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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Aug 17 – Sat, Aug 24,   2014



About Half Way Thru Registration;

List of Officials that Registered Last Week;

Football Season Starts this Week;

NCHSAA Handbook Information;

Some More History, Did You Remember from the Early Days;

Do You Remember these Officials; A Family Affair;

Time to Sign Up for Sept Golf Tournament;



About Half Way Thru Registration – Here we are in the middle of August which is about half way through the registration period. Please register as early as you can, this is my last season; I am anxious to get started and I want to do a lot with these registrations forms. The Booking Fee this season goes to $ 91 and is already on the Registration Form below on this web site for you to print out.  If you printed a sheet from last season, that sheet shows $ 85.  The fee this year is $ 91 and as I have stated many times for many years, I MUST have the registration form signed for you to be registered.  You are not registered by only sending a check.  I must have that form as well even if none of your information changed. The signature is the vital piece I must have..

Registrations Received this Week :  Officials just want to know if I received their Registration in the mail. For that reason alone,  This is a list of  just the Registrations I received this past week. They only stay on for one week.  If you mail your Registration in on Sunday, look right here the next Saturday to see if I received it. You name will be on the week after you send it and will remain for only that one week. I received the registration (Alpha order, not the order I received them) from these officials last week:

Andre Bryant, Pikeville; Ben Chasten, Dudley; Roberrt Farley, Jacksonville; Wallace Ford, Goldsboro; Germaine Graham, New Bern; Jeff Hibbert, Leland; Derek Holland, Wilmington; Tom Johnson, Newport; Richard Kanuck, Newport; Lambeth, Todd, Wilmington; Andy Rampe, Wilmington; Steve Sanders, Dover; Brian Schultz, Newport; Durwood Vinston, Morehead City;

Football Season Starts this Week – The first High School Football games are this coming Friday night, August 22. They have a regular season of 11 weeks and their season always overlaps basketball; so you know it is now time to be thinking Basketball.  We can not wait til November to start getting ready; we must prepare before the season.  Many of the local clinics will start soon and the season will be here before you know it.  I am ready, are you? How about running, have you started getting in shape to run the court?

Handbook Information – I received the NCHSAA State Handbook last week and I would like to share some of the information from that book with you now. But first, I want to pat myself on the back. Not just once in a while but EVERY YEAR,  I will get an email from an official in another booking area who will say: “Thank you for sharing this information, our booking agent never publishes stuff like this. If I get it at all, I have to find it on your web page  Folks I can’t tell you how good those emails make me feel.  It just reinforces what I have known for a long time.  This stuff is fun but it is more fun if you know a little about what is going on and what to expect coming up.  That is the prime reason I have bothered for all these years to write this web page. I have no idea if the new booking agent will continue with a weekly news letter.  He will probably have some kind of web page, but will he share information? Most of the others do not.  It takes a lot of time, will he be willing to do it?  If he does not, you will miss this.  Ok, enough, let’s see what we can find in the Handbook.

2 Members of State Board are from our area: MD Guthrie from Wallace; Joe Poletti from Croatan.  There are 20 members on the State Board.  

Fred Lynch is on a Nomination Committee for new members of the Board, but does not actively sit on the Board.

A student is eligible to play high school sports once he enters the ninth grade & is eligible for 8 consecutive semesters after that or until he reaches his 19th birthday. There are many more rules but that is the gist of it. It is complicated by transfers, school boundaries, class performance, grades, attendance, etc.

Number of Booking Agents/ Sport (Interesting) = Baseball 14; Basketball 9; Football 9; Lacrosse 9; Soccer 9; Softball 16; Volleyball 14; Wrestling 7

Payment of Game Fees to Officials – Officials are to be paid based on local fiscal policies of each school. That all means some schools will pay you at the game site the night of the contest and others will mail you a check after the game is played. The State does not get involved and each school’s auditors basically determine how their school will pay. We can not over-ride any school policy with regard to pay.

Ejections/ Disqualifications – A report must be filed with the State Office within 24 hours of an ejection or disqualification.  Failure to do so results in a $ 100 fine. In the Eastern Association, the official must call the booking agent immediately after the game and the Booking Agent will file the report.

School Seedings for Playoffs in Basketball are based on the winning percentage of the school’s best 22 games even if they play 23 games.

Body Paint – No face/ Body paint is allowed during regular season or playoffs.

Noise Makers – Any noise making objects are prohibited at indoor contests. Cheerleaders may use non-electronic megaphones.

Basketball Dates: First practice Oct 29; First Game Nov 17; Number of Regular Season Games 23; May play one endowment game;

Conference Tournament – Feb 16 – Feb 21, 2015

Sectional Tournament – Feb 23 – Feb 28, 2015

Regional Tournament  - Mar 3 – Mar 7, 2015

State Tournament – Mar 14, 2015

My Retirement – Midnight, Mar 14, 2015 (* * not in Handbook)

Required Equipment – Red Lights on Backboard; Balls must have authenticating NFHS mark. I would have thought the Alternating Possession Arrow at the Table was required but it is not listed in the Handbook. I still think we require that.

Pep Bands – Permissible only if under direction of school music personnel; the band may only play during dead ball situations.

Cheerleaders – Must remain seated while the ball is in play; may not come on court during 30 sec time outs

Nets – Nets may not be cut down for any game, regular season or tournament.

Mercy Rule – Once the score reaches a 40 point differential at halftime or thereafter, the game will resort to a running clock including free throws and out of bounds plays but exception for time outs.  The game can be terminated by mutual agreement by both coaches. 

·         * * * The Handbook lists the Regionals back at Fayetteville this year.  I do not know if that is a mis-print, an over sight or what.  I had not heard an announcement that it would be back in Fayetteville but it is listed as being there. The State Tournament is CORRECTLY listed as being at the Dean Dome for the 2A and 4A teams and at Carmichael Auditorium for the 1A and 3A teams. That has been announced and that is correct. Makes me think that the Fayetteville site is correct for the Regionals.

Don’t know about you, but that was interesting to me.


Some NCHSAA History:

Founded in 1913; Membership in 1924 was 137 schools; Predominantly Black Schools joined in 1967; Simon Terrell State Building  completed in 1978; Endowment games approved in 1990;  First State Championship was football in 1913; First State Championship in Baseball was 1914; First State Championship in Basketball was 1915; First Womens State Basketball Championship 1972; First Womens Slow Pitch Softball State Championship 1975; First Womens Volleyball State Championship 1976; Latest State Championship to be added was Lacrosse in 2010;

Some More History, Do You Remember from the Early Days:

Family Affair – For those that truly got to know me over the years, you know how I stress that we are one big family and keeping the family involved: Eat out with family; go to ball games with family;  sit together with family at tournaments;  It is just easier to be an official if you have the support of your family and your fellow officials. Let’s take a look at some referees and their family who are also involved with refereeing; have we ever had officials in the same family calling?:

Teaser this week – Take this week to think about the below family members; we will reveal them next week:

Husband/ Wife – Can you name a husband/ Wife team, we have had a couple?

Brother/ Brother – Have we ever had two brothers call in the EOA, Can you name any?

Sister/ Sister – How about sisters, have we had any?

Brother/ Sister – Any Brother/ sister combinations?

Father/ Son – There have been several father/ son acts, can you name one or more?

Father/ Daughter – Have we ever had a Father/ Daughter?

Mother/ Son – Getting harder, any mother/ sons?

Mother/ Daughter -  How about mother/ Daughters?

Speaking of Family, It is Time to Sign Up for the last EOA Golf Tournament, Sept 13 – The next Booking Agent may not play golf and I will not have access to rosters, so this golf tournament in September could be the last ever Eastern Officials Association Golf Tournament. It is time to sign up; we will take the golfers and make up teams in a Captain’s Choice style tournament so we need all types of golfers in all levels of proficiencies. We need at least five golfers that shoot around 80 to be the A players. We need around  5 golfers that average around 85 to 89 and we call them B players.  We also need golfers that shoot around 90 to 95 to be our C players. We also need officials that shoot between 95 and 99 for the D players. And we desperately need golfers that shoot over 100 to round out each team and we call them E players. Each team is made up of an A,B, C, D and E player. We all hit a drive from the tee and pick the best one and we all go to that spot, place our ball on the ground and we all hit our ball from that same spot.  Then we all go to the green and spot our ball at the same spot and try to make the putt.  So it does not matter if you miss a shot or do not hit it well. Someone on your team will get a shot in there for your team and it will be a lot of fun. The cost is $ 40 and that includes golf course green fee, cart fee and prize money.  You can not even play at many courses that cheap and you get to ride in a cart for this fee. We play at Key Vista Country Club about five miles out of Pink Hill on the road to Beulaville.  We chose that course because it is centrally located in our vast booking area. The first team will team off at 10:00am on Saturday, Sept 13. Deadline to have your golf registration in my hands is 6:00pm, Friday, Sept 5.  Send it in now before you forget it.  Make check payable to Tommy Mattocks and mail it to me now. More on the tournament next week.

Officials Who Have Signed Up for the Golf Tournament: (Alpha Order) – Tommy Mattocks, Mike Montford,

To Come on Future Web Pages - I will do a lot of “remembering when”. There will be a lot of articles on how things were; We still have not talked about how the camp evolved; How the Booking Time Frames evolved; How the Clinic Leaders were Chosen:  and My Favorite of all MECHANICS, etc. I print every web page so I can sit on my front porch years from now and read about what we did and what is coming up. I will enjoy the memories to come as I write these last 8 months of Web Pages.

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Tid Bits



Office Hours for Officials – My office hours for officials are from 11:00am to 11:00pm basically. 


Up Coming Events / Dates::


Last Registration Period – The Month of August


Last EOA Golf Tournament – Sept 13, 2014, Key Vista Golf Course, Beaulaville/ Pink Hill


Start of my last Local Clinics – Sept & early October


My Last NCHSAA State Meeting – Oct 14, 2014, East Duplin High School, Beulaville, 6:30pm


My Last EOA Association Meeting – Nov 2, 2014, Lenoir Community Collewge, Main Building Auditorium, 4:00pm




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