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FTP Settings and Profiles in WS_FTP LE



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FTP Settings and Profiles in WS_FTP LE
Latest updates as of October 27, 2002:

Additional details concerning the ScreenName you use as your User ID: have been included.
Additional comments have been added (in green) for more clarity on options.
A link to assist you in determining the FTP settings for your particular web host has been added.

Attention: The following instructions are specifically for publishing to CompuServe's OurWorld 2000.  If you are using a different web host you will need to substitute your host's information where applicable.  It is likely that you will only need to make minor changes to these instructions, possibly as little as the Host/Name Address.  For a list of numerous web hosts and their specific FTP settings click here.  If your host is not among those listed, you will simply need to contact your host and request the settings.

1. Log onto CompuServe as usual (You don't need to use CS v.5 anymore and it won't matter what ScreenName you log on with, either.)
2. Follow this link, then download and install WS_FTP LE.
3. Open WS_FTP LE and set up your profile for OurWorld. (Be sure to click on "New" to setup a new profile rather than changing one of the existing profiles.)
Profile Name: OW2000: YourScreenName (or whatever you prefer to name it).
Host/Name Address: ftp.ourworld.cs.com
Host Type: Automatic detect
User ID: YourScreenName* (the one in your web site URL) (Do not add the @cs.com on the end)
Password: YourScreenName's password (again for the URL ScreenName)
Account: leave blank
Comment: leave blank (or whatever you prefer to enter).
Anonymous: box not checked
Save Pwd: box can be checked or not checked, (whatever you prefer).
4. Click "OK" and WS_FTP LE will then log on to OurWorld and a list of the online folders and files (if any) under your ScreenName directory will appear in the right "Remote Site" side.
5. Minimize WS_FTP LE to your task bar (Or proceed with your upload if you have your local files ready).

Now you are ready to upload your Trellix Web files (or other files) to your OurWorld Site.

* Be sure the Parental Controls for the ScreenName you are publishing to are set to allow full access.

If you would like to, take a tutorial on WS_FTPLE

If I have missed a detail or left something unclear, please let me know and I will update the procedure for future help seekers.

Kevin Webster