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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Sept 21 – Sat, Sept 27,   2014



Mattocks Loses Last EOA Golf Tournament in a Playoff;

First Time Teams Chosen by Captain;

Team Ahmad is the Victors;

Tough Conditions, a Lot of Wind;

Prizes; Close to Pins; Shootouts; Long Drive Winners

“Krossover”, Possible New Film Breakdown Program for Basketball;


Mattocks Loses Last EOA Golf Tournament in a Playoff – The Last EOA Golf Tournament went down to the wire; in fact, it went to a playoff. Team Mattocks came from two down on # 16 to tie Team Ahmad with a birdie on # 17 and # 18 to force a playoff. Mattocks team could only manage a par of the first extra hole. After an Ahmad drive to within 130 yards of the green, Lee Miller put his iron shot to within 8 feet and when it came time for Miller to putt, he slammed the door in Mattocks’ face for the win.

First Time Teams Chosen by Captains – In a twist of how the teams are made up, the tournament committee decided to let the Captains pick the teams at the course on Saturday morning. As the golfers arrived at the club house, they did not know who’s team they would be on. At 9:40am, Captain Mattocks, Captain Ahmad and Captain Montford went in the pro shop, drew straws for first pick and selected the team members one by one. This was probably the fairest teams in recent memory.

Team Ahmad is the Victors  –   Team Captain Brian Ahmad picked Lee Miller, William Rivenbark and Jay Worrell on his team and they led basically the whole way. Team Mattocks would tie them occasionally but Ahmad and crowd maintained the lead and one time, lead by three shots. But the playoff decided it all and Lee Miller came through to put Team Ahmad in the winners circle.

Tough Conditions, a Lot of Wind -  As good as all the teams were,  I expected the tournament record of 11 under to be challenged; but after three or four holes, it was evident no one would break that standard.  The wind was just too tough and sprayed the balls all over the place. Some of the best hit shots would fall short or fly over the green.  And many would just fade over enough to miss the green. The wind was tough.  

Teams Were Good, Should Have Contended for the Record -  Our team was 7 under and we missed the green on four par four holes.  We only made one putt over teen feet. If we could have sank just our 14 foot putts, our team could have been 12 under. I suspect all the teams had trouble putting with the wind and the slow greens. As good as all three teams were, on a calm day, all three could have beaten 11 under.  But not this day.  It was tough.

Prizes; Close to Pins; Shootouts; Long Drive Winners:

First Place Team – Captain Brian Ahmad, Lee Miller, William Rivenbark, Jay Worrell

Closest to Pin # 2 – Tommy Mattocks – 9 feet (The team missed the putt)

Closest to Pin # 5 – Brian Schultz – 3 feet

Closest to Pin # 11 – Brian Ahmad – 7 feet

Closest to Pin # 14 – Lee Miller – 15 feet

Closest to Pin # 18 – Brian Schultz – 70 yards  (Team mate David Fallin was 71 yards) We used my Pin Seeker to measure accurately

Pitch Shootout – Casey Lyndaker, David Fallin, Mike Montford and Darren Becton made the first cut; with Becton winning the shootout.

Putt Shootout – Mike Fredette, Richard Gerrish, David Fallin and Casey Lyndaker made the cut. Lyndaker made his last putt from 20 feet to win the Putting Contest.

Long Accuracy Drive Contest – Contestants were Mike Fredette, Darren Becton, David Fallin, Mike Montford, Brian Ahmad, William Rivenbark and Tommy Mattocks. After everyone hit their two drives, there were two balls that lay the longest. One ball belonged to Mattocks and the other belonged to Rivenbark. After deducting the distance the drive strayed off the target line,  Mattocks’ ball was one yard farther than Rivenbark’s; it was that close.  So Mattocks won the long drive contest.

“Krossover; Possible New Film Breakdown Program for Basketball – There is a new product out on the market called “Krossover” and it is similar to HUDL. HUDL seems to be the program of choice for Football and many of our schools are currently using HUDL.  However that program is slow to catch on with the Basketball Coaches. Because the school has HUDL in football does not mean it’s free to the Basketball Coach.  There is another expense there  that the Basketball Coaches have not migrated to. Enter Krossover, according to some, it is a little cheaper and suppose to be more breakdown friendly and adaptable for Basketball. If you want to read about Krossover, type Krossover into your Google search box.

I was involved in a webinar last week explaining  Krossover.  It is my personal opinion that Krossover is a better product for the schools, their team and their players.  As far as which is better for the official; they both can be used in the same fashion.  Krossover breaks the game down into plays and you could find a particular play much faster in that mode. But for drawing on the court and showing where the men are suppose to be, both are great. As an official,  I am not interested if the shot was made or missed, and I am not as concerned that the play is a fast break or a free throw. Krossover beaks it down into all types of scenerios.   

Should Start Making Assignments This Week on Paper – I got a couple more schedules in over the weekend and I have enough to get started. Many of you have sent in your closed dates so I will start this week with assignments on paper. 

Local Clinic Start Schedule/ Date of My Clinic Visit – The Complete Local Clinic Schedule is listed over on the SCRIMMAGES link of this web page and includes the topics that will be discussed along with when I am scheduled to visit with that group; however I wanted to list here a quick birds eye view of the start date for each local area by alpha order:

Duplin County – Started August 31/ My Visit Sept 28

Goldsboro –  Starts October 6/ My Visit Oct 13

Greenville –  Started September 8/ My Visit Oct 22

Havelock –  Starts September 21/ My Visit Oct 19

Jacksonville –  Starts September 15/ My Visit Sept 23

Kinston -    Started September 7/ My Visit Oct 5

Wilmington -  Starts October 6/ My Visit Oct 20


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