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     This is the new page for pictures only of 295th Birds  

 b75e237c.jpg (7180 bytes)   This is the clubhouse to meet at! I do

CH-54 Skycrane Association     A site for the Skycrane lover, reunion info

Military Helicopter Links Helicopter sites throughout the world (active units)

butch1.gif (5316 bytes) My military days at Finthen AAF with the 295th Avn Co (HH)

jcemsb.jpg (12026 bytes)   What I do now 

     Gotta check out these guys!!!!! I know a Chinook but really great stuff and info here. A really together, up to date very nice place to spend a few hours.

Official US Army page

USAREUR ,Official page United States Army Europe

    Another USAREUR page , always great to link to these sites.

Sister Company when I left Finthen

Real German site, town where I was stationed

Helicopter Crewmember Site (got me into this)

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN) Another Veteran Heli site

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Assoc. page (good links)

dec_00_mast.jpg (9442 bytes)   This is a great Reference site.

The Official US Army Aviation Museum (Ft. Rucker)

banner~2.jpg (50562 bytes)       One fantastic site, real tribute to Army Aviation and Hookers

eacworld.gif (11198 bytes)   Erickson Air-cranes  (neat stuff here)

   helpage.gif (19546 bytes)   Great site on how a helicopter works, and flies.



heli fly.gif (33192 bytes)   click on heli.

If you still fly helicopters and on your PC, with MS Flight Sim, the above site has nothing but helicopters to download. Great site.

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