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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Oct 19 – Sat, Oct 25, 2014


State Meeting Notes from East Duplin;

Meeting the Coaches Protocol; 

DSA Award Winners, Tallo & Mattocks

Booking through Dec 5 & Stopping;

Local Clinic Visits;

Association Meeting Nov 2;

New Officials Scrimmage, Nov 15, Northside HS;

 First Games for Public Schools Nov 17;



State Meeting Notes from East Duplin – I took a couple of pages of notes at the State Clinic last Tuesday night at East Duplin. I would like to share some of the highlights of Mark’s meeting here on our page now.

  I was Shocked that this is Dreibelbis’ 10th year as head of officials;  man time flies.  I would have guessed 7.

One of Mark’s quotes = “If you feel you are not advancing fast enough; do something to get better”

It was impressive when Mark asked how many in the room had help when they came up the officiating ladder and nearly everyone in the room raised their hand.  Then he asked, “Who are you going to help” and a hush came over the room. Very effective.

Teachable Moments: Show the Coach some respect and then maybe he will respect you. My opinion:  He is coaching unpredictable kids and we are refereeing kids that anything can and probably will happen.  We MUST be the ones to maintain our composure. We need to remain calm when everyone else around us is losing it.

KNEE PAD IS A SLEEVE  and should be treated as such.  I said knee pad, not knee brace.   They are different.

Sleeves can be white, black, beige or the predominate color of the uniform but they must be the same on all players.

North Carolina volunteered to be a PILOT program for the new rule change involving uniforms.  As a pilot program, we are obligated to give feedback to the National Federation through our State organization.  Therefore we MUST notify the State Office when we have a penalty involving a violation of that rule. Remember, Mark said there would be a two week suspension if you did not report the violations. On this uniform violation, the official will email Mark and copy me with the email. That is different from disqualifications and ejections.

To be Clear:

On uniform violations, the official will send Mark the email and include me in a copy.

On Disqualifications and Ejections, report to me directly that night of the game and I will send all reports in to the proper places.

Penalty for Uniform Violation:  Administrative Tech charged to the team. 2 free throws.  Ball at division line. Counts as team foul. Player can not participate until uniform is legal.

Other Rules and Points of Emphasis:

Intentional Foul includes excessive contact. We saw several examples from the film clips.

Automatic Foul on Dribbler if Defender: places two hands; uses an arm bar; keeps hand on dribbler; contacts player more than once.

I was a mighty proud person sitting there when Mark was talking about reporting fouls to the table; getting scorer’s attention and other mechanics and then he said:   “BUT I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT WITH THE EASTERN OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION  That was a huge compliment to all you officials that have worked so hard on mechanics to be recognized for it.

Here is the reference that Mark chose to highlight; he said study Rule 9-9-1  Article D & E.  Now I could go into detail and tell you what it says here or I can let you go and look it up.  I think that would be good practice of getting in the rule book so I am not going to talk about it here.

Mercy Rule = Remember what Mark said, Once the score reaches the 40 point differential, the clock runs; even if the score is now cut to 30, 25, or down to 10 points.  If you ever reach that milestone of 40 points and start that clock running, it runs the rest of the game.


Meeting the Coaches Protocol -  I was asked at the meeting Tuesday night by three different officials:  “ Mark said we are suppose to ask the coach if his team is legally and properly equipped. If we do not meet with the coaches before the game, when do we ask them”.

My answer is: We never stopped meeting with the Coaches.  We only stopped calling them to the center of the court in front of the scorer’s table and talking to both at the same time. We should still be meeting with the coaches, but it is one team at a time and in their bench area.

Here is how I suggest we do it:

With about a minute and a half left of the clock during pre game warm-ups and before the timer blows the teams off the court, the crew should go to the visitors bench first and shake hands with each coach there.  When the referee gets to the Head Coach, he should briefly ask, “Coach, are your players properly and legally equipped” and accept whatever answer the coach gives. You have done your job at this point. As referee in my crew, I always like to introduce my crew to the Head Coach.  While shaking his hand after I asked him if his team was legally equipped, I would say, “My name is Tommy Mattocks, my crew tonight is Harry Edward, (brief pause) and Wesley Carter.” Then I would move out of the way so they could  shake the coach’s hand.  The crew should then go to the Home Bench and follow the same procedure.

Note*** - I have been with some officials that want to argue or pin the coach down if he answers, “To the best of my knowledge”.  I take that as a yes and I am gone. I don’t want to make him mad over the English language before the game even starts. It does not matter what the coach says, if the team comes out with illegal uniforms, you are going to penalize them. Asking is a courtesy. Accept whatever his answer is and move on.   

Congratulations to our 2014 DSA Winner Robert TalloThe voting of the Board of Directors to name Robert Tallo as your DSA winner for 2014 is a significant achievement in my opinion. Think of voting for the American Idol. Who stands a better chance of winning that contest, a boy from Dixon or a boy from Charlotte. Dixon might have 200 people and Charlotte might have 2 million. The boy from Dixon would have to be mighty sharp and really have it together to beat out someone from Charlotte. That’s how I feel about a Clinic leader in a town of about 12 officials. Congratulations Robert Tallo on your selection.  I personally know of the work you put in all these years and this is a very deserving award.  I will give you the opportunity to speak at our Association Meeting.

State DSA Winner from Mark Dreibelbis and Davis Whitfield Surprised Tommy Mattocks – I was taken by surprise when Mark presented me that that State DSA award in which he and Davis Whitfield had signed.  It is always nice to be recognized but this was special. You know, my name is on the Association, but the officials are what makes an association.  If the refereeing had been bad, I would not have received that award.  The refereeing in this area has been super for 30 years and the credit goes to the officials.  I will gladly accept the award and hang it on my wall, but I will be thinking of you when I look at it. I have been blessed with good officials who were willing to try to be the best for my entire career. Thanks everyone. That’s our award.

Booking Through Dec 5 and Stopping -  I plan to stop or slow down when I complete the assignments through Dec 5 until I can see the New Officials work on Nov 15.  They need some games and if I go much further,  they will be left out. We need to involve them with assignments and make their first year both memorable as well as effective in their development for the future. Once I see the officials Nov 15,  I will stretch back out to a month ahead.  

Local Clinic Visits – I am down to just three local clinic visits left. Those will be completed this coming week.  I go to the Havelock area on Sunday where we  meet at Grammercy School at 3:00pm on Oct 19. I will be in Wilmington at Trask Coliseum on Monday, Oct 20 at 7:00 in room 119.  My last clinic stop will be in Greenville at Pitt Community College in the Humber Building in Room 225 at 6:00pm on Oct 22.

Association Meeting Nov 2 -  Our Association Meeting is only two weeks away. It is Sunday, Nov 2 at 4:00pm. We will definitely be there a minimum of two hours. We have a lot of things to do other than the normal stuff.  It should be a memorable meeting for me as it will be the last one where I am with the entire association at one place. I may cry. I am looking forward to announcing my last Hall Of Fame Class as well as some other surprises.

 New Officials Scrimmage, Nov 15, Northside High School in Jacksonville – There is a mandatory scrimmage for all officials that fall into a certain category at Northside High School in Jacksonville on Sat, Nov 15.   The scrimmage runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you are required to attend, you sign on for an hour time zone and then you are free to go. We call this the “New Officials” Scrimmage but that is short for “New and New to the Area Officials”. It is a scrimmage for me to get to see officials that I have never seen work before.  It gives me a idea of how to book you.  It answers a lot of questions.  Are you a Varsity level official or a JV level official? Are you a strong official where I can put a weaker official with you and the game would be ok?  Are you a weaker official that I need to book with a strong official so the game will go ok?  These are not KNOCKS on you or your ability.  It is just for me to know how to book you and what type of games are within your scope. You and I want the same thing.  We both want the game to go smooth with no problems. I use this scrimmage to judge what your strengths and weaknesses are so I can correctly get you in the right games with the right partners.  “New officials” are officials that are moving to high school for the first time and I have not seen them work.  “New to the area officials” are officials that have called before in another area and have moved into our area.  They have indeed called basketball, but we have just never seen them before and it would be very beneficial to both of us for me to get the opportunity to see you.  Finally, this scrimmage is also used for officials that have been with me; but think they are getting over-looked or under-booked.  In other words, if you are unhappy with your schedule, it is your opportunity to show me that you are better than I give you credit for being.

First Playing Date for Public Schools Nov 17 -  Our Private Schools can start a week earlier and some do; but our Public Schools start Monday, Nov 17. I hope by the time Nov 17 get here,  I have assignments in your hand through Dec 16.

Scrimmages are Starting to Appear on the Scrimmage Link – When the school sends in its schedule, if they list their scrimmage on that schedule,  I have put it on our Scrimmage List over on the Scrimmage Link.

After Scrimmages are Completed, Tournaments will be Listed – Once the scrimmages are complete in late November,  I will place the tournaments on that scrimmage link.  They are not there for officials to complain that they did not get a tournament game; they are there so that if you do not have a game, you will know where you can go to see a game and see your fellow officials work.

Date of My Clinic Visit – The Complete Local Clinic Schedule is listed over on the SCRIMMAGES link of this web page and includes the topics that will be discussed along with when I am scheduled to visit with that group; however I wanted to list here a quick birds eye view of when I am visitinmg each clinic:

Duplin County –  My Visit was Sept 28

Jacksonville –  My Visit was Sept 30

Kinston -    My Visit  was Oct 5

Goldsboro –  My Visit is Oct 13

Havelock –  My Visit is this Sunday, Oct 19

Wilmington -  My Visit is this Monday, Oct 20

Greenville –  My Visit is this Wednesday, Oct 22


Roger Rickman with his Uniforms will be at Association Meeting, Nov 2- More than thirty years ago, I met Roger Rickman on a basketball court and refereed many college games with him. Since, he started a clothing store where he sell referee uniforms, shirts, lanyards, pants, whistles, etc.  The only thing he can’t sell is the Referee jacket. Roger will be at our Association Meeting again this year.  If you did not get all of your uniform items at the State Meeting,  Roger can fix you up at our meeting.  Come early.  Our meeting starts at 4:00pm but Roger will set up his display probably around 3:15pm that Sunday. 


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Local Clinics – See Chart Above in SCRIMMAGES link


EOA Association Meeting – Nov 2, 2014, Lenoir Community College, Main Building Auditorium, 4:00pm


New Officials Scrimmage – Mandatory for all New Officials and New to the area officials – Sat, Nov 15, Northside High School in Jacksonville


Season Starts for Public Schools – Nov 17




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