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We will update this WEB page weekly on the weekends with the latest News and Tid Bits  from the Booking Office and the Association.


Sun, Apr 20 – Sat, Apr 26,   2014


     EOA Golf Tournament is Sat, May 17;

Golfers Signed Up to Play;

Robert Farley Still Needs Help;

Masters Pick Em Contest Final Results;

Still No Word this Week on our Summer Referee Clinic;


EOA Golf Tournament is Sat, May 17 – Our Golf Tournament this year will be May 17 at Key Vista Country Club between Pink Hill and Beulaville. We will make up the teams putting a very good golfer, a fairly good golfer, and average golfer and a not so good golfer on each team.  Then we play Superball or as some call Captain’s Choice.  That method involves everyone hitting off the tee; then choosing the best drive and everyone hitting their second shot from that same spot.  Then you pick the closest ball on the green and everyone putts from that same spot.  You play a lot of the shots of the Good Golfer, but this method gives everyone including the not so good golfer a chance to contribute to the team. We will tee off at 10:00am so you are asked to be there by 9:15 to 9:30 at the latest.  We give prizes to the first place team and the second place team.  We also have a Pich Shootout, a Chip Shootout and a Putting Shootout. Winner on the first place team and the second place team are not eligible for the shootouts so we have a lot of golfers winning prizes. We all play closest to the pin on all four Par 3 holes and a closest to the pin on the second shot on the last Par 5.  And if there is a tie for First or Second, we play it off on the course.  We keep you there as long as we can just hanging out with your fellow officials.  It really is a fun day; the golf is secondary.  The cost is $ 40 and that includes Green Fee, Cart and Prize money. Hope you will join us.  Deadline to enter is Friday, May 9 at 6:00pm.  I will then make up the teams and post them on the Web Page that week before the tournament.   

Golfers Signed Up to Play – These Officials have sent in their fees and will be playing with us this year: Tommy Mattocks, Mike Montford,

Robert Farley Still Needs Help – I spoke to Robert earlier this week and he told me he still could use a little more help if anyone from other towns wanted to come down to Jacksonville and call three or four games one or two of the days.  If you can call several games back to back on any of these dates (May 2, 3, 4) give Robert Farley a call.  Here are the vital details:

Name:  Beast of the East Basketball Tournament

Place:  8 different gyms in Jacksonville

When: Friday, May 2; Saturday, May 3; and Sunday, May 4

Game Fee:  $ 22.00 per game per official using 2 man crews

Contact:  Robert Farley    910 389 6679;         onslowbeerman@yahoo.com

Masters Pick Em Contest  is over, It is time to Pay the Winners: – What is you prize you ask; no it is not one million dollars, it is not going on ESPN or the Golf Channel.  The Pick Em Prize is getting your name on the prestegeous Web Page.

Time to Pay the Winners of the Masters Pick Em Contest:

Final Results of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Pick Em Contest:

1 – Kim Evans – The best guesser of them all

2 – Robert Farley

3 – Brian Ahmad

4 – Wayne Merritt

5 – Faye Mattocks

Congratulations to Kim Evans, the best Picker this week.

Still No Word This Week on the Summer Referee Clinic   We are extremely disappointed that we did not hear anything from the UNC-W Basketball Office about the Summer Referee. It seems to me that with each passing week, the opportunity to have a successful camp type clinic slowly disappears. We need time to get the participants and we need time to properly prepare.  Each week that passes usually means less people can get off and the numbers slowly go down.  More when I know something to report.


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Robert Farley’s Beast of the East Basketball Tournament in Jacksonville (See Web Page above) – May 2 - 4


EOA Golf Tournament Saturday, May 17 at Key Vista Club between Beulaville and Pink Hill


Tommy Mattocks Referee Clinic – UNC Wilmington, June 19 – 21  ? ?



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