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Publishing to a Subdirectory



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Publishing to a Subdirectory
Earlier updates:

The note concerning future updates has been changed, refining the upload procedure to make it even simpler to be sure you upload all files that have been changed since your last update.
Details concerning the effects and solutions to the potential problem of time zone differences between the FTP Server and your computer have been added.  (These details have now been modified)
Additional clarification on where to upload your files to online, has been added.
Additional comments have been added (in green) for more clarity on options.
Details concerning the potential of time zone differences between the FTP Server and your computer and the instructions for how to adjust these times to match, have been added.
A tip on how to shorten the upload process by not uploading your image files has been added.

Latest update October 27, 2002

The following procedure will walk you through the steps necessary to "publish" also known as "uploading" your files to a subdirectory within your ScreenName main directory.  Though references are specific to sites hosted by CompuServe's OurWorld, they can easily be transposed to refer to other Web Hosts as well.

There are a number of reasons that knowing how to publish to a subdirectory might come in handy, one of which might be to build smaller "topic specific" web sites and keep them all under the same ScreenName directory.  

That is exactly what I have done with this Trellix Help site. Rather than allowing a small site to prevent the use of the rest of the free hosted space OurWorld provides for my "KCWebster" ScreenName, I can now pack several smaller sites into the space by using subdirectories.  

Publishing to a Subdirectory using WS_FTP LE

Once you are familiar with using WS_ FTP LE to upload your Trellix files and subsequent updates, placing them in a subdirectory rather than the main directory is a very simple procedure.

Starting at the point where you have initiated the "Preview" and  Trellix has already placed the temporary folder that begins with the "~tl" within the Windows\Temp directory,  you will now have just brought up the WS_ FTP LE window.

1. Click on the "MkDir" button in the right "Remote Site" window and the new name "Input" box will pop up.
a. Type in whatever name you like, but remember short is sweet, especially when naming a subdirectory.
b. Click "OK" and it will close and the "Remote Site" window will refresh itself and add your new subdirectory.
2. Double Click on and open the new subdirectory.
a. Notice the address line at the top of the "Remote Site" window will now have /yourscreenname/yournewsubdirectoryname in it.
3. Double Click on, opening the "~tl..." folder in the left "Local System" window.
4. Select your all of the files within the folder (not the folder itself).
5. Click the arrow pointing to the right in the middle between the "Local System" and the "Remote Site" windows.

Your files will now upload into the subdirectory rather than the main directory.  

Follow the same procedure, skipping step one with each subsequent update you perform in the future.

If you happen to forget and upload your files into the main directory, simply select and delete them from the "Remote Site" window.  You can then Click on and open your subdirectory as you originally intended, and upload your files again.  They will of course write over the top of your older files already online in the subdirectory folder.
Note: With future updates, because the temporary HTML files  (in the ~tl... folder) are given the current time by Trellix when you first launch the Preview mode, WS_FTP LE will always consider every file to be a newer version than the online file of the same name.  Subsequently, all files will be uploaded, overwriting their counterparts each time you publish.

If you do happen to get a message indicating that the online files are actually newer or older than your Local files, this is simply because the Servers hosting your "Remote" online files are in the Eastern time zone and you apparently are not.  In this event, the Remote Site file times can be adjusted to reflect the time in your time zone under the "Startup" tab in the "Sessions Properties" window containing your "Profiles".   If you are to the East of the Eastern time zone you can enter the number of hours earlier by entering a positive number in the "Time offset in hours:" field. If you are to the West you can enter the hours later as a negative number.
Tip: To shorten the upload process, you can often select all but the image files (those with .jpg or .gif extensions after the name) as they will rarely be changed in an update.  If you know that you have added or changed an image it may be profitable to only upload that image file and then all of the .htm or .html files if you have made other changes.

Publishing to a Subdirectory using Trellix Web Publish Anywhere or Cute SITE Builder

1. Click on "File" in the upper left corner of the screen
2. Click on "Preview Web Site..." in the "File" menu
3. Once it has converted your files and loaded the preview browser, close or minimize it to access the "Preview" dialog box.
4. Click on the "Options" button.
5. Click on the "Host Setup" tab.
FTP Site Name: Your ScreenName.
Publish to Subdirectory: Box checked.
Subdirectory Name: Either type in a new name or select the Subdirectory you want from the drop down menu.
6. Click "OK" and then click "Publish".

You will be able to use either procedure (FTP or in Trellix) to make and update several subdirectories under one ScreenName if you want to.

Your URL for each new subdirectory will be http://ourworld.cs.com/yourscreenname/thatparticularsubdirectoryname

 For further clarification on where to upload your local files to online, see "Publishing to the Correct Online Folder."

If I have missed a detail or left something unclear, please let me know and I will update the procedure for future help seekers.

Kevin Webster