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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Oct 25 – Sat, Nov 1, 2014


Year Speeding By;

New Officials Scrimmage Schedule Posted But; 

Mark Sent out Information on Uniform, Sleeves Violations;

There will be more Scrimmages, Keep Checking;

Local Clinic Visits Over;

Association Meeting Nov 2;

Assignments are Out through Dec 5;

 First Games in just over two weeks, you been running?;



Year Speeding By – Wow, it seems like I just started registrations last week; as I look around now, registrations are complete, the local clinic visits are behind us, the State Meeting is gone, my local Association meeting is a week away, the season starts in two weeks and this week’s web page takes us into November.. I BLINKED AND I MISSED IT.  I should have never announced my retirement, this is going by too fast to enjoy.  Years ago, I use to think it would never get here. Now it’s over before it begins.

New Officials Scrimmage Schedule Posted But – I have changed my mind about letting you just randomly sign up. While some would sign up immediately, others would not sign up til the day of the Scrimmage.  If I sign you up, I will put officials from the same town together. If you signed up, there would be one from Wilmington calling with one from Greenville and both officials would have to make that long drive. If I sign you up, I can put four Wilmington officials in a group and all four can ride together.  I am going to assign you a time; but if you can’t make that time, let me know and we will adjust. I had rather re-assign you and have everyone together.  See the list below and send me an email.  I want Yes answers and No answers: Send an email either way and say, “Yes, I Can make that time” or send me an email and say, “No, I am sorry, I can not make that time, can I come around _____”.  Caution, you should treat this new officials scrimmage just like a game assignment.  Northside High School is Very very hard to find. It will take you time to find it so plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early.  You can sit is the gym and watch the officials before you work and you might pick up something from watching them.  Be at least 30 minutes early and sign in.  If you are 10 minutes late, you might not work at all; I can’t give you someone else’s slot who was on time because you were late. Please, Please, be on time for your assignment. Full high school uniform including the NCHSAA High School Jacket and long beltless black pants. OK see schedule below:

New Officials Scrimmage Schedule:          Name  (Clinic Location)                      All Games at Northside High School in Jacksonville

9:00am :           David Jordan           (Goldsboro)            Michael Albright   (Goldsboro)

10:00am:         Timothy Whitfield  (Goldsboro)             Raymond Smith    (Goldsboro)

11:00am:          Chad Howery         (Havelock)               Stephen Clayton     (Havelock)  

12:00pm:          Jesse Rodriquez      (Havelock)               Andrew Bulfer        (Havelock)  

1:00pm :            Clifton Hargett       (Kinston)                  Jerome Midgett        (Kinston)

2:00pm:             Nathen Rennels      (Greenville)              James Farrior             (Duplin Co)

3:00pm:              Dale Ramsey          (Jacksonville)           Charles Mowery        (Jacksonville)                

4:00pm:               Tim Wieckowski    (Jacksonville)           David Macer             (Jacksonville)


Left:  Xavier White (Wilmington) – Xavier, someone told me they could not make it; when they respond, I will stick you in their slot.  You will be given a position in this scrimmage.    We also had two more officials that have not completed their registrations.  If they do get registered, they will be put in a place if someone cancels out.

Mark Dreibelbis sent out an email on Uniform, Sleeves Violations  In addition to saying what the violation was for; you have several other details to include. He talked about which team; the number of free throws and you have to report how many of the free throws were made. Read that email carefully and don’t get suspended over some detail you forgot to submit.  This one’s on you, I can’t do this one for you and if anyone gets suspended, it will be you. Read that email carefully.

Remember in the EOA, we are sending three reports to Mark on uniform and sleeve violations; one from each crew member. That is our security system to keep our fellow officials from getting suspended.

There will be More Scrimmage Listed on the Scrimmages link to this web page – As of today, the schools have not even started basketball practice.  Some of our basketball coaches are out on the football field helping with that sport.  They are not thinking primarily about basketball right now.  I only have a few scrimmages posted on that link; however that will change as the season approaches.  One school will get with another school at the last minute and decide to scrimmage. You must keep checking that link for a scrimmage in your area. While scrimmages are assigned to towns, an official can go to any scrimmage if there is a conflict with the one near you.  Just be sure you sign the list of attendance at the scrimmage and that leader will turn in your name to me for credit.     

Local Clinic Visits are Over  I completed my last stop on the local clinic visits this past week in Greenville.  It sure was fun for me to go to each area and share some of the information we talked about.  Seems like just yesterday that I was in Wallace for the first visit with the Duplin County officials. Those visits went by much too fast.  

Association Meeting Nov 2 -  Our Association Meeting is only two weeks away. It is Sunday, Nov 2 at 4:00pm. We will definitely be there a minimum of two hours. We have a lot of things to do other than the normal stuff.  It should be a memorable meeting for me as it will be the last one where I am with the entire association at one place. I may cry. I am looking forward to announcing my last Hall Of Fame Class as well as some other surprises.

Assignments are Out Through Dec 5 – Assignments are out through Dec 5 which is the toughest date before Christmas. It seems the schools knew football playoffs would interfere with their games so they adjusted their schedule so that very few games were played until that Friday night in December. Every official in the Association that is registered with the State and has paid their registration fee to me has a game.  The Veterans have three to four games.  Looking at my sheet with the dots, the average number of games for the officials with five years or more is around three games. I am stopping there; there will not be any more assignments until after I see the new officials on Nov 15. Then I will need to extend the booking  on out to Christmas after that scrimmage. Because I book close to a month in advance, you are encouraged to seek games with your local middle school booking agent, on base booking agent and recreation booking agent.  The more games you can work, the more situations you are exposed to and the better you will be in all the levels that you work.

 First Playing Date for Public Schools is just over two weeks away, have you been running -  Our Public schools start play on Nov 17; that is just over two weeks away.  Have you been running?  Please don’t take the attitude that I will work my way into shape with the first few games. The coaches want to win those first games just as bad as those last ones.  They want your best effort right from the start.  Do yourself a favor and run a little before the season gets here.

Roger Rickman with his Uniforms will be at Association Meeting, Nov 2- More than thirty years ago, I met Roger Rickman on a basketball court and refereed many college games with him. Since, he started a clothing store where he sells referee uniforms, shirts, lanyards, pants, whistles, etc.  The only thing he can’t sell is the Referee jacket. Roger will be at our Association Meeting again this year.  If you did not get all of your uniform items at the State Meeting,  Roger can fix you up at our meeting.  Come early.  Our meeting starts at 4:00pm but Roger will set up his display probably around 3:15pm that Sunday. 


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