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Sun, July 5 – Sat, ? ? ? ?, 2015



Mechanics Don’t Matter, Get the Call Right;

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(7/5/2015)  Mechanics are not important, Just Get the Call Right – In March of 2012, I sent an official to the State Championship game and his mechanics were so great, he put the rest of the officials there to shame.  The very next day, we had a Booking Agents meeting in the NCHSAA Offices. The topic of that meeting: “Oh mechanics don’t Matter, Just get the Call Right” and that has been the State’s Motto ever since. Mechanics don’t just happen, you have to work at it and work hard.  You have to get called in if you don’t do it and you have to get praised if you do. I am proud that the EOA had the best mechanics of any association and that has been true for 25 or more years that you have had that honor.  I also hate to see that term, “Mechanics don’t matter, just get the call right” being slung around so loosely.  What they mean to say is “You are the best and we give up” because we are not willing to work at it hard enough to improve. There is not one shred of evidence that suggest if you do the proper mechanics, you will miss the call.  Likewise, there is not one shred of evidence that suggest that if you don’t do mechanics, you will get the call right. I have always known and you have always PROVED that you can do both.  You can use good mechanics and you can get the call right.

Mechanics are your way of telling Players, coaches, fans, the table and your fellow referees what you called. But this new wave of thinking is saying it is alright to blow the whistle and put a shooter on the line?  You don’t have to go to the table and tell who fouled him. You don’t have to tell anyone how many shots till you decide to quit shooting. On out of bounds plays, you only have to give it to one team; you don’t have to wait for the opponent to line up or point any direction.  You call a foul and the coach asks what he did.  Are you going to tell the coach, “ I don’t have to tell you that, its not important, I got the foul”  See how absolutely stupid that is. Just because you use mechanics does not mean you are going to miss the call.  Just because they don’t use mechanics does not mean they got the call right.

Positioning, rotations, areas of coverage all are mechanics. Positioning, rotations and coverage put you in the right place to get the call right. So what if these other associations don’t want to tell the clock operator when to start the clock; I encourage you not to ever fall into that “Cop Out” trap.  Have some pride in what you do, use good mechanics.    

(6/20/2015)  Camp is Over, Please Notice the Date Above – The Date above says: “Sun, June 21 – Sat, ? ? ? ?, 2015”.  That means most of the stuff I wanted to talk about has passed.  I definitely wanted to run this page through the Referee camp and we will talk a lot about what went on last week here today.  But after this, I have no official duties and I doubt that I will hear anything from the State Office about what is coming up, when the deadline to register is and all that stuff I have always had on this page. And the readership has dropped so significantly that it will not be worth my time to sit down for two and three hours on the weekend and write a web page. So we will probably do as we said we would do.  We will add an item or too every now and then and place a date out beside it so you can see that it has recently been added.  By doing that, you can now read it once a month of so and still be fairly current.  This web page will certainly die a slow death.

(6/20/2015)  Really Really Disappointed in Some Officials – I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with some officials.  I asked officials to sign up for camp.  Then I asked that since this was the last one, I wanted to make it special and that we needed to get the deposits in a little earlier and that since check in could have been at 9:00am;  I would not have time to  set up a desk to take your money at camp.  We needed to get the balance taken care of by June 1st.  Well 25 signed up and swore to me they would be to camp.  But 7 of them told me their money was short and they would either be sending it, paying all of it at camp or making arrangements to pay. Eighteen did as they were asked; they paid the deposit and then paid the balance on time. But as I always did; if you told me you were struggling with finances, I would put it off or work with you any way I could. Camp is so important to one’s career,  I would do anything to help you get to camp.

Remember, 18 paid in full. But three days before we go to camp, Roy Turner puts out a schedule of where he is going to be over the summer. He will be at the UNC-Wilmington camp one day, he will be at the blast one day, he will be at Wesley Carter’s camp one day  and he will be at Fred Lynch’s jamboree one day.  That very day that Turner email came out; Five officials that swore they were going to camp but pleaded to pay later emailed me and told me they could not make it.  It did not matter to them that I had already made the schedule, paid for their rooms and meals at camp.  It did not matter to them that I had already ordered tee shirts, note pads, pens and whistle switches. It did not matter that now we would be short handed and their fellow officials would now have to work extra games to get all the holes filled in. What to I do. I just say “OK” and we would do the best we can.  But in the end, when Roy Turner asks me about these officials, I will tell Roy the truth about how they can officiate; but I will also have to tell them how they can not be depended on and that they can’t be trusted with what they tell you they are going to do.

But wait, on the day of camp, two officials simply do not show up. They never called or anything.  And when we tried to call them, they would not answer their phone.  Tommy Mattocks will not lift a finger to help those officials. Instead of campers working a game, being off two games and coming back rested; the campers now had to work a game, be off one game and then come right back.  Every camper that did not pay a deposit was a no show at camp.  Coincidence, I think not.

(6/20/2015)  What a Camp, Rough but so Well Worth It; Recap – With seven officials short, it made for a tough camp.  But the ones that came were a great group.  They volunteered when we had a hole to fill and they were on their court when they were suppose to be.  They were great.  While it was two or three games more than we wanted them to call; in the end, it helped them by getting on the court more and having a counselor critique them in more games.  While it was very hard and tiring at the time; they all benefitted from it. Every camper improved and made a pile of new friends.  I suspect this camp bonded them together as much as any. And competitive.  Probably any of the top ten could go right out and call varsity games.  And the others with the right partners could do the same thing.

(6/20/2015)  Roy Turner Saw Em All -  Roy Turner arrived at camp around 8:15am on Tuesday and the first games did not start til 10:00am. He mingled upstairs in the classroom and met officials as they arrived. Then at 10, he stayed in my class and I introduced him. He gave about a ten minute account of what he expected and what he was looking for and then he was out on the courts observing officials. At 11:00am, he came back to the class and did the same thing with those officials for ten minutes and then he was observing again. He agreed to stay for the wrap up class from 8:00 to 9:00pm thet night.  After all the games were over for the day, we were back in the class room this time with all the campers and the counselors. Roy gave at 55 minute class with questions and answers. It was very enlightening and even I was ready to go to work for him.  I think Turner will do fine and he has a good vision of what he wants to accomplish.  Eighteen officials and 6 counselors have now met Roy Turner, worked in front of him, talked with him and even ate lunch and supper with him. And Roy Turner saw em all work.

(6/20/2015)  Officials – These are the officials that sacrificed so much to say they would come to camp and then be there. They all worked hard, they all improved and you should not gripe when some of them jumps completely over you as a result of their efforts and the fact they showed their new supervisor they were serious about refereeing.

Daniel AlbarracinJacksonville

Nathaniel Baker -  Kinston

Justin Best – Wilmington

Justin Brown – Hampstead

Carlos Braxton – Wilmington

Stephen Clayton – New Bern

Mike GericsWilmington

Steve HonrineSalemburg

William Johnson – Camp Lejeune

Richard KanuckNewport

Chuck Knowles – Columbia, SC

Mike Marks – Jacksonville

Anthony McGleenKinston

Wayne Merritt – Wilmington

Derrial Robertson – Camp Lejeune

Mark Seiler – Havelock

Jason Weddle – Wilmington

Xavier White – Castle Hayne

Award Winners 2015 Camp:

# 1 Outstanding Camper – Chuck Knowles

Championship Crew U 1 – William Johnson

Championship Crew U 2 – Mike Gerics

Most Improved – Nathaniel Baker

Best Attitude – Jason Weddle


(6/20/2015)  Counselors – Let me introduce the Camp Counselors.  These are mostly your Clinic Leaders but they are the do everything/ Be everything of the Association.  They are responsibility for the lesson plans at clinics, teaching the clinics, running the local scrimmages and they volunteer every year for camp.  They are the unsung heroes of our basketball program. The Supervisor’s name is on the association but it is these guys that make it go.  I have always told them that and I can’t thank them enough. This year, they were:

Robert Farley

Ron Fly

Mike Fredette

Richard Goldsby

Gerald Marks

Jean Wagnac


(6/20/2015)  What Stays, What Goes – OK, people; we are near the end now.  What stays?

The web page will stay on for at least another month but will not get updated every single week. We will go to the blog style where I just add something as I see the need.

The Pick Em Contests will definitely stay.  I have made some good close friends there and none of us want that to go.  I can see that going on five/ ten more years.

EOA1 Group Facebook Page – I will definitely keep that going.  It will continue to be for sports fans to talk basketball, baseball, golf, football, sports officiating of any kinds and in general, anything to do with sports. It will be among friends looking for a common interest on a Facebook page.  I see that going many years as well. I am not going to quit being your friend or quit being interested in what you are doing just because I am not booking your games.

I will still be booking Mt Olive University  Mens JV and Womens JV teams as well as all the Recreation basketball games in Kinston and Lenoir County.  If any of you still want to work any of that, let me know.

Tommy Mattocks Referee Camp Page has Been Updated – I have updated the link to the referee camp that connects you to our camp page  up top.

(6/20/2015)  Is This It ?It this It ?  For life as I have known it for the last 31 years, YES.  But for moving on among friends and still conversing and being interested in what you do; NO, this is not it by a long shot.   

(6/14/2015)  Could be the Next to Last Web Page – I felt like I could maintain interest in the web page through Camp and it looks like I was right. Interest is waning as I have no more games to give and basically, with this camp I will be out to pasture. 

(6/14/2015)  The Shirts & Plaques are In, the Rooms & Meals Have been Paid For, and Camp is here – Only one thing left to do. Let’s go to work and let the learning begin.

(6/14/2015)  Next Web Page will Name Officials that Went to Camp – The next web page will list the top finishers, as well as all the Officials that gave their time to get in front of Roy Turner, but mostly to just improve as an official. We will celebrate our last camp and possibly our last web page.

(6/14/2015)  Many of You Missed the Boat – As a Former Booking Agent, I tried hard to convey to you the importance of letting your new boss see you in a setting that could both help him as well as help you next year when he sits down to make assignments. I must not have done a very good job as only 25 officials and 7 counselors took me up on this last camp. I know some of you are depending on a summer league game or just calling a game and Roy walk by; but I am telling you; it is not the same as when teams are playing hard and officials are working hard, switching, calling fouls and hustling on every ball down court like we do at camp. Roy Turner will know how to book these officials and where to put them; but he will have no idea where to put the ones that did not come.  I am thankful that the ones that chose to come will be steps ahead of the  ones that did not take this opportunity. 

(6/14/2015)  One Last Blast at Myrtle Beach -  I am thankful for the opportunity to bow out at Myrtle Beach.  The folks down there have been extremely nice to us and their facilities are first class. And many of these counselors are some of my closest friends. It will be a memorable three days for me.

(6/6/2015) Ordered Shirts, Trophies, etc -  As you know, the Tee Shirts, Plaques, Medallions, etc all have to be ordered in time for the Company to print or fix them and get them back in.  All that has taken place; everything has been ordered and your Camp Deposits have been spent. Camp is just around the corner.

(6/6/2015) Counselors Classroom Topics – I asked each Counselor to send in their Classroom Topic and each will get that opportunity to spend time with you.  They have come up with some neat topics that even I want to sit in on some. A couple did not get back to me in time for this web page but rest assured, they will have a topic by camp.

Counselor/  Topic

Robert Farley – Pre Game and Post Game

Ron Fly – Game Management

Mike Fredette – How to Be THE Referee

Richard Goldsby – Free Throws

Gerald Marks – Dead Ball Efficiency

Jean Wagnac – TBA

Tommy Mattocks – 1 Class of Orientation; 1 Class on Mechanics


(6/6/2015) Counselors will work a Game at Camp – In addition to Roy Turner seeing you for the first time, I want him to see our counselors as well.  While most of the couinselors have refereed games at Ashley ; Roy Turner had other duties to attend to and was not thinking about watching the refs as their boss or critiquing them. It is just as important for Roy to get to know these officials as it is the campers. And these Counselors are giving up their time to help you get your foot in the door; we are going to allow them to work a game in front of the new boss too.

(6/6/2015) All the Negative Stuff is Gone – Time heals a lot of wounds and while my wounds will not heal anytime soon; it is time to get beyond all the negativity I have had on this web page.  Please note that all of that stuff has now migrated off this page. While Mark and I will not exchange Christmas Cards,he had his say and I had mine.  It is time to move on.

(5/29/2015) Camp is Basically Set – We picked up another official who realizes the advantages and benefits of starting next season with the new supervisor already knowing who he is and what he looks like on the floor. That gives us 25 as June rolls around.  I would not be surprised if wee did not pick up four or five more.  Just remember, if you were the new boss, you know you would feel so much better having seen a person work vs putting him in a game and you have no idea what he looks like. Who is he going to give games to until he sees everyone. We both know the answer.  Don’t miss this golden opportunity; show him you are interested, show him you are serious, and show him you are ready to do anything for him. And remember this; everyone is starting over.  Just because you called JV ball for me does not mean he will not move you up.  Just because you called Varsity ball for me does not mean he will keep you there.  Everyone starts even and you show him what you can do.  Good luck to all.  I hope you all make his Varsity staff.

(5/29/2015) Camp Counselors – We have a great group of “who’s who” in the Eastern Officials Association all set to serve as counselors and teach the officials that come to camp in a couple of weeks. They will make you better and hopefully show your best as Roy Turner gets to see most of you for the first time. I would love to list them now in alpha order:  Robery Farley, Ron Fly, Mike Fredette, Richard Goldsby, Gerald Marks, Jean Wagnac and I will be working the floor a lot of the three days.

(5/29/2015) Roy Turner will be at the Camp in Myrtle Beach- We are delighted that Roy Turner will be at our last referee camp to observe and get to know you as he prepares to take over the reins of the Eastern Officials Association. We will basically let him be involved as much as he wants to participate;  but I have definite plans for him to observe mainly. I will however call him into the classroom sessions briefly to introduce him to the group and let him speak of what he looks for in an official as well as some of the things he wants to emphasize. But again, most of his time needs to be observing officials and their talents while this opportunity presents itself.

(5/29/2015) Robert Farley is Heading up the Blast, He could Use Your Help – The Blast is coming back to Jacksonville on July 15 – 20.  They will be using 4 to 5 gyms and playing a slew of games.  Jacksonville can not handle that many games by themselves.  They open it up to anyone that wants to help, call a few games and make a little money.  I talked to Robert this week and he told me: All games are three man crews; all games pay each official $15 per game and he tries to schedule you three games in a time block.  If you want to work, stay fit and make a little money along the way, give Farley a call ( 910 389 6679 )  or send him an email at   rfarley@ec.rr.com

(5/16/2015) Roy Turner is the New Supervisor of Officials for the EOA – Roy Turner has been selected by the Selection Committee and approved by the NCHSAA Board of Directors as your new Supervisor.  His Email address is roy.turner@nhcs.net  and his cell phone number is 910 409 4787.  He was Athletic Director at Ashley High School in Wilmington.  I believe he has made first contact with most of you.  He has told me he will be at our camp in Myrtle Beach.

 (5/9/2015) Appreciation – I can’t tell you how many letters and emails I received in my support and those are what got me through this process.  And so many people told me “something good would come out of this”, hang in there and keep your spirits up.  That prediction came True in the middle of this past week. I started a new job that I can throw my passion behind, that I thoroughly enjoy, that is right down my alley and that I can do much of from my home.  I am not at liberty to say at this time what that job is because the terms of the employment have not completely been worked out. I will release that job when the timing is right.

(5/9/2015) Going to Miss the People – I loved that booking job though. Not so much the actually assigning of the games, but the people.  I loved watching the officials work; loved watching the officials improve and advance. And I loved visiting the schools and talking to the coaches and Athletic Directors.  That is the part I will miss and probably never get over. So I have been blessed to have so many good people around me.  You have fulfilled most of my dreams; I truly appreciate you. You made me want to do my best.

(5/9/2015) Last Legacy – As I leave and Roy Turner takes over, the best thing I can do is introduce you to Roy and get Roy to take a look at you. I have invited Roy Turner to my last camp and he will address the officials in the meetings and look at you work on the floor.  Those that come to camp will be so much further along that the ones he does not see because he will have absolutely no idea how to use them or who to put them with. The ones he sees, he will definitely remember as he sticks your name in games.  So my legacy to both you and Roy Turner is to help him get started.



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