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The Works:   FTP Uploading and Trellix



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The Works:   FTP Uploading and Trellix

Welcome to this FTP Uploading Information Page.

It is designed specifically for those desiring to use  WS_FTP LE to upload their Trellix Web for CompuServe files to their OW2000 ScreenName directories, but may also be utilized with other versions of FTP software and of Trellix to publish to other web hosts by changing the FTP Settings accordingly.

Well, here is yet another new and improved version of the FTP/Trellix instructions:

Earlier updates:

A note on what to do when you need to reset (refresh) your connection between WS_FTP LE and OurWorld has been added at the appropriate stage in the procedure.
The upload procedure has been refined, making it even simpler to be sure you upload all files that have been changed since your last update.
Details concerning the effects and solutions to the potential problem of time zone differences between the FTP Server and your computer have been added.  (These details have now been modified)
A link to a well illustrated tutorial on FTP Explorer has been added.
Additional details concerning the ScreenName you use as your User ID: have been included.
The deadline for changing to the new FTP settings has been moved from December 7 to December 17, 2001.
The link in "Option ONE" to the Trellix Web Publish Anywhere version 2.7 has been updated to the newest version now called CuteSITE Builder version 3.0.
Additional clarification of where to upload your files to online, has been added.
Additional comments have been added (in green) for more clarity on options.
Details concerning the potential of time zone differences between the FTP Server and your computer and the instructions for how to adjust these times to match, have been added.
A tip on how to shorten the upload process by not uploading your image files has been added.

Latest update October 27, 2002

Since December 17, 2001, OurWorld no longer recognizes the way Trellix Web for CS is set up to log onto and update our web sites. The FTP settings need to be changed in our programs, and since we can't edit them in the free "for CS" version we must do one of the following to continue publishing:

Option ONE:

You may want to simply be able to publish as you always have before the latest changes by purchasing the CuteSITE Builder Version 3.0  at the quite reasonable price of $69.95.

Option TWO:

If you want to learn to FTP your Trellix files with WS_FTP LE, then follow these instructions explicitly. Don't ad lib. If it says minimize don't close, if it doesn't say to do something, don't do it. If it does say to do something, do it.

You may want to print a copy of these instructions to help you through the first time. You probably won't need it after the first time as once you are familiar with the process, you will discover that it is really pretty simple to do. These instructions will merely help you get through the "intimidation factor".


  1. Log onto CompuServe as usual (You don't need to use CS v.5 anymore and it won't matter what ScreenName you log on with, either.)
  3. Open WS_FTP LE and set up your profile for OurWorld.
Profile Name: OW2000: YourScreenName (or whatever you prefer to call it).
Host/Name Address: ftp.ourworld.cs.com
Host Type: Automatic detect  
User ID: YourScreenName* (the one in your web site URL) (Do not add the @cs.com on the end)
Password: YourScreenName's password (again for the URL ScreenName)
Account: leave blank
Comment: leave blank (or whatever you prefer to enter).
Anonymous: box not checked
Save Pwd: box can be checked or not checked, (whatever you prefer).
  4. Click "OK" and WS_FTP LE will then log on to OurWorld and a list of the online folders and files (if any) under your ScreenName directory will appear in the right "Remote Site" side.
  5. Minimize WS_FTP LE to your task bar (Or proceed with your upload if you have your local files ready).

* Be sure the Parental Controls for the ScreenName you are publishing to are set to allow full access.

Now here's the actual procedure you will use from here forward:

(This first time you have already done step 1 and may skip it as long as WS_FTP LE is already open, has logged on and is minimized to your task bar)

FTP/Trellix Procedure:

  1. Open WS_FTP LE on your computer, select the OurWorld profile that you set up, Click "OK" and minimize it to your task bar.
  2. Open your Trellix file on your computer.
  3. Click on "File" then "Preview Web Site" and wait until a browser window pops up with the preview of your site.
(Make a note of the path listed in the address line of your "Preview" browser window to see the exact location and name of the ~tl... folder.)
  4. Click on WS_FTP LE in your task bar
  5. Scroll to and Double Click on the "Temp" sub directory under the Windows main directory in the left "Local System" side.
  6. Scroll to and Double Click on the folder with the name that starts with ~tl...
(You can also recognize it by the date and time listed beside it. It will be today and only a few minutes ago.)
Compare the files in the left "Local System" to the files in the right "Remote Site". They will be the same with the exception of changes you have made since your last publish.  For further clarification on where to upload your local files to online, see "Publishing to the Correct Online Folder."
Note: At this point, it is likely that while Trellix was "Converting your files to web format" that WS_FTP LE will have disconnected from OurWorld due to the lack of activity. You won't be able to tell this has happened at a glance but if you were to proceed with Step 7, you would get a "Receive error: connection reset" message.

So, before you proceed, simply Click on "Close" in the lower left corner of the WS_FTP LE window and then "Connect" and then "OK" when the OurWorld profile you set up appears. It will log back onto OurWorld and your online files list will be refreshed in the "Remote Site" window.

You will occasionally need to repeat this "reset" procedure after any significant periods (a couple minutes or so) where WS_FTP LE has been inactive.

For minor updates:

  7. If you know exactly which files you changed, you can simply find and Double Click on them in the "Local System" side. They will upload and rewrite themselves over their older version on the "Remote Site" side.


For larger updates:

Because you are editing your site in Trellix Web and it is writing the code for you,  it is possible that you will not be aware of some of the file changes that occur.  Failing to update these files might result in broken links or some other seemingly unexplainable problem.  This means you will almost always want to select all of your files each and every time and let WS_FTP LE determine which ones need to be updated.   

  7. Place your mouse curser over the first file in the group you want to select in the "Local System" side and Click once releasing the mouse button. It will highlight the file.
  8. Press your Shift key and hold it while you again press and hold your Mouse button. As you drag it over the files you want to publish, you will notice they are all being highlighted. Drag until you come to a file that you do not want to publish.
  9. Release the Shift key and Mouse button and the selected files will remain highlighted.
10. Click the arrow pointing right, located in the middle, between the "Local System" side and the "Remote Site" side and the files will begin to upload. Your new, changed files will write over their older online versions plus any completely new files will be added to your online folder.
Note: With future updates, because the temporary HTML files  (in the ~tl... folder) are given the current time by Trellix when you first launch the Preview mode, WS_FTP LE will always consider every file to be a newer version than the online file of the same name.  Subsequently, all files will be uploaded, overwriting their counterparts each time you publish.

If you do happen to get a message indicating that the online files are actually newer or older than your Local files, this is simply because the Servers hosting your "Remote" online files are in the Eastern time zone and you apparently are not.  In this event, the Remote Site file times can be adjusted to reflect the time in your time zone under the "Startup" tab in the "Sessions Properties" window containing your "Profiles".   If you are to the East of the Eastern time zone you can enter the number of hours earlier by entering a positive number in the "Time offset in hours:" field. If you are to the West you can enter the hours later as a negative number.
Tip: To shorten the upload process, you can often select all but the image files (those with .jpg or .gif extensions after the name) as they will rarely be changed in an update.  If you know that you have added or changed an image it may be profitable to only upload that image file and then all of the .htm or .html files if you have made other changes.

Once you have done this process (though it may sound complicated in text form), you will not likely need instructions to do it the next time. You will soon discover that it is really quite simple.

If you have different FTP software, hopefully you will be able to understand and transpose these instructions to the way that particular program works. It may be that you need to also incorporate Windows Explorer into the procedure as detailed in the earlier version of these instructions.
If you happen to have FTP Explorer, click here for a nice, well written and illustrated Tutorial for that program.

If I have missed a detail or left something unclear, please let me know and I will update the procedure for future help seekers.

Kevin Webster