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The Raleigh County E.O.C. (Emergency Operating Center) is a 24hour emergency assistance that services a minimum of 79,000 people. If you dial 911 in Raleigh County, highly trained telecommunicators from the E.O.C. answer your call and immediately dispatch the appropriate agencies.

With an assortment of responsibilities, the E.O.C. boasts a work force of 33 employees which inlcude the following:

  • 1- Director
  • 1- Deputy Director
  • 6- Supervisors
  • 14 - Telecommunicators
  • 2 - I.T. Staff
  • 1 - Planner
  • 5 - Data Entry/ Alarm Personnel
  • 2 - Admin Clerks
  • 1 - Custodian

Our current departments include an Administrative Office, Emergency Services, Dispatch/911, Security / Data Entry, and Street Signs Department.

  • Upgrade Radio Consoles
  • Aerial photography to suppliment mapping system
  • Upgrade Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • Upgrade Recorder


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