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Sun, July 27 – Sat, Aug 2,   2014


Tommy Mattocks Announces his Retirement;

Effective end of 2014/2015 Season;

This Will be my Last Season;

EOA Registration Begins Aug 1, Runs the month of August;


Tommy Mattocks Announces his Retirement effective the end of 2014/ 2015 Basketball Season – I always knew that I wanted to announce my retirement and then go “One More”. I just never figured it would be this soon for me. I always had “five more years” in the back of my mind. This was an extremely hard decision to come to because I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I am just stupid enough to think that nobody else can do it as good as I can. But coming to my senses, they won’t cancel any ball games or postpone a season on account of me. The games will still be played and someone will make the assignments and this train will keep on rolling. I fought over this decision for weeks; but once I made it and decided to proceed, I am at peace with it. This coming season will be my 31st season which is basically two generations of basketball officials if you figure that most careers last about 15 years. So it is time to hand the reins over to a younger person and let them run with it. Life will go on for the EOA as well as for me. So it is the rocking chair for me at Midnight on Mar 14, 2015. I have enjoyed it more than I could ever express.

Effective at Midnight on State Championship Saturday, March 14 – How did I arrive at this date? It is the logical date.  I wanted one more season and that is officially the end of the season.  The NCHSAA usually has an end of season meeting, being it a HUDL meeting or an ARBITER workshop and this is the proper time to finish a career. It is also the time that the NCHSAA renews the contracts of it’s Regional Supervisors for Basketball.

This Will be my Last Season – As you would expect, I have mixed feelings about this. I have no health issues that I know of but age would become a factor soon. I am afraid there would be days when I did not feel like working on assignments, or traveling to a game to observe officials. I want to stop before those type of things happen. We have a great organization and I want to go out on top. I do not want it to run down and then leave. I want to hand it over to the next person and be proud of where we are. This is the proper time. This is my last season.

31 Years Will Be Enough – Boy, I have seen some good people come through the doors and I thought: They would make a good booking agent. Harry Edwards comes to mind. Boy, he would have been a good one. He got out and saw officials work, went to all the camps, went to all the New Officials’ Scrimmages and knew the officials and their ability almost as good as I do. But I simply waited too long for Harry Edwards to get it. 31 years is long enough, I want to hand it over to some young energetic fireball who has some fresh ideas and will push the officials as hard as I did. That time has come. The EOA will have a new person for the 2015/ 2016 season.

Eastern Officials Association has Never Had another Booking Agent – Strangely, there was no Eastern Officials Association 31 years ago. The old Northeastern Association under John Grimsley ran from the Virginia line to Wilmington and it was the largest association in the state. It simply got too much for one man to run, especially without a computer. Grimsley had a secretary at his Trophy business and all she did was type and stuff envelopes with assignments all day long. The NCHSAA Office decided to divide that association into two organizations and I applied for the southern half. I was lucky enough to be selected and the State even let me name the Association. Since there was a Northeastern and a Southeastern; I did not want to be called the Mid-Eastern so I simply named it the Eastern. I was hired in May of 1984 and the 1984/ 1985 was my first season. We rolled strong for 30 years now.

Why Announce It Now ?Like I said, when I made the decision, I always wanted to go one more year. This gives me the opportunity to visit the schools and thank the Athletic Directors, Coaches and Bookkeepers for all their work and support through the years. And I wanted to get out and see many of our officials one last time. But the number one reason is that I wanted you the official to know almost as soon as I did. I did not want to keep this decision from you. You must know by now that this is the most “Open” association in the State in any sport, meaning our officials are kept abreast of most everything that goes on. I share news and upcoming events constantly with you on our WEEKLY NEWS web page and even officials in other associations read our web page to find out what is going on. With the season starting in a couple of months and registration upon us, the decision has been made and I wanted to share it with you. I would feel like I was betraying you if I held this from you. This also gives anyone a full season to prepare if you decide that you want to apply for my position for the 2015/ 2016 season.

Speculation on the Next Booking Agent/ Regional Supervisor – I want everyone to know up front that I consider myself friends with all of you. For that reason, I will not endorse anyone for my replacement. I will not serve on the Selection Committee even if asked. It is not my decision to make and If I endorsed one official over another, there would be hard feelings. I will not recommend anyone to the State Office. They have a nice procedure set up for hiring new Regional Supervisors and since I am retiring, I do not need to be involved.

Procedure for Hiring New Regional Supervisor - The procedure is that an official sends a resume to the State once they open up the position. The NCHSAA then reviews the applications and narrows the list down to four or five candidates and those officials go before a Selection Committee assigned by the State. That Selection Committee holds interviews and sends their recommendation to Mark Dreibelbis who makes the final decision.

Only My Opinion as to a Time Line – I know many of you now have the question on your mind: When will a new Regional Supervisor be named? This is totally Mark’s decision but I will speculate. The job is mine this season so I think the State will wait until the end of the season and I officially retire. That will be Mar 14, 2015. I believe the State will send out emails advertising that the position of Regional Supervisor for the Eastern Officials Association is open and give everyone probably a month or around April 15 to apply or send in their resume. I then think the State will narrow the list down to four or five and schedule interviews around the end of April in front of a Selection Committee. That committee will report its findings and recommend one candidate for the job. I believe the Person to fill my position will be selected around May first so that the State can submit the name to their Board of Directors at a semi-annual meeting usually around the first week in May for approval. I think you will know who the new boss is the first week in May, 2015. Let me remind you again, it is not my decision and ALL THIS is speculation on my part.

Wanted One Last Go-Around with Officials and Coaches/ Athletic Directors/ Book Keepers – While at first thought, most would think that a Referee Booking Agent and the Coaches and Athletic Directors would be at odds all the time. No way the Hatfields and McCoys could ever be friends. You would be wrong. I have many great friends in the Coaching Ranks and even more friends in the Athletic Director ranks. It is for them that I really want to visit them one more time knowing this is “Farewell”.

Really Sad that Several of my Good Friends Retired before I did: Holtsford, Grantham, Ross - I am saddened however that three of my good long time friends retired this season before I made my decision. I hope I bump into former Jacksonville AD Ron Holtsford, former White Oak AD Greg Grantham and former Ayden Grifton AD Chris Ross one more time somewhere so I can tell them what they meant to Tommy Mattocks. All three retired at the end of last season and will not be back this coming season.

Not Taking the Season Off, I will be Tougher than Ever – Hey, I want you to know, I have only announced my retirement for the end of the season. I have not quit yet, I am not taking this season off or easing up by any means. If the official does not do his job, I am all over him. I want to leave a legacy that “He worked hard right up to his last day on the job”.

No Lame Duck Here, Too Much Pride to Keep this the Best Association – There is no way that Tommy Mattocks would work so hard for 30 years to let it all go down the tube the last year. We have enjoyed a reputation of being the top or one of the top associations in the State for a long time. No one will say, it really went down that last year, I refuse to let that happen. Together, WE have made it the best, I want to leave it that way. I have toooooo much pride to leave it any other way.

I Will Really Miss Working with and Assigning Some of the Rising New Stars of the EOA – One of the biggest enjoyments of being a referee supervisor is taking a chance on an officials that has called all Junior Varsity games and moving him into a Varsity game and watching him blossom and develop. I am really going to miss that. Just in the last couple of years, Mike Gerics and Jerry Soletro are too young officials that have simply taken off. Both are now already on a small college officiating staff and have worked hard. This past Referee Camp in Myrtle Beach, we found several officials who are worthy of the opportunity to move to the Varsity Level and we know they will flourish into a veteran official shortly. I am really going to miss that part of my job; rewarding hard work and giving opportunities to deserving officials.

Asking All Our Referees not to Retire this Year, Let’s Go Out together – Here is a special plea from me. If you were thinking about retiring this season, please reconsider and go one more season. Let’s go out together. I know several of you are on the verge of making that decision to hang it up, but I hope you will delay that for one more year so we can go out together. You have valuable experience that can’t be bought or taught in a classroom. It can only be gained from working with a veteran so the young officials can learn from you and how you handled that situation in a game. One more year, I am asking.

How Many Officials Have Been With Me the Entire Time – I wanted to recognize the five officials that have been with me for my entire 30 years. They are: Ernest Brown, Richard Costner, Harry Edwards, Larry Honeycutt, Charles McPhail, And then there is Harold Lail: He has the distinction of starting with me and ending with me, but as Bank President, he moved off 4 years but still refereed during those years.

Some of the Things I am Proudest of: See the next twelve items.

I Met Some of Wonderful People and they Were Referees - You know, it is very hard to predict who will be your best referees. They simply do not come from one part of society or the other. Over my 30 years so far, I have had Policemen, Sanitation Workers, Pilots, Colonels in the Military, Bank Presidents, Recreation Directors, Accountants, Lawyers, Construction Workers, Plant Workers, Teachers, Ex Coaches, Ex Players, Veterinarians, Mothers, Fathers, Truck Drivers, Computer Techs, and many more. You can’t predict from their job who will be your best officials. It has to be in their heart. Their passion for the game and for being the best is what drives a person to the top in the officiating business and I have had some of the cream of the crop to work with. I won’t start naming names in this category but I can honest say that I appreciated any of them that tried hard to be a good official.

I Always Had very Good Clinic Leaders Willing to Work Hard – I want to name some of these great men whowere instrumental in helping create an environment for learning and advancement in this organization. I know I might leave one out but my intent is to honor the ones I remember and hope you do not get insulted if I leave you off. We will do this in Alpha Order. All these officials at one time or another were clinic leaders that shaped and molded the careers of young officials in our area and I will forever be indebted to each of them:

Dennis Arinello, Doug Banks, Don Barnes, Ronnie Battle, Ron Bean, Bobby Black, Carl Blair, T C Bond, Les Boone, Preston Boone, Tony Brabham, Ernest Brown, Mike Brown, Willie Burns, Wesley Carter, Earnest Cave, Richard Costner, Jr Creech, Wallace Dean, Harry Edwards, Robert Farley, Mike Fredette, Eddie Fulcher, Richard Goldsby, Joel Harris, Larry Honeycutt, Cliff Hunt, Don Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Johnny Jones, Donald Leatherman, Leo Lockhart, Anthony Loftin, Howard Luttrell, Gerald Marks, Toby McDaniel, W D McRoy, Anthony Mitchell, Robert Murphy, Charlie Ore, Ted Quinter, J C Reynolds, Frank Rodriquez, Jim Rouse, Brian Schultz, Robert Tallo, Barry Valicek, Chuck Warner, Rick Weires, and Shawn Williams.

Web Page – Most every basketball association now has a web page; there are still some football associations without one. You can find just about anything somewhere on ours. We don’t have all the bells and whistles or the fancy pictures that some have; but I will stack our information up against any of them. On our web page, you can find our history, our boundaries, our schools, the mechanics that we stress, our local clinics and when every one of them meets. You can find our clinic leaders and their phone numbers, our scrimmage dates and locations. You can find a calendar of upcoming events. You can find forms for registering; our Distinguished Service Award Winners. There is a link devoted to our Referee Camp and lists the top three finishers each year. There are instructions for getting on the Arbiter for your assignments. And finally, there is a Hall of Fame Link. After I retire, I will probably write a few more Web Pages. I am thinking about changing the format to one of those Log type web pages where you just add entries ever so often rather than a complete new web page each week. I may continue it as long as I have a few readers. It will not quit exactly on Mar 14, 2015 after the State Championship games. I challenge anyone to find all this information on another Association web page.

Keeping our Officials “In the Know” – I started officiating back in 1970. All you knew at that time was where your game was and who you were refereeing with. I thought to myself, there has to be more than this. It is so much more enjoyable if you know a little about the conference races, who made the playoffs, where the tournaments are going to be and if your buddy is calling one of those games. I knew if I were ever in charge, I would change that immediately and I did. I write and change the WEEKL NEWS Page every week so you will know who is in our league, who we assign games to, what teams make the playoffs, where the tournaments are and early on, I use to tell you who the officials were in the playoffs. It is just more enjoyable knowing a little about what is going on and what is coming up. It simply makes the whole association closer. I must pat myself on the back for that web page and I must commend you for reading it every week. When I started that web page, it was the only one around.

Tommy Mattocks Referee Camp – I am very proud of the TOMMY MATTOCKS REFEREE CAMP and the opportunity it gave to officials wanting to improve and advance up the ladder. Bill Freeman had a college try out camp a few years but give it up. The Raleigh association had a camp for two or three years, but it was too much work and they let it go. The Greenville Association runs a High School camp each summer now but I am so proud of ours. It is the longest running High School Referee camp around. We have held 25 camps now and we only missed one year, 2006 as one team site folded. We landed back on our feet in 2007 and have been going strong ever since. We have had 580 officials go through our camps during the years; with the majority of them returning for 2, 3 and 4 more trips. Those officials that attended our camp improved and made officiating in Eastern North Carolina better for it.

I Always Had very Good Camp Counselors Willing to Work Hard – I want to name some of these great officials in alpha order whotook their time off to teach what they knew about officiating to the eager officials that chose to go to camp to improve their referee skills:

Dennis Arinello, Don Barnes, Bobby Black, T C Bond, Tony Brabham, Ernest Brown, Mike Brown, Wesley Carter, Earnest Cave, Jr Creech, Bill Darden, Harry Edwards, Robert Farley, Ron Fly, Mike Fredette, Richard Goldsby, Johnny Jones, Donald Leatherman, Leo Lockhart, Anthony Loftin, Gerald Marks, Mason McLean, Larry Mewborn, Terri Mohr, Charlie Ore, Bobby Pennington, J C Reynolds, Jim Rouse, Brian Schultz, Ramie Styons, Donnie Taylor, Rick Weires, and Shawn Williams. These men and women are simply a Who’s Who in the Basketball lore of the Eastern Officials Association.

How 90% of the Officials that Attended our Camp Bragged on it and Most returned – I am proud that some of the officials that sat home and ran the camp down finally decided to go and many of those returned for a second and third time. It’s easy to degrade something that you never tried, but the reward is seeing an official improve and his attitude change. Most officials that ever go to our camp once encourage others to attend. That is very satisfying.

Wow, The Hall of Fame - Wow, there have been five Classes of Hall of Fame inductions. I am extremely proud to have started this Hall and induct and honor 30 of the officiating giants of our past and present. There will be one more Class inducted on Nov 2, 2014 and that will be our last Hall of Fame Class, sad. There are so many deserving officials who have worked hard for the association and themselves. I wish we could honor all of you.

EOA Golf Tournament – Just because we are a close knit group of officials who aren’t satisfied to say good bye in March and not see each other again until October, we started a Referee Golf Tournament years ago and we would play the first Saturday in May. That was so popular until we added a second tournament each September. We have about 30 different referees who look forward to playing in one or both of those summer tournaments. We will play our last Tournament as this identity in September on the second Saturday.

EOA1 Group Facebook Page – Many of our officials are on Facebook; but are like me and tired of seeing a map of where someone ate; or seeing a picture of someone at the Farmer’s Market. I started a Group Page for referees only accessible as a member so that referees could discuss plays that we see on TV; sports stars problems and we ask questions and share opinions. This page only has remarks and opinions from fellow referees and is my favorite place on the internet to start. I check it out at least 5 times a day to see if any of our referees have shared a play, asked a question or has seen something that we all might want to know. It is a place where there are no Varsity officials or JV Officials. There are no 30 years experience vs 2 years experience. We are all alike and talking about sports subjects. I am proud of that site, our Facebook Group page. We have invited some former EOA members who have transferred such as Ed Place, Brad Shrader, Chuck Knowles, Scott Hamby and others who live in other states. It is nice to compare what they do to what we do as well. I think we have around 73 members.

Pick Em Contests – Just to stay in touch and have something in common with fellow officials, we have Pick Em Contests where we try to pick the top five in all the major golf tournaments. We try to see who the best guesser is when the NCAA basketball tournament rolls around each year. We pick the bowl game winners in football. It is a way of having some fun with a fellow official and a little friendly competition that does not cost a cent to enter. We have approximately 15 to 20 officials that participate in these Pick Em Contests. What does the winner get? He gets his name published on the web page as the best picker for that contest. You would be surprised at how bad I want to win these things.

I Can Truly Say that I Loved and Appreciated All the Officials that Worked Hard to make this Association Great – Some were better than others but that did not matter, we needed all our officials and all basically gave an effort they could be proud of . I appreciated everyone for that.



Registration Begins Aug 1, Runs through the End of August – So here we are, my last go-round. It is time to register, roll up our sleeves and go to work. I want this to be the best season yet and I think you do too. So let’s make it so. Register, attend the clinics, go to the meetings, work the scrimmages and be the best prepared of any previous season before this.

To Come on Future Web Pages - I will do a lot of remembering when. There will be a lot of articles on how things were; some history, etc. I print every web page so I can sit on my front porch years from now and read about what we did and what is coming up. I will enjoy the memories to come as I write these last 8 months of Web Pages.

PRINTING AND SAVING – I am printing this edition of the web page, I want to save it for reading in my rocking chair.


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