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Trellix Web Help Site
Last update November 2, 2002                                                    

This site is dedicated to helping those who like myself have been lost in a world, or more specifically for some, an "OurWorld" of you know what this past year.

Like me, you may have spent much of your precious time learning to build a web site with Trellix Web and have enjoyed the user friendly, no HTML to learn yet ability to build a sophisticated site, benefits of the program. I for one, have no desire to change web design programs and start from scratch with a new learning curve for that new software, unless the new program is far better, or unless there is just no way around it because the old program no longer works.      

For those of us with sites hosted by CompuServe's OurWorld, the many changes of the past year have offered us more than our fair share of challenges to overcome, keeping us busy reworking our sites to adapt as well as learning how to keep using our free copy of Trellix Web to publish our updates.  The truth is, that this is not only a problem for CompuServe folks but also all free Trellix Web users whose Web Hosts no longer partner with Trellix. The problem is simply that our free copies of Trellix Web, for obvious reasons, are not designed to allow us to change the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) settings to access a Web Host's Servers. That's why we were given such a high power web design program for free. Although it is the full version, it is not the "Publish Anywhere" version.  

When a free Trellix Web user first sets up his copy to publish to the Web Host that supplied the software, the program visits a site supplied by Trellix that configures the appropriate settings for that Web Host.  Unfortunately, this no longer works if there is no partnering relationship between Trellix and that Web Host. Subsequently, any changes the Web Host makes requiring new settings, or that we make, such as a fresh install of the software, will result in our copy of Trellix Web having the wrong, or no FTP settings configured, rendering the "Publish" feature useless.  Of course this would effectively force us to change software, but there are simple ways for us to overcome even this problem, keep our sites up and running and still use our familiar Trellix.

One obvious solution is to bite the bullet and compromise our noble "make the free version work at all costs mentality" and simply shell out the very reasonable price of $69.95 for CuteSITE Builder Version 3.0 which is the latest greatest newly named upgrade to the Publish Anywhere version 2.7 of Trellix Web. The new version was released December 7, 2001 and is definitely Trellix all the way, even with the new name.

Trellix has partnered with GlobalSCAPE who now handles the development of what we have known as Trellix Web, now called CuteSITE Builder. Current owners of the Publish Anywhere version 2.7 of Trellix will be allowed to download the newly named and improved version for free. A 30 day demo version  of CuteSITE Builder is also available which is a great way for Trellix users to establish that it truly is essentially Trellix Web with a few improvements.

If you go this route, you will be instructed to uninstall your current copy of Trellix Web. Before you do this, be sure you make a copy of your program files and save it on a removable disk or at least to a directory with a different name.  You will not need to duplicate your working copy TLX files since Trellix will not alter them when uninstalled and they can then be opened and edited with CuteSITE Builder once you install it.  However, one reason you may still want to occassionally access your your old Trellix Web program files is to utilize the clip art. I am unsure of the details, but I suspect that GlobalSCAPE may not have acquired the rights to the clip art when they took over the development of Trellix Web, so the files are subsequently not a part of the new CuteSITE Builder program. The simple solution is to keep a copy of the clip art files in a different location (so they don't get removed when you uninstall Trellix Web) and then access them there with CuteSITE Builder when you need them. Of course, you can even move them to the CuteSITE Builder folder, if you prefer.  

If you are interested in continuing to use your free version of Trellix Web and subsequently waiving the slight convenience of clicking only one button to publish, or would simply like to learn to do it on your own, you will need to learn to use an FTP program in conjunction with your Trellix Web. You will quickly discover that it is a very simple process once you have become familiar with it. To get your free copy of an FTP program setup, see "Free WS_FTP LE" and then "FTP Settings and Profiles in WS_FTP LE".

Downloading, installing and setting up your profiles takes very little time and within a few minutes you will have your FTP program ready. You will then be able to follow the procedure in "Uploading Trellix Files with WS_FTP LE" and begin updating your online web site files as often as you wish.

The entire procedure from initially setting up WS_FTP LE through uploading your files is also combined under "The Works:  FTP Uploading and Trellix", if you prefer to have it all on one page.

Be sure to check out the FAQ section as it is now full of many pertinent questions and answers concerning the many challenges many of us have experienced with our web sites this past year or so.  Also, watch for the addition of more "How To's" concerning Trellix Web as we all are faced with and learn how to deal with the inevitable changes of the future.

For issues with Trellix Web and CuteSITE Builder that are not exclusive to OW2000, be sure to visit the CSB/Trellix Discussion Board (Forum).

Also, for a gold mine in tips, tutorials, and advanced features for your Trellix and CSB designs, you will definitely want to check out the "Unofficial CuteSITE Builder Web Site" provided by Trellix Web veteran and expert Kevin Weilbacher.  If you have ever spent much time at the Trellix Cafe, now the CSB/Trellix Discussion Board, you will have noticed his guiding presence in most, if not seemingly every thread.

Please feel free to post your questions in the FAQ as it will help me build the database of Q&A and I will do my best to at least give you a prompt reply if not the answer.  Please also post any additional Q&A you feel might be beneficial to others via the FAQ form and I will add them or perhaps something similar to the FAQ.  As we all contribute our learning to the "think tank" our accumulated knowledge will undoubtedly help each of us as well as many other fellow Trellix Web/CuteSITE Builder users in the perpetual learning curve of web design.

Special thanks to Dr. Dick and to the many others who have contributed greatly to the learning required to put this Trellix help information together.  

A Fellow Trellix/CSB Fan,

Kevin Webster