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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Dec 21 – Sat, Dec 27, 2014


Slowing Down for Holidays;

Tournaments – Coat & Tie Mandatory;

Merry Christmas from Faye and Tommy; 

If You Register for Baseball/ Softball, Pay that Same Day;

Let’s Re-Visit the Test;

Finally, If this is Your Last Year Refereeing, Let me Know;

Do You Want to Call Rec Ball in Kinston & Lenoir County?;


Slowing Down for Holidays  – The Games really drop off this week; and that is the way it should be.  Everyone should take time to be with your family and give thanks that you are healthy enough and blessed to do this thing we call Refereeing. Take care of that Spouse who has sat home so you could go out and have fun with your fellow officials.  Show her that you appreciate her this week.

Tournaments, Coat and Tie Mandatory - As far as games, there is only a two day tournament before Christmas at Dixon.  After Christmas, there will be several tournaments going on.  You can see the complete list on our SCRIMMAGE link.   But most of all, remember in the EOA, tournaments are mandatory Coat and Tie.  If someone shows up at your game not in Coat and Tie,  I expect an email from the referee.  If the Referee shows up not in coat and Tie, I expect an email from a crew member.  Don’t put your partners in jeopardy, wear the coat and tie.

Merry Christmas from Faye and Tommy – Let’s reflect on the Season.

*** Important, Read Carefully*** If You Register for Baseball/ Softball, Pay that Same Day – We have covered this many times but I guess we should go over it again for the new people.  If you register for a Spring Sport such as Baseball or Softball, you must pay the same day that you set up your profile or the State will mark you ineligible to call Basketball.  You will say, “But I registered for Basketball, Paid for Basketball and took the test for basketball. That should have nothing to do with me registering for Baseball”.    WRONG,  The State has a hard and fast rule that says if you owe them any money for one sport, you are INELIGIBLE for all sports until that fee is paid.  It makes no difference how legal you once were,  you are ineligible for any sport the moment you owe them money.  The Solution:  Do not sign up for any sport until you are ready and in position to pay for that sport that day.  

Let’s Re-Visit the Test – I am still super excited over the test. I want to examine a few items to let you know HOW exicted I am.

Score – Last Yr – This Yr

100 - - - 6 - - - - - - 8

99 - - - - 10 - - - - - 16

98 - - - - 5 - - - - - - 20

Association Average this Year = 94.59

Association Average lat year  = 92.82

2012 – Average = 93.97

2011 – Average = 92.38

2010 – Average = 93.84

2009 – Average = 90.99

2008 - Average = 88.29

2007 – Average = 89.78

Yes,  We started Online testing in 2007 and this year is the highest average we ever made taking the open book test.  In fact, it is the highest grade we ever made in the 31 years I have been your Supervisor.  See, I have a reason to be excited. 

Hey,  I took the time to go back and compare test score averages for the entire time I have been here and that was so interesting to me.  Then I thought, we have been taking the Online test now for 8 years,  I wonder who has the highest average on the test for those 8 years. So you know what is coming next. This is by no means to show anyone up; this is meant to HONOR our top 15 test takers over the last 8 years.  I solute these men.

I will list the Name (Number of times they made 100), the sum of their test score for 8 years and finally the average for that 8 year period.

Ernest Brown (6)  795 - 99.375 – Wow, did you catch that, Ernest made a 100 6 years out of 8. Wow, Amazing, just amazing

Mike Russo (2) - - 792 – 99.000 – Wow, who would have thought you could average 99 over an 8 year period and finish second

Des McPhail (2)- - 788 – 98.500 – Average Over 98 for 8 straight years, wow Congratulations

David Fallin (3) - - 787 – 98.375 -  Average Over 98 for 8 straight years, wow Congratulations

Brian Ahmad (2) – 785 – 98.125 -  Average Over 98 for 8 straight years, wow Congratulations

Garry Bryant (2)- - 784 – 98.000 -  Average  98 for 8 straight years, wow Congratulations

Donald Ingram (0)- 784 – 98.000 -  Average 98 for 8 straight years, wow Congratulations

Tyrone Holley (1)- - 783 – 97.875 –

Richard Goldsby(1) 782 – 97.750 –

Robert Farley (2)- - - 780 – 97.500 –

Barry Valicek (1)- - - 779 – 97.375 –

Larry Honeycutt (5)- 778 – 97.250 –

Richard Costner (1) – 777 – 97.125 –

Mike Jones (1) - - - - - 775 – 96.875 –

Jeff Gooding (1) - - - -773 – 96.625 –

Tom Johnson (2) - - - - 773 – 96.625 –

It is worth a look at the two top finisher’s 8 scores.  Just 3 total points over 8 years separate them:

Brown – 100 – 100 – 96 – 100 – 100 – 100 – 100 – 99 = 795 = 99.375 

Russo - - 99 – 100 – 99 – 99 – 100 – 99 – 98 – 98 = 792 = 99.000

Folks, I do  not know about you; but that is mind boggling to me. Just amazing.  Hey, Congratulations to the top 15 and ties who averaged 96 or better over the last 8 years.       

With the taking of this test, 781 different officials have refereed in the Eastern Officials Association, counting this year, for the last 31 years.


Finally, If this is Your Last Year Refereeing, Let me Know – I have had a wonderful ride as your Supervisor and this year is starting out no different. I asked several of you before the season started if you were thinking about retiring, go one more year and retire with me.  As the season winds down in late January and early February, I would like to say a few words about the officials calling it a Career on the web page here.  Please, if this is your last year calling; let me know so I can include you in another “Honoring Officials” episode near the end of the season. It will take me a while to compile all of that, so please let me know now if this is “it” for you.  Thanks.   Just send me an email.

Do You Want to Call Rec Ball in Kinston and Lenoir County – Once again,  I will be assigning the Recreation (Rec) games in Kinston and Lenoir County this year. We play in 5 gyms around the county and two gyms in the City of Kinston.  The levels of play are 9 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under and usually a 16 & Under.  There has not been a mens league in a couple of years now.  The games last about an hour and pay $ 20 per game per official.  There are nearly always two games a night and three at some places.  You make either $ 40 for 2 hours work or $ 60 for 3 hours work which is pretty good pay. They play in most of those gyms Monday thru Thursday and Saturday mornings into mid-afternoon.  There normally are no Friday games so this does not interfere at all with High School Basketball.  I have plenty of officials that work both.  We assign the games on the Arbiter and they are right there with your high school games. I do charge an $ 85 booking fee but that is not payable until you have refereed more than enough games so that it won’t be “Out of Pocket”.  We normally pay about three times a year so you get a big pay check when you collect.  The leagues start Dec 29 and usually run to about the end of February. You need to get these games while they are there and available.    Do you want to referee rec games in Kinston and Lenoir County this year?  If so, send me an email now letting me know along with your mailing address so I know where to send all the money and your current Cell phone number.  I will put you on the roster.


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