referees that want their new boss to see them work and we will let the Counselors work a game or two so they can be seen also.  All have paid a deposit or made arrangements to do so and several have sent in their final payment that isn’t due until June 1. I am excited to be able to work with these officials one last time and tell their boss a little about them as he looks on.

(5/16/2015) Roy Turner is the New Supervisor of Officials for the EOA – Roy Turner has been selected by the Selection Committee and approved by the NCHSAA Board of Directors as your new Supervisor.  His Email address is roy.turner@nhcs.net  and his cell phone number is 910 409 4787.  He was Athletic Director at Ashley High School in Wilmington.  I believe he has made first contact with most of you.  He has told me he will be at our camp in Myrtle Beach.

(5/16/2015) Suspended from High School Baseball – Since I have been suspended by Mark Dreibelbis for violation of the Social Media Policy,  I have not been keeping up with the High School Playoffs, posting schedules or posting results.  Wonder who is doing that?

(5/9/2015) Its over, I lost my Appeal (Or Did I) – On Tuesday, May 5, I traveled to Chapel Hill to appear before the full Board of Directors of the NCHSAA at the newly remodeled offices there by the golf course. In the room were all the Board Members as well as Mark Dreibelbis, Que Tucker and Davis Whitfield and many of the Secretaries and personnel of that NCHSAA office staff.  When I was called in to give my presentation, the Board Chairman told me I would have ten minutes. I was pretty well prepared and ran through my outline very successfully.  I told them basically everything I went up there to tell them.  And I was deep into my recap and summary when they “Cut Me Off”.  I thought that was pretty low, in that a person who had worked for them for 31 years and who probably needed two more minutes at the most, was cut off. No problem, I was asked four or five questions and was then sent out of the room.  I was told that someone would be in touch with me with the results of their deliberations.  That was Tuesday morning.

(5/9/2015) Results – Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from a staffer who was probably Davis Whitfield’s Secretary, and it basically said that “my appeal had been denied”.  I found it more puzzling about what it didn’t say:

It did not say: The Board found everything you said to be true, but did not know what to do with Mark.   

It did not say: The Board wishes it could help but lacks the authority to handle this mess.

It did not say: The Board voted 9 against and 7 against your argument, therefore we have to decline.

It did not say: The Board is reprimanding Mark but still has to deny your appeal.

It did not say: The Board did not say they would uphold my grievance if there was anybody to help Que run things since Davis Whitfield was leaving, so we must keep Mark.

There was nothing but:  Your appeal has been denied.

With that, the appeals process with the NCHSAA ends and they can not take up that matter again. My only alternative now to continue is to sue in court.  At this time, I am probably not going to do that; I will leave my options open.  But after going through this process, I could not work for Mark Dreibelbis again. It is not off the table yet, but is not my drive at this time.

(5/9/2015) Appreciation – I can’t tell you how many letters and emails I received in my support and those are what got me through this process.  And so many people told me “something good would come out of this”, hang in there and keep your spirits up.  That prediction came True in the middle of this past week. I started a new job that I can throw my passion behind, that I thoroughly enjoy, that is right down my alley and that I can do much of from my home.  I am not at liberty to say at this time what that job is because the terms of the employment have not completely been worked out. I will release that job when the timing is right.

(5/9/2015) Going to Miss the People – I loved that booking job though. Not so much the actually assigning of the games, but the people.  I loved watching the officials work; loved watching the officials improve and advance. And I loved visiting the schools and talking to the coaches and Athletic Directors.  That is the part I will miss and probably never get over. So I have been blessed to have so many good people around me.  You have fulfilled most of my dreams; I truly appreciate you. You made me want to do my best.

(5/9/2015) Last Legacy – As I leave and Roy Turner takes over, the best thing I can do is introduce you to Roy and get Roy to take a look at you. I have invited Roy Turner to my last camp and he will address the officials in the meetings and look at you work on the floor.  Those that come to camp will be so much further along that the ones he does not see because he will have absolutely no idea how to use them or who to put them with. The ones he sees, he will definitely remember as he sticks your name in games.  So my legacy to both you and Roy Turner is to help him get started.

(5/9/2015) Continue this Web Page at Least Through Camp – Plans are to continue to publish this web page at least through the end of camp and maybe a week or two after so that we can honor some of the officials that attended that camp.

(4/29/15) New Format, Somewhat – We mentioned that we would some quit publishing every week and go to a log type web page where there would be a date out beside the entry to let you know when it was posted.  And rather than that item just disappear in a week, it would stay on and sort of “Time” off after about a month as the news became either old or outdated. AND we decided to delay that until after camp; but I got a letter this Wednesday afternoon that I could not wait to share with our readers.  Under normal situations on this web page, we would have waited til Saturday to announce this “Letter”.  But with the log type web page, we can enter an item as it comes in and put a date to it.  By looking at the day, you would know if you have been on and read it.  We will still wait for most posts til a Saturday. 

 (4/26/15) Camp UpdateOur Referee Camp is coming along fine; we have 24 that have paid or made arrangements to pay. Many officials had expressed that they wanted to wait and see who got the job before they committed. That is understandable, so we pushed the deadline back to April 30.  The previous deadline was April 15.  We have more than enough to have camp but wanted to get everyone in that wanted in so the new Booking Agent could observe them in action.  As you know by know, Roy Turner from Ashley High School got the job and has agreed to be there at the camp.  In fact, he jumped at the opportunity to see some officials.  Now his officials need to be as eager for him to see them as he is to see you. I told Roy that I wanted him to observe the officials but I also wanted him to speak at several of the classroom sessions to let the officials know what he will stress and what he is looking for in an official. If you want to go to this last camp, get your deposit in by April 30 or make arrangements with me.



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