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The Truth is: I was not rehired, Let Go, Ran Out, or Fired: You Pick

A Brief History of the Last Three Years;

How We Got to This Point, Why;

The Selection Committee;

They Have Made their Selection;

Will Mark Screw it up, or will he go with Committee’s Choice;

Let’s Look at Some of Mark’s Biggest Decisions;

Robert Farley Has a Tournament Coming Up;

Web Page were change Format Next Week;


The Truth is: I was not Rehired, Let Go, Ran Out, or Fired: You Pick -  Regardless of the word that was put out  or the word you were told or read;  I was “Not Rehired”, “Let Go”, “Ran Out” or “Fired”.  You Pick the word that suits you, I am going with Fired. I am sure the State Office will have some politically correct word to make it sound pretty.

A Brief History of the Last Several Years – Mark came in office back in 2005 and was relative quiet the first year. But it was evident very soon that he wanted to put his on stamp on things at the State Office. For example, there were nine Booking Agents in the State for Basketball.  Some were Bill Freeman, Kellum Fipps, Kenny Bryant, Lori Jones, Bill Kelly, Len Reynolds, Mike West, Bobby Pennington and Tommy Mattocks.  As Mark got settled, those agents began to disappear one by one. Just a short ten years later, the only one left is Bobby Pennington. The whole staff minus one has been replaced. Is that by accident, not a chance.  As all my friends were being replaced, I felt the pressure; I was probably the next notch on his gun.  I dodged a bullet when after about his third year, Mark sent out a questionnaire to all the ADs and Coaches asking them to rate their Football and Basketball Booking Agents. To everyone’s surprise, I camein first as the highest rated Booking Agent in the State in Football and Basketball. So the pressure was relieved for a couple of years.  But I was definitely year to year now.  

How We Got To this Point, Why -  In March of 2014 at the Regionals in Fayetteville on the top row of the bottom Section in the Crown Coliseum, Mark called me over and said he wanted to talk. The first question he asked was, “How Much Longer do you want to do this?”  I told him my health was good,; that both my parents lived to be in their 90s; that I was not on any medications yet; and that I would like to go at least five more years. To that he said, “That is not going to happen”.  So I made him a counter-offer; I said well give me three more years, two on my own, then name my replacement as “Booking Agent in wait” and we will work together the third year. I made the offer that I would teach him the ropes.  Dreibelbis thought for a moment and then he said, “You will be back next year”.  He did not say that he accepted that offer, and I did not take it that he took that offer.  But he did say that I would be back the next year and I took that to mean no strings attached.

Two weeks later, the Booking Agents had a meeting in the NCHSAA Offices.  After the meeting and while everyone was leaving, Mark said to me, “I want to see you back in my office”, so we went to the back of the building. He sat there in his office in late March or the first week in April and told me that I would not be back next year “Unless  I announced that after the 2014/ 2015 season, I would retire. I told him that was not what we agreed back in Fayetteville and he said it was not up for discussion. I asked him why I was being let go. All he was say is “I have a plan”.  He repeated it over and over and every time I asked, it came back to the “Plan”.  I told him I did not accept his offer, I would not agree to a voluntary retirement. 

The next day, I called Davis Whitfield.  I asked him “why”.  His answer was almost identical to Mark’s but he added a couple of words. His answer was, “All big corporations have to have a plan”.  So I am being let go after 30 years of distinguished service because of a “plan” that no one will tell me what the plan is.  I finally got the message, the “Plan” is get rid of Mattocks.  I finally told Davis and Mark that I would “accept” the deal and announce my retirement for another year. Therefore, I was rehired for the 2014/ 2015. It was the best year I have had since Mark had been there. He did not try to micro-manage me like he had done all the previous years. I am sure it was because he knew I was gone at the end of that season.

A week before the season ended, I wrote Mark and told him that we both knew I really did not want to retire and that I would be sending in my request to continue as Booking Agent. Mark replied that he had already written up the call for applications  and that they were scheduled to go out the next week.  And I replied, “We both know that you can stop that if you want to”.  And then he said that I could Apply for the open position if I wanted to.  What a joke;  I applied, he acknowledged the application; I was the first in and I did not even get an interview.  I am told by two different officials that midway through the Application period that Mark called and asked them to apply because he did not have any applicants that he felt were qualified for the job. I assure you that he had one. He had mine for a job that I had done for 31 years. I was over qualified.  I could go on and on.    

Only Two Weeks for Applications – In his RUSH to get this job filled, Mark only gave the public two weeks to get an application to the State while in the past, the time limit has usually be a month to a month and a half. Then the Interviews were scheduled for three weeks away. The announcement for this position came out right after the State Championships, but many of the officials in my area told me they did not get one. The NCHSAA is advertising for the Position of Regional Supervisor who works with 41 schools, 41 Athletic Directors, 41 Bookkeepers, 82 Varsity Coaches, almost 75 JV Coaches and  over 150 officials and there is this RUSH, wow. It was like they did not want anyone to find out.  Everyone around here was saying they already had their man picked out.  My ADs did not want me to retire, my Coaches did not want me to retire, my Bookkeepers loved me, and my officials did not want me to retire.  One man wanted me out, Mark Dreibelbis.   So I am gone.

The Selection Committee -  First, I want to say that I have seen a lot of hires through my 31 years and I have seen a lot of Selection Committees in place.  Most were stacked in favor of a candidate that had applied. I have seen that over and over. I was shocked when I found out who was on this committee. I must say whole heartedly, this is the fairest Committee I have ever seen.  All the people on that committee are well respected and I believe would vote with their heart and not necessarily what Mark Dreibelbis wanted. I would like to honor these men who had the responsibility to pick your next Supervisor. If any names are wrong, it is because I was told wrong.  I don’t guarantee anything in this process as the NCHSAA wishes it all done in Secrecy.

Chair: Joe Poletti, Croatan

Athletic Directors: Greg Grantham (Formerly White Oak); Debra Bryant (Lejeune); Robert Ross (East Duplin)

Officials: Barry Valicek (Havelock); Gerald Marks (Jacksonville); Mike Brown (Wilmington)

Interviews for New Supervisor were Friday – The interviews were this past Friday, April 17.  It also leaked out who their selection was, but I do not wish to declare that now because I don’t trust Mark Dreibelbis.  He may take their selection or he may still name one of his own. It will not be official until it comes from his office.  I would hate to tell you who the Committee selected and then Mark name someone else.

It was a secret who got an interview. It was a secret how many  were on the committee. It was a secret who is on the committee.  I am wondering how long it will be a secret when they select a new Supervisor. This does not totally surprise me since that is the way Chapel Hill has operated since Mark took office. Seems like the less people know, the better. And this “Rush” did not even give people an opportunity to get in the mix. Two weeks to get a resume in is irresponsible.  And there are still many officials in this association that did not even get the email advertising the opening. Wow.  While this area does not have the most schools or the most officials; I believe we cover the biggest or largest area. We are over 150 miles long and around 120 miles wide in places. No big deal, two weeks is enough to get a resume in??????????     By the way, I did not get an interview, can you tell?  Much much more in the coming weeks.

Will Mark Screw this Up By Still Picking His Own Man or will he Go with the Selection Committee’s Choice – We will just have to wait to see who he names.

Let’s Look at Some of Mark’s Biggest Decisions over the Last Couple of Years:

My Web Page -  Mark has my web page on “Speed Dial”.  He reads it most every week and he does not like my Pick Em Contests. He does not like my Golf Scores, etc. He has tried to Censor my page more than one time but I would not budge for that.  The compromise is that I had to have a disclaimer at the bottom of my page saying that the opinions are my own and not that of the NCHSAA. So I am the Only Booking Agent with disclaimer at the bottom of their web page.

Arbiter – Every Booking Agent in the State has to be on the Arbiter. Here was the perfect opportunity for Mark to negotiate a great deal for every one but he dropped the ball totally. He was only interested in what the Arbiter could offer the NCHSAA. Did you know that when an official calls multiply sports, each booking agent pays top dollar over and over for that official. Mark could have easily set up a much lower deal at the time we went to the Arbiter or he could set the State up as the Administrator and have each Booking Agent work from his account. That would have saved tons of money. Now that we are all locked in and have to be on the Arbiter with no choice, you guessed it. The Arbiter raised its rates at the end of the very first year.  Don’t get me wrong,  I think the Arbiter is great, I was the first booking agent in the State to be on it.  I think it is the best assigning programs out there. But I did not like that we were mandated now to be on it.  Normally when a company mandates that you use something, that said company pays for it. The State is not paying one dime for each Supervisor’s Arbiter account. That deal is a total disaster and Mark really dropped the ball in his negotiations with that company.

Coaches Rate the Officials – Again, Mark dropped the ball on this one big time too. He asked me to run a pilot program where the coaches could rate the officials after each game. We would try it one year. Well the first year, only 19 % of our coaches rated the officials. Mark said it was not worth our time; but I petitioned Mark to let me continue to allow the coaches to rate our officials and he approved the request.  After all the Wright Brothers only flew about a couple hundred yards the first try. Mark was not interested in letting the coaches Statewide rate the officials. From experience, I can tell you that was a very valuable program for me and the coaches that participated felt a part of something. I still have the emails where Mark said we would not do that anymore.

Booking Agent, No Regional Supervisor - The NCHSAA was established in the early part of last century. Names like Hap Perry, Simon Terrell, Charlie Adams and Dick Know were fine with the term, “Booking Agent”.  After all that is what we are. In Dreibelbis’ never ending struggle to have his stamp on everything, all those other people were wrong.  We are not Booking Agents, we are Regional Supervisors.  Guess what, 90% of the people we work with still call us Booking Agents and that will never change.

Camp or Clinic – We are not suppose to use the term Camp anymore, it is a Referee Clinic. Give me a break, has he got nothing more to do with his time than this.  The others may run a clinic where they go from two or three hours and have a class; I run a camp.  We go there and work games, go to class, eat together and spend the night together from three to five days; we run a camp, not a clinic.  And it did not matter to Mark if we had banners printed up with Camp; it did not matter if Brochure Masters and tee shirts masters had camp.  All would have to be changed at a cost. What did he care, just don’t call it a camp any more. Hey Mark, we ran a CAMP.

Must Beg to Continue – All the previous people that worked in or ran the NCHSAA were satisfied to hire you and when you were through, you could retire or they would tell you when it was over.  Mark had the idea to make his men “Request to Continue” each and every year to keep their job.  It was just another way that he could demean a person by making then ask permission to continue and another way he could have his stamp on policy.

Others – When Dick Know was there, I was naming our Regional Selections and Crews and could even tell what games they had as a way to honor them as well as let their fellow officials know when they were working.  Dick Know supported this practice and even supplied the names of all the Regional Crews and I would publish them for everyone across the State to read. Not Mark, that is taboo.  Heaven forbid a coach see your name as going to the Regionals and complain. I was forbid in naming the Regional Crews or publishing their game schedule. Keep it a Secret, don’t let anyone know.

Again, I could go on and on.

Closing Arguments – I want to make it clear that I blame no one on any committee, no one that applied for this job, no one involved in that decision nor will I hold a grudge on any of those people. I still wish all our officials, all the Athletic Directors, and all the Coaches the best of luck.  I personally think the Selection Committee did an outstanding job and I support their selected choice. They were never told why I did not get an interview.  That part was all rigged by one man. So good luck to you all except Mr Dreibelbis.

Can you tell, Mark Dreibelbis will not be on my Christmas Card List this year.

Robert Farley Has a Tournament Coming Up – Robert Farley is assigning officials for a USBL Basketball Tournament in Jacksonville on May 1,2, and 3. Robert tells me all crews will be two man and the pay is $22 per game. They will be using 5 gyms in Jacksonville but he does not have a schedule of game times yet. If you want to go to Jacksonville and call some games, shoot Robert an email at  rfarley@ec.rr.com

Web Page Will Change Format Drastically Next Week – I expect this to be a widely read web page but after this week, I expect it to drop off drastically. I have planned all along that we would change at some point to a “Log Type” web page where we simply put an item on today; then two or three days later, we put another item on. The items will stay on there and simply scroll down until about a month and then time off.  I will start that new format next week.

We will still have much more on the camp and as news comes out about the new Supervisor, we will have all of that.  So stay tuned and come back.



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