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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, July 20 – Sat, July 26,   2014


Attended the BLAST Friday, saw several officials work;

Last Full Week before Registrations Start;

Last Short Web Page before we really Start Rolling;

Huge Announcement Coming on the Next Web Page, You will want to Read;


Attended the BLAST Friday, saw several officials work – I had the pleasure to ride down to Jacksonville and watch some of the games in the East Coast Invitational Jamboree which we commonly and affectionately refer to THE BLAST. I saw a lot of old friends as well as some good officiating. On one court was Ron Fly, Mike Gerics and Jason Weddle.  On the other court at the Commons Gym was Jene Cook, Tye Moore and Justin Best. Later in the evening, I saw the crew of Jean Wagnac, Germaine Graham and Maurice Bowman work on one court and Macy Cooley, Mike Duncan and Damon White work on the other court. They all did a fantastic job and kept things under control.  While I was there, I got to talk to Wells Gulledge, Blast Director, and spent a lot of time with our Referee Director Robert Farley.  Both were busy but took time to chat with me. We also got to talk with a lot of the coaches with teams in the BLAST.  Billy Anderson was there as was Brett Queen.  Renewed friendship with Coach Stackhouse from Westover High School and talked to many of our coaches and Athletic Directors who were just watching. I also saw a lot of Kinston people as teams from Parrott Academy and Kinston High School were playing in that recreation facility. I just had a Blast myself talking to all the people who finally made their way to me after first hugging my wife Faye who accompanied me to the games. It was just a great time to be involved in sports and referees.

Last Full Week before Registrations Start – We are all aware that EOA Registrations begin the first of August and continue the rest of that month.  This is the last week before Registrations start. I am going to try to enjoy my last full week off but the ones of you that know me know that I am anxious to get started.  I can’t wait to start another season. It can’t get here fast enough, but I had better get a few things done around the house this week.  

Last Short Web Page before we really start rolling – This is the last web page where we really have nothing to say.  Once registrations start, we talk about who has registered, where the clinics are and when they start. New rule changes will be out and we will speculate on those.  We get a game fee increase next season and there will be many other things popping up. Football will start and many of you that call that sport will be seeing some of your comrads from Basketball. So this is the last web page that will be short.  Starting next week, they will be those long web pages that you are use to seeing. Catch your breathe, we will be rolling after this week.

Huge Announcement Coming on Next Web Page, You Will want to read – Not only will there be much more Basketball information, registration notes and many other things; next week there will be a huge announcement out of this office that you will want to know about.  Be sure to read the next web page after this one which will be due out on July 26 which is next Saturday. This web page received  only 283 hits last week;  I suspect that the web page that goes on July 26 will receive over 400 hits with the news bulletin that is about to hit.


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Office Hours for Officials – My office hours for officials are from 11:00am to 11:00pm basically. 


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Registration – The Month of August


EOA Golf Tournament – Sept 13, 2014


Start of Local Clinics – Sept/ Oct


NCHSAA State Meeting – Oct 14, 2014, East Duplin High School, Beulaville, NC  6:30pm


EOA Association Meeting – Nov 2, 2014, Lenoir Community College, Main Building Auditorium, 4:00pm



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