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  Raleigh County Emergency Operations Center 255-0911  
  Raleigh County Office of Emergency Services
  American Red Cross, Raleigh County Chapter
     (Disaster Preparedness and Shelter information)
or 255-0102  
  Salvation Army (Beckley Corps) 253-9541  
  FEMA Region 3, Philadelphia 1-215-931-5608  
  National Flood Insurance Program 1-800-638-6620  
Law Enforcement:
  W.V. State Police, Beckley 256-6700  
  W.V. State Police Communications Center 1-304-746-2158  
  Raleigh County Sheriff 255-9300  
  Beckley City Police 256-1721  
  Mabscott City Police 253-5654  
  Rhodell City Police 683-3668  
  Sophia City Police 683-3331  
  Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney 255-9148  
  FBI 253-6874  
  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 1-304-347-5249  
  Drug Enforcement Administration 1-304-347-5209  
  Dept. of Natural Resources Law Enforcement 1-800-638-4263  
  Domestic Violence Hotline 1-304-428-2333  
  U.S. Marshal Service 1-304-623-0486  
  U.S. Secret Service 1-304-347-5188  
  Raleigh County Health Department 252-1531  
  Raleigh General Hospital (Beckley) 256-4100  
  Bar-H Hospital (Beckley) 255-3000  
  Veterans Hospital (Beckley) 255-2121  
  W.V. Dept. of Health & Human Resources 256-6930  
  National Response Center (Chemical, Oil Spills &
    Chemical/Biological Terrorism)
         (State Emergency Spill Notification)

  Bureau of Public Health 1-800-558-3920  
Fire & Rescue:
  Best Ambulance Service 252-5522  
  General Ambulance Service 252-5800  
  Jan Care Ambulance Service 255-1588  
  Ghent Ambulance Service 787-5880  
  Trap Hill Ambulance Service 934-7772  
  Whitesville Ambulance Service  
  Beckley Fire Dept. 256-1780  
  Beaver Volunteer Fire Dept. 252-5824  
  Bradley/Prosperity Volunteer Fire Dept. 877-2307  
  Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Dept. 877-2669  
  Coal City Volunteer Fire Dept. 683-3945  
  Coal River Volunteer Fire Dept. 934-6641  
  Ghent Volunteer Fire Dept. 787-5880  
  Lester Volunteer Fire Dept. 934-6622  
  Mabscott Volunteer Fire Dept. 253-5685  
  Rhodell Volunteer Fire Dept. 683-3420  
  Sophia Area Volunteer Fire Dept. 683-3409  
  Sophia City Volunteer Fire Dept. 683-9802  
  Trap Hill Volunteer Fire Dept. 934-7772  
  Whitesville Volunteer Fire Dept. 854-1636  
  W.V. State Fire Marshals (Arson Hotline) 1-800-233-3473  
Other Important Numbers:
  American Electric Power 1-800-982-4237  
  Allegheny Power 1-800-255-3443  
  Raleigh County Commission 255-9146  
  Raleigh County Assessor 255-9178  
  Raleigh County Airport 252-0476  
  City of Beckley 256-1750  
  City of Lester 934-6301  
  City of Mabscott 253-5654  
  City of Rhodell 683-3668  
  City of Sophia 683-4456  
  W.V. Abandoned Mine Land 1-800-648-0274  
  W.V. Air Quality 1-304-558-4022  
  W.V. Dam/Well Emergencies 1-800-654-3312  
  W.V. Dam/Well Emergencies (non-coal, oil or gas),
  Pollution & Spills, Water Resources, etc.
  W.V. Division of Highways Communications Ctr. 1-304-558-3028  
  Federal Small Business Administration (Clarksburg) 1-304-623-5631  



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