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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Nov 23 – Sat, Nov 29,   2014



1St Week Gone Already;

That Darn TEST;

Tough Dates, Please Don’t Block these Dates;

Christmas & Holiday Tournaments to Be on Scrimmage Link Soon;

New Season, Everyone Has a Chance at Title, Everyone in Good Mood Now;

Include Me on Any Email to Mark about Uniform Violations;

Dedicate Yourself to Best Season Ever, I am;

Our Football Teams Still in Playoffs;



1st Week Gone Already  Wow, the Season looked like it would never get here and already, we are through the first week of Public Schools.  Don’t blink or it will be over.  Enjoy the ride.  Most successful people will tell you that it was not getting to the top that was the most memorable; it was the journey. As you progress and improve during your officiating career, enjoy the moment.  You are making friends that will last a lifetime. You are meeting coaches you will see over and over again.   But it’s the players who come up to you ten years from now and say, “You called one of my games” and they are excited when they say that. It is more enjoyable when you know you did your best.

That Darn Test – You have done a lot of work now to prepare for the season.  The test is still ahead of you, please don’t take it lightly. You have to make 75 to continue calling.  The Test is OPEN BOOK, you can have your Rule Book right there with you and you can take as long as you want to complete that exam. You must make 75.  Look up every answer in the book if you need to.  If you make 74, I can not help you, your season is over. Study some on your own so you know how to find answers quickly. I use to make a sheet telling me what page in the rule book that certain topics and sub topics were on so I would not waste time flipping, searching and looking for an answer.  I could go right to a page where it was suppose to be. List each Rule and Section topic, it will save you tons of time. See example below from this year’s Rule Book:

Rule 1  Court and Equipment -  pg 8      < I put the Rule number in bigger print as well as bold print to set it off a little more

Section 1 Playing  Court Dimensions – pg 8

Section 2 Sidelines, End Lines – Pg 9

Section 3 Center Restraining Circle, Division Line – pg 9

Take the time one year to go through the book and put this info on your computer and then you will have it. This little prep sheet will save you tons of time as you can see if the question is about an end line, you go straight to page 9.  And the good thing about this is it is on your computer.  Next year, you will only have to change the page number for the new rule book and you are ready to go again.  I did this the first year they had open book tests and it does not take anytime now to change the page numbers for the new rule book. It only takes a lot of time to set up the first one. But be sure to save it on your computer.

Tough Dates Study, Please Don’t Block these Dates – It is worth my time to know which dates I am going to have trouble with. I need to ask officials to be very selective in blocking these particular dates because we will come close to being maxed out. We will be almost to the limit on some of these dates and I ask that you do not close out these dates if you can make it. A couple are so tight this year that I may go ahead soon and jump to a couple of these dates just to get commitments from officials.  Two are killers.

Fri, Jan 23 – Killer  (Will come extremely close to maxing out)

Fri, Feb 6 – Killer   (Will come extremely close to maxing out)

Fri, Jan 16 – Semi Killer  (Use Only 3 less officials than killer days)

Fri, Jan 30 – Very Tough  (Use Only 6 less officials than Killer days)

Fri, Jan 9 – Tough    (Use 10 less officials than killer days)

Tue, Feb 3 – Tough  (Use 10 less officials than killer days)

* * * Don’t be surprised if I book Jan 23 and Feb 6 in the next two weeks.

We Have the Same Number of Schools every Week, Why are some weeks busier than others? – It is because of all the split conferences. A good mix would be for half our mixed conference schools to be AWAY and the other half be HOME. But Murphy’s Law kicks in from time to time and all our Mixed Conference teams play at HOME.  That is what’s happening on Jan 23 and Feb 6.  When most of our mixed conference teams go on the road and play in other Association areas, we do not have enough games to go around and officials sit home.  It’s like the tide. Sometimes, there is more water on shore than we can deal with and other times, the tide is out.

Why are Fridays always more of a problem than Tuesdays – Most of the time, schools play two times a week and the norm is Tuesday and Friday. At least twice during the season in order to get all their games in, schools have to get in three games a week.  Most of the time, that is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So you see, no matter how many games a school plays in a week, they are always using Friday as one of those days.  They don’t always use Tuesday or any other week day.   

Christmas & Holiday Tournaments to Be Listed on Scrimmage Link Soon – As soon as I get a breather, I will list the Invitational and Christmas Tournaments over on the SCRIMMAGES link.  I am a brave soul to do this because some take it as ammo to complain about not getting a game. I take the heat because I think it is worth my time to let you know where the games are in case you don’t have a game and want to see some good basketball or see your fellow official work. My only intention is to let you know where the games are if you want to go to a game. 

New Season, Everyone Has a Chance at Title, Everyone in a Good Mood Now  The smell of a new season brings hope to all the teams as they start fresh and are all tied for the top.  They will play a couple of non conference games to tune up and then conference time will roll around. Many of our smaller school will find bigger school to play non conference and will lose many of those games.  This causes them to enter conference play sometimes with a poor record but that is no indication on how they will do conference wise. Take Ayden Grifton in football this year.  They lost almost all their no conference games but went undefeated when they started conference play.  They went to the second round of the playoffs.

Include Me on Any Email to Mark about Uniform Violations -  We have stated many times now that North Carolina is a pilot program for the Uniform Violations and that you, the official, has to send Mark an email if you penalize a violation. If you spot one during warmups, you should try to get it legal before the game starts.  However if you have to call it during the game, you send Mark an email and include me in the copy.  If one of our schools gets more than one,  I want to call the school to the problem. We do not need for one school to have six different games where they have a violation of the uniform code. That is why I want an email copy of what you send Mark. I want to help our schools out.

Dedicate Yourself to the Best Season Ever, I Am – We have a great bunch of officials, we really do.  But like anything else, some work harder than others. It is when you get everyone working that you really see results.  Let’s all decide that this is going to be the best season yet.  If we all think that way, it will be the best season yet.  Only we can make it so. 

Our Football Teams Still in the Playoffs -  Congratulations to our teams still in the football playoffs. We hope you go all the way.  Officials, if you have any of these teams on your basketball schedule, keep checking the Arbiter.  They may decide not to play until after the football playoffs or they may decide to move their Basketball game up or back a day.


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