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From the Desk of: John Zilinski, Director

The Raleigh County Emergency Services Authority was established in 1982, by House Bill 2108.
The agency provides services to the residents of Raleigh County, as well as those individuals who visit or travel through the County.
The E911 & Emergency Management Agency continually works to enhance the county’s emergency response capabilities through planning, training, exercising, evaluating and updating procedures each year.
Task assignments are diverse within the agency; they include, 911 Call Taking and Dispatching, Aerial Mapping, Physical Addressing of Structures, Address Verification for Vital Records, Planning for Response and Recovery to disasters, work with the Local, State and Federal Agencies to acquire grants, as well as help coordinate activities for first responders to help protect our residents during and after a disaster strikes.
The staff of E 911 / Emergency Services works to protect life and property of our residents by answering 911 calls for service, as well as non-emergency calls for assistance. The average number of calls processed in a year average from 180,000 to 200,000.
Over the past decade Raleigh County 911 Telecommunicators, working as a team, has received awards for giving life saving instructions to individuals during a life threatening emergency , the award is recognized on a State, as well as Regional level.
The support we receive from the city and county governments, along with you, the citizens, make this agency a leader. Our promise to you is to continue to provide you with professional and efficient service.

Thank You,

John Zilinski
Raleigh County 911 &
Emergency Management




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